Best Straight Razor Reviews 2022

A straight razor is a tool that no barber can afford to be without - it’s handy and easy to use, and gets the job done quickly. It can also be used at home, as long as caution is taken. We’ve picked five great ones from some of the best straight razor brands out there. Check them out, because we’ve prepared this review just for you!
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Our Top Choice
Dovo Carbon Straight Razor
Dovo stands for quality, design, and experience. The company was founded in 1906 and produces high-value cutlery and shaving products which last a lifetime.
It has a sharp blade made of carbon steel and comes in a nice gift box.
It may need a little stropping.
5/8-inch blade width
Round point razor
Carbon steel blade
Ebony wood handle
1.6 ounces
Best Value
Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor
Feather is a company which mainly focuses on the production of high-quality and utility shaving items. The trustworthy brand is known for its durable products.
The handle material provides an excellent grip and it’s very simple to change the blade.
One complaint that it has a large blade.
4/8-inch blade width
Replaceable blade razor
Stainless steel
Silicon resin handle
2.4 ounces
AP Donovan Straight Razor Set
AP Donovan produces handmade, classy items dedicated to men worldwide who want original and exclusive experiences in their daily lives.
Has a straight-edged blade. Shaving soap and brush complement each other perfectly.
Some customers complained that they would have preferred a longer strop.
7/8-inch blade width
Handmade razor
Japanese steel
Hardwood handle
3.4 ounces
Parker Heavy Duty Straight Razor
Parker has been the leader in the razor producing market for 40 years. It produces the greatest shaving gear worldwide, as well as grooming accessories for men.
Clip/lock holder which makes it a safe instrument, providing a secure blade insertion.
The grip is not very comfortable for all customers.
½-inch blade width
Heavy-duty razor
Heavyweight steel
Heavyweight steel
2.3 ounces
Boker Straight Razor with Micarta Handle
Boker started its business many years ago and is the producer of the most famous knife lines. The knives are manufactured with passion and a blend of quality materials.
Its handle is made of the popular canvas Micarta which makes it very secure.
Some customers weren't satisfied with the size of the blade itself.
5/8-inch blade width
Handmade razor
Solingen steel
Canvas micarta
2.4 ounces

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What is the Best Straight Razor?

Straight razors are pretty similar, but they also have some differences in terms of shapes and sizes, as well as target users. Whereas some are designed for beginners, others are meant for professionals because they’re sharp and a beginner may cut himself by accident. Depending on your expertise, you may find some of our best straight razors more suited to your needs than others – keep this in mind while reading so you can find the best one for you.

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Our Top Choice
The Dovo Carbon Straight Razor is a real shave-ready razor with a “Prima Silver Steel” blade. For a better shaving experience, this model also comes with a rounded tip. If you’re looking for a razor which can adapt to all standard double-edged blades, here is the Dovo Silver Straight Razor. It has an aluminum blade carrier that the holder fits into, and the colors of the holder may vary from black or red.

Dovo Carbon Straight Razor – Ebony Wood Handle, Steel Blade, Comes in Blue Metallic Tin

Dovo was founded in 1906, and it engages every day in the development and production of premium items of cutlery and shaving. Dovo is renowned for the high value of its products which usually last a lifetime. The company’s name stands for quality, design, and experience – Dovo is a name to trust.

The Dovo Carbon Straight Razor is well-constructed and beautiful. Its sharp carbon steel razor is the way to go if you’re looking for a shave-ready blade.

See its characteristics:
  • ”Prima Silver Steel” blade
  • 5/8-inch blade width
  • Black ebony wood handle
  • Comes in a blue metal gift box
  • Blade made of carbon steel
Best Value
The Feather SS Straight Razor provides a comfortable and smooth shaving experience and is the ultimate “replaceable blade” razor. If you would prefer a razor with a wooden handle, check out the Feather DX Wood Handle Razor. The body is made of stainless steel. It’s also resistant to chemicals and rust, being treated with finishing material for a smooth shave.

Feather Artist Club SS Shaving Razor - Japanese Straight Black Handle & Stainless Steel Body

Feather produces a large array of products, such as surgical blade handles, surgical blade removers, nail clippers, and even phone cases, but it mainly focuses on the production of shaving items. Customers rated Feather products as high-quality and trustworthy, and said that they’re a great investment because they last a lifetime.

The Feather SS Straight Razor is a “replaceable blade” razor, and is meant to provide a comfortable and smooth shave. It has a stainless steel body which makes it resistant to heat and other chemicals, and the handle is made of silicone resin for amazing grip and comfort.

Check out its specifications:
  • Heat-resistant handle (up to 275°F)
  • Silicone resin handle
  • Excellent grip
  • Rounded shaving head
  • Fast and easy blade changing
The AP Donovan Straight Razor Set includes a brush and shaving soap, and they all come in a beautiful case made of natural wood. If you’re interested just in this razor but don’t want the brush and soap as well, we recommend you look at the AP Donovan Mahogany Straight Razor. It’s a handmade professional tool which comes in a decorative box made of real wood.

AP Donovan Excellent Straight Razor Set – Japanese Steel Blade, Decorative Wooden Box, Shaving Brush &Leather Strap Included

AP Donovan produces straight razors, leather goods, and more for the avant-garde. The products it designs and manufactures are classy, sharp, and most importantly, handmade. AP Donovan products are designed for men who are able to understand them, and can also be an original and exclusive gift for the classy man in your life.

The AP Donovan Straight Razor Set consists of a straight razor, a brush, and shaving soap. It’s a professional and handmade tool which will make a great gift, given its number of accessories.

Let’s see more:
  • Straight-edged razor blade
  • Heavy hardwood handle
  • Comes in a decorative case made of natural wood
  • Shaving brush made of the finest material
  • Shaving soap which perfectly fits the shaving brush
The Parker Heavy Duty Straight Razor is part of the world’s finest line of barber straight razors and comes with 5 half blades. If you would like a smaller and less expensive razor, we recommend the Parker Straight Edge Barber Razor. It has a snap/lock blade holder which provides secure blade insertion and comes with 5 half blades.

Parker Safety Razor - Professional Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor & 5 Shark Stainless Blades Included

Parker was founded more than 40 years ago and since then it has developed the finest shaving gear in the world, as well as classic grooming products for men. The company has been the leader in producing safety razors, and each product promises quality, innovation, and great design.

The Parker Heavy Duty Straight Razor comes with 5 sharp half blades made of stainless steel which permit any barber to change the blade according to the client. Plus, there’s no need to sharpen or strop it.

Check out its features:
  • Heavy-duty razor
  • Rounded blade ends
  • Weighs 2.3 ounces
  • Safe blade insertion
  • Clip/lock holder of the blade
  • Comes with 5 half blades
The Boker Straight Razor has a classy, appealing look and is a straight razor made entirely by hand. If you want a razor with a black handle, take a look at the Boker Black Handle Straight Razor. It has a popular shape known as the “King Cutter” and the manufacturers paid great attention to the details.

Boker Straight Razor – Brown Canvas Micarta Handle, 5/8" Blade Made from Solingen Steel & Delivered with Authenticity Certificate

Boker started as a small hardware factory in the 17th century. Since 1869, the company has been producing the world’s most famous knives manufactured in Solingen. Passion and enthusiasm are what ensure that the knives leaving the factory are always of high quality.

The Boker Straight Razor is a premium-quality handmade straight razor which comes in a historical package. Its handle is made of the very popular brown canvas Micarta, which is a compound material that consists of fabric and epoxy.

See its features:
  • Blade made of Solingen steel
  • 5/8-inch blade width
  • Handle made of canvas Micarta
  • Completely handmade
  • Comfortable and secure grip even when hands are wet
  • Nice and appealing look

How Do I Choose the Best Straight Razor?

Shaving has a rich history, dating back to the Neanderthal man who started shaving his facial hair using clam shells and other crude items to get the job done. It was not until 1680 that the first straight razor was introduced. Years later, in the 1800s, the design of the modern straight razor was introduced. Since then, men have not looked back from shaving with straight razors. You can also buy it in a shaving set if you want value for your money.

The best straight razors on the market still have that same old design, with only a few tweaks here and there to make the razor perform better. Straight razors are a joy for people who enjoy a close shave. With a straight razor, you can shave as close to the skin as possible without feeling irritated. Unlike an electric razor, a straight razor is more cost-effective and you can use it on the go.

It’s also a perfect item for men who want to do their own shaving instead of having to visit a barber shop all the time. With a straight razor, you’re able to enjoy your alone time as you shape your beard. Using a straight razor is no easy feat, and most men want to learn how to use it so they can enjoy the skill and the art form and be a part of the heritage associated with using it.

There is a lot of pride and confidence that comes with doing things yourself and shaving with a straight razor is one of them. It’s bound to give you a sense of pride. For people looking to open barber shops or learn how to shave, a straight razor is a must-have. You can also buy your razor with a beard balm for grooming your beard when it starts to grow.
There is lots of high-tech super shaving equipment available on the market today that can cost a fortune. But that’s not the case with a straight razor. Although you’ll find a good razor for about $20, some luxurious brands can cost up to $100. The price also depends on the type of straight razor chosen and the type of metal it’s made of.

Cheap straight razors can be tempting to buy due to their low cost. However, they can easily compromise your health or not last even a single shave. For this reason, avoid such poor-quality razors. Your health and looks are important. Go for the best razor for you, but within your budget.
Although a straight razor comes in a simple design, its efficiency lies in its simplicity. The simple design allows easy maneuverability of the razor on your skin. It also ensures you can easily hold the razor in your hand without getting fatigued. This is important because shaving is an art that takes time, and you want just the right tool to get the job done properly.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a straight razor:
  • Blade size and materials used to make the blade
  • The design of the blade’s tip
  • The weight of the straight razor
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • An easy-to-rotate pivot
  • The material on the scales
  • The material used on the handle
With the right straight razor, you won’t just shave your facial hair, but also keep your skin smooth as often as you want, as the razor is reusable.
Construction and Design
Shopping for a straight razor for clean shaves? Here are some important factors to help you pick the best razor for you:

Size – Straight razors come in different sizes. Some are big while others are small. The size of a razor is measured by the size of the blade, because it determines where the razor can be used. Small razors are suitable for shaving hard-to-reach areas and where a lot of maneuverability is needed.

Big razors, on the other hand, are suitable for use where hair is coarse, hence, some weight is needed to make the razor move smoothly. The size of a blade is usually given in 1/8-inch increments, indicating its width. Size is, therefore, given as a fraction. A blade of size 4/8 is, therefore, 0.5-inch thick.

Type – There are different types of straight razors available on the market. There is the classic razor, disposable razors, replaceable blade razor and shavettes. A disposable straight razor, as the name suggests, is made for one or a few uses, and can then be gotten rid of. A replaceable razor is one where the razors are replaced after several uses.

The shavette is a replaceable type, usually used by barbers to ensure the razors are safe. They also don’t require stropping or honing and, thus, are ideal for learners. A classic straight razor is one made in an authentic design. The razor is permanent and made to last for years of regular use. It’s maintained by stropping and honing regularly, as required.

Blade – The blade of a straight razor is also important, because that’s what’s used to cut hair. The blade should be made of high-quality steel that can last long, especially for a classic straight razor. The steel should also be stainless so the blade doesn’t rust easily. The size of the blade is also important to consider because it determines how well you can maneuver the razor.

Blades come in three different tips: square, round and barber’s notch. The round tip is the most preferred, especially if you’re a beginner, just learning how to use a straight razor.

Handle – The handles of straight razors are supposed to be durable and resistant to rust. Opt for an ergonomic design for easy razor movements when taking shape. It’s important for the design to allow the razor to be held as intended, in between the fingers for easy maneuverability.

Weight – The weight of a razor determines how well it moves on your face. However, a good razor is neither too heavy nor too light so you don’t have to use a lot of force when shaving. Go for the razor weight you can easily handle and move smoothly on your face.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buy your straight razor with other shaving accessories, such as creams and balms, to get the best shaving experience. Other essential accessories that can ease your shaving experience include a brush, towel, aftershave and shaving scuttle. The blade of a razor requires maintenance to ensure it works fine all the time. Therefore, hone and strop it regularly for prolonged use. Stropping aligns the blade before any shave, while honing sharpens it.

After every shave, clean and dry the blade before storage. It should be stored in an area where it is protected from undue pressure to prevent it from breaking. Before using your straight razor, it’s recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions to get the most out of it. You’ll also learn how to properly care for your razor.

Get the Best Straight Razor of 2022!

Don’t hesitate – you don’t want to miss out on buying yourself a straight razor. It’s a great investment and will always be a handy tool around the house or at the barber’s.

Our Top Choice
Dovo Carbon Straight Razor
Best Value
Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor
AP Donovan Straight Razor Set
Parker Heavy Duty Straight Razor
Boker Straight Razor with Micarta Handle