Best Stand Mixer Reviews 2023

The best stand mixers are designed for high performance, fast turn-around times, durability, stability and aesthetics. They also come with different bowl capacities and power settings. With so many options and brands, picking the best mixer for you can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming. We’ve researched five of the best stand mixer brands on the market, and reviewed a model from each, to help you with your buying decisions.
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Our Top Choice
KitchenAid KP26M1XBU Professional 600™Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer
KitchenAid’s developed its first iconic stand mixer in 1919, and they’ve been going strong ever since with quality craftsmanship, timeless design, versatile technology and attention to detail in its products.
High powered motor produces great results. Bowl-Lift . Supports various cooking techniques such as mixing dough. Multiple accessories included. 25 fabulous colors.
Can be pricey but comes with great features, hence worth every penny.
Stainless steel
575 Watts
10 speeds
Ice cream maker, beater, wire whip
1-year warranty
Best Value
Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer™ Pro 5-Quart Stand Mixer
Breville is a brand that has earned a good reputation among its clients, with this specific die-cast metal stand mixer enjoying more than 230 reviews on Amazon.
Lift assist mixer head. Delivers high performance. Easy, effective and convenient to use. Strong and durable. Attractive in appearance with 3 color options. The mixing bowl is dish-washer safe.
Poor at kneading tough doughs.
Die-cast metal
550 Watts
12 speeds
Beater, pouring shield, wire whip
1-year warranty
Bosch MUM6N10UC MUM6 Universal Plus Kitchen Machine 6.5-Quart Stand Mixer
Bosch is a brand with a focus on designing stand mixers for home use. It is behind this great kitchen machine with great features to help you mix your ingredients for making dough.
Lightweight. A large bowl capacity for making big batches. Stable and stationary during operation. Comes with various mixer attachments and a separate blender. Easy to clean and durable.
Expensive but this is related to the high power, plus comes with blender and accessories. Poor kneading capability on small dough quantities.
Sturdy Lexan plastic
800 Watts
4 speeds
Wire whip, pouring shield, beater
1-year warranty; 3 on motor
Cuisinart™ SM-70BK 7 Quart Kitchen Stand Mixer
Cuisinart is an expert in matters of kitchen appliances. With more than 30 years of designing cooking appliances, the brand ensures that you have a mixer to meet your baking needs.
Highly powerful and reliable motor. Large capacity mixing bowl is dishwasher-safe.
No on/off switch button. Some reports that plastic parts are flimsy and that the unit moves when heavy ingredients are mixed.
Die-cast metal
1000 Watts
12 speeds
Wire whip, pouring shield, beater
3-year warranty; 5 on motor
Hamilton Beach Eclectrics® Sterling All-Metal 4.5 Quart Stand Mixer
Hamilton Beach is a reputable brand, making use of cutting-edge technology to design performance-oriented kitchen appliances meant to ease tasks.
Easy to clean. Dishwasher-safe bowls. Durable and hands-free. Non-slip base for stability. Durable and comes with multiple attachments. Mixer offers total bowl coverage. 4 color options.
Not as powerful as others on our list, but great for average baking needs.
Die-cast metal
400 Watts
12 speeds
Wire whip, pouring shield, beater
3-year warranty

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What is the Best Stand Mixer?

When shopping for a kitchen stand mixer, consider the type, power wattage, bowl capacity, settings and accessories it comes with. If you are doing heavy-duty baking, you will need to pick a stand mixer with the right power to knead your dough, and a bowl capacity to accommodate your batch sizes. However, if you only plan on using it once in a while, you may not need a high-performance model – a basic one might be just fine. Find out if one of our recommendations can meet your unique baking needs.
Our Top Choice
The KitchenAid Professional 600™Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is driven by a powerful and robust motor to allow for heavy use. Its bowl-lift design ensures that the appliance is stable enough to work optimally. If you need a stand mixer with a smaller footprint and price, opt for the Artisan® Mini 3.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with great reviews on Amazon.

KitchenAid 600™Series 6-Quart Professional Stand Mixer – 10 Speeds, Bowl-Lift Style, 25 Colors

KitchenAid is a brand that specializes in designing and developing kitchen appliances. Your product of choice from this brand comes with a timeless design and unmatched quality based on different technologies and attention to details. KitchenAid KP26M1XBU Professional 600™Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is designed for heavy use to deliver powerful, effective and efficient performance based on a motor that’s powerful and robust.

The proprietary-quality motor of 575 watts responsible for powering this stainless steel stand mixer is of top quality. It powers the appliance, giving it 10 speeds to enable it work through mixtures that are heavy and dense. The motor renders the appliance one of the most powerful in the industry for home use. The housing unit, stand and internal gears are made of rugged metal for performance, reliability and durability.

You can lower or raise the height of the beater for clearance, thanks to the mixer’s adjustable and attractive screw. The 6 quart bowl is large, made of stainless steels and comes with a strong handle to enable you lift heavy mixtures easily. The bowl-lift feature secures your stand mixer in place for stability.

Here are other great features to look out for:
  • Auto shut-off and electronic speed sensor
  • A power hub with 15 attachment options for culinary use including dough hook, beater, wire whip and pouring shield.
  • A 6-quart bowl made of stainless steel with a handle for comfortable support
  • 67-point bowl coverage based on a planetary mixing action
This professional quality stand mixer comes with a one year warranty. Cobalt blue, tangerine, dark green, William Sonoma, pearl metallic and imperial black are some of the great colors options to consider for your stand mixer.
Best Value
The Breville Scraper Mixer™ Pro BEM800XL is not just innovative, but has been designed for functionality and form with an appealing look to give your kitchen an enhanced modern look. If you’re working on a budget and need a mixer with the same high functionality and power but at a lower cost, go for the convenient Handy Stand Mixer™ two-in-one hand\/stand mixer.

Breville Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer – 12 Speed Settings, 5 Attachments, 3 Colors Available

Founded in the 1930s in Australia, Breville, a company responsible for developing kitchen appliances, has been in the market for some time now. Breville Scraper Mixer™ Pro BEM800XL is designed to allow you to pause your work when it’s in use, time your tasks and even sense when you load the stand mixer.

The die-cast metal stand mixer comes with a 5-quart mixing bowl made of stainless steel. The mixer is powered by a 550-watt motor for powerful performance. You can view your appliance’s operating speed via the LED indicator and time your mixing tasks using the built-in auto turn-off timer.

Here are other great features to look out for in your stand mixer:
  • LCD screen with in-built timer
  • Two piece pouring shield to reduce spattering while mixing ingredients
  • Bowl locking recess for stability and safety
  • 5-quart mixing bowl made of stainless steel
  • Bowl handle for support and easy handling
  • A ‘tilt-release’ button for adding or removing attachments, ingredients and the mixing bowl
  • 12 speed setting for temporal pausing of the timer and mixer
  • Attachment shaft for connecting the wire whip, beater or dough hook
  • Internal cord storage at the base of the mixer for clutter-free storage and convenience
  • LED speed indicator to view and track the mixer’s speed of performance
  • 360-degree Planetary Mixing Action for wide coverage while mixing baking ingredients
Choose among Black Sesame, silver and cranberry red color finishes that blend with your kitchen’s interior space.
The Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine comes with a large 6.5 quart bowl to allow you bake in big batches. It’s also designed with a powerful motor for high performance, efficiency and convenience. If you want a less expensive alternative with similar performance levels but a smaller bowl capacity, opt for the 4 quart, 400 watt Compact Kitchen Machine.

Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer with Blender - 6.5-Quart Capacity, 800 Watt, Removable Drive Shaft, Multiple Accessories Including Cookie Paddles

If you’re looking for a stand mixer with high performance and a large bowl capacity to meet your baking needs, the Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is a perfect choice. Bosch is a brand popular for its range of innovative and quality kitchen appliances - not to mention great reviews on Amazon, among other top review sites. The Universal Plus Kitchen Machine is one of the best stand mixers available, making it for a perfect gift for your loved one, mother, wife, sister or even a friend.

You can work on up to 15 pounds of dough in the Bosch mixer’s 6.5-quart bowl (made of plastic). You can easily remove the drive shaft and metal driver for cleaning purposes. The high performance motor is powered at 800 watts with 4 speeds and a pulse function for optimal performance. The versatile speed settings allow you to change from higher high-speed to lower low-speed options.

Here are other great features to look out for in this stand mixer:
  • Dual beaters for powerful whipping action
  • Various accessories: scraper, dough hook, dual beater, pouring shield, wire whip, etc.
  • Removable splash ring for easy ingredient addition or removal
  • Removable drive shaft
This Bosch machine is designed to offer you great reliability and performance.
This die-cast stand mixer by Cuisinart is driven by a powerful motor, meaning you can work on the heaviest ingredients and mixtures (accommodated double or even triple recipes) with ease. Whether you’re a professional chef or home baker, the mixing machine allows for use either at fast or slow speeds. Tight budget? Opt for the Cuisinart® 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer for a less expensive alternative with similar capabilities.

Cuisinart 7-Quart Stand Mixer, Black – Powerful 1000 Watt Motor, Dishwasher-safe, Accessories Included, 3 Color Choices

Cuisinart is a popular brand enjoying great reviews on Amazon on its kitchen appliances. It has been in the industry for more than 3 decades, inventing innovative kitchen appliances to ensure that you have a great time in the kitchen, whether you’re a chef or just love preparing great dishes for your family. The Cuisinart® 7 quart die-cast stand mixer has been made with you in mind as a baker.

It has a powerful 1000 watt motor that will deliver great performance even when working on double or triple recipes; it ensures you can mix even the heaviest of dough. The stainless steel bowl accommodates large batches of dough at a go, or whatever else you want to whip up! It even has a handle to make your work easier. Here are other great features to look forward to:
  • 12 speed, automatic shut-off timer and 15-minute countdown timer
  • A recipe booklet
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and attachments such as a dough hook, mixing paddle, beater and more wire whip.
  • Splashguard to prevent dough spattering
  • Power unit with 3 power outlets
  • Die-cast metal construction - BPA free
  • 3-year product and 5-year-motor warranties
Select from Brushed Chrome, white and black color options in accordance to your taste, preference and style.
Hamilton Beach Eclectrics® All-Metal Stand Mixer is designed for durability with metal construction. This mixer uses as a rotating, two-way mixing action for precise and thorough mixing of your baking ingredients, providing even, smooth outcomes. If you want the best of both worlds, the Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Classic Hand/Stand Mixer doubles up as a hand mixer, making it an affordable alternative.

Hamilton Beach Eclectrics All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer – 4.5 Quart Bowl, 2-Way Rotating Mixing Action, 4 Color Choices

Hamilton Beach designs good value kitchen appliances. The Eclectrics® All-Metal Stand Mixer is a true reflection of the brand’s expertise in designing magnificent kitchen appliances in the industry. The mixer features rotating, 2-way mixing action technology and delivers great results - making it on one of the most affordable stand mixers in its class.

The stand mixer has a powerful 400 watt motor for fast, heightened performance. It comes with a 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl to accommodate as a decent amount of batter or dough. It also features quick-release tilt-up head to ensure you can easily remove or attach the bowl and prepare your food.

Here are other features to expect in this kitchen machine:
  • Tilt-up head for quick release
  • Accessories: wire whip, beater, dough hook, pouring shield, etc.
  • Smudge-free and hand-finished coating
  • Splatter-free mixing
  • 12 speed settings
  • 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Mixing bowl handle for support
  • A recipe book and user manual
  • Distinct bowl head orbits when mixing ingredients
The finish is not just smudge-proof, but is bound to mesh into your kitchen’s interior décor for an attractive, modern look. You can get it in licorice black, sterling silver, sugar white or red – and they all come with a three year warrante.

How Do I Choose the Best Stand Mixer?

Stand mixers simplify the process of mixing ingredients, kneading dough and baking. In today’s busy life, time management and fast, effective kitchen appliances are typical of the modern kitchen. Stand mixers, unlike hand mixing, are faster when it comes to whisking. They ease the baking process, so even the busiest people can still enjoy home-baked food without it taking lots of time.

Although you can buy pre-mixed ingredients from the supermarket, home-mixed ingredients aren’t just cost-effective, but also healthier. You also get the opportunity to be creative enough to come up with your own delicious recipes, or try out different ones available online. The satisfaction of baking something delicious in your own kitchen is priceless.

Other than mixing ingredients for making cookie dough or bread dough, you can also use your stand mixer to whisk ice cream, beat eggs, mash food or even grind nuts, more so when you need consistency in smoothness. Unlike hand mixers, stand mixers are versatile and heavy-duty.

Stand mixers also give you the control you need to choose your preferred ingredients and amounts to be used, as well as the texture of your baked food. Know what you intend to use your stand mixer for before making a purchase. Buy a versatile appliance you can use to accomplish various tasks without breaking the bank.

Stand mixers can do both simple and complex food preparation tasks, such as beating eggs and mixing dough. Make sure you have enough space on your countertop for your stand mixer, as it can take up a great deal of your working surface.

With a valuable and versatile stand mixer, just as with your food processor, you free up the time you need to do other things as your appliance automates your mixing, whisking or kneading process. We hope that this guide can help you make an informed buying decision.
Weight and size can determine what you pay for a stand mixer. Choose a mixer with the attachments you need to get various jobs done. You’ll find stand mixers in the price range of $20 to $550. Cheap stand mixers still work well for many people, as long as they're sturdy enough to stand up to regular use (though it’s not easy to get a cheap one with all the bells and whistles). For an additional $60 to $140, you can buy enough attachments to make fresh pasta and ice cream, whisk eggs, and grind nuts.

Stand mixers that come with specialized attachments, metal or glass bowls, a countdown timer, "folding" or a pause function cost much more. The more you pay for a stand mixer, the larger the capacity, the more solid a build, and the quieter the motor is. Only buy the attachments you’ll need, to ensure you get value for your money.

If you’re looking for a commercial stand mixer to use in your restaurant or bakery, expect to pay more, as commercial ones can cost a premium.
Stand mixers come with various features and accessories to increase their functionality. Choose features based on your intended use of the mixer. There are many features you need to look into before buying a stand mixer, to ensure you only pay for the features and accessories you’ll actually use.

Here are the important features to look for in your stand mixer:
  • The right mixer size to fit in your counter space
  • Large mixing bowl to accommodate your dough batches
  • Additional attachments such as beaters, whisks, bowls, etc.
  • Storage for the accessories your stand mixer comes with
  • The right speed settings and wattage
  • Comfortable use and easy cleaning
  • A manual for easy installation
  • Warranty for protection from manufacturing faults
  • Dishwasher-safe or hand wash only
With the right stand mixer, you can use your versatile appliance as a food processor or a blender, and to accomplish many other time-consuming food preparation processes.
Construction and Design
Before buying a stand mixer, consider the following features:

Mixer Size - Stand mixers are generally hefty and heavy-duty. Make sure you have enough counter space for your mixer. The space between your cabinets and countertop should be enough to accommodate the height of your stand mixer without obstructing its top section’s lever-operated arm. Also be sure that the weight of the stand mixer supports portability if you need to move the appliance around your house.

Size of Mixing Bowl - Unlike food processors, stand mixers come with larger mixing bowls. If you need to process large batches of dough or other ingredients, consider a bowl with a capacity of at least 500 milliliters.

Available Accessories - Make sure your stand mixer comes with basic accessories to support its functionality. Look for a dough hook for kneading, a beater for mixing ingredients, and a balloon whisk for whipping and whisking. Consider food processor attachments such as a grater or slicer, a flexi-beater, a splash-guard or a jug blender that might come with your ideal stand mixer.

Additional Attachments - Consider buying extra whisks, beaters, or bowls to use when your attachments get broken or lost. Check for available spare parts and where you can find them.

Accessories Storage - If you’re buying a stand mixer with accessories, make sure you have storage for them to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Consider stand mixers with bowls, compartments or storage boxes that can accommodate the accessories.

Speed Settings and Wattage - Since more doesn’t necessarily mean better, the number of speed settings a stand mixer comes with doesn’t determine its quality. Pause, fold, timer and soft-start are some settings you can expect to find on high-end stand mixers. Low-speed stand mixers will minimize spattering.
Performance and Ease of Use
Decide whether you want your stand mixer to be hand wash only or dishwasher safe. For the latter case, read the manufacturer’s instructions for the right washing cycle and temperature. Most manufacturers recommend that you avoid the drying cycle to prevent damage to plastic parts. You should be able to lift your stand mixer comfortably without straining.

Unlike traditional-style beaters, wire beaters are easier to clean. Make sure the power head locks properly for optimal performance of your mixer. Your mixer should be stable enough to sit on your counter without tipping over. A stand mixer with a large bowl capacity, a powerful motor, and at least 600 watts can withstand constant use.

An all-metal build offers the durability and overload protection you need to use your stand mixer year after year. Splash guards help prevent spills, while a timer lets you take control of your tasks. Consider a motor that adjusts to your mixer’s speed for protection, and an appliance with hubs for connecting optional attachments. Finally, be sure your stand mixer is easy to install and comes with a warranty.

Get the Best Stand Mixer of 2023!

Whether you want a stand mixer for personal at-home use, or for use in a professional setting, there’s an ideal appliance out there designed to meet your unique needs. We hope that our sample of five of the most popular mixers on the market will help you make an informed decision and pick the right appliance. You can also check out our reviews of hand mixers, bullet blenders or countertop blenders if it turns out you really need one of those instead.

Our Top Choice
KitchenAid KP26M1XBU Professional 600™Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer
Best Value
Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer™ Pro 5-Quart Stand Mixer
Bosch MUM6N10UC MUM6 Universal Plus Kitchen Machine 6.5-Quart Stand Mixer
Cuisinart™ SM-70BK 7 Quart Kitchen Stand Mixer
Hamilton Beach Eclectrics® Sterling All-Metal 4.5 Quart Stand Mixer