Best Step Machine Reviews 2022

Step machines are designed to get you up and moving for optimal fitness in a short amount of time. Staircases can be boring (and sometimes spooky) to climb, plus they are not the most appealing workout environment. And while everyone knows walking is great exercise, weather is a factor and it can take time to get the benefits you’re looking for. Enter the step machine. To make choosing the right one for you easier, we’ve selected our five top picks from the best step machine brands out there. From great compact steppers that are so small you can easily pack them up and take them wherever you need to go, to professional gym-sized machines that will whip you into shape, there’s something for everyone!
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Our Top Choice
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster
Xiser was developed by a scientist who wanted to create a machine for anaerobic high intensity training; enter the Xiser Commercial Trainer, a compact step machine.
Very clean and cool looking. Compact design. Portable. Up to 400lbs weight capacity. Made in the USA.
No handlebars for upper body support.
400 lbs
Aluminum Alloy
14 x 4.5 x 21” / 14lbs
5 Years
Instantly Responsive System
Best Value
Stamina® SpaceMate® Folding Stepper
With Stamina, you get innovation and quality without the hefty price tag. They’re passionate about their fitness equipment like the SpaceMate Foldable Step Machine.
Renowned brand. Good customer service. Foam covered handles for stability. Monitors steps, calories and work-out time. Foldable for easy storage.
Not built for people in the high 200+lb range.
30.25 x 16.25 x 54.5" / 45lbs
90 Day Parts, 1yr Frame
Step Count Monitor
Precor AMT® 835 Stair Master
Precor prides themselves on fitness made personal, making products that add unique touches to your experience. Their Adaptive Motion Trainer is just one example of their success.
20 resistance levels. Gives readouts on current heart rate, target distance, calories burned per minute and hour and strides per minute. Adjustable stride length.
Higher-end price tag, due to the extra features and technology. Not portable.
Brushed Steel
80 x 35 x 73” / 495lbs
10 year parts, 1 year labor
Large LCD Display
Wagan Mini Stepper
Wagan is a company that wants to be honorable and innovative. This means they create products, like the Mini Stepper, that offer an affordable solution to home fitness.
Can adjust the resistance. Select from 4 workouts. Digital display tracks time, distance and calories. Narrow footprint. Handle bars for stability.
Not sturdy enough for people who are in the upper 200+lb range.
Metal, Cast Iron
45 x 16 x 22" / 27lbs
1 Year
LCD display
Sunny Twisting Stair Stepper
As a well-established brand for fitness equipment, Sunny Health & Fitness has produced a portable stair stepper with twist action and resistance bands for a more diverse workout.
Inexpensive. Portable. Small footprint. Varies your movement pattern. Resistance bands included.
Limited weight capacity. No handlebars.
Heavy Duty Steel
15 x 16 x 13” / 15lbs
Resistance Bands

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What is the Best Step Machine?

The reason you need a step machine makes all the difference when determining the best. For commercial use, you need something that can accommodate many different body types and provides diversified workouts with great durability. A home or office user is probably looking for a compact design that is portable for space-saving reasons. A person with balance issues, such as the elderly or disabled, will require handlebars. If you’re overweight, make sure you look at the maximum weight capacity. And finally, a fitness guru with a buff body will want to invest in a piece of equipment with advanced workout options for continued progress and a more-challenging workout. Let’s take a look at the five step machines we’ve decided to feature today, all with something a little different and all manufactured by reputable brands.
Our Top Choice
Customers love the Xiser Commercial Trainer for its durability and portability. If steel isn’t the look you wanted to go for, you can get the Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster in black for the same great step machine experience.

Xiser Commercial Portable Mini Step Trainer in Polished Alloy

Xiser was first thought of by a biomechanics professor in Canada. He conjured up the idea of creating a step machine that would be great for anaerobic high intensity training; and that’s exactly what he did. Their step master can offer an intense cardio workout and is super-easy to use, great for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

A great high-quality cardio machine, this stepper is compact and sturdy for under $400. It fits easily anywhere, as the dimensions are under 2 feet. It also has a high-tech polished alloy look that is attractive for both men and women. Designed for optimal performance, it is a great buy for personal or commercial use. And to top it all off, this product is made 100% in the USA.

Here is a highlight of the features:
  • Made of aircraft aluminum alloy that is polished to perfection
  • Supports up to 400lbs
  • Suitable for CrossFit or Navy Seal type workouts
  • Manual operation
  • Instantly responsive interactive resistance system
  • Patented Hydraulic Cylinder System
  • Silicone fluid allows for smooth & quiet operation
  • Adjustable resistance
  • One-year institution warranty
  • Five year consumer warranty
Best Value
Stamina makes a great, simple stepper that folds easily for storage. If you need something a bit more challenging, check out the Avari Programmable Stepper, which features a heart rate monitor and 20 different workouts you can program to shake things up and keep from falling into a rut.

Stamina® SpaceMate® Foldable Step Master with Step Count Monitor

Stamina has been around for a good few decades now, refining and perfecting their fitness and leisure products. They are always trying to come up with new and innovative solutions to getting the best from your exercise machine. Their home fitness gym equipment is sturdy, functional and practical too with some machines, like the SpaceMate Stepper, being foldable for easy storage. With everything Stamina does, they do it with your body in mind.

Tone your calves, glutes, thighs and hips with this foldable stepper from Stamina. It provides a great cardio workout and keeps track of your step rate, total steps, workout time and calories burned so you can keep upping your game for progress. The handlebars help to keep you balanced, and the dual hydraulic cylinders offer a smooth ride with adjustable resistance.

Here are a few other features you might be interested in:
  • Wide, textured pedals for secure footing
  • Foam-covered handlebars for comfortable gripping
  • Just pull a pin to fold and store
  • Battery-operated electronic monitor
  • Monitors steps-per-minute, total steps, workout time and calories burned
  • Stability floor protectors to avoid leaving marks
  • Adjustable resistance
  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • 90 day warranty for parts
  • 1 year warranty for frame
Precor is known for their top-of-the-line fitness equipment. The AMT 835 Motion Trainer is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts. If you want something on a smaller budget, but still with many great features and benefits, check out Precor’s 2009 model cross trainer.

Precor AMT® 835 Commercial Series Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride Technology

Precor is a company with a unique desire to provide for the individual, not the masses. Their fitness equipment is carefully designed with features to optimize each person’s workout. Rather than make cheap equipment that would appeal to places that buy in bulk, like a gym, Precor develops superior quality machines that can be used by individuals in their home to advance their workout regime.

No more shortcuts to success. If you want a great body you are going to have to pay for it in sweat, and The AMT 835 by Precor is the right piece of equipment to get the job done. Its stride adjuster takes the feel from an ordinary step machine to that of a treadmill or elliptical, depending on how you set it. Cardio workouts can get boring on the same limited settings using flimsy machines. When you invest in this high quality piece of machinery, you can mix it up every day, twice a day and keep targeting different muscle groups while varying your pace and difficulty.

These are some of the amazing features on this cardio machine:
  • Naturally adaptive stride length without having to change settings
  • Unique open stride feature that allows you to adjust your stride height as well as length
  • Dual action to provide both upper and lower body workout
  • Stride dial helps identify effect of stride lengths on muscle groups
  • Excellent stability and freedom of movement
  • Optimal muscle movement and security with toe caps on the pedals
  • Rear step-on platform
  • Oversized pivot shafts and large bearings provide a great glide to your stride
  • Accessories panel for holding your beverage of choice, music, or reading material
  • Lifetime warrantee on frame
The Wagan mini stepper offers a great workout for beginner to intermediate exercise enthusiasts. However, if you’re looking to engage more movement in the hips, then the Wagan Pivot Stepper could be the right model for you.

Wagan Mini Stair Master with Digital Display

This is a good stepper for those who have limited space, need a cardio enhancement to their routine, and for the elderly or kids who don’t get out of the house to exercise enough. It is compact, stable, and easy to use. On top of this, the resistance allows you to adjust the tension so you can really increase your stamina over time. The display tracks your workout, including calories and distance so you can meet your goals each day. All in all, this is a great stepper available for under $100.

Here are a few more features you get to enjoy with this item:
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Solid metal/cast iron frame to provide stability
  • Can support up to 225lbs
  • Step height is adjustable with the turn of a knob
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • Easy to assemble, tools included
  • Counts number of steps, steps per minute, overall time, and calorie burn
  • The floor print is 1’ x 1.5’ and it is light enough to move around
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
Get in your daily cardio with the Sunny Mini Stepper. Its small footprint and simple design means you can move it from room to room, in front of the TV or in the sunshine in the back yard with ease. If you want an even smaller, lighter model, check out the new No. 012 Mini Stepper, which also comes with resistance bands too!

Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Machine with Bands

Sunny Health & Fitness have been around for a decade, importing quality fitness equipment from Taiwan and China. Their connection to a unique, independent network of manufacturers means their fitness products come in at a very competitive price.

Sunny Health & Fitness makes a variety of products to assist you in getting into better shape, and their mini stepper has an extremely small footprint to help you do just that. Get in your cardio while at home or in the office, and easily tuck this step machine out of sight when you need more space to move around. The resistance bands allow you to work both upper and lower body at once for added muscle toning and calorie burn. This stepper also adds a twisting action that can tone your glutes and thighs, adding yet another dimension to your cardio workout.

Let’s see what this step machine has to offer:
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Get your butt and thighs toned with the twisting action
  • Oversized slip-resistant footplates to accommodate any size
  • Moves up and down with side-to-side action
  • Accommodates up to 220 lbs
  • Compact dimensions means this stepper can be easily stored and moved
  • Use the meter to count steps, strides per minute, and calories burned
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Easily stored away

How Do I Choose the Best Step Machine?

We all know we need to regularly exercise and ensure we’re looking after our body to keep it fit and healthy, but it’s never the easiest New Year resolution to keep up all the way through the next twelve months. We feel you! To help you get back on track and find an activity that’s fun, easy to start doing, and can progress with you, we have some amazing step machines from brilliant sport equipment brands. Before you run off to get these, there are a few other items that will help keep you motivated and coming back for more even when the going gets tough.

One of the most important things to purchase is a pair of good training shoes. Most of us have comfy trainers we throw on for a walk or going off to a friend’s, but if you really are going to commit to exercising frequently then making sure your trainers give you the necessary support and comfort is a must.

Another great must-have is a fitness tracker or watch. This will help you to continue to build on your achievements and see how far you’ve come from when you started to keep you motivated. Even with the perfect trainers and best fitness tracker, we all sometimes feel the slog in the morning and need an extra boost to get us kick-started and out of bed. A pre-workout drink is a fab way to give your body everything it needs to smash out a brilliant step machine routine.
The price of a step machine varies greatly, and so even if you’re watching the bank balance, you will be able to find something to suit you. At the bottom end of the price range, you can find a step machine for around $40. At this price, you can find compact and simple designs that do what they say on the tin and can fit in almost any office or home for convenience.

At the other end of the spectrum you can find models at around $9000. These offer more-complex designs with a sturdy construction, and usually come with handlebars and a fitness tracker so you can increase or decrease the difficulty setting. These are much larger machines, like the ones you see at professional gyms and so they take up a much bigger area and cannot be moved around as easily once set down.

If you’re on a budget, make sure you don’t go for a cheap step machine that promises more than it can offer. As with our top pick at an affordable price, the price tag should reflect the capabilities of the machine. So if you see a brand offering all the professional features at a really low price, be cautious of the low quality that will come with it.
When looking for a step machine there are a few things to keep in mind, and it can seem a little overbearing at first. We’ve decided to keep it simple and have a list at the ready for you.

Here are the features you should think about before parting with your hard-earned cash:
  • Weight Capacity - Ensure the machine you plan on purchasing can support your weight.
  • Material - Step machines are usually made from aluminum, steel, or iron.
  • Size - This can vary from a simple 2-step floor machine at about 16 inches long, to a full-sized machine which is about 80 x 70 inches and can weigh up to 496 pounds.
  • Handlebars - Handlebars are a great help for your balance and also allow you to push yourself further and more vigorously in the knowledge that you have a safety precaution if you slip.
  • Workout Monitor - Some machines can count your steps, workout time, target distance, and calories burned.
  • Workout Options – Different machines offer exercises focusing on a range of body areas.
  • Accessory Holder – Keep your phone, drink, and personal belongings at arm’s reach.
  • Lightweight and Portability – Some designs are easy to pick up and move about or store away if need be.
If you’re not sure which features from this list are most important for you, then keep reading below!
Construction and Design
The weight capacity, material, size, and workout options are the most vital features to examine when looking at the construction and design of your potential step machine. Let’s learn a bit more about each factor.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity can vary from about 220 pounds to 400 pounds. If you’re buying for yourself, then all you need to do is make sure the machine can support your weight. However, if you’re buying for other people to use, either as a family exercise machine or for a gym, then consider going for the higher weight capacity to ensure everyone can use it.


Steel is stronger than aluminum; however, aluminum is lighter. So depending on whether you require more strength or more portability, you can dictate which material would suit you best. Iron is also very sturdy and is heavier than aluminum, so is another great choice when looking for a machine with strength.


Make sure you look carefully at the dimensions of the machine before purchasing it and know where in your home, office, or gym it will be able to fit. There are a few options that suit smaller spaces, either a machine that simply has two foot pedals and can be stored away, or a thinner machine that can fit in a more limited space. The smallest one we have on offer from our five top picks measures at 15 x 16 x 13 inches and the largest machine is 80 x 35 x 73 inches.

Workout Options

Don’t be fooled by the words “step machine” and think that these pieces of equipment are simple and repetitive. Some of the machines on offer have subtle details that will make all the difference to your exercise regime and your body! Dual-action machines mean the handles move with your feet, resulting in you working out your upper body just as much as your lower body. Another trick is finding one that enables a twisting motion; this engages your thighs and glutes and starts to tone them up as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
To ensure that the step machine you choose offers great performance and ease of use for you, there a few things you should take into consideration. These include whether it has handlebars, if it has a workout monitor, whether there’s an accessory holder, and if it’s lightweight and portable. Below you’ll find more info on each factor.


Handlebars are a pretty common feature on step machines, though they don’t appear on the small machines that only have the foot pedals. They are great for stability and safety should you slip, and some—as mentioned before—move with you to create a whole new workout.

Workout Monitor

Whether you want to track your distance, speed, or heart rate, there will be a step machine that does it. It’s great to have all the information right there in front of you whilst you exercise, and means it’s easy for you to keep track of your progression and which areas you need to improve on. Make sure to check exactly what each machine monitors as they all vary slightly.

Accessory Holder

Keep refreshed and energized with your liquids and music at an arm’s reach on a convenient shelf. These won’t be available for the smaller designs, but full-sized machines often have places to store your drink and belongings, so plug your headphones in and stay pumped until the end of your workout.

Lightweight and Portability

If you know you don’t have much space to have the step machine out all the time, make sure you buy one that’s light enough for you to pick up and store away—also ensure you have space in the area you need it. This is great to train out in the living room for example, but when you have guests over, it can be hidden in a cupboard out of the way.

Get the Best Step Machine of 2022!

Firm up your thighs and glutes and get a great cardio workout with the right step machine for you. We hope you have found the right step machine for your exercise needs. However, if you haven’t, remember to look at the other step machines that these reputable brands offer.

Our Top Choice
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster
Best Value
Stamina® SpaceMate® Folding Stepper
Precor AMT® 835 Stair Master
Wagan Mini Stepper
Sunny Twisting Stair Stepper