Best Stylus Pen Reviews 2023

Stylus pens are a great way to use a range of phone, tablet, and touchscreen devices without messing up your screen or even using your fingers at all! We have selected some of the best stylus pen brands on the market today to give you a better feel for what’s available to you and help you choose your ideal stylus pen. We know, we know, we’re great!
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Our Top Choice
Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus Pen
Wacom is an innovative brand that believes technology and art can go hand-in-hand to create something truly unique. This is clear in their line of imaginative products.
The Smart Stylus Pen from Wacom is specifically designed to fit the hand’s natural contours allowing for impeccable precision.
Some customers did find that the product was slightly offset by about 1mm.
Artistic Nib End Pen
5.7” x 0.4” x 5.7” 2.4 oz.
Matte Black Finish
Comes with hard and soft nib
Pressure Sensitivity
Best Value
TEVIWIN 2-in-1 Stylus Pens
Teviwin is the creator of a huge range of computer products and accessories all designed with the creativity and style of its customers in mind.
The Teviwin 2-in-1 Stylus Pens come in a large 12-piece set in a variety of wonderful, eye-catching colors. The pen nibs are also soft to prevent damage to your screen.
Some customers found the pens to be quite flimsy.
12 Pack Nib End Pens
5.4” x 0.3” x 0.3” 0.5 oz.
12 Colors with Aluminum Finish
Soft, Rubber Tips
Compatible with all touchscreens
Cross Multifunctional Stylus Pen
For over 168 years Cross has been creating stunning, usable products that make day-to-day life more glamorous, with materials that scream class and sophistication.
The Multifunctional Stylus Pen from Cross is available in 6 different colors and can be used as a stylus, ballpoint pen, pencil, or eraser!
Some customers found that the stylus was prone to sticking to their screen.
5.3” x 0.4” x 5.3” 0.8 oz.
Available in 6 colors
Silicone rubber tip
Includes an eraser
BoxWave Stylus Pen
Created in 2002, BoxWave is an award-winning brand that specializes in creating a variety of high-tech accessories suitable for a wide range of devices.
Available in over 9 fabulous colors, this stylus pen is easy to use and works for up to 12 hours at a time. It also includes a micro USB cable.
Some customers found the pen to be too thin.
Nib End Stylus Pen
8” x 1.9” x 1” 1.3 oz.
Available in 9 colors
2mm Tip
Includes Micro USB Cable
ECO-FUSED Zebra Print Stylus Pens
Created in 2015, Eco-Fused is a relatively new company that’s all about bringing its customers the most high-tech products on the market today.
Eco-Fused’s Zebra Print Stylus Pens are compatible with almost any device and have a quirky zebra print design that makes them a blast to use!
Customers felt they had to use more pressure with these stylus pens.
Nib End Stylus Pen
4.7” x 2.8” x 0.4” 1.9 oz.
Zebra Print Design in 8 Colors
Made from soft material
Includes Cleaning Cloth

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What is the Best Stylus Pen?

After looking through our buying guide and deciding which features are important to you, we hope the whole process of shopping around is a little bit easier for you. By understanding what it is you want out of your product, you can whittle your options down to find the ideal stylus pen for your needs. So, let’s take a look at our top 5 picks and see if any of our favorites do it for you!
Our Top Choice
The Bamboo Smart Stylus Pen by Wacom is specifically designed to allow you more freedom and originality, in a stylus pen that makes it feel like you’re writing on paper. If you’re after a slightly higher-end product, however, make sure you take a look at Wacom’s Intuos LP-180E Pen instead; it even has an eraser!

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel for Galaxy Note Devices & Bamboo Pad

Wacom is a brand that’s passionate about bringing creativity into the world. It feels that creativity is what makes us human and brings a fulfilment to our lives that allow people to express new ideas and explore the world around them. Wacom has played a vital role in inspiring this type of creativity by bringing their customers a wide range of technologically-advanced accessories for your phone, tablet, laptop, and much, much more.

We decided to feature Wacom’s Bamboo Smart Stylus Pen due to its wide range of features, great price, and the fact that the brand is so renowned. The Bamboo Stylus works with a variety of Samsung Galaxy Note devices (Note: 1,2,3,8.0,10.1 and 12.2) as well as the Bamboo Pad. This pen allows you to write and draw with impeccable precision and comfort, fitting in your hand comfortably for extended use. With over 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as palm-rejection technology, you’re invited to let your creativity run wild. If you’re after a stylus pen that’s less stylus and more pen, then this is definitely a product you want to check out.
Best Value
The Teviwin 2-in-1 Stylus Pens are perfect for anyone after a large, colorful set of pens at a fraction of the cost of other big name brands. If you’re after a simpler and more affordable product, however, make sure you have a look at Teviwin’s Ultralight Universal Click Stylus Pens instead!

TEVIWIN 12 Colored Universal 2-in-1 Slim Capacitive Stylus & Ballpoint Pens

Teviwin is a brand that creates a wide range of computer products and accessories that make life easier and come in a huge variety of styles. Teviwin seems to understand that everyone’s tastes are different and therefore creates products that reflect this. From stylus pens to phone cases and covers, you are sure to find a Teviwin product that reflects your own unique style.

The Teviwin 2-in-1 Stylus Pens are a winner in our eyes due to the fact that they have an endless amount of features at an impressive price! These high-quality pens are super sensitive and can be used on pretty much any digital screen product such as an iPods, iPads, or iPhones. Designed like a ball point pen, these stylus pens are convenient to use, lightweight, and have an easy clip design that makes them a breeze to carry. The nib of the pen is also made from a super soft material that won’t damage your screen. This set includes 12 stylus pens in a variety of color options (Black, Blue, Purple, Dark Red, Red, Rose Red, Pink, Gold, Green, Sky Blue, White, and Silver) that will allow your imagination to run wild!
The Multifunctional Stylus Pen from Cross is ideal for anyone after a product that allows them to work from screen to paper at the click of a switch. Plus it looks pretty fancy, too! If you’re after a slightly cheaper product, then take a look at Cross’s Tech 2.2 Ballpoint Pen with Touch Screen Stylus instead.

Cross Tech3+ Collection Multifunction Stylus Pen – Available in 6 Colors

Originally founded as a jewelry and luxury product company, Cross has been dabbling in the finer things for over 168 years. Today, Crown has adapted to the increasingly high-tech world of the 21st century but has still managed to maintain its iconic Cross charm. The focus of the brand is to create products that work impeccably and look stunning at the same time, with a focus on the use of precious stones and metals and their signature ‘X’ Authenticity Mark.

The Cross Multifunctional Stylus Pen is ideal for the more extravagant of stylus pen users with its sleek design and array of useful features. This accessory, made from soft silicone rubber, works by conveying electrical signals to the touch screen of a variety of touch-pad products. It can be used as a stylus, a ballpoint pen in either black or red, or as a 0.5mm pencil, the choice is totally up to you. The product’s twist technology makes for easy tip selection with a wide 8mm stylus that can unscrew to reveal an eraser.
The Stylus Pen from BoxWave is easy to use and looks pretty stylish, too. This pen is perfect for anyone after a high-quality stylus that doesn’t cost the earth. If you’re looking for a stylus that’s compatible with a Kindle, make sure you take a look at BoxWave’s Capacitive Amazon Kindle Fire Stylus instead.

BoxWave AccuPoint & EverTouch Stylus Pens – Available in 9 Colors & Styles

BoxWave is an award-winning accessories brand for devices such as the iPhone, Treo 750, and 8525. BoxWave’s accessories have been recognized by the likes of CNBC, Engadget, and PC Today and are now viewed as one of the industry leaders in their field. Established in 2002, BoxWave sell accessories and gadgets for a wide range of categories such as cell phones, smart phones, media players, and much, much more.

The Stylus Pen from BoxWave has a super precise 2mm tip that allows you to draw accurately as well as tap and swipe to your heart’s content. Easy to use, this stylus pen switches on and off at the click of a button with electronic pulses for increased accuracy. The Stylus Pen from BoxWave requires less screen pressure than standard stylus products and has a built-in battery that provides over 12 hours of use. This product is also easy to charge and includes a micro USB cable!
If plain old black and grey stylus pens bore you, then the Zebra Print Stylus Pens from Eco-Fused should be right up your alley! If, however, you want a bit more bang for your buck, why don’t you check out the Eco-fused Multi Color Stylus Pens instead; they’re extendable!

ECO-FUSED 8 Zebra Print Universal Stylus Pen Bundle with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Although small, Eco-Fused is a rapidly expanding company that was formed in 2015. Their aim is to offer their customers the very best products on the market today in a variety of fun styles that have an even better price tag!

We wanted to feature Eco-Fused’s Zebra Print Stylus pens due to their fun, printed design and the fact that the brand itself is so popular. This set includes 8 single-colored (red, purple, hot pink, light blue, blue, green, gold, and silver) long stylus pens in a spectacular zebra design. The set also includes an Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to help keep your pens and screen looking spick and span. These pens are compatible with a variety of different devices such as the iPad, iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Google Tablet, Android Tablet, and many more. The tip of these stylus pens is also made from an incredibly soft material that prevents your screen from damage and pesky finger marks!

How Do I Choose the Best Stylus Pen?

Stylus pens are useful little tools that can be used to write messages on your iPhone, draw images on your tablet, or make using your Kindle that much simpler. Stylus pens work using pressure or touch rather than ink, which means they can be used on a variety of touchscreen products.

Many people like using stylus pens to avoid dirty fingers touching and smudging their screens. A stylus pen eliminates this problem and also allows for more precise use. Whilst fingers are great for tapping and swiping, stylus pens allow the user to sign signatures, write notes, and draw and doodle in a more defined way. Using a stylus pen is very similar to using a normal pen, with many stylus products actually including ballpoint pens as an added feature. Unlike normal pens, however, a stylus allows you to write and draw on your device, then save and email it on all to one place. This prevents endless pieces of paper stacking up on your desk and makes it easier to find documents and files later on.

Stylus pens are also ideal for those who have trouble using their hands; stylus pens can be attached to mouth and headpieces that allow the customer to use touchscreen products with ease. Not only this, stylus pens protect your screen from nasty scratches, are more accurate, and are perfect for those who have slightly larger fingers.

When it comes to choosing the best stylus pen for you, you first need to figure out which style of pen you’re after. There are three main types of stylus pens to choose from:
  • Nib Stylus- These are probably the most common type of stylus pen and are probably the ones you’re most familiar with. Nib stylus pens come in a variety of sizes ranging from 7mm down to 1mm. These pens usually have silicone or rubber tips, although some older models may still use foam. The larger nib pens are designed to be just like your fingertip and are perfect for doodling, casual sketching, or when wider lines are needed. The larger nib pens, however, are too large to be used for proper handwriting purposes; this is where a smaller nib pen is used. Many artists and designers use small nib stylus pens because they add more detail, are easier to write with, and allow the user to draw at a steeper angle.
  • Multipurpose Stylus- Multipurpose stylus pens are probably the most popular pens on the market today as they include a stylus pen on one end and a ballpoint pen on the other! Manufacturers have created these styluses to feel just like a normal pen by adding weight, which makes it easier to use the stylus on your device as if it were a real pen. This added weight makes multipurpose pens ideal for anyone who find themselves taking a lot of notes, emailing, or editing, and they also tend to come in lots of colors! We wouldn’t recommend these pens for heavy sketching, however, as the weight of the pen may be too difficult to use.
  • Unconventional Stylus- These stylus pens are normally used for things such as playing games, sketching, or painting on your device. Whilst most styluses have rubber or foam tips, unconventional products have brushes or bristles that make painting on a device more realistic. They can also come in a pic variety, allowing you to learn the guitar by strumming on your device. They can even come shaped like children’s markers to help children use touchscreen products. Unconventional styluses are a lot less common and aren’t ideal if you’re using the stylus for professional drawing or writing purposes. They are, however, a fun way to play games on your device, and they make a great gift!
A final factor we recommend looking out for when purchasing a new stylus pen is compatibility. These days, most stylus pens are compatible with the majority of touchscreen products so you shouldn’t have too much trouble here. This isn’t guaranteed, however, so we recommend finding out the exact model of the device you’ll use before making your final selection, and ensuring your new pen will work with this product.
The price you pay for your new stylus pen depends on what kind you’re after and how often you plan on using it. If you’re after a stylus pen that you plan on using all the time for work and social purposes, then we suggest investing in a more expensive stylus pen. If, however, you don’t plan on using your pen frequently, you may want to opt for a less expensive product.

The price range of stylus products (nib, multipurpose, and unconventional) will usually range between $10 and $60. The price of your product is going to depend on how many features it has and what it’s made from. If you’re looking to buy a cheaper stylus pen, you’ll probably be after a nib style product as these are the most common. You can buy nib stylus pens in large sets (packs of 8, 10, and 12) and this will usually bring the price down. Just be aware, however, that these pens won’t last as long as other, more expensive style pens.
When choosing your ideal stylus pen, it all depends on what style of pen you’re after and what you’ll be using it for. Therefore, we recommend having a good think about this before making your final purchase. There are, however, a few features that we suggest keeping an eye out for in all stylus pen products.

Here are some important features to look for:
  • Soft nib made from silicone or rubber
  • Comfort
  • Compatibility
  • Sturdy design
By using this guide when shopping around, we hope it’s been made easier to select a product that’s high-quality and right for you.
Construction and Design
When purchasing a new stylus pen we recommend going for a product with a silicone or rubber tip as these types of nibs won’t compress when you push down on your device, allowing for more accurate use. Rubber or silicone nibs are also more recognizable on tablets and phones, which means you won’t spend forever jabbing away at your device wondering why on earth you bought a stylus pen in the first place! Rubber and silicone nibs are also easily replaceable if they get damaged and are fairly inexpensive; they do less damage to your screen and are ideal for both writing and drawing.

Comfort is a big thing when it comes to purchasing the right stylus pen for you. Stylus pens come in tons of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to select one that you feel comfortable writing and drawing with. You want to select a product that’s easy to hold and won’t slip from your hand, which is why we recommend purchasing a stylus that’s shaped like a pen and not a stick. If you have trouble gripping onto stylus pens, we recommend choosing a product that’s specifically designed for easy gripping. This feature is becoming more and more popular, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Like we mentioned before, compatibility is very important when buying your new stylus pen. Although these days stylus pens are usually compatible with all touchscreen devices, this isn’t always guaranteed; make sure your chosen product specifically advertises that it will work on your device beforehand.

Another thing you want to look out for in your new product is that your pen is made of a durable, sturdy material. Most stylus pens these days are either chrome or steel plated, especially the more expensive products. If you don’t want to spend too much on a stylus pen, however, then you can get cheaper products that are made from less sturdy materials, but be aware that they may not last as long.
Performance and Ease of Use
Stylus pens should last you for a while as long as you take care of them properly. These days, many manufacturers create stylus pens that have attached clips, meaning they can be hooked onto your pocket, device case, or wallet. This is a great feature to look out for as most stylus pens get damaged when they’re thrown into the bottom of your bag. These pens are typically pricier, but can be less expensive in the long run if it means you don’t have to buy a new stylus every month. Another way to care for your new stylus pen is by purchasing a product that comes with a lanyard hoop. These stylus pens can be easily placed around your neck and are literally right under your nose when you need to use them. Some, more expensive, stylus pens are also magnetic and stick directly onto your phone, iPad, or tablet.

If the nib of your stylus pen stops working, don’t fret; you don’t need to throw the whole thing away. Stylus nibs are actually incredibly easy to replace and are relatively inexpensive too. Simply screw off the old nib and replace it with a new one…simple!

Get the Best Stylus Pen of 2023!

Fingers crossed, after looking through our favorite products and brands you’ve managed to find a stylus pen that’s ideal for you. If not, don’t you panic! We have specifically chosen brands not only for their notoriety, but also for their large collections. All you have to do is simply browse through their other products to find something that works for you. See, you can de-pen-d on us!

Our Top Choice
Wacom Bamboo Smart Stylus Pen
Best Value
TEVIWIN 2-in-1 Stylus Pens
Cross Multifunctional Stylus Pen
BoxWave Stylus Pen
ECO-FUSED Zebra Print Stylus Pens