Best Stair Climbing Cart Reviews 2018

Hand trucks or stair climbing carts are extremely useful for lugging heavy loads up the stairs. They are also useful on flat surfaces for transporting extremely heavy items around. Stair climbing carts are extremely versatile and take up little storage space. Finding the right hand cart can be tough though, since there are so many options to consider. We’ve researched the options and found five top products from some of the best stair climbing cart brands for you.
Our Top Choice
UpCart Stair Climbing Folding Cart with Bag
UpCart, the flagship brand of TriFold offers innovative mobility solutions. Their uniquely engineered carts help you carry things around your home and business.
The cart is ideal for use in all terrains. Solid rubber wheels can take on repeated use without leaving scruff marks behind.
Despite the telescopic handle, taller people may still find the length of the handle falling short.
43.9 x 23.3 x 19.5” / 13.3lbs
Aluminum alloy body
100 pounds
3 wheel chassis
Velcro straps for easy handling
Best Value
Brightown Lightweight Wheeled Stair Trolley
Brightown makes innovative lighting solutions. They also offer useful products to help around your home and workplace.
The storage bag is water resistant and can be folded for convenient storage.
The bag doesn’t come with a liner.
28 x 19.5 x 3.2” / 5.2lbs
Water repellant body
150 pounds
Water resistant 3 wheel chassis
Foldable cart with umbrella carrier
Tyke Supply Hand Truck Stair Climber
Tyke Supply is a family owned business and specializes in TV Carts and Monitor Stands.
The hand truck is made with commercial grade aluminum and has solid wheels capable of withstanding high loads.
Some users find it too heavy and cumbersome to move around.
60 x 19.2 x 26.3” / 40lbs
Aluminum alloy body
Stairs: 330lbs / Flat: 550lbs
Solid rubber tri-wheel chassis
18" wide x 7.5" deep noseplate
ROYI Folding Stair Climbing Cart
Royi is a popular brand among homeowners. Its products are useful and innovative for tackling multiple chores in and around the house.
The cart is lightweight and has ample storage with side pockets.
The handle does not extend.
12.8 x 14.8 x 35.9” / 5.5lbs
Stainless steel body
100 pounds
Solid rubber tri-wheel chassis
Foldable, doubles as utility cart
The Faucet Queen Deluxe Stair Cart
The Faucet Queens is a well-known brand and a leading supplier of convenient home products to retailers, distributors and homeowners.
The cart is made for all terrain traversal and can be easily assembled to get work done.
Some users report that it might take effort to control the cart while walking down the stairs.
21.5 x 18.5 x 36.8” / 11.8lbs
Tubular metal construction
65 pounds
Plastic tri-wheel chassis
Foam grip, lightweight, foldable

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How Do I Choose the Best Stair Climbing Cart?

What if Hercules still existed and any of us could hire his services just by snapping our fingers? We all know how tiresome and cumbersome it can be, lifting heavy things or moving bulky items from point A to B. For example, when you are moving houses, isn’t it tedious and overwhelming getting every item where it should be? Or when your car breaks down, don’t you just wish you could lift the car, take it to the garage and pick it up when it’s fixed? Or when you want to take some items up the stairs and just don’t have the energy to do so? Well, all you need to do at such moments is use a stair climbing cart and such tasks will be a breeze!

Stair climbing carts are specially designed and fitted with wheels that allow you to take items up or down the stairs. They are powered either by batteries or electricity. One of the major benefits of using a cart to lift items is that it helps prevent back problems by making it easier to lift them. It also saves you time, since you can pile a lot of things on the cart at a go and transport them all at once. Productivity in a commercial or industrial setting is also enhanced by using these carts or by having a loading ramp.

When in the market for the best stair climbing cart, it’s important to consider the nature of the wheels, since they form a pivotal point in its efficiency. A solid construction is also important, since you don’t want the equipment breaking down halfway up the stairs. While having a stair basket is helpful to move around items in the house, a cart is equally important, especially when the quantity of the items to be moved is huge and heavy.
Treating a back problem due to heavy lifting can be a costly affair. But you won’t need to treat your back once you have invested between about $30 and $150 to buy a stair climbing cart. Just as there are many designs of climbing carts out there, the price varies as well. Within this range, you will find a cart that is solidly built and has enough capacity for your luggage. There are some more costly designs that incorporate high-end finishes and state-of-the-art wheels for an enhanced experience.

They say that cheap is expensive, and this equipment is not an exception. Yes, you may find some cheap stair climbing equipment, but its lack of efficiency will cost you in terms of time and energy. We established that such carts are flimsily made and can’t handle very heavy stuff, defeating the purpose of having a stair climbing cart.
So, what are the features you need to look out for when buying a stair climbing cart? Below, we have outlined the key considerations. They are:
  • Capacity -The amount of weight that a cart can handle without breaking down is important for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Size -Depending on the weight of the load you need moved and the available space, carts come in various sizes to suit these needs.
  • Wheels -Easy movement of stuff up and down the stairs depends on the type of wheels present, which can either be made of rubber or plastic.
  • Usage -What features are present to protect your luggage as you move it? Are there straps? What form of grip is there?
  • Material -Most carts have a metal construction, either using aluminum or steel. Aluminum is commonly used because it’s lightweight and durable.
Construction and Design
There are many varieties of stair climbing carts in the market today, with some using wheels, others having a push arm, while others have walkers. The most important element in the design of a cart is that it should efficiently handle weight, depending on its capacity, and easily move it around. To do so, wheels have been found to be the most efficient in making this happen. Such wheels are made of rubber or plastic.

You will find that most brands have embraced the tri-start wheel configuration, which basically uses three wheels on each side of the cart, making movement easy. The handle of the cart is important, and lately, a telescopic handle is being incorporated into the design of carts. It’s important that the handle has a good grip that’s firm and anti-slip. You will find that some carts have a storage bag, which can even be used as a grocery bag.
Performance and Ease of Use
Stair climbing carts are quite easy to use, especially when you get a quality one with solid construction. What’s necessary is that you understand the amount of weight that your preferred cart can handle and avoid overloading. Some hand trucks may require assembly before operation, and this is simple, especially if a manual is attached. If you are not into putting things together, you may opt for one that doesn’t require any assembly.

In terms of maintenance, you need to regularly check and repair the cart’s wheels, since they do get worn out after some time. Replacing them is not complicated, but you can always get a handyman to repair them for you. But generally, these carts are low maintenance and you need not worry much. Some carts are foldable for easy storage, and those that have a cloth can easily be wiped clean.

What is the Best Stair Climbing Cart?

Handling loads manually can be strenuous. Hand trucks are versatile tools for load handling and lugging heavy weights around. Based on your preference and the nature of your chores, you can choose between upright, convertible and specialty carts. Go ahead and check out our list of stair climbing carts for your home!
Our Top Choice
UpCart is an all-terrain stair cart with a 100 pound capacity. The hand truck is versatile with the ability to fold for easy storage. If you’re in need of a different cart bag for UpCart, you can buy a custom one for the perfect fit. Its rip-stop nylon liner can expand the capacity of the bag to over 20 gallons!
UpCart All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart – Bag Bundle

UpCart Stair Climbing Cart MPCB-1

UpCart, the flagship brand of TriFold, was established in 2005 and has since won the hearts of movers everywhere. This unique mobility hand truck is engineered to work on all terrains, stairs and surfaces. It has an elegant design and powerful wheels to support lugging it around.

The cart wheels are designed in a six wheel pattern in which three wheels rotate while the remaining three wheels are always on the ground. The rotating wheels help push the cart over curbs, stairs and other surfaces. The wheels are made of solid rubber, which means that they can withstand repeated use without leaving scuff marks on your floor.

Some of the other features of UpCart are:
  • Ability to fold for convenient storage
  • Telescopic handle to adjust height
  • Manufactured from precision cast aluminum alloy
UpCart is surely going to change the way you work around your house.
Best Value
The multipurpose, lightweight shopping trolley from Brightown is stylish and very versatile. It has a folding chair, trolley bag, as well as grocery and laundry utilities. Brightown makes another climbing cart with a foldable chair. It’s more or less the same thing, except that it comes with a chair that folds out, so it could come in handy if you ever find yourself needing a break when you’re out doing your errands.
Brightown Multipurpose Lightweight Wheeled Shopping Trolley with Front Cooler Bag – Available in 8 Colors

Brightown Stair Climbing Cart Trolley-BlkDot – Black Dot

Brightown has been around since 2014. It offers lighting solutions for homes and workplaces. Quite recently, the company has also expanded its reach into making daily purpose products. The Multipurpose trolley is one such product; with a shopping trolley bag, stair cart climber and laundry and grocery utilities, it’s the perfect errand companion.

The cart is practical and stylish. With its ability to fold into itself, you can carry it anywhere. The storage bag is waterproof and you can carry a weight of up to 150 pounds in the trolley.

Some other features include:
  • Ergonomic, easy to grab handles
  • Storage bag is made with polyester coated with PVC.
  • The wheels are sturdy for repeated usage
The trolley bag is your perfect companion on all outings, shopping sprees and moving days.
The Aluminium hand truck stair climber by Tyke Supply is of commercial quality and is built for heavy duty lugging around. If you’re looking for a stair cart with foldable extension, may we recommend the Tyke Supply Hand Truck with extension? It has the same 550 pound weight limit as our featured product, so you lose none of its heavy-duty capabilities!
Tyke Supply Stair Climber Aluminum Hand Truck Commercial Quality

Tyke Supply Stair Climbing Cart HS-33

Tyke Supply is a family-owned business specializing in monitor stands and TV Carts. It also offers a great selection of high quality dollies and hand trucks. Its aluminum hand truck stair climber is great for making deliveries and working your way up and down the stairs.

The hand truck can be used both as a stair cart as well as a dolly. The truck is made of commercial grade aluminum and has 6 1/4” tires made of solid rubber, with three on each side.

Some of the other features are as follows:
  • 330 pound capacity for stair traversal
  • 550 pound capacity for flat surfaces
  • Two ergonomic handles for better grasp
  • 18” x 7.5” deep noseplate
This product is certainly useful for long days on delivery routes, moving and lugging stuff around.
The stair climbing cart by Royi lets consumers tote items up the stairs easily without using backpacks or old fashioned dollies. You can also look at the multipurpose dolly from Royi. It can be folded and used as a utility cart, so it’ll suit whatever you need.
ROYI Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart with Wheel Bearings – Available in 3 Colors

ROYI Stair Climbing Cart ROYI – XL – Blue

The good folks at Royi believe in making everyday life easier for all of us. Its products are loved by homeowners and workers alike. The Grocery and Stair Climbing cart by Royi is a convenient and easy way to lug heavy stuff around without cumbersome dollies and backpacks.

The stair cart climber features a six wheel design. At any given time, four of its wheels are on the ground while two are in the process of rotating the mechanism to move the cart. This helps in traversing the cart up and down the stairs easily. At only 5.5 pounds, the cart is certainly lightweight. However, given this weight, you may have to be mindful of placing too much heavy weight on it.

Take a look at some of the other salient features:
  • Large storage grocery bag
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • High quality tri-wheels
This versatile start cart climber will surely make your life easier.
The Deluxe Stair Climbing Cart is your perfect companion for public transportation on all terrain, curbs and stairs. If you’re looking for a more conventional shopping cart, may we recommend the Pop ‘n Shop cart from The Faucet Queens? Its wheels pop on in 15 seconds and can be folded flat for easy storage.
The Faucet Queen Deluxe Helping Hand Stair Climbing Shopping Cart

The Faucet Queen Stair Climbing Cart 16713

The Faucet Queens has been a leading supplier of home convenience products since 1935. It specializes in quality products served to customers with consistency and flexibility. The Super Deluxe Stair Climber Cart by Faucet Queens is engineered to work on steps, curbs and stairs.

The cart is ideal for storage on the go, with a quick assembly in nearly 15 seconds. The construction is sturdy yet lightweight. The three wheel design ensures that the cart makes a smooth transition from flat to steep surfaces.

Some of the other notable features of the cart include:
  • Ergonomic foam grip handles
  • Tubular metal construction
  • Ability to fold for easy storage
  • Durable wheels
With a sturdy construction and great basic features, the Super Deluxe Stair Cart Climber is great value for money.

Get the Best Stair Climbing Cart of 2018!

Hand trucks help you lug weight and keep injuries at bay. We hope that TopProducts helped you in finding the best stair climbing cart for you.

Our Top Choice
UpCart Stair Climbing Folding Cart with Bag
Best Value
Brightown Lightweight Wheeled Stair Trolley
Tyke Supply Hand Truck Stair Climber
ROYI Folding Stair Climbing Cart
The Faucet Queen Deluxe Stair Cart