Best Stock Tank Reviews 2023

Stock tanks are extremely versatile and are used in various capacities but especially for the feeding and watering of various livestock. There are different types and brands out there so to help narrow the search for you, we did some investigations and arrived at five of the top stock tank brands in the market. Highlighting one product from each brand, we'd like to inform you that our featured brands have some other great stock tanks apart from those reviewed here so you might want to check them out, too.
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Our Top Choice
Tuff Stuff KMT 101 Oval Tank
Tuff Stuff is a maker and distributor of premium plastic containers that are strong, durable and environmentally friendly.
40 gallon tank. Made with 100% recycled LDPE. Flexible and rubber like material. Doesn’t chemically react. Strong and durable. Keeps shape when filled. Multifunctional.
It doesn’t have a drain plug.
Heavy duty oval tank
13 x 27 x 40 inches; 16lbs
40 gallon, heavy duty oval tank
100% recycled LDPE plastic
Dark green
Best Value
High Country Plastics 40G Aqua Tank
High Country Plastics seeks to make safe, durable, efficient and affordable products available to its customers and their animals.
High-quality poly construction. Impact-resistant. Indoor & Outdoor use. UV-resistant. Thick yet lightweight. Easy to clean. Competitively priced. Durable construction.
It only comes in aqua-green color.
Rounded edge for safety, strength
41 x 20 x 16 inches ; 21lbs
40 gallon
UV protected, plastic construction
Behlen Galvanized Round End Stock Tank
For Behlen, the aim is to provide value and satisfaction through a broad range of superior quality equipment for your farm or ranch.
Choose from 3 sizes; 67, 90 or 123 gallons. Durable, long lasting. Coated with corrosion-resistant zinc. Sidewalls are rigid, ribbed and corrugated.
Some isolated cases of people getting a leaky tank.
Round End
24 x 24 x 48 inches; 34lbs
67, 90 or 123 gallons
Corrosion resistant, galvanized zinc
Silver with logo
Rubbermaid Commercial Foam Stock Tank
Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a maker of forward-looking, solution-based merchandise for both institutional and commercial consumers worldwide.
Superior molded polyethylene construction. Stepped sidewalls with reinforced ribbing. Durable, solid construction. Large drainage hole for convenience. 70 gal capacity.
Some isolated complaints of drainage hole leaking.
Seamless construction
63.2 x 69 x 12.1 inches; 0.23lbs
70 gallons
Structural foam
Behrens Oval Hot Dipped Steel Tub
For more than a century, Behrens has been committed to making metal containers of the highest quality.
8 size options; from 1 gallon to 33.5 gallons. Strong, durable galvanized steel construction. Large handles to aid portability. Classic look. Pocket-friendly price.
Zinc can be sharp and rough in some spots.
31.8 x 16.5 x 10 inches; 6lbs
8 sizes; 1 – 33.5 gallons
Durable hot, dipped steel

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What is the Best Stock Tank?

Stock tanks come in various sizes with different features characterizing each one. Having gone through our buying guide, you should be well-armed with useful information to help you make the right choice of a stock tank that will adequately serve the purpose for which you want it. You may now proceed to our product review section where we've got high-quality products lined up for you to choose from.
Our Top Choice
The Tuff Stuff KMT 101 Oval Tank is a durable, 40-gallon tank made with 100% recycled LDPE plastic with a flexible, rubber-like quality to it. It can hold practically anything without chemically reacting with it. If you are interested in a circular 64-gallon tank, the Tuff Stuff KMB100 Circular Tub is ready for your perusal.

Tuff Stuff 40 Gallon KMT 101 Oval Stock Tank – Made with 100% Recycled LDPE

Tuff Stuff is the manufacturer of plastic containers of first-rate caliber. Their product line includes 100% recycled plastic tubs, mixers, drums, tanks, carts and more. In addition to these, it makes premium grade accessories for these containers. Tuff Stuff containers can be used for lawn and garden purposes, on farms and ranches, industrial purposes and more. If you are interested in high-quality products and doing your bit for the environment, then they are the guys for you!

The Tuff Stuff KMT 101 Oval Tank is an oval tank with a 40-gallon capacity. It is made from 100% recycled, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), making it tough and durable. This tank can be applied to a variety of indoor and outdoor uses, some of which include holding animal feed and water, creating gardens and making mini ponds for decorative fish.

The tank has been built to withstand the animal abuse it will encounter on a farm. It’s also resistant to damage that can result from prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays, summer heat and the winter cold. The LDPE construction also makes this tank resistant to shape change and chemically neutral, meaning it won’t react with anything in an unwarranted way. This means you can go ahead and use this tank as a makeshift bathtub for your kids or pets without any worry. The brim of this tank is turned downwards to prevent any accidental scrapes if your children or pets do want to convert it into a water splash park or bath tub!

Tuff Stuff has other stock tanks and they include:
  • Tuff Stuff KMT102 Oval Tank, a 30-Gallon tank constructed to withstand heavy-duty use
  • Tuff Stuff KMT99 HD Oval Tank, a 140-Gallon tank with 0.75 inch drain plug made of brass
  • Tuff Stuff KMB103 Circular Tub, a round, 25-Gallon tank. It is also designed to hold up to heavy use
  • Tuff Stuff KMB100 Circular Tub, a round, 64-Gallon tank made of durable 100% recycled LDPE for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Tuff Stuff KMR75 Heavy Duty Rectangular Aquaponics Tank, a 75-Gallon tank to put to the plant and fish growing business
Best Value
The Aqua Tank from High Country Plastics features a high-quality poly construction that’s impact-resistant and long lasting. It has a variety of uses that include indoor and outdoor applications. If you’re in the market for a tank that will hold more water (17.5 times more, as matter of fact), we recommend the 700 Gallon Water Tank; a black, sturdy tank from High Country Plastics.

High Country Plastics 40 Gallon Green Aqua Stock Tank

High Country Plastics was born out of a desire to create poly products that were as safe for animals as they are durable for their owners. Tony Stevenson, the CEO of this company, set it up in 1991 after his retirement; he had worked in PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) and with the knowledge he had amassed from his years of interacting with horses (coupled with the knowledge he had of rotational molding), he set out with a team of dedicated staff to design and introduce creative, efficient and pocket-friendly products. The safety of your animals and your long-term convenience, that’s the desire of this brand and it puts the latest technology and research findings into use to ensure that it fulfills them.

The 40-Gallon Aqua Tank from High Country Plastics is designed to meet your ‘water-holding need’, not just for now but in the long run as well; its impact-resistant construction is testament to that fact. Going by the strength of this tank, your horses, cattle and other farm animals have met their match. It’s built to withstand whatever they throw at it, whether that’s bites, kicks or shoves, this tank is a survivor! This tank’s high-quality poly construction and rotational-molded one-piece construction eliminates the splitting and cracking that’s commonly seen in some tanks.

In addition to these, it has been designed to be resistant to damage that UV rays or any other member of the elements can wreak on it. The material used in its construction is FDA approved and it is distributed in uniform thickness. Finally, the edge or brim of this tank is rounded for ease of carrying and for your animal’s safety too.

There more stock tanks available from this company:
  • High Country Plastics 55 Gallon Stock Tank, featuring an impact and UV resistant construction and available in 6 color options
  • High Country Plastics 300 Gallon Water Tank, in forest-green color with a rounded edge and strong construction
  • High Country Plastics W-100AG 100 Gallon Water Tank in ash-gray color for a variety of uses
  • High Country Plastics AQ-70 Aqua Stock Tank, a 70-gallon tank with a drain. It comes in aqua-green only
This Behlen Galvanized Round End Stock Tank is a 90-gallon metal tank with a heavy coating of corrosion-resistant zinc. Its sidewalls are rigid, ribbed and corrugated. Alternatively, if you prefer a round tank, then check out the Behlen Country Galvanized Steel Round Stock Tank. It also has a sizeable capacity of 80 gallons.

Behlen 224 Galvanized Steel Round End Stock Tank – Available in 3 Sizes

Behlen was created by the merger between four companies: Magnum Kennels, Horseman's Choice, Big Valley and Farmaster. Later on, a fifth company, Hawkline 3 Point Implements, came on board and the Behlen Country family grew to become a family of 5 brands. This company is the manufacturer of the most extensive range of ranch and farm equipment and the largest division of Behlen Mfg. Co. They pride themselves on their commitment to continually improve their products and satisfaction of their customers. All of its products are developed and tested to function in practical, real-world applications and you’re promised a rewarding experience whether you’re a professional rancher or weekend enthusiast. With three convenient locations and a trucking company, it remains committed to designing and distributing steel products of high quality to its customers worldwide.

The Behlen Galvanized Round End Stock Tank, as its name implies, is a stock tank coated heavily with zinc for a long-lasting working life; one where rust doesn’t get a chance to cause any damage as this coating protects it from corrosion. The steel used in the construction of this tank has great strength to withstand whatever it’ll experience at the hands of your livestock. For extra strength, its sidewalls do not bend easily as they are rigid with corrugations and ribs. The bottom of this tank is heavily galvanized and its top edge has reinforced steel tubing rolled onto it for greater durability and strength.

Apart from watering livestock and raising fish (as a pond), there are more applications for this tank; for instance, it can be used as an elevated garden bed for veggies, berries, flowers and herbs. Just drill some holes on the bottom of the tank for excess soil water to escape, fill it with soil and plant. Another interesting way to use this tank is as an ice bucket if you’re hosting a large party!

Here are some other great stock tanks from this brand:
  • The Behlen ST214 Shallow Galvanized Steel Round End Stock Tank, approximately 38 gallons, which is a convenient height for goats, sheep and other small animals
  • The Behlen PRE216 70-Gallon Poly Stock Round-End Tank, a heavy-duty, poly-tank with a seamless design
  • The Behlen Little Giant Oval Poly Stock Tank, a black, 15-gallon tank with superior construction and versatile application possibilities
The Rubbermaid Commercial Products’, US Gal Stock Tank, features a superior molded polyethylene construction and is built to deliver lasting, superior performance. It has stepped sidewalls with reinforced ribbing for extra strength. If what you’re looking for is a larger stock tank, we recommend the Rubbermaid 300-Gallon Stock Tank.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 70 Gallon Foam Stock Tank – Drainage Kit Also Available

Rubbermaid Commercial Products was established in 1968 and has gone on to become a pace-setter when it comes to creating technologies and pioneering system solutions for businesses in food services, safety products, outdoor washroom, waste handling, sanitary maintenance and material transport. A member of Newell Rubbermaid's international family of brands, it has pledged itself to continually seek out and create innovative products. Today, it continues to venture into categories and presents the market with a more sizeable product offering, its partners are not left out as it assures them of the best business practices for a strong, reliable and successful partnership.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products US Stock Tank features a sturdy, seamless construction, making it a strong one-piece unit. It is built with high-grade polyethylene and has been designed to resist cracking and any other damage that could result from exposure to the elements and this translates into long lasting use. Its heavy construction will also resist damage when your pets or livestock decide to bite or chew it and it keeps them from being able to drag it about as well.

Findings from research have proven that an increase in water temperature by 2 degrees Fahrenheit will not affect animals’ drinking behavior – why is this information relevant, you might wonder, it proves their genuine concern; they desire their customers comfort and safety and employs all knowledge in the production of its goods. Long story short, the black color of this tank isn’t going to be a problem for you or your animals. It can be used to water, feed or bath them. It can also be used as a pool, pond to raise fish in or as a tub for you.

For added strength and safety, its sidewalls are stepped and ribbed, its bottom is textured to reduce the chances of any one or any creature, your sweet pooch for instance, slipping and hurting themselves. It can be used with an anti-siphon float valve (sold separately) so that the water level in the tank will be automatically kept consistent. This 70-gallon tank should be large enough to accommodate the needs of most small farms.
The Behrens Oval Hot Dipped Steel Tub has a hot-dip galvanized steel construction with a rugged, durable build. It has large handles, an off-set bottom and deep swedging around it for extra strength. If you’d rather have a round tank with a higher capacity, check out the Behrens 35-Gallon Round Steel Tub.

Behrens Oval Hot Dipped Steel Stock Tank with Handles – Available in 8 Sizes

Behrens has been diligently and consistently reeling-off metal containers of the highest caliber since it set up shop in 1911, that’s over a century ago! It uses only materials of the best quality in the construction of its containers and sticks to rigid standards of production to make sure that its customers, both local and international, are supplied with nothing short of the best from its product line. The bulk of its products are made in the US and its commitment to excellence has set it apart as a top selling brand when it comes to steel containers.

The Behrens Oval Hot Dipped Steel Tub is available in 8 sizes and can be put to a variety of uses that include livestock watering and feeding, water storage, small scale gardening, home décor and more. It is watertight and made of steel that has been dipped into a vat or container of molten zinc, hence its name. This treatment makes this tank corrosion and rust resistant, making it safe for use inside and out.

It features a brim, or rims, that have been reinforced with wire for increased strength. To make moving this tank around a convenient activity, it has two rugged and well-made handles and its bottom is offset so that the base of the tank is not in direct contact with the ground.

Here are more stock tanks from Behrens:
  • The 33.5 Gallon Hot Dipped DUB-L-TUB, an oval-shaped, watertight galvanized steel container with handles
  • The 15.5 Gallon Square Hot Dipped Steel Tub, a watertight container with an offset bottom, swedged sides and wire-reinforced brim
  • The 1 Gallon Oval Hot Dipped Steel Tub, a small tank that can be used both indoors and out for a variety of purposes
  • The 1 Qt. Hot Dipped Steel Mini Tub, a round steel container with wire handles and a versatile application

How Do I Choose the Best Stock Tank?

Livestock farming, and indeed, agriculture as a whole, is a tough field that requires rugged and sturdy equipment. Running an animal farm entails thorough planning and careful investments in tools that will last a long time, while performing maximally. The stock tank is one of those farm equipment or tools that are built for harsh terrains and to withstand rough use from both man and animal. The stock tank’s main use is for feeding and watering livestock and horses. It's usually kept in animal pens, and it's lightweight enough that it can be moved with little or no stress. Stock tanks come in different sizes and shapes, but most of them are oval-shaped so that they can be engaged in other uses outside livestock feeding and watering.

A stock tank can be employed for a variety of purposes like storage, ice cooler for drinks and beverages for an outdoor party or outing, hydroponic or aquaponics tank, planting tank and it’s been known to even serve as a makeshift swimming pool on hot summer days. It comes in a large variety of sizes which ensures that you get a size suitable for whatever purpose that you need the stock tank. Its holding capacity can range from as small as 1 gallon to as much as 700 gallons and it is manufactured usually from plastic or galvanized steel.

If you’re a little bit adventurous and like the unconventional, you might even want to convert a stock tank, especially those with a drain plug, to an outdoor bathtub and have a leisurely soak in it under the sun.

Having seen a few reasons why you may want to get a stock tank, let’s now proceed to look at some of the factors and features that you need to put in mind when shopping for a suitable stock tank. Features like design, size, capacity, manufacturing material and of course, the cost, are some of the things to look out for when searching for the right stock tank for you. Stay with us as we talk about these points in details.
Having a well-planned budget of how much you’re willing to spend is a good place to start when buying an item. It’s also important to have a clear-cut idea as to the purpose for which the object is intended, so that you can know the features that ought to have priority. The two factors mentioned above go a long way in determining the cost of the time you'll eventually buy because prices vary with some features that come with a product.

For an item like the stock tank, it goes without saying that one of its cost-determining features is the size. The larger the size, the costlier it's bound to be.

The stock tanks we reviewed covered the price range of around $25 to $95 which includes different products of varying sizes from reputable brands. In the course of our research, we came across several cheap stock tanks whose poor design and inferior material made us strike them off as we are committed to featuring only top quality and trusted products.
Knowing the main reason why you need the stock tank will go a long way in helping you make the right choice and certainly contribute to narrowing the search down to products with your specifications. Other important features to look out for include:
  • Design
  • Size and weight
  • Capacity
  • Manufacturing material
  • Other extra features
Construction and Design
Stock tanks are manufactured from either plastic or metal materials. The plastic stock tanks made from FDA approved plastic materials that are UV-protected and guaranteed to withstand the harsh outdoor weather for many years. If you're concerned about the environmental impact of plastic materials but still want a plastic stock tank, then you should go for stock tanks made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic that is recyclable. Metal stock tanks are made from galvanized zinc or steel. A metal stock tank has the advantage of not absorbing odors, unlike the plastic ones that may retain odors of its content, mainly animal feed, over a period of prolonged usage.

Different manufacturers build their stock tanks with various designs aimed at improving their aesthetics and functionality. Some of them, especially the metal stock tanks, have rigid sidewalls and corrugations for maximum strength and durability. Most of the metal stock tanks also feature bottoms made of sturdy galvanized steel which withstand impact and doesn't leak easily from constant contact with rough grounds.

The plastic stock tanks on the other hand, usually come with an attractive step design that also serves the purpose of providing convenient hand-holds when you need to lift the tank. Almost all the stock tanks available on the market feature the traditional oval shape irrespective of the manufacturing material.

Most times the size of an object has a direct relationship with its weight, but this is not so in all cases, as can be seen in the case of the stock tank. Here, the size doesn't affect the weight as much as the manufacturing material. Stock tanks made from galvanized zinc are the heaviest, followed by plastic ones. Stock tanks made from galvanized steel are extremely lightweight, although this fact does not impact negatively on its longevity.

A large size stock tank has more versatile applications than a smaller one and it’s recommended to go for sizes bigger than what you currently need it for in case you might be expanding your enterprise in future. Also, bear in mind that heavier stock tanks, although they may appear sturdier, are quite difficult to maneuver and handle, single-handedly unlike the lighter ones that you can easily tip over to empty. So you should make sure to check the weight of the stock tank you wish to buy to be sure that it’s suitable for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
Stock tanks are easy-to-use. There's no setting up needed before you can use the tank. Cleaning and maintaining the stock tank is also a breeze and depends wholly on the manufacturing material and the purpose it's serving. Plastic stock tanks have a tendency to absorb odors so you will need to wash it out well with dishwashing liquid, thoroughly rinse out and air dry.

The stock tank capacity varies according to its size, the bigger the tank, the more content it can hold. There are stock tanks that can hold as much as 700 gallons of liquid content while others are smaller versions that hold may be around 10 - 15 gallons. This wide range of varying sizes is part of its allure as an extremely versatile container that is used in different scenarios.
Most metal stock tanks have handles which give secure and firm grip for lifting the tank, round-ended edges that are safe for animals and to keep the contents off the ground, some of them feature offset bottoms. A few metal stock tanks also have wire-reinforced and rounded rims for safety and additional strength.

The plastic stock tanks have a seamless, single-piece design that eliminates leakages as is obtainable in some metal stock tanks where leakages are likely to occur at the bottom seams. Metal stock tanks are quite shiny and eye-catching while plastic ones come in a variety of colors that are, for the most part, muted.

Some stock tanks have drain plugs drilled into the bottom part of it for natural drainage, so you don't have to lift or tip the tank in other to drain it. If you're looking for a large-size tank, especially if you'll be using the tank for liquid substances, then you should consider a stock tank with a drain plug.

Get the Best Stock Tank of 2023!

Now that you've carefully read through our product reviews, we firmly believe that you have arrived at a decision for the stock tank best suited for you. Waste no time in placing your order now. In the unlikely event that you didn't see what you're looking for then follow the navigation links to any other stock tank from our featured brands.

Our Top Choice
Tuff Stuff KMT 101 Oval Tank
Best Value
High Country Plastics 40G Aqua Tank
Behlen Galvanized Round End Stock Tank
Rubbermaid Commercial Foam Stock Tank
Behrens Oval Hot Dipped Steel Tub