Best Stair Basket Reviews 2023

There are many types and brands of stair baskets in the market today and attempting to go through the list to choose a good one can be very tiresome and frustrating. After much research, we’ve narrowed the search to top five brands that have some of the best stair baskets in the market. We’ve also featured one product from each of the five brands. It’s pertinent to note that these brands have stair baskets other than those featured here, so you can go ahead and check them out.
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Step Height
Our Top Choice
Kouboo Wicker Step Basket
Kouboo sells handcrafted house items that are made with love and warmth, and its support for rural Kiev women attests to its deep care for humanity.
It’s waterproof, humidity-free, lightweight, and has a natural lacquer finish.
However, the price may come off as being on the high side, but what you get is value for money spent.
15 x 9.5 x 15.8 inches; 4lbs
Clear lacquer/coffee brown
7.9 inches
Best Value
Household Essentials Seagrass Stair Basket
Household Essentials, with its over 200 years’ personal experience, is dedicated to making contemporary household items and also stands out in service delivery.
It has a lightweight metal framework that ensures steadiness, and easy-carry handles. It also has natural color coatings.
The basket may topple over if the longer side is overloaded.
Sea grass
10 x 16 x 10 inches; 2.8 lbs
9 inches
Amish Blessings Stair Step Basket
Amish Blessings shows optimum concern for the need of its customers with a passion for excellence that’s a consistent part of its brand.
The basket has a swivel handle which makes it easy for you to lift and move it around, and the food-grade mineral oil coating protects the life of your basket.
May not be suitable for narrow stairs.
Oak splints
17 lbs
9 inches
Creative Co-op Woven Stair Basket
Creative Co-Op delivers products that are designed and created to be the best, which makes its products always stand out in the household beauty and item industry.
It’s sturdy and solid enough to sit on a carpeted floor without wobbling, showing its high quality. You can get it in more than one tone of brown.
You may have a concern with the price of this basket, but then, a sturdy and durable basket is worth the price.
Bacbac leaf
6 x 10 x 15.5 inches; 3.1lbs
Black, brown
8 inches
Trademark Innovations Braided Stair Basket
Trademark Innovations ensures it gives its customers experiences that keep them coming back. It has several years of experience manufacturing indoor and outdoor household items.
It has convenient handles for easy transport on the staircase which fold away when not in use. It also comes at a pocket-friendly price.
May be better if it had a lid.
Sea grass, hyacinth
16 x 10 x 15.5 inches; 2 lbs
5 inches

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What is the Best Stair Basket?

There are different designs and sizes of stair baskets and our review covers a wide range with different features. Having gone through our buying guide, you should be well-armed to make the right choice. Do go through our individual product reviews as we’re sure you’ll see one that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Kouboo Wicker Step Basket is a sturdy and stable stair basket, made from refined wicker and rattan, and it’s not sprayed with urethane finish, making it more durable. If what you need is a stair basket in a coffee brown color for darker decors, check out KOUBOO 1060100 Sweater Weave Handwoven Wicker Stair Step Basket, Coffee Brown.

Kouboo Wicker Step Basket in Natural Color with 2 Compartments

Built by a partnership between a Filipino and a Swiss, Kouboo is known for its traditional application of crafting. Its workers are artisans whose crafts knowledge was passed from generation to generation, and this makes it a treasured possession for them. Now you see why they will put their soul into creating the products you buy. Crafting in Kouboo goes beyond selling baskets for home use; it involves taking these items that were made with love and warmth, and sharing them with the world.

The Kouboo Wicker Step Basket (Selling at $49.50 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is handwoven from wicker and rattan, and is coated with clear lacquer. One amazing thing about this stair basket is that it’s not sprayed with urethane, which may chip or discolor with age. This gives it a very natural feel, makes it waterproof, and helps reduce humidity. It’s handy and stable due to its balanced base, and easy to carry because it’s lightweight. What about cleaning? You don’t need to schedule special cleaning days for your stair basket since a simple damp cloth will do the job for you. Let your staircase look clutter-free, and your home chic, with this stair basket.

Kouboo has other stair baskets you may want to consider:
  • KOUBOO Wicker Stair Step Basket in Wash, Dark Brown - This is for you if your décor is of a darker shade
  • KOUBOO 1060100 Sweater Weave Handwoven Wicker Stair Step Basket, Coffee Brown - This features a sweater design and has a folding handle
  • KOUBOO Wicker Stair Step Basket in Wash, Dark Brown – This is made from high-quality refined wicker and rattan
Best Value
The Household Essentials Seagrass Stair Basket sits on two stairs and the handles can be folded to create passage space on the stairs. Do you prefer a stair basket with a lid? Then go for the Household Essentials Woven Paper Rope Lined Stairstep Basket with Lid.

Household Essentials Seagrass Wicker Stair Step Basket with Handles

A brand that is dedicated to delivering contemporary household items, Household Essentials has over 200 years of personal experience which makes it stand out in service delivery. This brand has what you need when unconventional solutions are required for your home beautification needs. Household Essentials has consistently offered customers top-notch services, unique quality, and strategies that retain and attract clients.

Household Essentials manufactured this Seagrass Stair Basket (Selling at $45.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is for customers who place a high priority on the organization of their home and keeping things clean. It sits on two stairs and the handles can be folded completely flat on the body of the basket. This helps to create space on the stairs for people to pass easily. It has a dimension of 16 x 10 x 16 which makes it wide enough to fit in a regular staircase, since most regular staircases fall within the 10-inch range. It also has easy carry handles that aid in moving it up and down the stairs easily.

Its lightweight metal framework ensures steadiness and stability. It has a protective cover coating that prevents molds and extends its lifespan. Its completely open top allows for ease of access into the basket. This basket also provides you with a container to conveniently put away magazines, toys, packages, clothing, etc., when it’s not serving as a carry basket. It is coated with polyurethane which gives it a glossy finish, and it makes a perfect accessory for a cellar stair. It comes in various colors as well.
The Amish Blessings stair step basket comes in different colors and has a plywood bottom which enhances stability and has smooth handles which don’t splinter or break into your palms. If what you want is a basket with similar features for a little less, the Amish Blessings 7-Inch stair step basket with a Swivel Handle is a good option.

Amish Blessings 9-Inch Stair Step Basket with a Swivel Handle

Amish Blessings is all about passion. This passion of over 15 years has given the company a special place in the hearts of customers who patronize its household products. It has not just led the industry, but has continued to give optimum care to the needs of its customers, showing that the passion for excellence is a consistent part of the Amish Blessings brand. The Amish Blessings stair step basket is a product of this passion.

Amish Blessings Stair Step Basket (Selling at $49.95 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is made using oak up splints. It rests perfectly on your stairs and is perfect for storing books and magazines. The basket has a swivel handle that makes it easy to carry and move, and is also coated with food-grade mineral oil to protect the life of your basket. This basket has a plywood bottom that enhances its stability and sturdiness, making it easier to carry slightly heavy items.

You can toss toys and magazines into it and its plywood bottom will be able to bear the weight while moving up the stairs. Its smooth handles don’t splinter or break into your palms, unlike other baskets that splinter with age. There are no visible knots on the basket and the stain coating is evenly done. It has an oily finish with a glossy feel, and comes in various colors due to the use of natural sea grass.
The Creative Co-op Woven Stair Basket is a roomy stair basket which has more than one tone of brown weaving, and is designed to fit snugly in your stairs thereby making room for ease of movement. If you prefer a basket made with braided ropes at a similar price, you should check the Creative Co-Op DA2451 Bankuan Braided Rope Stair Basket.

Creative Co-op Multi-Tone Leaf Woven Stair Basket

At Creative Co-Op the output is always designed and created to be the best, which makes its products always stand out in the household beauty and item industry. It has combined the quality of personnel who have experience in the US and all over the world with first-class customer service to give the most exciting experience to a vast array of customers. This brand goes all-out to ensure the highest quality possible and puts the need of customers first. The Creative Co-op Woven Stair Basket is one of its finest products.

Creative Co-op Woven Stair Basket (Selling at $49.95 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is an upside-down “L”-shaped basket that sits comfortably on your stairs and can be used for many items. It measures 16 inches long by 10 inches wide by 15½ inches tall. This means it’s very roomy and makes it perfect for minimizing clutter. It has more than one tone of brown weaving which adds to the aesthetics.

There is hardly any decoration these tones don’t blend in to; so, no fears about this stair basket not fitting into your home décor. It fits easily into the side of the stairs creating enough room for movement, and the handle just lays out flat on the top of the basket making it almost invisible. It’s solid and sturdy such that it sits comfortably on a carpeted floor. It’s more loosely woven, making it a lightweight basket that can take your bathroom shopping items upstairs.
The Trademark Innovations Braided Stair Basket is a hyacinth stair basket that is designed with an iron framework for strength and stability, with enough room for many items. If you prefer something a little bit smaller, check out the 14" Wicker Storage Stair Basket which fits firmly on standard-width stairs.

Trademark Innovations Braided Rope Storage Stair Basket with Handles

Trademark Innovations has several years of experience manufacturing indoor and outdoor household items. The experiences and the high regard given to customers keep them at the top of the industry as they efficiently deliver quality products to various homes. With a customer service that is top-notch and after-sales service that effortlessly surpasses your expectations, Trademark Innovations has continued to lead the field.

The Trademark Innovations Braided Stair Basket (Selling for $37.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a convenient seagrass, hyacinth stair basket which serves well for home organization. It has convenient handles that are designed for easy transport on the staircase. It measures 16 inches (Length) x 10 inches (Width) x 15.5 inches (Height) and fits properly on the standard stair case. The iron frame gives it strength and stability, and it looks attractive for home decorations. It’s a lot roomier than you may expect which makes it possible to carry a lot of items up the stairs. You won’t be bothered by it tipping over as it sits properly on the stairs.

How Do I Choose the Best Stair Basket?

Baskets have been used for centuries to store and pack stuff, with the most common ones being laundry and grocery baskets. They’re also used as aesthetic additions to home decor. A very thoughtful and innovative invention, the stair basket helps to clear the clutter that usually accumulates on a stair case, while bringing elegance and style to the home. You can also use it to move things conveniently upstairs for proper storage at the end of the day or whenever it’s convenient for you.

Are you tired of tripping over kids’ toys, books lying all over the stair case, or backpacks nearly causing you to trip up the stairs? Or maybe you’re almost going nuts having to constantly organize things lying on the stairs into their respective places? Save yourself the stress of making several trips up and down the stairs by investing in a stair basket.

A stair basket is designed to fit snugly in-between two stairs and usually comes in a natural hue that blends with the house décor, although sometimes you can get a patterned stair basket. Most stair baskets come with handles for easy carriage, while yet a few others come with lids for safe storage. And while most stair baskets take a rectangular shape to complement the shape of the staircase, there are still so many others that come in oval or round shapes.

To enjoy the full benefits of a good stair basket, you need to get the one that fits your staircase, has sturdy frames and tight weaves to last a long time, and has enough compartments to really serve its purpose at a reasonable price. All these and more are covered in our review, so stay with us.
Before buying any item, it’s only natural that you consider the cost implication and plan your budget accordingly. Lucky enough, most items have different models with different features and prices so you’re almost sure of getting something at your budget level. Usually, the price of stair baskets ranges from $30 to $100. It’s tempting to skimp on this particular item, but there’s no point spending money on a cheap stair basket made with flimsy materials that’s bound to fall apart in no time. In this review we’ve presented you with quality stair baskets that give you real value for your money.
There are some features that are unique to the stair basket, making them stand out from other baskets. These features are what we will be looking at and they include:
  • Dimensions
  • Number of compartments
  • Basket shape
  • Handle
  • Protective Finishing
  • Material
Construction and Design
A standard stair basket is usually built with dimensions to fit into a regular stair case. The standard dimensions are 13 ½ inches (Height) X 19 ½ inches (Width) X 10 inches (Depth). This feature is very important as the basket needs to balance and align well with the staircase for overall performance and aesthetic beauty.

Many stair baskets are woven from natural materials like wicker, willow, rattan, seagrass, straw, water hyacinth, and wood while there are others made from leather or even metal. The ones woven from natural materials are preferable because they have more varying designs in addition to being more appealing to the eye. The weaves are usually hand-plaited onto sturdy metal or wooden frames to give it a firm shape. These natural weave stair baskets usually come in their natural color, which blends very well with any type of home décor (except for a few that are painted or spray-designed to add some color). The metal or leather stair baskets also serve their purpose but they don’t have the appeal associated with the natural weave ones.

Stair baskets come majorly in rectangular forms, but we have the oval/round ones that are stylish and elegant. Both shapes can be either large or small, so depending on your family, you can choose a size that suits your needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
A stair basket is supposed to help you organize your home and make your staircase clutter-free, as much as possible. To this end, you really have to check to see that it’s got some extra features designed to help you do that job more efficiently, such as having smaller compartments within the basket so you can actually organize stuff right inside the basket before taking them up. Some baskets take this organization function a step further by not just having compartments, but removable compartments so you can conveniently carry just one or two smaller units up or down, making it much easier.

You need to also look at the ease of carrying the stair basket. A good number of them feature a carrying handle; some are cut-outs from the body of the baskets, while others are attached and foldable. It’s advisable to buy a stair basket with a handle so you can easily carry it; also check to see if the handle is foldable so it doesn’t get in the way when you need to put things into the basket.

Lastly, consider the protective finishing, especially if you’re going for a natural weave stair basket. These are usually sprays that help to protect the basket material against mildew and attacks that might lead to its deterioration. Some stair baskets don’t have this protection, so you might want to check on the product details thoroughly to ensure it’s well-treated to withstand any form of attack.

Get the Best Stair Basket of 2023!

Having carefully gone through our product review, we believe you’re now in a better position to make an informed choice of a stair case basket.

Our Top Choice
Kouboo Wicker Step Basket
Best Value
Household Essentials Seagrass Stair Basket
Amish Blessings Stair Step Basket
Creative Co-op Woven Stair Basket
Trademark Innovations Braided Stair Basket