Best Stick On Light Reviews 2023

We’re almost certain that there’s a dark place in your home that needs some good lighting – for security, aesthetics or just to simply find your way around things. For such lighting needs, stick-on lights will do the job perfectly, but the real deal is in finding the right one. Not to worry; this review is a product of our thorough investigation on the best stick-on lights and it’s here to help you make an informed decision. You’ll find below an extensive review of one stick-on light from each of our 5 top brands, but bear in mind that these brands have other items that you may like. For those who might want even more options, note that we have other related reviews on under cabinet lights, adult night lights and LED strip lights –
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Our Top Choice
OxyLED OxySense Motion Sensor Light
Even with less than a decade of experience, OxyLED has grown to become a renowned brand that’s committed to providing you with innovation, quality and value in all things lighting.
Easy to install. Delivers ultra-bright light. Reliably sensitive to motion and body heat. Consumes low energy. Environmentally friendly. Durable. 30-day money-back guarantee.
Coverage area may be small depending on your space size.
Rectangular strip; motion sensor
4 x AAA
1 pack; 2 packs
10 LED bulbs
70 lumens
Best Value
AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light
Young and fast-rising AMIR is a global brand that’s achieved a remarkable level of customer satisfaction in consumer appliances designed for the home and kitchen.
Magnetic and adhesive strip for easy installation. Delivers super bright white light. Automatic and sensitive body sensor. Stylish design fits in any space. 1-year warranty.
The lights operate best in really dark areas.
Round; motion sensor
3 x AAA
3 packs
6 LED bulbs per light
25 lumens
Mr. Beams Anywhere LED Night Lights
Mr. Beams is a subsidiary of Wireless Environment and a manufacturer of affordable, convenient and hands-free lighting that provides strong and brilliant beams for your space.
Energy-efficient bulbs deliver 50,000+ hours of lighting. Wireless installation. Motion sensor conserves battery. UV– and weather-resistant. Easy to install. Neutral white color.
Light stays on for a short period.
Rectangular; light/motion sensor
. 4 x AA
3 packs
1 LED bulb per light
20 lumens
RTSU Stick Anywhere LED Touch Light
The products coming from RTSU are some of the best in the industry. Its lighting wares spell style, functionality and great value, which is why so many people love to have them in their homes.
Dimmable bright light. Stores settings. Rechargeable quick charging battery. 50,000 hours on LED lights. Stand, stick-on or hanging installation. Charging indicator.
Switching it on and off is done manually.
Round; touch sensor
5000mAh rechargeable
1 pack
5 LED bulbs
70 lumens
Kuled Motion Sensing Stick-on Light
When it comes to functional and affordable lighting, Kuled is a great choice. It’s a brand that many have come to love because of how it prioritizes value and innovation.
Energy-efficient. Durable and sturdy construction. Easy installation. Highly sensitive. Environmentally-friendly. Long lasting battery life. 80,000+ hours on the LED lights.
The magnetic strip has a tendency to cause the stick-on light to slide off in cold weather.
Rectangular strips; motion sensor
4 x AAA
3 packs
10 LED bulbs per light
80 lumens

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What is the Best Stick On Light?

Now that you’ve gotten the requisite information you need to make a good choice of a stick-on light, we can rest assured that you’ll have a satisfying after-delivery experience.
Our Top Choice
The OxyLED OxySense Motion Sensor Stick-On Light provides automated and bright lighting for your closets and storage spaces. What’s more? Installation is easy. You only need its adhesive strip to fix it on a dry flat surface. Would you like something else to cater to the needs of a larger space? Then try the OxyLED Aluminum Stick Anywhere Motion Sensor Night Light. It’s durable and easy to install.

OxyLED OxySense DIY Motion Sensor Light with 10 LED Lights – Available in a 1 or 2 Pack

OxyLED has less than a decade’s experience in the lighting industry, but its success story is a tale of age not necessarily being a sign of maturity. It’s positioned itself in the industry as a reliable brand that offers the best of lighting services to its customers. It boasts of a dedicated customer service team that works many hours resolving customers’ complaints and making their user-experience more satisfactory. It offers its line of best-selling products at competitive prices to its customers, but what draws the customers in every time is the unreserved display of quality in its products.

If the dark freaks you out a lot, then the OxyLED OxySense Stick-On Light is asking to be your loyal buddy and guide. It functions pretty much like the light bulb in your refrigerator in the sense that it functions on a motion sensor from passive infrared technology.

It comes on when you’re within 3m of its sensing range and then goes off 15 to 18 seconds after you’ve left its range. This means that this highly sensitive device will provide your enclosed space with illumination before you reach it and stay on for a short while after you’ve left.

It’s especially useful in your closets, cabinets, wardrobes, and lockers because it helps you see the entire enclosure and pick out whatever you want. So you won’t be picking an orange tie instead of a red one or a pair of black trousers instead of a navy blue pair.

It’s equally important for safety reasons such as walking into your closet and slipping on water spilled by someone who was there before you and forgot to wipe it. If you have the lights in your enclosure you can be sure to notice such spills and any other unwanted guests lurking in the corner and take the right precautions.

More so, having it on your stairs will be a perfect way to ensure that you don’t miss your steps or trip on an object while going up or down.

With this stick-on light, it’s ok not to be a handy man or have one around you, seeing as it’s pretty easy to install. It comes with an adhesive strip that has magnetic fields which you can conveniently attach to a dry and flat surface in your space. The strip also makes it easy for you to remove the light in case you decide to change its location at any time.

For a stick-on light that delivers such brilliant illumination as this, its low energy consumption is quite remarkable. This means that, as long as you use 4 standard AAA batteries with it, you can rest assured you’ll get good lighting for your space for a good number of years

That said, what happens if you order this stick-on light and you’re not satisfied with it? You can relax because it’s backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you have a less-than-perfect experience with it.

This product is also available in packs of 2 if you’d like some more lights straightaway.
Best Value
The AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light is a great choice for delivering ultra-bright light to the dark places in your home. Having one of these in your space means you get at least 50,000 hours of bright illumination. Does a rectangular stick-on light appeal more to you? Then try the AMIR 10 LED 3-Pack Stick-on Light. Its automatic on-and-off feature makes it durable and convenient.

AMIR Motion Sensor Stick-On Night Light, Pack of 3 – Available in White or Warm White

Young and China-based AMIR specializes in the importing and exporting of consumer electronics for homes and kitchens. Its clients include China, USA, France, UK, and Spain, but it also boasts of a growing customer and client base all over the world. It steadily and consistently paces itself to meet the future and present needs of its customers. This has helped AMIR achieve its mission to provide its customers with quality and innovation in their homes.

AMIR’s Motion Sensor Night Light comes in a pack of 3. Each light delivers tremendous brightness from 6 environmentally-friendly LED bulbs to your dark space. You can lighten up your closet, locker, stairs, and any other space that you think is deserving of some illumination with one or more of these beauties.

Each light operates on a body-activated sensor that turns the lights on when it detects your body movement within 10 feet and turns the lights off 20 seconds after it can no longer detect your body heat or movement.

This motion sensor feature of the stick-on light eliminates the possibility of having heavy electricity bills as a result of mindlessly leaving your electric bulbs on.

But you must note that these stick-on lights can only function effectively when the space you intend to light up is dark and when there’s movement of some sort.

Thanks to the 3M adhesive strip and the in-built magnet, installation is a breeze. You can conveniently install these stick-on lights on a metallic surface or any other surface that you like and have it serve you well.

Its stylish design makes it suitable for any location at all. Whether it’s your kitchen cabinet, class locker, closet, stairway or bathroom, it’ll fit in nicely.

Owning these amazing stick-on lights means you have the privilege of 50,000 hours of bright light from its durable LED light bulbs to your space and even more.

If you get stuck trying to figure out how this light works, it comes with a user manual to guide you on the right steps you should take for maximum satisfaction.

If after your purchase you begin to have challenges with it, AMIR’s dedicated customer care team will be waiting to help you solve the problem. You also have the privilege of a 7-day money back offer and a 12-month warranty for replacement.

This light is available in standard white or warm white; the choice is yours!
The Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere LED Night Lights provides brilliant cool lighting from energy-efficient bulbs that are designed to last. These bulbs have the ability to provide you with more than 50,000 hours of lighting. If you’d like a smaller stick-on light, then you should try the Mr. Beams Wireless Mini Stick-Anywhere Nightlight. Its built-in light sensor helps to conserve battery life.

Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere Motion Sensor LED Night Lights – Available in 4 Pack Sizes

Mr. Beams is a subsidiary of Ohio-based Wireless Environment, LLC. Its innovative inventions are geared at switching lighting systems from the wired connections as we’ve always known them to a wireless system for our convenience and ease of use. Mr. Beams has been providing customers of the lighting industry with energy-efficient lights for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Its products provide affordable and convenient hands-free lights in all the spaces you want lighting without requiring an electrician to install them.

The Mr. Beams Motion Sensor LED Stick-on Light delivers a strong beam of brilliant white light to the dark places in your home and office space. If you’d also like to have a lit locker at school or at your place of work, this light will satisfy your needs perfectly.

This light display comes at a cool color temperature of 4000K so that you can feel comfortable walking into your closet without squinting from an excessively bright light.

Its in-built light sensor turns the lights on whenever it detects body movement from 15 feet away and turns it off automatically 30 seconds after motion ceases.

This conserves energy and extends the life of the battery so that you can get 80 and more hours from a set of 4 standard AAA batteries. This means you don’t have to keep replacing your batteries every other day.

It’s equally suitable for your pantry, hallway, and cabinets; you can even use it outdoors to beef up security, especially because it’s weather– and UV-resistant. It can therefore withstand the elements and still function effectively.

Installation is wireless, making it simple and easy. It takes about 5 minutes or less and you don’t need to be a tech guru or have one around you to fix it wherever you want it to serve you.

This stick-on light is available singly or in packs of 3, 4, or 6, so fire away!
The RTSU Stick Anywhere Touch Light delivers warm bright light that can be dimmed to any level that you want. It also stores your brightness setting so that you can have what you selected the next time you turn it on. Need some decorative light in your baby’s nursery? Then try the RTSU Mini Touch Rechargeable Stick-on Night Light. It can also be dimmed to your preferred brightness.

RTSU Rechargeable Stick Anywhere LED Touch Light with Memory Setting

RTSU’s mission is to make the world a beautiful place by lighting up homes, offices and personal spaces with eco-friendly and energy efficient lights that are built to last. Its products are often made from durable and heavy-duty materials that are able to withstand impacts without damage. It also incorporates convenience and comfort in its products as a strategy to improve the quality of life of its customers. It’s this dedication to style, value, and innovation that endears RTSU to its customers, and that’s why they choose its products every time.

The RTSU Rechargeable Touch Light saves you the cost of having to replace batteries frequently. It’s powered by an inbuilt rechargeable battery of 500mAh that can deliver 2.5 to 3 hours of lighting if the light is set at the brightest level. It’ll take about 1.5 hours for a full charge if you charge it using a standard charger and about 40 minutes if you use a super-fast charger.

You also get to know when it’s fully charged from its light indicator that stays red when it’s charging and goes off when it’s fully-charged so that you can conserve energy. This also ensures that the battery isn’t damaged from overcharging.

Its dimmable bright light comes from eco-friendly and energy-efficient light bulbs that can give you up to 50,000 hours of lighting and more. The light bulbs deliver warm bright light at a temperature mode of 4000K.

The brightness of this stick-on light can be dimmed by holding down the adjustment button until you reach the brightness level you want. What’s more? It has a memory function that can save the last brightness level you selected so that you can have the same setting the next time you turn it on.

Installation is easy and freestyle. You can choose to use the adhesive pad to stick it on a wall or use the standing and hanging slots to place it on a table or hang it wherever you want.

The stick-on light is covered with a translucent sheet that takes away the possibility of glares that are detrimental to your eye health. This also means that if you have it on your stairway, your pets’ eyes are also protected from light that’s too bright.
The Kuled Motion Sensing Stick-on Light has a light sensor that turns it on automatically when it detects body movement in dark places. It owes its sturdy and durable frame to its aluminum and ABS plastic construction. Would you like something else in a different design? Then try the Kuled 04 Stick-on Anywhere Touch Night Light. It has a tilt function of 120 degrees for a suitable lighting angle.

Kuled 10 LED Motion Sensing White Stick-on Light with Magnetic Strip - Pack of 3

Kuled is a renowned brand that supplies innovative and high-quality lighting needs to its customers all over the world. It offers state-of-the-art lightings to enhance the aesthetic value of homes and spaces and ensures that they get great value for every cent they spend on its products. Even with its remarkable success rates, it gives its 100% to ensure that its customers are well served, which is why their complaints and feedbacks are treated with utmost priority.

The Kuled Motion Sensing Stick-on Light is a battery-powered automated light that delivers ultra-bright white light from 10 energy-efficient LED bulbs. These LED bulbs have the ability to give you more than 80,000 hours of illumination in your cabinets, lockers, stairways, workshops and any other enclosed or dark spaces you want to light up.

It features a red light towards its right end that acts as the light sensor which is activated 10 seconds after your first installation.

For subsequent uses, it simply comes on and goes off when it detects body movement at night or in dark places. Nonetheless, because it’s a light and motion sensor device, it comes up only in dark places and won’t come on at day time.

Also, if you have to use more than one of this stick on light in your home, it’s advisable to keep them some distance apart because the illumination of one of them is enough to cause the other not to work when they’re close to each other.

Installing it is easy; you won’t need any tool or screws. All you need to do is use its adhesive magnetic strip at the back to fix it on your surface and it’ll stay in place.

Its aluminum and ABS plastic construction makes it durable and sturdy so that it can serve the lighting purpose you hope it’ll achieve in your space for a very long time.

How Do I Choose the Best Stick On Light?

Stick-on lights aren’t just designed to lighten up your space; they’re actually quite versatile in their application. A great stick-on light, for example, can work hand in hand with a security camera to beef up security so that you can detect burglars at the snap of a finger and prevent a sad tale from being told.

Another example might be due to the fact that most kids hate the dark and will do anything to avoid going in there. So if you have a child who prefers sleeping with the lights on, you can have a stick-on light installed in his or her room and she’ll feel safe as houses. Moreover, unlike having a light bulb turned on in the room, a stick-on light saves you a few bucks on the electric bills since it usually turns off automatically.

If you’ve just purchased a safe for your home or office or you plan to order one, a stick-on light will be a perfect installation for the dark interiors of the safe. It’ll help you see what you have stored in the safe and will help you grab whatever’s in there.

Generally, a good stick-on light is easy to use and install and will effectively light up your space. Just to be sure that when you get only the good stuff, we’re willing to let you in on some of the factors you must consider. We’re certain that reading through till the end will be of great benefit to you.
Automatic stick-on lights provide intuitive user interactivity that makes them quite easy to use. This makes them pricier than manual stick-on lights. This happens to be just one of the factors that determines the price of a stick-on light. Generally, the price of stick-on lights falls in the range of $5 to $70

We must warn you at this point that there are cheap stick-on lights in the market that may be misleading and will only cause you to regret your purchase. Nonetheless, we were careful enough to exclude them from this guide so that you can have exclusive access to the best merchandise available.
Knowing what to look out for makes the task of picking the perfect stick-on light easy. Here’s a few of the more important factors:
  • Battery: Rechargeable or one-time batteries? How many one-time batteries?
  • Count: How many pieces are in a pack?
  • Color Mode: Warm or cool
  • Brightness: How bright is it? Is it dimmable?
  • Installation: How is it installed?
  • Switch Mechanism: Automatic or manual
Construction and Design
Most stick-on lights are battery-operated. They may be rechargeable or one-time use batteries that need to be replaced frequently. But most people prefer using stick-on lights with rechargeable batteries because it eliminates having to change the batteries often, which some people don’t mind at all. So you have to decide which one works for you before you make a choice.

The battery life of a stick-on light largely depends on the brightness of the light being used. So it’s a bit tricky to estimate how long a battery will last unless you check with the brand. Rechargeable battery life after a full charge also varies with the rating of the battery and the brightness setting.

You should know that, although most brands use the energy-efficient LED light bulbs, batteries serve longer when the level of brightness is low to medium and illuminates for a short period when the lights are set to the brightest level.

Installation is another big deal in the choice of a stick-on light. Most stick-on lights are easy to install and take an average of 5 minutes to set up. Nonetheless, you should check the type of installation each particular light requires.

Most stick-on lights have an adhesive magnetic strip so that you can fix it on metallic or dry flat surfaces, while others come with hanging slots so that you can hang the stick-on light on your wall – if you don’t have a problem with nails and holes in your wall, that is.

In cold seasons, the adhesive strips may lose their hold on upright walls and slide off. In such instances, fitting them on a wall may be a bit challenging. This is where hanging slots or standing slots can bail you out.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are a few stick-on lights that have dimmable features. In fact, some feature a memory function that stores your brightness setting till your next use so that you don’t have to rework it every time to get your preferred brightness level. This makes the stick-on light easy to use and hands-free (for the most part).

That said, most stick-on lights don’t have dimmable features, which means you’re stuck on the type of brightness they come with. This is where the choice of color temperature will be helpful to you. You can decide on warm colors such as an amber soft glow or bright white colors such as the ones in drug stores.

The less hand interaction you have with a stick-on light, the easier it is to use. For instance, you want to know the mechanism by which the light turns on, which is either automatic or manual.

Automatic stick-on lights employ light sensors from radiations such as infrared to come on when it detects movement. Others come on when the sensor detects body heat. Generally, automatic stick-on lights stay on for an average of 15 to 30 seconds and go off when there are no light or heat triggers to keep the lights on (some people consider the on-time too short to do basic activities such as using the toilet).

With automatic lights, you only need to be within its induction range for it to come on. It goes off automatically too. Manual lights, on the other hand, require a touch or flickering activation to turn on and off, so they stay on until you turn the switch off. This means that you’re likely to have more battery consumption on this kind than on an automatic one.

Finally, how many pieces will you need? This largely depends on where and what purpose you’ll like the stick-on light to serve. If you’re thinking of a gun safe or a small closet, 1 or 2 bright stick-on lights will be perfect. If you’re thinking of a larger coverage area you need to consider ordering more than 2 pieces.

One more thing you may want to consider is that you have to space light and motion sensor lights properly, because the light emitted by one may be sufficient for another one that’s nearby to stop working.

Get the Best Stick On Light of 2023!

We’re glad that you took out time to read this guide and we wish you a happy experience with your new outstanding stick-on light. If you’re interested in more, kindly take advantage of the navigation links we’ve provided you with.

Our Top Choice
OxyLED OxySense Motion Sensor Light
Best Value
AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light
Mr. Beams Anywhere LED Night Lights
RTSU Stick Anywhere LED Touch Light
Kuled Motion Sensing Stick-on Light