Best Steering Wheel Lock Reviews 2022

Steering wheel locks are the last bastion of safety for car owners because keyless car theft is no big deal anymore; all thanks to high-tech hacking tools available online. Therefore, we have taken the time to sort through the numerous brands out there with steering wheel locks to get you the top ranking five brands that produce the best steering wheel locks for your consideration. Having highlighted one product from each of the brands, it's pertinent to note that these featured brands have other steering wheel lock options that you should check if you wish to look around some more.
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Wheel Size
Our Top Choice
Winner International The Club 3000 Wheel Lock
Winner International has received the American Marketing Association’s Best New Products Award for its trademarked steering wheel lock, The Club.
Strong, durable construction. Steel resists freezing, sawing and prying. Vinyl finish prevents scratching. Highly visible to deter thieves.
It stands the risk of being wiggled out due to its shallow hook.
Club twin hook; Key lock
Up to 14.4 inches
Cro-moly steel construction
Yellow; Black/gold
Keyless locking, universal fit
Best Value
EFORCAR Universal Steering Wheel Lock
EFORCAR is known for manufacturing a wide range of automobile safety, security and decorative products.
Easy to use. Key design almost impossible to duplicate. Lightweight but sturdy. Compact design. Pickproof lock tumbler. Universal fit.
It may slip from steering wheels without covers.
Cross key lock
Hard steel construction
Heavy duty locking mechanism
Magnasonic Steering Wheel Security Lock
Magnasonic creates innovative and unique products that are people-driven and make everyday experiences extraordinary.
Recommended by police. Easy entry and exit of vehicle. Arms extendable to 16 inches. 1 year warranty. Comes with 2 window warning stickers.
The 12-pack might be too many products than an individual would need.
Automatic key lock
Up to 16 inches
Tough solid steel
Easy to use self-locking system
Winner International Club 1000 Wheel Lock
As you can see, Winner International has made our list twice! Their commitment to producing top-quality automotive security products put them a step above the rest.
Extends up to 19 inches. Made with sturdy steel. Keyless locking mechanism. Cannot duplicate the mechanism. Comes with 3 keys. Installs in seconds.
Isolated complaints of it getting stuck on the steering wheel.
Pull key lock
Up to 16.3 inches
Cro-moly steel construction
Red; Navy blue
Patented, self-locking mechanism
Fasmov High-Security Steering Wheel Lock
Fasmov pulls in its experience from manufacturing and distributing products in different categories in meeting its various customers’ expectations.
Universal fit for vans, SUV’s and cars. 2 high security keys included. Bright red color is highly visible. Made from strong durable iron.
The key is pointed so, it may prove difficult to slot into the lock.
Key lock
Universal/fits standard wheel
Strong iron
Includes high security keys

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What is the Best Steering Wheel Lock?

Because of the seriousness of the business of protecting the car from theft, steering wheel locks have some crucial features that we discussed in detail in our buying guide. Taking these factors into consideration, we recommend that you head for our individual product review section where you'll find top-notch steering wheel locks lined up for you to compare and choose from.
Our Top Choice
The Winner International The Club Twin Hooks is built with a cro-moly steel that resists freezing, sawing and prying attacks. It twin hook design is sturdy and makes for added security. Would you prefer a lock that you can attach to your brake or clutch? Then check out The Club Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock.

Winner International The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock – Available in Yellow and Black/Gold

Winner International is the maker of the trademarked The Club® steering wheel locks. The first of its kind was made after the founder had his Cadillac stolen even with a factory-installed alarm. He needed to create something more secure than the alarm. After about 50 prototypes and numerous trials in high crime areas, The Club® was endorsed by the National Fraternal Order of Police as a secure form of auto theft prevention. The Club® was developed with the concept: If you can’t steer it, you can’t steal it™. Today, Winner International is the manufacturer and distributor of numerous commercial, recreational, residential, and personal security and safety products. It is recognized by Advertising Age as a brand with good prospects, and it received the American Marketing Association’s Best New Products Award for The Club®.

The Winner International The Club Twin Hooks is an antitheft device that locks the steering wheel and makes it difficult for one to steer. It has a universal fit which makes it suitable for vans, SUVs, and cars.

The other features of this steering lock are:
  • It has keyless locking which allows for ease of use
  • The featured twin hooks at each end grab your steering wheel at 4 points for a secure grip making it tougher to defeat
  • New and improved solid steel hooks provide greater security
  • It is highly visible which deters thieves
  • The vinyl finish protects your steering wheel from scratching
  • It is made of cro-moly steel construction which resists hammering, sawing, freezing and prying attacks
  • It collides with the windshield or seat if someone tries to turn the wheel and drive
  • It has reinforced and fully enclosed housing that shields the lock from break-off attempts
  • It automatically locks into place without a key
  • Adjusts in 1/4" increments when the hooks are pulled away from each other
  • It has a textured rubber handle cover
  • 2 keys included- a main and a spare, convenient in the event that the user loses one
  • Maximum opening inside of hooks up to 365 millimeters/ 14.4 inches
This steering lock is guaranteed for up to $500.00 against the owner’s comprehensive insurance deductible (Please note that this is not obtainable in Hawaii, New York State, Wisconsin or Texas due to insurance law). It is available in 2 highly visible colors – Yellow and Black/Gold.
Best Value
For a compact steering wheel lock that is easy to store, the EFORCAR Universal Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock serves that purpose. It also has a pickproof lock tumbler. If you prefer a steering wheel lock with double hooks and easy, secure installation, check out the EFORCAR Car Steering Wheel Security Lock Anti-Theft Device.

EFORCAR Universal Anti-Theft Rotary Steering Wheel Lock

EFORCAR is known for a wide selection of automotive products ranging from safety and security products to protective and decorative products. Some of its product lines include car digital compasses, car side-view mirrors, automotive post-it notes holders, headrests and air purifiers. These range of products have placed it as a recognized brand for making quality automotive products, some of which are best sellers in their categories. It’s a brand that can be trusted for quality, innovation, and good customer experience.

The EFORCAR Universal Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock has a heavy duty locking mechanism, and the cross-key design makes it conveniently fit most steering wheels including those with airbags.
It has other unique selling features which include:
  • Quick installation. It installs in seconds and disables the steering immediately
  • High visibility (bright yellow) which deters thieves and discourages them from trying
  • It has a tough steel construction
  • It features a vinyl coating that protects the steering wheel from scratching
  • It is compact for easy storage
  • The steering wheel cannot move when the lock is set in position
  • It has a key design that is difficult to duplicate
  • The lock tumbler is pick proof and cannot be easily compromised
  • It comes with 2 keys
  • Lightweight but sturdy design makes it handy
The police recommend the Magnasonic Auto Steering Wheel Security Lock as the best way to keep car thieves from your vehicle. It also comes with two window warning stickers. A surveillance camera will be an added advantage to the security of your car. If you need one, check out this SVAT 100-Feet Ultra-Resolution Night Vision Security Camera.

Magnasonic Auto Steering Anti-Theft Wheel Security Lock

Since its inception in 1954, Magnasonic has been leading the innovative development of unique products. It has six key fundamental values that it propagates through its business namely: performance, style, superior quality, value, simplicity and a strong belief in exceptional customer service. At Magnasonic, its simple mission is to “create people-driven products that make life’s daily adventures easier and more fun.” At Magnasonic, there is a core belief that everyday experiences can and should be extraordinary and it creates products that make this possible and achievable.

The Magnasonic Auto Steering Wheel Security Lock is built to create the two factors that a thief cannot afford – time and effort. It is designed in a way that requires a lot of effort and time for a thief to attempt to pick it and eventually fail. It has visual elements that serve to deter a potential thief by showing that your car is secured before he gets to the car.

This steering lock has other features which include the following…
  • Bright red coating has a reflective property which makes it visible even at night
  • Installs quickly (in seconds)
  • Fits on a wide range of vehicles (cars, minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks)
  • It features an extendable arm which extends up to 16 inches
  • Comes in a compact design that makes it easy to be stored in a vehicle
  • Built with strong and unyielding steel
  • Resistant against drilling, prying, sawing, and hammering
  • It self-locks when the hooks are extended in opposite directions
  • You only use keys when unlocking
  • Vinyl latex coating which protects your steering wheel from scratches
  • It features a high security pick resistant lock & key system
  • The hook width is 3 inches outside and 1.75 inches inside
  • It comes with two window warning stickers
  • It has a 1 year warranty cover
The Winner International The Original Club 1000 Steering Wheel Lock extends up to 19 inches which is large enough for almost any steering wheel. It comes with sturdy steel hooks for improved security. Would you prefer a chrome plated locking housing, and a laser encrypted key? The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock is there for you. Check it out.

Winner International The Original Club 1000 Steering Wheel Lock – Available in Red and Blue

As you’ve probably noticed, Winner International has made it onto our list twice! The reason is simple: it’s a trusted brand that offer numerous choices when it comes to automotive security. Winner International is a major supplier of auto, household, outdoor, travel, commercial and personal security items ranging from cable locks to wheel and tire locks. They don’t stop there. They also offer personal security items, from personal safes to storage boxes. Whatever security products you need, this award winning brand has your back.

The Winner International The Original Club 1000 Steering Wheel Lock is designed with new and improved, solid steel hooks for greater security. It features an implementation of the feedback from customers for deeper hooks. Its other features include:
  • Patented self-locking system that locks with just one pull
  • Made of cro-moly steel to resist hammering, prying, sawing, and freezing attacks
  • Strong visual elements that serve as deterrents, warding off potential thieves
  • Universal fit, making it great for vans, light trucks, cars, and SUVs
  • Its patented, keyless locking mechanism allows for quick, convenient application and it installs in seconds
  • It extends up to 19 inches so fits a range of steering wheels
  • It comes with 3 keys
  • Comes in high visibility red or navy blue.
  • 1-year guarantee
This is up to $1800.00 against your comprehensive insurance deductible. Please note that this is not available in Hawaii, New York State, Wisconsin, or Texas due to insurance law.
The Fasmov High Security Steering Wheel Lock includes 2 cross point high security keys that makes it pick proof and it comes in a bright red color. If you need wheel shocks for your truck or SUV, try the Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock.

Fasmov Universal High-Security Steering Wheel Lock

Fasmov is a renowned manufacturer and distributor for a wide selection of household products and general goods ranging from safety and security products to protective and decorative products including stationeries. Some of its product lines include multi-pliers tool sets, pressure washers, book ends, document folders and, of course, steering wheel locks. This range of products has placed it as a popular brand that is recognized for making quality everyday office and home products. It is a brand that can be depended on for quality, innovation, and unique products with special functions and features.

The Fasmov High Security Steering Wheel Lock is an adjustable steering wheel lock with a universal fit that works on cars, SUVs and vans. It is made from a strong iron metal for added security. This steering wheel lock has other features which include:
  • Ease of installation: It can be set up in seconds
  • It includes 2 cross point high security keys
  • It has an anti-theft guarantee
  • Pocket-friendly price that makes it buyable by the next guy
  • It is a highly visual deterrent for criminals
  • When set up, it immobilizes the steering wheel from any movement
  • It is easy to take off. Once you turn the key and pull, it slips out of the steering wheel
  • The 4-way lock design makes it pickproof
  • Bright red color is easily seen, hopefully deterring thieves

How Do I Choose the Best Steering Wheel Lock?

Granted, there are high-tech anti-theft and car alarm systems out there, but there are equally tech-savvy and super smart car thieves lurking around the corner to do away with your cherished and protected car. You don't want to go through the experience of having your car stolen right under your nose, especially when you thought you had the security part all wrapped up. Modern day car security techniques are usually sophisticated and computer-based, just like pretty much everything you can think of now. On the flip side, there are corresponding programs developed to hack these electronic car security systems and to make matters worse, these hacking programs and kits are readily available on the internet for peanuts, thus greatly undermining the efficiency of these advanced technology security systems like.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that just work. Steering wheel locks are visible devices, usually in bright colors, that immobilize the car steering wheel via a lockable bar that connects the steering wheel to the clutch pedal or brake. Recent designs are even more visible as they lock across the steering wheel and extend out over the dashboard thus preventing the steering wheel from being turned.

Even if a hi-tech thief gains keyless entry into your car by jimmying the lock, hot wiring the car or breaking into the electronic security system, an old-fashioned, reliable steering wheel lock is sure to stop him cold in his tracks. More so, because they are designed to be strategically visible, it usually sends out a no-go area signal to the would-be car thief. What’s the point risking breaking into a car if you cannot turn the steering wheel and drive off? The steering wheel lock offers an exceptionally affordable and efficient way of securing your car and giving you the much-needed peace of mind, without having to splurge on something like a security camera.

Having seen some of the reasons why you should go for a steering wheel lock, let's peruse some of the features that you ought to look out for when shopping for the best steering wheel lock for your car.
The steering wheel lock is one of those rare products that have most of its variations in a similar price range, despite the brand name. Except for the inevitable high-end models that are bound to have some extra features and perks and of therefore, extra costs. Since we are talking about your car security here, we think there's every reason for you to go all out on this and buy the best that you can afford. The good news is that the steering wheel lock doesn't cost an arm and a leg, as you can see from the products we reviewed here.

The prices of steering wheel locks we featured range from around $10 to $45. The products are from reputable brands therefore you can trust you’re getting a quality product that hopefully comes with some great customer service. While carrying out the research for this review, we came across some cheap steering wheel locks but what's saving a few bucks when compared to the safety of your car? Those cheap steering wheel locks looked weak and unlikely to safeguard your car against theft, so we decided to leave them behind and concentrate on the excellent ones.
Shopping for the right steering wheel lock can be an arduous task, but if you familiarize yourself first with its essential features, then you'll be in a better position to make the right selection that'll suit and secure your car adequately.

Here are the features to look out for when shopping for the great steering wheel lock:
  • Type of locking mechanism
  • Design of the steering wheel lock
  • Manufacturing material
  • Max length
  • Color
  • Number of spare keys
Construction and Design
There are two basic designs of a steering wheel lock. The first is a design that comprises a lockable bar connecting the steering wheel to the clutch pedal or brake. It has a simple S design, with one end hooking into the steering wheel and the other end hooking into the clutch or brake pedal thus making it impossible to drive the car.

The second design is the contemporary design that features 2-pronged hooks that hook into two sides of the steering wheel and an extension that extends out over the dashboard. The extended part over the dashboard ensures that the steering wheel remains immobile as long as the hooks are locked in place.

The 2-pronged hook steering wheel lock has an advantage over the S-bar. The 2-pronged hook design is extremely visible and deters thieves from even breaking into the car while in the case of the S-bar design, the car thief may have done some damage to your car before realizing that there’s added security in form of a steering wheel lock.

The steering wheel lock may come with a key or code locking mechanism. The most popular one for steering wheel locks being the key locking mechanism. These come with, for the most part, high security and pick-resistant keys that often come in a pair. Some brands have their steering wheel lock keys laser encrypted for added safety. If by chance you happen to lose your key, then you’d have to contact the brand’s customer care for a replacement.

When it comes to the construction of your lock, the most common and preferred material used is solid steel which offers strength and durability unequaled by any other metal. It renders the steering wheel lock virtually impervious to hammering, prying, sawing and even Freon attacks thus making them a terror for crooks and car thieves. The steel body is usually covered with a vibrant plastic material that will make it nice and visible even at night.
Performance and Ease of Use
The steering wheel lock is a relatively easy-to-use device. Most of them are designed to be simply slipped onto the steering wheel and locked into place with a self-locking mechanism. The self-lock only clicks into place when the steering wheel lock hooks are securely fitted on the steering wheel, so you're assured of the security of your car.

Most steering wheel locks have a universal size although there are those specifically designed for SUVs and trucks. The universal steering wheel locks have arms that extend from 15 inches to 16.5 inches to fit different steering wheels within that diameter range while those specifically designed for SUVs and minivans extends up to 19 inches to fit the larger diameter of their steering wheels.

Since most of the steering wheel locks are designed to lock the steering wheels and dashboard only, one of the ways car thieves have devised to bypass the steering wheel lock is by removing the steering wheel entirely and attaching a replacement steering wheel. To prevent this from happening, some brands have designed steering wheel locks that do not only lock the steering wheel but also locks it into the steering column so it cannot be removed or replaced. So, while shopping, you might also want to consider this type to boost the car security.

Other brands eschew the traditional pronged-design and instead employ the use of a clamp-like mechanism for their steering wheel locks to hook into the dashboard and the steering wheel.

For better performance and additional security, some brands go a step further to equip their steering wheel lock with a backup that comes into play if a car thief manages by some stroke of luck to tamper with the steering wheel lock. The backup presses into the airbag once a security breach is detected and sets the horn off, which is sure to scare the thief away and attract attention to the car.

With all these things to consider, you’re ready to take a look at some specific products.

Get the Best Steering Wheel Lock of 2022!

We hope that by now you’ve seen the steering wheel lock that perfectly suits your need from our collection of best steering wheel locks and can now place your order. In case you didn’t find what you want, don’t worry; just use the navigation links provided and see more options from our featured brands.

Our Top Choice
Winner International The Club 3000 Wheel Lock
Best Value
EFORCAR Universal Steering Wheel Lock
Magnasonic Steering Wheel Security Lock
Winner International Club 1000 Wheel Lock
Fasmov High-Security Steering Wheel Lock