Best Steamer Trunk Reviews 2023

The steamer trunk is versatile both in design and use, and although it's sought out for its aesthetic value than function, you may still get confused when shopping for one due to the numerous varieties out there in the market. To help you in your quest for a unique and durable steamer trunk, we embarked on a thorough research of several brands in the market and arrived at the top ranking five with the best steamer trunks. We reviewed just one product per brand, but you should endeavor to check out other steamer trunk options from our featured brands using the navigation links provided.
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Suitable Use
Our Top Choice
DormCo Sorority Wheeled Steamer Trunk
For many years, DormCo has been providing a broad range of top quality organizational products that are used worldwide.
Canvas design for durability. Sturdy carry handles. Two strong padlocks for safety. Constructed with compound wood. Has 2 wheels for easier portability.
Weighs 60 pounds when empty.
Flat top; 2 wheels
29 x 20 x 14”; 60lbs
Best Value
Seward Trunk Co. Stackable Steamer Trunk
Since 1878, Seward Trunk Co. has been manufacturing top quality products. It is one of the largest manufacturers of trunks in the world.
Small and compact size. Hinged lid with latches for easy accessibility. Dust and moisture resistant. Plastic carry handle. Loop for fastening with a padlock.
The lock mechanism of this trunk seems weak and may easily be broken.
Flat top; footlocker
32 x 12.6 x 15”; 24.7lbs
Styled Shopping Wood Steamer Trunk
For many years, Styled Shopping has been providing extremely stylish and top quality outdoor furniture and home decor products.
Antique design. Use for storage or decoration. Large size and capacity. Made of cedar wood and false leather. Durable and well-constructed body.
The quality of the straps and buckles is a bit poor.
Flat top; treasure chest
29 x 18 x 19”; 23lbs
Cedar wood, leather
Decor; coffee table; storage
Brown; scribbles pattern
Household Essentials Animal Steamer Trunk
Household Essentials is one of the leaders in the American lifestyle industry. Its products are solid and long-lasting.
Lots of storage space. Set of 2. Choose from jumbo and medium or large and small sizes. Made with sturdy wood. Lightweight. Come with lid and fabric lined interior. Leather side handles.
No wheels so not as easy to move around as others.
Flat top; 2-set
16.9 x 27.2 x 15.8”; 28.9lbs
Faux leather, brass
Decor; storage
Brown; animal print pattern
Decorative Gifts World Map Steamer Trunk
Decorative Gifts is all about modern and functional products. Its products are generally known to be of top quality.
Sturdy and lightweight. Made from durable hardwood. Lots of storage space. Antique looking design/vintage look. Side handles to help with moving. Strong latches.
Base may not be 100% even.
Flat top
11.5 x 8.5 x 7”; 2.4lbs
Decor; storage
Brown; patterned with maps

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What is the Best Steamer Trunk?

There are a whole lot of features to consider when shopping for the best steamer trunk and having read through our buying guide; it’s expected that you’re adequately informed to make the right choice. Our detailed product review section features some top notch products where you can be sure to find the steamer trunk that suits your needs perfectly.
Our Top Choice
The DormCo Sorority Wheeled Steamer Trunk is a large-sized trunk that is durable and rugged. It is constructed with composite wood and it has two wheels to help you move it. If you a prefer mini-trunks, we recommend the College-Ave Mini-Trunks. It is a set of three trunks that come in a stylish raspberry color.

DormCo Designer Wheeled Large Steamer Trunk - Available in Several Colors

DormCo is one of the best manufacturers of college supplies. It designs everything a student will need for their college life. DormCo has all the products you need in one place and this saves the user a lot of time. All its products are known to be affordable, but this does not compromise their durability or quality. DormCo’s products are multi-purpose; they can be used by any one for anything not only college students. DormCo’s mission is to provide its customers with the best comfort products as and when they desire. DormCo is a great place to check for a top quality steamer trunk.

The DormCo Sorority Wheeled Steamer Trunk is a fashionable large trunk. It is strong because it is made from top quality material and it has a canvas-like covering on the outside. The interior is lined with a nice and soft dark gray material. It has some decorative buckles and snaps for added security. You can also add up to two padlocks to increase the safety level of this steamer trunk. It is a large trunk that has two wheels for easy movement. It also has a standard carry handle. It measures 29 x 20 x 14 inches and weighs 60 pounds. This trunk can be used anywhere to store anything. It is perfect for a college dorm room. This trunk is quite a piece and never goes out of style.

DormCo has some other steamer trunks in its collection:
  • The Smooth Steel Oversized Trunk- Sturdy and fire-resistant trunk, with two feet and rubber wheels. It is made of quality steel and can take up to 100-pound weight
  • Iron Brick Trunk- This trunk is quite strong and rugged. It is the sturdiest trunk by DormCo. It weighs 30 pounds while empty
  • DormCo VIN Steel Plated Trunk- This is a plywood long lasting trunk with steel plated panels, and two interior sturdy rubber wheels. It features locking clasps and can be fastened with padlocks
  • DormCo Barracks Footlocker- This is a heavy black paper-lined interior steamer trunk, with vinyl covering and binding
  • DormCo Black Almond Collegiate 2-Set Trunk- It is a functional trunk set with wheels and locking clasps. It comes in a medium and large set of two
  • DormCo 30-Inch Footlocker Steamer Trunk- It is a nickel-plated panel trunk with key lock and push open button. It features a heavy wood body
  • DormCo VIN Armoured Trunk- It is a lightweight trunk, that is durable and easy to transport. It comes with insert handles and locks
  • Black Texture Collegiate Trunks, set of 2- There is one medium trunk and one large trunk. The large trunk features wheels, portable clasps and side handles
Best Value
The Seward Trunk Co. Stackable Steamer Trunk is crafted from hardwood, with a hinged lid that latches for easy access. It is easy to maintain as it is dust and moisture-resistant. If you want a trunk with wheels, check out the Seward Trunk Base Oversize Trunk. It is well-built with tough wood and is covered with a strong tacked black binding.

Seward Trunk Co. Stackable College Dorm Footlocker – Available in 5 Colors

Seward Trunk Co. was founded more than a hundred years ago in Petersburg, Virginia. Its trunks were bought by world travelers, immigrants, students and home owners. Today, Seward Trunk Co. is one of the biggest producers of trunks. It is a leader in the American lifestyle industry. Its products can be found almost anywhere you go to and they are known to be affordable, reliable and easy to use.

The Seward Trunk Co. Stackable Steamer Trunk is a long-lasting trunk that is constructed from 100% hardwood. It has a vinyl covering to give it a fine finish. It is 12.25 inches wide so it has a lot of storage space. The inner part of this trunk is designed with soft fabric. It has a plastic carry handle to help you move it, and comes with a loop that you can use to put a padlock for extra security. Its lid is hinged with latches which make it easy to use. This trunk also has a dust and moisture-resistant tongue. It is locked with a push button key lock that is easy to open. The Seward Trunk Co. Stackable Steamer trunk comes in five different colors, so it is bound to fit the interior decor of any place in which it is put. It is mighty affordable and worth checking out.

Here are some other steamer trunks by Seward Trunk Co.
  • Seward Trunk Co. Classic Oversize Locker- It has two handles on each side and a push button key lock that is easy to open
  • Seward Trunk Co. Cube Storage Footlocker, 20 inches- It is quite big so it can hold lots of things. It is constructed from durable wood and has a vinyl covering
  • Seward Trunk Co. Under the Bed Storage Trunk with Wheels- It is slim so it can easily fit under any bed
  • Seward Trunk Co. 30-inches Footlocker- It is eighteen inches wide and has a stable wooden construction
The Styled Shopping Decorative Steamer Trunk is a large trunk that is constructed from durable antique hardware, cedar wood and false leather. If you want a black wooden steamer trunk, we recommend you check out the Black Faux Wooden Steamer Trunk. It comes with a matching tray set that is sold separately.

Styled Shopping Decorative Large Wooden Steamer Trunk - Available in Different Colors

Styled Shopping has been designing and manufacturing top quality outdoor furniture, organizational and home decor products for many years. Its products are known to be highly reliable. Styled shopping has in its collection steamer trunks that bring back lovely memories of old—a nostalgic and happy place to be. The excitement and longing for the past, enables the user to create new ones himself. It perfectly combines fashion and functionality. Customer satisfaction is top priority with Styled Shopping. The company goes into partnership with other manufacturers to create high-end products that are unique as well as exciting. As the name implies, Styled Shopping products always enhance the design of the home. Its steamer trunks are carefully created to heighten the elegance and improve the appearance of a room or house.

The Styled Shopping Decorative Steamer Trunk is a large welcoming trunk that measures 29 x 18 x 19 inches. It is handcrafted with ‘false’ leather, antique hardware and cedar wood. It is made to be highly durable, and is extremely trendy. It can be used for both storage and decoration and can serve as a nightstand or side table. This steamer trunk has a vintage look and is multi-functional. It weighs only 23 pounds when empty, so it is easy to move around. It is handcrafted and tailored to improve the interior decor of any room.

Here are some other steamer trunks by Styled Shopping:
  • Georgetown Faux Leather Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - Its dimensions are 30 x 18 x 19.5 inches. It is made with durable cedar wood and antique hardware
  • Decorative Sterling Medium Wood Steamer Trunk - It has a decorative old fashioned antique look and it weighs about nineteen pounds
  • Savannah Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - This is a large-sized decorative steamer trunk that is multi-functional
  • Jamestown Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - This is an old fashioned trunk that is crafted with strong wood and can hold up to 100-pound weight
  • Nostalgic Medium Wood Storage Trunk - It is an ornamental steamer trunk that is made from cedar wood. It is an antique piece and can be used as a side table or storage box
  • Old Tuscany Wooden Trunk Steamer Treasure Chest - It is manufactured from solid cedar wood and has a locking mechanism. It comes with a matching tray set that is sold separately
  • Round Top Large Victorian Steamer Trunk - It is an antique cedar wood trunk that can serve as a storage box and also a coffee table
The Household Essentials Animal Kingdom Trunk has a decorative decoupage exterior design. It is a set of one large trunk and one small trunk. It is made of sturdy wood and it is still lightweight. If you would like a storage trunk with an American flag design, we recommend you check out the Household Essentials Decorative Storage Trunk. It is a set of two trunks; a jumbo and medium size.

Household Essentials Set of 2 Animal Kingdom Storage Steamer Trunk – Available in 2 Sizes

Household Essentials has been manufacturing top quality household materials for many years now. It is a leader in the industry, with products that are trendsetters for other brands as they are highly innovative. Household Essentials perfectly combines functionality with elegance. If you need a top quality steamer trunk, Household Essentials is one of the best places to look.

The Household Essentials Animal Kingdom Trunks is a modern set of trunks that is made with top quality durable wood. This storage trunk helps to bring the feel of Africa to your home. It has a decoupage design that features zebras and tigers. It has an extremely spacious interior and handles so you can easily move it. This trunk also has an edging, accented with false leather including a front closure. It is lightweight and sturdy as it comes with hardened sides. Its interior has a polypropylene fabric lining. This trunk set is quite modish, so it can be used for either storage or decoration or both.

Household Essentials wanted to be even more helpful than they already are, so they went ahead and gave you the choice of 2 set sizes. You can choose to have a jumbo and medium trunk OR a large and small one. The dimensions of each are as follows:
  • Large: 12.6 x 23.23 x 14.17 inches
  • Small: 7.09 x 13.58 x 8.07 inches
  • Jumbo: 15.75 x 27.2 x 16.93 inches
  • Medium: 8.85 x 19.29 x 11.02 inches

Household Essentials has some other steamer trunks in its collection:
  • Household Essentials Decorative Storage Trunk with red, white and blue design- It is a set of a large and small trunk. The dimensions of the large trunk is 12.6 x 23.23 x 14.17 inches while the dimensions of the small trunk is 7.09 x 13.58 x 8.07 inches
  • Household Essentials Decorative Storage Trunk, Classic American Motorcycle Design- It is a set of two trunks: a large and a small trunk. They are durable and well-crafted
  • Household Essentials Steamer Classic Blue Storage Trunk- It is a small classic trunk with two metal ring handles for easy portability. It also has a hinged cover that opens and stays that way for easy accessibility
The Decorative Gifts World Map Steamer Trunk is made from durable hardwood and it has a lot of storage space. It can also be used as an elaborate end table. If you want a smaller trunk, you could check out the Old Style Wooden Chest. It comes in an antique cherry color and it is made from durable plywood.

Decorative Gifts Old World Map Wooden Trunk

For many years, Decorative Gifts has been manufacturing top quality organizational and home decoration products. It is made up of highly innovative and creative people. There is always something new about its products before they are put out for sale. The products are known for their perfect combination of style and functionality. Decorative Gifts is a stepping stone for many upcoming brands and it happens to be a leader in the market of lifestyle and vanity products.

The Decorative Gifts World Map Steamer Trunk is an ornamental trunk with an old map design on the exterior. It is extremely affordable and durable. It is constructed with top quality hardwood which prevents it from spoiling. This trunk has dimensions of 11 x 8.5 x 7 inches.

Other features of this steamer trunk are:
  • It is roomy and can store lots of items
  • It could serve as a storage trunk, for decoration or both
  • It has an easy-to-use latch and you can add a padlock to it for extra security
  • The trunk has a soft-lined interior so your items do not get damaged if it is being moved
  • This trunk has an antique look and has a way of easily fitting in with any type of decor

How Do I Choose the Best Steamer Trunk?

Up till the 19th century, the steamer trunk or portmanteau was the preferred means of packing for travels, especially long distance travels by sea or railroad. The steamer trunks of the Victorian era started out with quite simplistic designs and grew into the ornately and intricately designed trunks that we see today. Steamer trunks were first used by the upper class and the rich when they travel by horse carriage before they became truly ubiquitous and could be purchased by virtually anyone who needed them back then. Steamer trunks then were designed to feature different compartments, drawers, trays and provision for coat hangers that made them much more functional and perfect traveling companions.

The name steamer trunk was coined from the location where the trunk is usually stored which happens to be in the steamer section of the ship. Steamer trunks are usually leather-bound or covered with paper or canvas, with some form of metal hardware for decoration or locking mechanism.

Nowadays, steamer trunks are hardly used as traveling boxes, due in part to luggage restrictions placed at the airport but mostly due to their large and unwieldy design that takes up much more space than a contemporary traveling bag will. Instead they are collected as antiques or used for other purposes in the house including as decorative accessory, side tables, cabinets, television stands and dressers and as general storage units. Their distinctive and unique styling mixes well with modern items in the home or office thus they can be used in any number of ways.

If you’re a collector of antiques and vintage items, then you’d have a field day picking out truly rare and unique steamer trunks with storied histories.

Now that we have an idea why you may want to buy a steamer trunk, there are several factors which you have to look out for so that you can make the right choice like the type, suitable use, material, color and design. The price of the steamer trunk should also be considered when planning on making the purchase. Please stay with us, as we would be studying these features in detail.
Steamer trunks have a wide array of styles, designs and sizes and this greatly affects their price. Your budgeted amount will play a vital role in the type of steamer trunk you'll buy. There are feature-laden high-end steamer trunks that are quite pricey and the low-end ones with fewer features and more affordable. We still have the mid-range products that have some balance between cost and quality or function. You'll have to decide the type of steamer trunk that you want, especially considering what you're going to be using it for. If it's for its antique value, then you'd have to be ready to spend quite a tidy sum because the truly antique steamer trunks are somewhat expensive.

We reviewed a range of steamer trunks covering the low-end, high-end and mid-range categories with prices ranging from $35 to $1200. And to ensure you get your money’s worth, all the items reviewed here come from reputable brands that are top players in the field. Since we are dedicated to bringing only the best quality products to you, we won’t be featuring some of the cheap steamer trunks we found that were made from flimsy materials that will not stand the test of time.
Shopping for a steamer trunk can be fun if you’re well acquainted with the qualities that are important in such a product. In order to make the right choice of a steamer trunk, here are some of the features to look out for:
  • Type
  • Suitable uses
  • Manufacturing material
  • Color and design
  • Other extra features
Construction and Design
There are different types of steamer trunks but the two most common types are the flat-topped and the dome-topped steamer trunks.

Flat-topped steamer trunks have a flat top cover and were used primarily for travels in the early days. They are extremely stackable and quite easy to stow away. They’re usually fabricated from a mix of materials like leather, canvas, wood, metal components and sometimes covered with a waterproof material.

The dome-topped steamer trunks are often referred to as round-top, camel, humpback or barrel trunks. They feature dome-shaped top covers which make them better suited as stationary storage units or decorative pieces. They’re usually made of embossed tin or any other metal. There are still other less common types of steamer trunks like slatted trunks, Jenny Linds, wall trunks and the Saratoga trunk.

Different materials are used in manufacturing steamer trunks but the major materials include leather, wood, paper and canvas. They're usually adorned with decorative metal pieces like embossed tin. They can also be made of metal like the British polished steel travel trunks and the Dutch iron bound trunks. Most of them are sturdily built to last especially as they were meant for long travels and are exposed to lots of abuse from both man and the elements. Most antique steamer trunks are constructed using wooden slats and carefully finished with hide and skin material, canvas and paper. They may also be covered with rolled steel, tin or strips of wood which help to make the trunk stronger. They often feature a brass lock for security. The interior is often lined with fabric material, leather or canvas.

The color and design on a steamer trunk may be the signature of the manufacturer and it’s often used to distinguish the trunk from others. The leather steamer trunks are usually brown while other materials can be painted with any other color like red, black, and blue. Some of them have patterns all over like flower pattern which often depicts a feminine steamer trunk, or it could be patterned with a map. The decorative ornaments also vary and are all geared towards making each steamer trunk stand out or appear unique among the rest.
Performance and Ease of Use
Steamer trunks are travel boxes with lots of ornaments and they're used much in the same way as contemporary boxes. Most of them come with simplistic locks that are easy to use while others come with a combination of locks that even the seasoned thief will be hard-pressed to manipulate. Depending on the material, you may find it a little tricky to clean and maintain a steamer trunk, especially if it’s an antique piece. Most of the leather or canvas-bound steamer trunks will just need you to wipe them down with a dry duster while the metal steamer trunks need appropriate mild chemicals to help retain their shine and luster.

Steamer trunks were originally designed for long distant travels, but with the advent of more compact and lightweight traveling gear, they've been converted to other uses. Before buying a steamer trunk, you should have a specific purpose in mind for it, so that you can choose one that suits the part. If you want to use it as a lamp stand, dresser, television stand, or for any other function that involves placing objects on top of the trunk, then you'd be looking for a flat top steamer trunk. If you would rather have one to use as a decorative or accent piece, then the dome-top steamer trunk should be your focus.
Steamer trunks can also be used as general storage units, file cabinets, footlockers, window seats, footrests and for anything at all that you fancy.

There are different sizes of steamer trunks, from the small footlocker sizes of about 14 inches to the 17 inches-tall trunks suitable for use as modern tables. Typically, the bigger the steamer trunk size, the more expensive it is.
The hardware is another important part of the steamer trunk as only the highest quality hardware can offer the type of durability required of a steamer trunk. You should be on the lookout for gray metal, solid brass or black painted metal, as they offer the best durability for steamer trunks.

Some steamer trunks come with accessories like clothes hangers, trays, compartments, drawers or a combination of these, while others are not accessorized, and with just an empty space for you to use as you see fit.

Get the Best Steamer Trunk of 2023!

Thank you for staying with us to the end of this review. We're sure that you must have found a steamer trunk that suits your preference.

Our Top Choice
DormCo Sorority Wheeled Steamer Trunk
Best Value
Seward Trunk Co. Stackable Steamer Trunk
Styled Shopping Wood Steamer Trunk
Household Essentials Animal Steamer Trunk
Decorative Gifts World Map Steamer Trunk