Best Standing Bike Rack Reviews 2022

It’s usually a hassle looking around for where to park your bike. The kick stand that comes with the bike is often not adequate. A standing bike rack is what you need, and you must have noticed how daunting it is selecting one. Now that you’re here, you can breathe easy as we’ve researched those numerous options that scared you. We ended up with five of the best standing bike rack brands, choosing one great option from each one of them. We’re aware that you might need other types of bike racks such as car bike racks or hanging bike racks, as well. In that case, do note that we have reviews for those too.
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Our Top Choice
Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack
Matching innovation with maintenance, Bikehand manufactures tools such as tire levers, repair stands, etc., to cater to all-round bike needs.
Simple push-in design. Holds tire at three points. Foldable stand. Rubber base prevents floor scratches. Made with quality steel. Long-lasting.
Rubber base comes off occasionally.
Push-in; 3 contact points
4.4 pounds
1 bike
Bike with up to 2.4-inch W tires
Powder-coated steel
Best Value
Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Stand
Feedback Sports is passionate about sports, especially cycling, which is why it’s committed to manufacturing tools for the best cycling experience.
Can connect multiple racks. Spring-loaded design. Small footprint. Mounts on rear or front wheel. Versatile. 3 colors available.
Won’t hold bike tires with width above 2.4 inches.
Spring-loaded arm
5.9 pounds
1 bike
Bike with up to 2.4-inch W tires
Info not provided
Cyclingdeal 5 Bike Parking Rack
Since 2005, Cyclingdeal has been offering top-of-the-line bicycles, tools, and accessories with superior performance at affordable prices.
Made with steel. Powder-coated. Collapsible. Saves space. Versatile usage. 10-year warranty. Holds 5 bikes or 1.
Might not work well with kids’ bikes.
10 pounds
5 bikes
Larger tires
Powder-coated steel
RAD Cycle Products Bike Rack
When it comes to quality products at an affordable price, RAD Cycling Products is known to always step up. From racks to hoists and trainers, this brand is there for you.
Comes fully assembled. Sturdy steel construction. Compatible with most bikes. Easy to use. Collapsible. Only contacts tire. Usable on carpets.
A bit wobbly with heavier bikes.
Rubber feet; foldable
6 pounds
1 bike
Bike with up to 2.4-inch W tires
Powder-coated steel
Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand
Since 1985, Racor has been manufacturing storage solutions for sports, tools, garages, etc., with attention to performance and detail for a clutter-free space.
Durable steel construct. Resin base protects the floor. Works on either tire. Compatible with many bike types. Epoxy finish. No tilting or damage. Holds 2 bikes.
Isn’t compatible with wide tires.
3 contact points
12.4 pounds
2 bikes
Most bike types
Steel with epoxy finish

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What is the Best Standing Bike Rack?

You now know what needs to be known to select the best standing bike rack for you. Now proceed to our review of individual brands/products while keeping in mind the requirements you have. This will help you make a selection that suits your needs the most.
Our Top Choice
The Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack and Storage Stand holds your bike tire at three strategic points, which in turn secures the bike in place in an upright position so it won’t fall over. Enjoy the same great features at a lesser price when you get the Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack & Storage Stand which has adjustable holders.

Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack and Storage Stand

With 29 years of experience, Bikehand has made it a goal to consistently manufacture tools that guarantee safety, maintenance, and convenience for bike users. Its wide range of products such as brake pads, shifter cables, chains, and other bicycle accessories are proof of its commitment to quality and high performance. Bikehand is a go-to name for all things bicycle. This is why it’s such a popular brand among the “biking nation”.

The Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack is an easy and secure way to park your bike. It mounts on the tire alone without scratching the spoke or rim, and holds the bike tire securely in three places—your bike won’t bend, tilt, or fall. This standing bike rack doesn’t require any technicalities to mount or for you to lift your bike (what a punishment that’d be if you have a beach bike); simply push the bike into the rack, and it securely parks it.

The challenge sometimes isn’t about securely parking your bike, but the absence of a sizeable bike parking space. So if your garage or a bike storage/parking facility cannot provide you the luxury to have your bike lying on the floor, then this parking rack is your new best friend. The best part is, it’s collapsible, which makes it compact and mobile. Here are other cool features of this standing bike rack:
  • Rubber Base - Protects the floor from scratches
  • Versatile – Can be used both outdoors and indoors, basically anywhere with a floor
  • Sleek – Tastefully designed to look good with or without your bike on it
  • Top-quality – Made with steel and powder-coated against rust to serve you a long time
  • Compatibility – It can park all bike types as long as the tire width does not exceed 2.4 inches
  • Warranty – The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this rack, for your confidence
Best Value
The Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Storage Stand has a spring-loaded, hands-free design that holds either the front or rear tire, securing your bike in place without scratching any surface. If your bike tire is wider, go for the Feedback Sports Fatt Rakk which is designed to accommodate tires that are 3 to 5 inches wide.

Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Storage Stand – Available in 3 Colors

Feedback Sports is a popular brand in the manufacture of sports equipment, with a special interest in bikes and accessories. It understands what makes cycling worthwhile and continuously strives to deliver. Customer satisfaction is a priority to this brand, and its products and services are aimed at achieving this with every sale and contact. With a diverse range of bicycle products and a wide distribution network, it caters to the needs of bicycle users everywhere.

The Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Stand is a brilliant and secure way to park or display bikes. You can choose to use it on the rear tire or front wheel. This bike rack securely holds your bike in place, making contact with only the tire to prevent scratches to your rim or spoke.

Now you can park your bike in its natural stance: upright. Not that this rack is only used for parking bikes though, as you can also use it for display in stores. No more worrying about your kickstand not being sturdy enough to sustain the bike’s weight. Whether at home or the office, the Feedback Stand has you covered on all grounds. The following are some other features:
  • Rubber Base – The rubbers feet protect the floor from scratches and are ideal for use on carpets
  • Unique Design – It’s made to connect other racks together so that more bikes can be parked together
  • Easy to Use – The spring-loaded design just requires you to push your bike in position and it’s secured
  • Compact Size – It has a small footprint that won’t require much space to store or park your bicycle
  • Warranty – It comes with a 1-year warranty so you can rest assured you’re buying a top-quality product
  • Compatibility – It works perfectly for any bike type as long as the tire width isn’t above 2.4 inches
And better yet, you can order this standing bike rack in a choice of black, white, or black.
If you wish to park up to 5 bikes at the same time, then say hello to the Cyclingdeal 5 Bike Floor Parking Rack & Storage Stand which can also be collapsed to park just one bike to save space. If you’d prefer one with a higher parking capacity, get the Cyclingdeal Adjustable 1-6 Bike Floor Parking Rack. It can park 1 or 6 bikes at a time.

Cyclingdeal 5 Bike Floor Parking Rack and Storage Stand

Cyclingdeal was originally established in Australia in 2005. It has grown since then and now has a warehouse in America. It has a vision of offering top-quality and high-performance bikes and accessories to its customers all over the world. Cyclingdeal is there for you whether you need repair or servicing tools, parts, or even bicycle gear. The company has a smart way of acquiring its merchandise which is why it manages to make available its awesome products at competitive prices. With a wide range of products available for purchase ‘round the clock, even on holidays, this is a pretty spectacular brand.

Looks can truly be deceptive; this Cyclingdeal 5 Bike Parking Rack is proof of that. It might look flimsy at a glance, but this bicycle rack is made of high-quality steel and is powder-coated for protection against rust. Though it’s lightweight, it’s still heavy-duty enough to securely park five bicycles at a time. This is an efficient method for parking bicycles without using too much space. Further, it’s great for families where every member has a bike, for offices to create a mini bicycle parking lot, or for merchants to display bicycles they have for sale.

This bike rack is ingeniously designed to be collapsible; it can go from a 5-bike rack to five 1-bike racks. The tubes are detachable to make it easily adjustable to your needs. With this rack, you don’t need to consume as much space with the whole setup if you need to park just a couple of bikes. Better yet, the manufacturer offers a 10-year replacement warranty on this rack. If you ask us, we’ll tell you that warranty is there simply because you won’t need a replacement.

Now that you know Cyclingdeal is a trusted brand, the following are other great products it has on offer:
  • Cyclingdeal 1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack – A sturdy design with locks to keep your bike secure in position
  • Cyclingdeal 2 Bike Bicycle Hanger – This design suspends your bike above the ground to really save you space
  • 3 Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand – Powder-coated steel railings which are adjustable for convenience
You can now park your bike without risking damage to your rim or paint job. The RAD Cycle Products Bicycle Storage Floor Stand Foldable Bike Rack only makes contact with your tire, keeping your bike upright and secure. If you want one that can connect to more racks, go for the RAD Cycle EZConnect Bicycle Rack which is compatible with most bikes and is also foldable.

RAD Cycle Products Bicycle Storage Floor Stand Foldable Bike Rack

RAD Cycle Products delivers the most innovative and top-quality cycling products. It specializes in all things bicycle, so you can rest assured it’s quite proficient at it. It has various products on offer such as bike trainers, racks, hoists, etc. RAD stands out with innovative designs that make its products easy to use and serve their purpose effectively. Value is another factor this brand holds dearly; it goes about offering top-quality products at affordable prices.

The RAD Cycle Products Bike Rack is a secure way of parking your bike. A simple push mounts your tire and it’s securely held in place with the three-points-of-contact method this rack adopts. Contact is only made with the tire to prevent any form of damage to your bike rim, or worse still, the paint job. With the same mindset of preventing damage, this rack has a rubber base which not only stabilizes the rack, but also prevents it from scratching your floor in case you’re using it indoors, which also makes it ideal for use on carpets.

This bike rack is compatible with most bicycles as long as the wheels do not exceed 29 inches and the tire is not more than 2.9 inches wide. The rack is made of quality steel and is powder-coated to prevent rust, which gives it clearance to be used outdoors. Talking about outdoors, the base of this rack is pre-drilled which allows you to permanently mount it on the ground if you please. That way, you have your own bike parking lot.

As if this rack isn’t small enough, it’s still designed to be foldable so it can get even smaller. This means you can carry the mount with you on your biking trips so you won’t have to worry about parking your bike. The manufacturer expresses some confidence over this steel construct by offering a one-year warranty on it.
The Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand is fashioned with steel and has a long-lasting epoxy finish. It’s designed to cradle your bike tire securely with no risk of tilting or damage. If you’d like a rack that saves ground space, go for the Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand which parks bikes by suspending them above-ground.

Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand

Racor was established in 1985, and one of the first products it created was the SR-2 Ski Rack. Since that time, it has designed and manufactured many more top-quality and superior-performance storage solutions for different applications. It has a rigid focus on customer satisfaction, which is why it is so dedicated to offering only products that do what they say and do it adequately.

The Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand is a sturdy bike rack with an H-shaped base that gives it added balance even when loaded. It’s designed to park 2 bicycles side-by-side in an upright position, and is constructed with steel tubes with an epoxy finish which makes it even more durable. All you need to do is slide your bike into the groove which allows your tire, the front or the rear, to go in deep enough to keep your bicycle stable and secure. The only contact the bike makes with the rack is the tire, so there's no fear of scratches or damage.

This rack is suitable for almost all types of bicycles, except those with particularly wide tires which will be tricky to fit into the tire groove. This rack is designed so that it can be used from either side; although, only kids’ bike tires can fit if it’s being used from the other end. Since most kids’ bikes will not fit well if parked from the regular side, the rear end is ideal for smaller tires. This rack is only 30 by 24 by 22 inches and weighs in at just 13 pounds, making it compact enough to be used almost anywhere.

This bike rack requires a little bit of assembly with nothing more than fitting some pipes in place and screwing them in. How you use this standing bike rack is up to you, as its application is quite vast. Getting this would help you stop scratching up walls because you’re leaning your bike on them; this product is also useful for merchants who just want to display bicycles.

How Do I Choose the Best Standing Bike Rack?

We all know how much work it has become to find where to park your bike. Parking isn’t actually the real problem; meeting your bike where you left it often is. Many a time, you park your bike only to get back and find it sprawled on the ground. Leaning your bike on someone else’s car, a wall, or just laying it on the ground, no matter how carefully you do that, just isn’t ideal. Parking your bike isn’t only an issue when you go out, either; it could also be problematic parking it at home.

One solution for most of the issues highlighted is to get a standing bike rack. This rack will not only help you park your bike, it will park it in its natural position—upright. The best standing bike racks are foldable and adjustable. Imagine going to the mall on your bike with your collapsible rack, and just setting it up in a corner for parking. No hassles, no worries—how convenient is that? Most standing bike racks work with almost any type of bicycle, even kids’ bikes as long as the tire isn’t too wide to fit into the tire groove.

Just like car bike racks, or the hitch variant, standing racks can park varying numbers of bikes. Some standing bike racks can park up to six bikes at a time and that’s not even the best part. They can be collapsed so that they can park only one bike too, that way space is efficiently managed. As you read on, we will provide you with adequate information to help you decide on the features you want in a rack and eventually select the best standing bike rack for you.
Quite a number of things affect the pricing of a standing bike rack. You certainly won’t expect a bike rack made with steel to cost anywhere near the same as one made with aluminum. And one that can park up to 5 bikes will certainly cost you more than a single-unit rack. The price of standing bike racks often ranges between $35 and $60. Please be aware that there are cheap standing bike racks out there as well, and you must avoid them. They are not well-made and will most likely end up damaging your bike.
Parking your bike may seem trivial, until you get to places with zero provision for bicycle users. Having a standing bike rack now becomes vital. The following are the important features to look for when getting one:
  • Design
  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Compatibility
  • Material
These features will be elaborated in the following sections, so you will have a clearer understanding of how they affect standing bike racks.
Construction and Design
Most standing bike racks are made of steel for strength and are usually powder-coated to prevent rust and ensure they last longer. They’re often fitted with rubber at the base so they don’t accidentally scratch the floor; this also makes these racks suitable for use on carpets. In other words, whether you want to use them indoors or outdoors, you’re good to go. Some of these standing bike racks have a compact footprint to help manage space. And further still, some single bike racks are around 25 inches high and a bit wider than your bike at the base to give it good balance.

The number of bikes you can park with a standing bike rack varies according to the design. Some can accommodate just one bike while others can hold as many as six. Obviously, the more bikes a rack can park, the larger it is and the more space it will occupy.
Performance and Ease of Use
The design of standing bike racks varies from brand to brand. Most racks are designed to be easy to use by just sliding your bike tire into the groove. Some are spring-loaded so they snap up to your bike tire. These racks are also designed to make contact only with the tires, so they don’t damage the rims or the paint job. Most standing bike racks are foldable while the bigger ones with higher capacity are collapsible. That way you can either carry the foldable ones with you or collapse the larger ones to park just the number of bikes needed.

Standing bike racks are compatible with most types of bikes. The only exception is the width of the bike tire as they’re mostly designed to hold the tires to park the bike. Commuter bikes or mountain bikes with particularly-wide tires might not fit just any standing bike rack. However, there are some racks that are adjustable, so that the tire groove can be expanded. It’s important that you check for the compatibility of a standing bike rack before making the purchase.

Get the Best Standing Bike Rack of 2022!

You’ve come to the end of this review—well done. We hope you now have all the information you need to choose the best standing bike rack for your needs. In that case, don’t wait any longer; make that buy and start biking with confidence. These brands, however, have other variants apart from the ones we featured here. So, feel free to check them out if you need to see more options.

Our Top Choice
Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack
Best Value
Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Stand
Cyclingdeal 5 Bike Parking Rack
RAD Cycle Products Bike Rack
Racor PBS-2R Floor Bike Stand