Best Squirrel Feeder Reviews 2023

The best way to keep squirrels away from your birds is to get a squirrel feeder. Getting the best squirrel feeder is fun if you know what to look for. That is why we have carefully considered the features and specifications of squirrel feeders in our research and have selected these five top squirrel feeders from five trusted brands. These brands also have more squirrel feeders than these ones we have exhibited here.
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Our Top Choice
Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder
For many years, Belle Fleur has been producing top-quality animal feeders for birds and squirrels.
Available in 2 colors; green and blue. Entertaining chair design. Corn is easily screwed onto the feeder. Made from high-quality metal. Easy to set up.
The screws needed to set up are not included.
Chair feeder
7.7 × 9.5 × 9.6 inches; 1.5 lbs
Sturdy metal
1-corn cob capacity
Corn cobs
Best Value
Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder
For more than 20 years, Woodlink has been producing great animal feeders from recycled plastic.
Easy to mount. Comes with mounting hardware for a post, deck, or tree. Has an aesthetic cast aluminum center. Rotates noiselessly.
The squirrels can easily pull off the arm attachment pin but this can be avoided by replacing them with cotter pins.
Go-round feeder
1.3 × 8.8 × 14.5 inches; 2.3 lbs
Cast aluminum
5-corn cob capacity
Corn cobs
Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder
Stokes Select is one of America’s most trusted authorities in birds and nature information and it has been in this business for over 30 years.
Powder-coated with weather-resistant finish. Large platform for squirrels to stay on while feeding. Has a 4.1 Pound capacity. Easily screwed to a tree or any surface.
Squirrels may not be able to lift the lid to get to the food.
Lunch box feeder
7 × 10 x 11 inches; 3 lbs
Quality powder-coated finish
4.1 lb capacity
Nuts, seeds
Songbird Essentials Jar Squirrel Feeder
Songbird Essentials is a family-owned company that manufactures unique, patented products for birds and squirrels.
Easy to mount. Comes with mounting hardware. 10-pound capacity. Easy to clean. Easy to fill with food. Comes fully assembled.
Birds can get into the feeder.
Jar feeder
15.5 × 5.5 × 18 inches; 6 lbs
8.35 lbs
Nuts, seeds
Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder
For more than 30 years, Accoutrements has been manufacturing and distributing fun and entertaining must-have products. None of its products come out boring.
Easy to hang with just a string. Easy to stuff up with food. Made of weather resistant vinyl. Can take up to 0.6 pounds of food at once. Can take 2 squirrels at once. Affordable.
Squirrels may destroy the head after some time by chewing on and tearing at it.
Horse head
8.8 × 5.8 × 5.9 inches, 15.8 oz
Hard plastic
Info not provided
Nuts, seeds

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What is the Best Squirrel Feeder?

Selecting a squirrel feeder isn't hard if you have all the information you need. We have written this guide to bring you everything you need to know about the best squirrel feeders. Let us now look at the features and prices of the squirrel feeders we selected for this review.
Our Top Choice
The Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder is made from high-quality woodl. It is an economic system of feeding, and the core of the cob easily screws into place. If you want a porch feed squirrel feeder, check out the Belle Fleur Porch Swing Squirrel Feeder. It can be easily mounted on solid posts and the corn screws on in the same, easy way.

Belle Fleur Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder with 1 Corn Cob Capacity – Available in 2 Colors

Belle Fleur is a manufacturer of sturdy, innovative and reliable feeders for birds and squirrels. Its feeders are able to hold large amounts of food, and are also constructed to withstand all types of weather conditions. They’re always made from quality materials, making them durable and safe for squirrels. Its staff is committed to excellent service, and every customer feedback or complaint is treated with the highest level of empathy and resolved as quickly as possible. If what you are looking for is an effective and entertaining squirrel feeder, then check out Belle Fleur's collection of squirrel feeders.

From this collection, we are particularly looking at the Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder from Belle Fleur. This feeder is, you guessed it, shaped like a miniature Adirondack chair with the place for food at the front. Your squirrel friends can sit back and relax on the chair whilst munching on some tasty corn! If you set this feeder up away from your bird feeders, it’s bound to distract the squirrels away from food that’s not theirs.

All you need to do to get going with this feeder is screw it to your tree of choice, fish out a corn on the cob from your pantry and screw it onto the food screw provided. This chair feeder is durable and made with high-quality metal, however, this does mean it may get hot if mounted in direct sunlight. Just a warning for you as no-one wants the squirrels to get burnt bums! Lastly, this entertaining squirrel feeder can be purchased in two colors; mint green or azure blue, so you can pick whichever one matches your garden best!
Best Value
The Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder has a five-corn cob capacity and is attached to threaded metal skewers. It also has a turning motion which captures the squirrel’s attention. If you prefer a single ear corn holder, the Woodlink NASQCHAIR Squirrel Single Ear Corn Holder has hand-crafted feeders with 1 corn cob holder.

Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Squirrel Feeder with 5-Corn Cob Capacity

Woodlink manufactures products that are helpful to the environment and does not use harmful materials to create them. One point to note is that it makes products that are almost always recycled plastics. With 20 years of experience in the trenches and thousands of people trusting and using its products, it has become a reputable brand. Woodlink has bird and squirrel feeders and bird houses in every shape, size, and design and these products are known to be highly innovative and durable. If you are looking to get a great and innovative squirrel feeder, Woodlink is one of the best places to look.

The Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder is a highly efficient squirrel feeder that can keep 5 corn cobs at once. This means that more squirrels can nibble on different corn cobs at the same time and forget about the food that does not belong to them. A decorative cast aluminum at its center gives it an added aesthetic feature. Attached to this cast aluminum center are five metal skewers with pins attached to the ends which hold the corn cobs. If you are looking to hang this on a tree or a deck or even a post, there is included hardware to help you do this easily. This feeder rotates continuously and noiselessly and this is what keeps the squirrels attracted to it and distracted from other feeders not meant for them.

Woodlink, as a trusted and reputable brand, has other squirrel feeders in its collection that may appeal to you. They include:
  • Woodlink Nasqbox Squirrel Munch Box Feeder - Holds up to four pounds of seed and has handcrafted feeders
  • Woodlink Corn Trapper Spring Squirrel Feeder - You can hang it easily, and it can take fruit. It is made from weather-resistant metal
  • Woodlink Nasqbox2 Audubon Squirrel Munch House Feeder - Holds at least three pounds of seed
  • Woodlink Squirrel Spin Finder - Holds three corn cobs
  • Woodlink Going Green Squirrel Munch Box - Made from ninety percent recycled plastic and holds at least 17 pounds of seed
  • Woodlink Squirrel Munch Box Feeder - Holds up to three pounds of food and has a window that shows the level of food remaining
The Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder is designed to look like a lunch box with a window that allows you to see how much food is left in it. If you would rather have a squirrel feeder with a 2-corn cob capacity, we recommend the Stokes Select Tractor Cob Squirrel Feeder.

Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder with Metal Roof & 4.1 Pound Capacity

Stokes Select creates bird and squirrel feeders with the best materials available to prevent them from breaking down due to harsh weather conditions. This brand is known to be environment and nature friendly as it spends a portion of its proceeds on bird habitats and conservation causes. By buying just one product from Stokes Select, you are making a big difference in avian lives. It has a customer base of thousands from numerous countries because of the durability of its products – they last for a lifetime.

Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder has a lunch box design that makes the squirrels lift the lid before they can get to the food. This has a positive and negative impact because in as much as it can keep the squirrels engaged and trying to figure out how to operate it and it keeps the elements away from the squirrels’ food, on the other hand, they can get easily bored and instead, go for the closest bird feeder around.

No worries as to whether this feeder will last – it is powder-coated with a weather-resistant finish, so, it is bound to last for many years. Provision is made for easily screwing this to a tree or any other surface you want it to get on. There is a glass window through which you can check how much food is remaining and know whether to refill. The large platform at the base creates room for squirrels to sit while they eat; this must be a pleasant and entertaining sight. This feeder also has a 4.1-pound capacity that can last for a while before the need for a refill.

Are you impressed with the features of this squirrel feeder? Here are other squirrel feeders from Stokes Select for your consideration:
  • Stokes Select Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder - Has a one cob capacity and a sleek design. It can also be easily hung
  • 6 Pack Green Steel Hanging Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder - Affordable pack of six. They are easy to hang up
The Songbird Essentials Jar Squirrel Feeder is a jar with a four-inch opening which the squirrels can enter to eat. This prevents bad weather from affecting the squirrels' food, keeping them attractive enough for your squirrel friends for much longer. Looking for a feeder chair with 1-corn cob capacity? The Songbird Essentials Squirrel Feeder Chair may be a perfect choice for you.

Songbird Essentials Squirrel Jar Feeder with a 10-Pound Capacity

Songbird Essentials has been producing unique products for birds and squirrels for many years. All its products are designed and rigorously tested by bird enthusiasts or owners of wild nature stores before they are released to the market. Songbird Essentials started out small, but now has products that are used in many countries all over the world. If you need a high-quality feeder, Songbird Essentials is a great place to look.

The Songbird Essentials Squirrel Jar Feeder has a 10-pound capacity jar that keeps the food. With this, you do not have to worry about other animals getting to the squirrels’ food and no matter how bad the weather is, your squirrels’ food is kept intact. The 4-inch opening gives enough room for the squirrels to access their food. Because of the transparency of the jar, it is fun and entertaining watching the squirrels pick out their favorite nuts. This feeder comes with mounting hardware which makes it easy to mount without looking for extra accessories to do this. There will be no need for assembly as this comes fully assembled. Its dimensions are 18.00(L) x 5.50(W) x 15.00(D) inches.

Songbird Essentials has other squirrel feeders available, such as:
  • Songbird Essentials Squirrel Munch Box - Easy to set up and mount
  • Songbird Essentials SQUD Spungee Bungee Cord - Has a bungee cord and a two-corn cob carrying capacity. It is a great feeder for distracting squirrels from bird feeders
  • Songbird Essentials Squirrel A Whirl Feeder - Has a three-corn cob capacity and comes with a mounting bracket
  • Songbird Essentials Recycled Poly Squirrel Feeder Table and Chair - It has a one corn cob capacity and dimensions of 9.5(L) x 8.5(W) x 5(D)
  • Songbird Essentials Squirrel Platform Feeder - Has a one corn cob capacity and the dimension of its platform is 8(W) x 6.5(L) x 8(D)
The Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is a hilarious feeder that makes the squirrel look like it’s wearing a horse mask while eating. Quite entertaining, to say the least. If you want another hilarious feeder, the Accoutrements Big Head Squirrel Feeder is an option you can look at.; the squirrels look like they have big heads while eating.

Accoutrements Horse Head Hanging Squirrel Feeder with a 10-Ounce Capacity

For more than thirty years, Accoutrements has been producing a wide range of fun and original products for wildlife enthusiasts. Each new product has an even better twist. Accoutrements is one of a kind, and it has a way of seamlessly combining fun, entertainment, reliability, and functionality in all its products. If you want a durable squirrel feeder that is also entertaining, Accoutrements is your go-to brand.

The Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is an entertaining and reliable squirrel feeder. The squirrels look like they are having a horse head mask on while eating from it and we know how hilarious the horse head mask looks on humans; it looks even more hilarious on squirrels. There is a hole on top of the head through which strings can be passed to hang it. This makes it extremely easy to set up and hang, and food can also be put in it easily. Just smear your horse head with peanut butter and fill with your desired food, the scent of the peanut butter will attract them.

Preferably, use a wire for hanging this feeder as the squirrels can eat the ropes easily. It can take more than 0.6 pounds of food at once. And we know you would love it because it is quite pocket friendly, and it easily distracts squirrels from bird feeders. To get the perfect set up, ensure it is about 9 inches off the ground. If there are no trees around you, you can put it up on a stake but leaving enough room for the squirrels to fit their heads. Depending on the size of the squirrels, 2 squirrels can feed from this at the same time.

Here are some other squirrel feeders by Accoutrements for your consideration:
  • Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder and Food - It comes with 10 ounces of food and an invisible fish line for hanging
  • Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder by Archie McPhee - It is made of sturdy vinyl, and you can fill any part of the head with food

How Do I Choose the Best Squirrel Feeder?

Squirrels can go to any lengths to find food, and your bird feeder is not excluded. They go up to the bird feeder and scare the birds away so they can have their food. The best way to keep squirrels away is to get a squirrel feeder, fill it with squirrel food and place it strategically away from your bird feeder. It can also be quite entertaining and definitely relaxing to sit back on a hammock chair, and watch squirrels come up to their feeder and scramble for food, while enjoying the cool breeze of the evening. Squirrel feeders can also serve decorative purposes.

Before choosing a squirrel feeder, consider the purpose(s) you want it to serve. If you are looking for a squirrel feeder that will attract squirrels for your viewing pleasure, there are feeders that are designed with moving parts that make it a little harder for the squirrel to feed from. Squirrels are known for their tenacity when searching for food; these designs will keep them busy and keep you entertained. Also consider the number of squirrels you are likely to have at one visit. Think of how many you’ve seen around your yard in the past, and then get an appropriate feeder. If you just want a little beautification for your yard, there are feeders that are beautiful, colorful and charming.
The price of a product is definitely worth considering before making a purchase, but in the case of a squirrel feeder, there is nothing much to consider. Squirrel feeders are hardly products you can call expensive. They are available and affordable.

You can get a squirrel feeder for as little as $10 or as much as $45. The idea, however, is to get a quality feeder that will last a long time. Cheap squirrel feeders are available, but as you can see, we did not include them in our review because we want to make sure you get the best quality.
The features of a squirrel feeder are important when considering which one to buy. These features determine how easy it will be for you to use the feeder. Different models come with different features, but we have listed the basic features of a good squirrel feeder.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing a squirrel feeder:
  • Material
  • Outer ledge
  • Screw
  • Windows
  • Hinged lid
Construction and Design
Squirrel feeders are made with different materials, including wood, metal and plastic (usually recycled). Some models combine two or more materials. The material of the squirrel feeder determines its durability and longevity. Though there are some strong and sturdy wood models, wood squirrel feeders are the least durable of all the materials because they age with time. The squirrels can chew them apart with their strong front teeth over time. Wooden feeders also soak in moisture and are not weather-resistant. The only way you can make them last longer is by storing them inside after use.

Plastic materials are more durable than wood. They are more resistant to chewing than their wooden counterparts. Plastic does not absorb moisture. This means these models not only last longer, they also protect the food inside the feeder from growing mold and decaying. One disadvantage of plastic is that with constant chewing, the squirrels might succeed in damaging these feeders.

Metal feeders are the best where strength and durability are concerned. They are sturdier than plastic and wood combined. It is impossible for squirrels to chew them up. Metal squirrel feeders are designed to withstand any weather conditions with their weather-resistant finishing. They can also be left outside after use. Metal squirrel feeders are more expensive than other squirrel feeders.
Performance and Ease of Use
The outer ledge on the squirrel feeder is the platform on which the squirrels perch on to feed. This feature puts the squirrels on display for you to watch as they scramble for food. If the feeder does not have a hollow space where food can be poured in, it comes with a screw that is directly on top of the ledge. You can stick a cob of corn on the screw for the squirrels. Most models come with a hollow space for pouring in food and a ledge with a screw. This feature allows you to provide more food if you are expecting more wildlife visitors.

Some squirrel feeders have windows on the sides and in front. These windows allow you to view the squirrels’ activities unobstructed from any angle. Some squirrel feeders do not have this feature, while others just have the windows at the front. A hinged lid, on the other hand, allows the squirrels to pick out food from the feeder by lifting or shifting it. This lid also protects the food from wild birds that might swoop in and deprive the squirrels of their meal.

Get the Best Squirrel Feeder of 2023!

Thank you for staying with us till the end of this review. You have learned a lot about squirrel feeders, and you can now make a good choice. If you do not find the squirrel feeder of your choice here, please remember to check out other products from the brands we have selected for you.

Our Top Choice
Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder
Best Value
Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder
Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder
Songbird Essentials Jar Squirrel Feeder
Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder