Best Steam Cleaner Reviews 2023

The steam cleaner market is awash with a range of options, each offering various features. Our review helps you compare these features so you can settle on the most effective option. By the end of the review, you will know of a flexible price range, so you can get a steam cleaner that fits your budget and your needs.
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Heating time
Tank Size
Steam Time
Our Top Choice
Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System
Vapamore is a leading brand who prides themselves in producing quality products for “the love of steam”. Their MR-100 Steamer sets the bar for a superior steam experience.
No chemicals needed. Bedbug and dust mite protection. Lifetime warranty.
It gets hot after a while. Small tank for bigger spaces.
1500 watts
11 minutes
1.6 liters
60 minutes
Best Value
McCulloch Canister Steam Cleaning System
McCulloch combines ergonomics and power for top steam cleaners. The McCulloch MC1275 has superior looks and exceptional steam power.
Impressive pressure. Included storage. Lockable steam trigger.
Some users may find it too loud.
1500 watts
8 minutes
1.42 liters
45 minutes
Hoover Max Extract® All-Terrain™ Carpet Cleaner
Hoover has a reputation for fusing technology with great machinery and coming up with cutting edge final products. This Carpet Cleaner sports patented brush technology.
Auto rinse. Automatic detergent mixing. Heated cleaning. Edge cleaner.
Some users report leakages.
1440 watts
Not specified
7 liters
Not specified
Wagner On-Demand 915 Power Steamer
Wagner is a US brand that specializes in home cleaning solutions. The On-Demand 915 is a dependable steamer that packs extra wall paper stripping and tile cleaning capabilities.
Wallpaper stripping. Tile cleaning. LED indicator lights. Kills bacteria.
No water level indicator. The cord is not retractable.
1500 watts
12 minutes
1.42 liters
45 minutes
Dirt Devil Easy Steam Handheld Steamer
Dirt Devil is a trusted brand for cleaning appliances. Their handheld steamer combines the effectiveness of powerful steam with handheld convenience.
Lightweight. Jet tip extension. Wire grill brush.
Sometimes heats up.
960 watts
30 seconds
Not specified
30-45 minutes

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What is the Best Steam Cleaner?

With this information, you will have better insight into the best combination of features with the best price. We have covered each brand comprehensively, but if none of the products here match your expectations, that should not be a problem. The ideal steam cleaner is certainly out there.
Our Top Choice
The Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO lives up to its ‘ultimate’ name. It reaches all the difficult spots around the house. It's a handy machine that doesn’t disappoint. If you want to boost some of that power for commercial purposes, the MR-1000 Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System offers less heating time, continuous steam time and hotter steam.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steamer with Germ and Bedbug Killer

With a presence in three countries, Vapamore has put thorough research into harnessing the power of steam to provide the best steam cleaners for every home. The $399.99 Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO is one of the innovations that is leaving a mark (and cleaning up yours!), to the satisfaction of customers.

Here are some of the MR-100’s impressive features.
  • Triple nylon brushes. No surface is exempt from this machine’s cleaning power.
  • Extension tubes. Get three times the reach with these tubes when cleaning.
  • Surface squeegee. Don’t leave out the hard flooring when you can clean it with this squeegee.
  • Rubberized wheels. Prevent damage to any carpeted areas as you move from room to room.
  • Bedbug killer. Get rid of any breeding bedbugs during cleaning.
  • Adjustable steam output. Control the amount of steam you use depending on the dirt levels.
  • Grease and grime removal. Get rid of stubborn stains on barbecue grills and sinks with this tool.
  • Germ, mold and mildew removal. Exterminate accumulated mold and mildew in vulnerable areas.
Best Value
Since its introduction, the McCulloch MC1275 Canister Steam Cleaner has been a dynamic cleaning solution. It performs well on all fronts and has a great design. The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner steps it up a little with more steam time, water feeding and more steam pressure.

McCulloch Canister Heavy-Duty Floor & Upholstery Cleaner with Multiple Cleaning Nozzles

McCulloch is an American success story in the steam cleaner scene, with a history spanning almost a decade. Its products are a benchmark of innovation, affordability, and functionality. The McCulloch MC1275 Canister Steam Cleaner has racked up hundreds of Amazon reviews, most of them praises, and only has a $149.99 price tag.

Let's check out some of the features earning this machine its reputation.
  • Large capacity canister. With 1.4L of water at a time, you can cover much more room as you clean.
  • Stain removal. Target and eradicate stains in stain-prone areas of the house.
  • Lockable steam trigger. Make maximum use of the steam time by locking the trigger and concentrating on an area.
  • Floor mop attachment. This attachment enables you to cover all the areas of your residence, even the floored ones.
  • Added accessories. They come in 5 packs, two packs, and solo to allow you to clean more.
The McCulloch MC1275 Canister Steam Cleaner is the standout cleaner in the McCulloch power steam series, which holds other equally impressive steam cleaners.
Although it's not a steam cleaner, the Hoover Max Extract® All-Terrain™ Carpet Cleaner is dynamic and does a sterling job. With its technologies, it's great if you’re attentive to detail. If you want these qualities but the freedom to move around without being plugged in, the Hoover FLOORMATE® Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner is an excellent choice.

Hoover Max Extract® All-Terrain™ Carpet Washer with SpinScrub Brushes and Dual V Nozzle

Hoover is a well-known American brand with a rich heritage of manufacturing products to fit any set of needs. This $249.99 Hoover Max Extract® All-Terrain™ Carpet Cleaner impresses with its patented technologies and is widely recommended.
These are some of the features making it such an attractive option.
  • SpinScrub technology. Counter-rotating brushes give any surface a deep cleaning.
  • Dual Tank. Clean and dirty water tanks make your work easier. You make fewer refill and drainage trips.
  • Multiple hard floor accessories. Use a different tool on individual surfaces depending on the type of floor.
  • DualV technology. The nozzle allows even suction on any surface.
  • AutoRinse. Save yourself the hassle of manually clearing soap suds with auto rinse.
  • Cleaning solution included. Get two cleaning solutions when you buy this machine, to get you started right away.
  • Automatic detergent mixing. Use the water to cleaning product ratio to get just the right combination.
The Wagner On-Demand 915 Power Steamer is a versatile workhorse that can sanitize your home and strip away wallpapers to prep for paint jobs. If your only need is a wallpaper stripper, then you might be interested in Wagner’s 705 Power Steamer, that only has this function and comes with a reduced price tag.

Wagner On-Demand 915 Power Steamer and Cleaner with Floor Cleaning Pad and Window Attachment

Wagner, apart from being a great resource for house painting information, is a reliable brand in home cleaning machinery. The Wagner ON-DEMAND 915 Power Steamer is one of the most versatile steam cleaners in the industry, serving as a wallpaper stripper and bedbug remover.

Check out some of the great features you’d be getting with this steamer.
  • Grime removal. Clean up areas most prone to grime, without extra grease removal products.
  • Sanitization. Take cleaning up a notch by reaching below the surface with powerful steam.
  • Extension tubes. Have greater reach with additional tubes so you can steam clean those hard to reach areas.
  • Floor cleaning pad. Avoid steam damage to your floors by using the provided floor cleaning pad.
  • On Demand trigger control. Choose to release steam in bursts or continuously until you achieve the desired effect.
  • No residue cleaning. Have a fantastic outcome without leaving any messy traces of residue.
  • Wallpaper removal. Effectively do away with wallpaper and wallpaper remains by directly applying heat.
The Dirt Devil Easy Steam Handheld Steamer is a small wonder that packs a lot of heat. For about $10 more, you can get more reach, and tackle dust and pollen even better, with the Dirt Devil Power Duo™ Carpet and Hard Floor Cyclonic Upright.

Dirt Devil Easy Steam Handheld Steaming System with Steam Squeegee Attachment

TTI Floor Care North America, manufacturer of the Dirt Devil products, is a well-known brand in the U.S. and throughout the world. As a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, its products have enjoyed strong brand credibility. The Dirt Devil Easy Steam Handheld Steamer is just one of the many incredible products in the Dirt Devil portfolio, and it is available for just $49.99

See some of the features making this small steamer a big sell.
  • Lightweight. Use this machine anywhere at any time on account of its size.
  • D-shaped handle. Get a better grip as you steam any area of the house.
  • Upholstery tool. Extend the effectiveness of steam to upholstery and get the same result.
  • Wire grill brush. Apply additional scrubbing for stubborn grime.
  • Jet tip extension. For those super-stubborn stains, apply a powerful blast of steam and clean away.
  • Window squeegee. Don’t leave out your windows or refrigerator interior with the window squeegee.

How Do I Choose the Best Steam Cleaner?

It’s almost impossible to imagine life without a steam cleaner once you’ve owned one! A good steam cleaner’s versatility makes it a worthwhile investment, and that’s why it’s a big challenge doing without one. With the right steam cleaner, you can not only clean dirt and stains on the kitchen floors, carpets, and upholstery, you can also clean your windows effectively.

Whether you clean once a week or on a daily basis, you need an efficient cleaner to tackle this household chore! Steam cleaners can clean surfaces, such as tiles, without using cleaning detergents and chemicals; kind of like a mix between a vacuum cleaner and a regular mop. Here is all you’re required to know to help you find the best steam cleaner and clean up in style.

Steam cleaners come in three main types: steam mop, cylinder, and hand-held steam cleaner. Since each type is best suited for different jobs, you need to know what you want from a steam cleaner to help you get the right one. If you simply want a unit that can help you clean hard floors, like the kitchen floor, a standard mop might do.

However, if you’re looking for a machine that can clean different surfaces, choose a cylinder steam cleaner, since it’s designed with several attachments to tackle virtually every type of surface. Handheld cleaners can also help you clean a number of surfaces, such as curtains, underneath furniture and other minor tasks without getting a larger unit with extended heating times.
The cost of the steam cleaner is another factor to consider while narrowing down your options. Different steam cleaners come at different prices. The ones we reviewed range between $40 and $170. Expect to pay more for units that come with cutting-edge features, such as SpinScrub Technology and powerful motors that enable them to handle an array of cleaning tasks efficiently and quickly.

Many of the brands that fall in the low-to-mid price bracket usually have solid reviews from the users. If you are working on a budget, a less costly steam cleaner will likely get the job done. But if you plan on using your machine frequently, invest in a more powerful cleaner, rather than choosing a cheap steam cleaner that will not meet your cleaning needs.
Why do you want a steam cleaner? How do you plan on using it? Answers to these questions will undoubtedly help you choose the best unit for your needs. The following are some important features to look for when purchasing a steam cleaner:
  • Size and WeightChoose the most appropriate size and weight based on the total area to be cleaned, as well as the storage space.
  • Temperature and PressureUnits that deliver higher temperature and continuous pressure produce drier steam that provides a deeper clean, and kills more germs more efficiently.
  • Tools and AccessoriesFind a steam cleaner with different attachments and tools that make it easier to clean a variety of surfaces. Some common ones include a squeegee for cleaning glass windows, an upholstery tool to clean hard stains and maintain fresh-looking fabric, a grout brush for tile grout cleaning, and a carpet glider.
  • Water Tank CapacityWith a larger tank on your cleaner, you’ll have more time to clean between refills. The tank should also be detachable, to make it easy for you to empty.
  • Adjustable SteamChoose a cleaner with a button that allows you to adjust the steam pressure to suit various surfaces.
  • Cable LengthEnsure that your cleaner comes with a long enough cable to make it easier for you to clean without having to swap plug sockets every now and then.
  • Anti-Calc FiltersPrevents accumulation of limescale in the machine if you reside in a hard-water area.
  • Swivel Head DoubleLets you clean around furniture with minimal hassle.
  • Angled Jet NozzleAllows you to clean corners effectively.
  • Cleaning PadsMake sure the machine includes microfiber pads or cloth to clean and refresh floors. A scrubbing pad may also come in handy in removing grease in ovens.
Construction and Design
Steam cleaners are the ultimate home cleaning machines. Over the years, there have been lots of new features added to cleaning units, making them more reliable and efficient. Many are designed with fingertip controls that allow you to regulate the amount of steam released to surfaces, as well as built-in indicator lights that alert you once your unit is ready for operation or when you’re required to refill.

These models are also designed with ergonomics in mind. They feature non-slip handles to minimize hand and wrist stress. The weight is also put into consideration, with some units weighing only four pounds even with the tank full of water.
Performance and Ease of Use
Our top featured cleaners are designed to be reliable and very easy to use. They include features that make your cleaning incredibly easy and fast, such as quality accessory kits, fast heating time, on-handle steam pressure regulators and auto rinse. Virtually all of these units come on casters, and are also lightweight for improved mobility while cleaning. Most of the cleaners come in a compact design, making them portable and pretty easy to fit in many areas of your house for storage when not in use.

Get the Best Steam Cleaner of 2023!

With this information, you will have better insight into the best combination of features with the best price. We have covered each brand comprehensively, but if none of the products here match your expectations, that should not be a problem. The ideal steam cleaner is certainly out there.

Our Top Choice
Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System
Best Value
McCulloch Canister Steam Cleaning System
Hoover Max Extract® All-Terrain™ Carpet Cleaner
Wagner On-Demand 915 Power Steamer
Dirt Devil Easy Steam Handheld Steamer