Best Stopwatch Reviews 2022

If you need a stopwatch, it’s not going to be easy sorting through the numerous brands and types on the market. So, we did the hard work for you and picked out the best stopwatches from five top brands, which we are sure will satisfy your needs. We reviewed one model of stopwatch each from the selected five brands. We really hope you’ll find that great stopwatch you’ve been looking for amongst those reviewed here, but we’ve also included links to other models from the featured brands, so you can check them out if you didn’t get exactly what you want in the featured products.
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Our Top Choice
Marathon Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer
Since 1939, Marathon has been supplying fine precision time pieces throughout North America.
It comes with a compact design, and easy-to-use features.
Its one slight flaw is that it’s difficult to turn off the alarm.
24 hrs
Large freeze split time
Time, calendar, alarm
Info not provided
Water- and dust-resistant
Best Value
ProCoach RS-013 Stopwatch
ProCoach is an online platform with a mission of building a healthy and fulfilled life for everyone through exercise and fitness.
It has long-lasting usage time due to its LR44 alkaline battery, and it is extra lightweight.
The LCD display screen may be affected adversely by cold weather.
Info not provided
Large display
Time, calendar, alarm
Info not provided
Ultrak 360 Stopwatch
CEI Company is an online store that specializes in distribution and sales of Ultrak and Seiko timepieces from renowned manufacturers with world-class status.
Its 30 dual split recallable memory ensures that memory can be recalled forward or backward, and a large two-row display adds more sophistication to it.
Its minor downside is that it doesn’t have the option to turn off button sound.
10 hrs
Large 2-row display
Time, alarm, calendar
3 years
Water-resistant, backlight
Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch
Accusplit entered the stopwatch and timing industry in 1972 with its invention of the first-ever digital stopwatch. Its name is based on the stopwatch’s function of “accurately splitting” the time.
It’s designed with a clean, precise million cycle switches operation and a rugged lithium battery with an expected lifespan of five years.
One little downer is that it doesn’t come with a backlight display, making it difficult to use in the dark.
24 hrs
Magnum XL display
Time, date
5 years
Water- and shock-resistant
Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch
For the past 30 years, Learning Resources has been a global manufacturer of educational products and guides, supporting teachers and parents with unique, high-quality educational tools for children.
The color-coded function buttons make it easy to use, and its basic functions make it a great tool for teaching.
The function buttons are somewhat fragile and need careful handling.
3 hrs
Small easy-to-read
1 year

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What is the Best Stopwatch?

An ideal stopwatch has features that fulfill the purpose for which it was bought. After reading our buying guide, we feel certain that you’re now informed about the important features that should be top priority in your search for the perfect stopwatch. Take a close look at the products and brands we reviewed here, and you’ll be sure to see that particular stopwatch that meets your requirements.
Our Top Choice
The Marathon Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer is laser-tuned for 1/100th second accuracy and has the capacity to time in one-second increments up to 24 hours. For a high-end timer, see the Marathon Adanac 4000 Digital Stopwatch Timer. It has a full one-year warranty and a time calendar feature that displays hour, minute, second, month, date and day.

Marathon Water Resistant Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch with Extra Large Display and Buttons – Available in 2 Colors

In 1939, Morris Wein founded Marathon Watch, which since has been supplying fine precision timepieces throughout North America. In 1941, it started manufacturing timepieces for the Allied forces. By combining military precision with Swiss craftsmanship, its products have a high level of quality and accuracy.

The Marathon Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer ($20.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a water- and dust-resistant handheld stopwatch that is laser-tuned for 1/100th second accuracy. It times in one-second increments up to 24 hours. It comes with separate start/stop and reset buttons, and is durable, compact and easy to use. Here are some other functional features of this stopwatch:
  • It can time both single and split events, with split mode timing to freeze the split-time display while total timing continues
  • Has time and calendar with alarm and time-out mode timing
  • Large display screen that shows minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds
  • Includes a 46-inch lanyard
Best Value
The ProCoach RS-013 Stopwatch is a sports timer used by coaches, with a custom design that positions the start and stop buttons within flicking reach of the thumb. For a stopwatch with different features, check out the ProCoach Sports Stopwatch Timer RS-008. It features unprecedented accuracy, thus earning global recognition and endorsements by athletes and coaches.

ProCoach RS-013 Water Resistant Sports Stopwatch with Time & Alarm Function

ProCoach's mission is to build a healthy and fulfilled life for everyone through exercise and fitness. Its core values lie in the strong belief that having personal goals in life is a recipe for success, health and happiness. This is achievable when we take care of both our minds and bodies through fitness routines and exercises.

The ProCoach RS-013 Stopwatch ($12.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a sports timer used by professional coaches and referees the world over. It's built to fit precisely into the right hand, where the start and stop buttons can be easily reached with just a flick of the thumb. Other features of this stopwatch include:
  • 1/100th seconds split timing
  • Large display screen that shows time, date and alarm functions
  • Extra lightweight and water-resistant
  • Long-lasting usage time, thanks to its durable LR44 alkaline battery and efficient energy processing
  • A lanyard for wearing around the neck
The Ultrak 360 Stopwatch has a recallable memory feature, and an electro-luminescent backlight display for easy use in the dark. If you need a very high-end stopwatch with more flexible features, such as a 100 dual split recallable memory, then the Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer is a great option.

Ultrak 360 Stopwatch with 30 Dual Splits Recallable Memory

CEI Company handles distribution and sales of Ultrak and Seiko timepieces. Its teams are positioned all over the United States for faster sales and after-sales services.

The Ultrak 360 Stopwatch ($22.95 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a high-end, trendy digital stopwatch loaded with special features. It comes with a lithium battery, lap and cum splits, and a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck. Other notable features include:
  • Large two-row display
  • 30 dual split recallable memory
  • Recalls time forward or backwards, during or after operations
  • Continuous display of running events time
  • Electro-luminescent backlight display
  • Time, alarm and calendar display that measures time up to 10 hours
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
The Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch has split timing, time and date functions. It's a reliable and precise masterpiece with a five-year purchase warranty. For a stopwatch with more advanced features, such as an exclusive AOS Twin Master Control Left-Right button operation, we recommend the Accusplit Dual Line 16 Memory Pro Stopwatch.

Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch Clock with Extra Large Display – Available in 10 Colors

Accusplit invented the first-ever digital stopwatch. Its name is based on the stopwatch’s function of “accurately splitting” the time. It enjoys a wide acceptability in the sporting world within the United States, and was the official supplier to the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

The Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch ($20.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the best value PE stopwatch on the market. It is encased in Accusplit's eye-catching red exclusive “X” case, and is rugged and water- and dust-resistant. Its other features include:
  • Clean, reliable and precise million cycle switches operation for high timing precision and accuracy
  • Large clear digits for easy viewing
  • Comes with split timing, time and date functions
  • Lithium battery with expected lifespan of five years
  • Five-year Dual, No Proof and Proof of Purchase warranty
  • Very affordable considering the array of features
  • Includes lanyard, battery and instruction manual
The Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch is designed for kids, with its big color-coded buttons and uncomplicated display. It requires one 1.5V button-cell battery, which is included in the pack. If you’re looking for a stopwatch with a few more bells and whistles, go for the Learning Resources 0.5-Inch Digital Timer.

Learning Resources Simple and Easy-to-Use Stopwatch

Learning Resources makes innovative, hands-on educational products and guides, to support teachers and parents. Its wide range of products includes play and learning activity sets, subject-based manipulatives, and games that help to build foundational skills in subject areas through exploration, imagination and fun. It also designs simple technological tools and resources for teachers to help in delivering required knowledge for preschool, kindergarten, primary and middle-school pupils.

The Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch ($9.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is an affordable, beautifully designed stopwatch that comes in three bright and attractive colors. It's perfect for parents, teachers and kids who just want to have fun. It’s especially designed for little hands, with big buttons and an uncomplicated, easy-to-read display. Here are some of its other features:
  • Color-coded function buttons that make it easy for kids as young as five years to operate: green for go, red for stop and yellow for clear
  • Tracks minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds in an easy-to-read display
  • Great for classroom activities like math exercises, science labs or timed lessons
  • Requires one 1.5V button-cell battery, which is included in the pack

How Do I Choose the Best Stopwatch?

The stopwatch has been around since the early 1800s. It’s a device that measures the exact elapsed time between its activation and deactivation. Activation and deactivation can be done manually or automatically, depending on the type and purpose of the stopwatch. Most stopwatches have a specific function category they measure, such as sports, education, scientific or general fitness. They are broadly classified into mechanical and digital stopwatches, and both function based on different technologies. A stopwatch function is usually incorporated in smartwatches, but having the stopwatch as a gadget on its own is definitely preferable when you need it for specific purposes like sports.

Some people buy stopwatches just for the look or collector’s value. Such people naturally go after older models or vintage stopwatches, which are available in both mechanical and digital forms. But most people buy a stopwatch for its function, which can be used in any number of ways, like setting the countdown on your baby’s bottle sterilizer, or in personal fitness exercises like riding a road bike.

There are some basic factors you need to consider to make a satisfactory purchase. Let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to know when shopping for a stopwatch.
If you’re on a budget, you’re most likely to go for a less expensive brand of an item. Luckily, most manufacturers recognize that although people love quality products, their spending powers are not equal. One particular item may have two or more types, with different features that vary according to their prices. This means that for most products, you'll see sleekly designed, feature-loaded and (of course) pricey kinds, less expensive ones with basic features and design, and then those in-between.

Our review covers products from the high-end category, those in-between, and those that are more budget-friendly with basic features and design. Regardless of the category you go for, you’re sure to get high-quality products from renowned manufacturers here.

The prices for stopwatches featured here range between $9.99 and $22.95, which is quite affordable considering the number of features they have. During our research, we came across several cheap stopwatches, but we ignored them because they were built from flimsy parts that are sure to malfunction in no time. This review is solely based on high quality and functional stopwatches.
Stopwatches have not changed much in their design over time, except in the technology driving them. Almost all modern stopwatches are digital. One very important factor that you ought to look out for is whether the stopwatch has a built-in recallable memory, which serves to store previous time sets and recall them when prompted. Other important features to look out for when choosing a stopwatch include:
  • The size of the display screen
  • The different modes available
  • Extra functions
  • The maximum countdown
Construction and Design
Most stopwatches come with a large display screen for clear reading, and a backlight that aids viewing in the night or in a dark room. They also come in different modes, which may be single, dual split or both. A stopwatch with both single and dual split mode is preferable, so you can have the flexibility of using either mode as the need arises.

Every stopwatch has a maximum countdown, which might be in hours or minutes. Depending on your need for the stopwatch, you ought to check the maximum countdown, which is as far as the stopwatch can go in its countdown function.

There are stopwatches that are just stopwatches. But there are also ones that come with extra functions, like time, date and alarm system. This lets you keep in touch with time, no matter what you’re doing or where you are.
Performance and Ease of Use
An ideal stopwatch should come with as few buttons as possible. More buttons mean more complicating features, and really, who needs those? Just a simple start/stop and reset/recall button is all that is needed.

The ease of use and operation should be considered, as there’s no point in buying a complicated device that you may not be able to decipher how to use. Since they’re mostly handheld, your watch should be as light as possible for easy carrying.

Get the Best Stopwatch of 2022!

Now that you’ve come to the end of the review, we hope you’re in a better position to make an informed choice from our featured products. If that isn’t the case, don’t hesitate to check the other models from these trusted brands we brought to you.

Our Top Choice
Marathon Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer
Best Value
ProCoach RS-013 Stopwatch
Ultrak 360 Stopwatch
Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch
Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch