Best Superhero Costume Reviews 2022

Whether superheroes exist or not, it’s always nice to dress up as your favorite characters from movies and cartoons. Better yet, wearing a costume helps complete your kid’s Halloween theme by looking like a superhero. But it’s a daunting task knowing which costume best suits you. Here, you will find products from some of the best superhero costume brands that will spice up your trick-or-treat adventure.
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Our Top Choice
Forplay Women’s Super-Seductress Costume
Forplay has provided customers with quality costumes and lingerie for over twenty-five years and is loved for its creative designs.
Super sexy. Flattering. Great-looking. Quality material. Loads of accessories.
Top part may be a bit large for smaller chests.
Super seductress
95% polyester, 5% spandex
4 sizes
Matching cape, arm cuffs
Best Value
Rubie’s Marvel Adult Deadpool Costume
Rubie’s Costume Company has attractive and quality costumes that are creatively designed to provide maximum fun.
Comfortable. Attracts attention & compliments. Full body coverage. Looks cool. Fits well. Polyester. Fiber-filled chest.
The mask may be a bit tight.
Marvel Deadpool
100% polyester
3 sizes
Charades Thunder Woman Costume
For the last 15 years, Charades has been in the business of manufacturing quality and comfortable costumes for different occasions.
Form-fitting. Attracts attention. Quality material. Includes matching cape. US-made.
Needs alterations to snugly fit slim people.
Thunder Woman
Liquid spandex
5 sizes
Satin cape
Disguise Muscle Filled Mr. Incredible Costume
Disguise is a leading manufacturer of Halloween costumes and provides customers with stylish items to spice up the event.
Muscle-filled look. Made of breathable fabric. Super comfy. Full body coverage. Comes with mask.
May need alterations, especially around the waist.
Mr. Incredible
100% polyester
1 size
California Costumes Hercules Costume
California Costumes is a US-based company that helps bring various characters to life by providing consumers with affordable costumes.
Enhanced superhero look. Lots of accessories. Breathable fabric. Super comfortable.
Doesn’t include shoes and sword.
100% polyester
3 sizes
Arm cuffs, leg guard, head band

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What is the Best Superhero Costume?

Various factors come into play before you decide on which costume to purchase. Let’s delve further into specific features that will help you with your decision.
Our Top Choice
The Forplay Women’s Super-Seductress Super Hero Costume will have you feeling like Super Woman with its metallic bodysuit and flowing cape that will capture everyone’s attention. Well, if you prefer not to show parts of your body while in costume, we would highly recommend the Forplay Women’s Jazzy Jester that’s still sexy.

Forplay Women’s Super-Seductress Super Hero Costume – Available in Different Sizes

Forplay has provided the industry with everything sexy, from lingerie to swimwear and even costumes for various events. With an able team of designers and pattern makers, Forplay always keeps customers happy with its creative designs. Endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Tori Spelling, wearing the brand’s costumes will definitely get you noticed and let you shine in the occasion. The brand endeavors to maintain a fair balance between its creativity, quality, and the pricing of its products.

The Forplay Super Seductress Super Hero Costume will help you bring the American flag to a sexy life. Everyone’s attention will be on you as you walk around dressed in this sexy costume. Made of 95% polyester, this costume is comfortable and breathable; the 5% spandex material also helps the costume to fit snugly, which adds to its super sexiness. The female Captain America theme is brought out nicely on this body-fitting costume.

Here’s more about this superhero costume:
  • Includes a matching full-length cape
  • Metallic bodysuit with a sexy look
  • Has accessories such as arm cuffs and a lasso
  • Requires dry cleaning only
  • A fancy headband completes the look
Don’t worry whether this costume will fit or not since it’s available in a number of sizes, namely extra small/small, small/medium, medium/ large, and large/extra large.
Best Value
The Rubie’s Marvel Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult Deadpool Costume is a multi-colored male jumpsuit complete with a belt and mask to give you that comfortable and action-packed look. Looking to have matching outfits with your little champ? We believe that the Rubie’s Captain America Costume would be a great match.

Rubie’s Marvel Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult Deadpool Costume – Available in Different Sizes

Rubie’s Costume World takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of Halloween costumes for about 66 years. Modeling its designs around well-known superheroes, the brand has managed to capture and retain the interest of customers around the globe. This family-owned enterprise has expanded its portfolio to provide items for other festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter. With a serious team of designers, Rubie’s offers quality and affordable costumes for everyone, including your pets.

The Rubie’s Marvel Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume is just what you need to stand out in that event. Boasting 100% polyester construction, this costume is breathable and super comfortable to wear. Marvel, a renowned superhero brand has licensed the use of this adult costume so you can be sure that you’re in line with its Deadpool theme. The signature piece in this superhero item is the fiber-filled chest that’s designed to make you look like a masculine and well-built action figure. This muscle chest adds to the authenticity of this costume.

Here’s more about this adult costume:
  • Matching mask for a mysterious look
  • Padded jumpsuit complete with boot tops
  • Adult-sized with a snug fit
  • Multi-colored costume
  • Hand-washable quality material
Worried on whether this costume will fit? Well, it comes in a standard snug fit size and an extra-large size for people with a broader chest.
The Charades Thunder Woman Superhero Adult Costume with Cape is a form-fitting jumpsuit made of liquid spandex to give you a snug fit and an incredible superhero look. Do you prefer a different costume design? Then the Charades Velvet Cloak Costume is a must-have in your closet.

Charades Thunder Woman Superhero Adult Costume with Cape – Available in Different Sizes

Charades has been in the costume manufacturing business for the last fifteen years. During this period, this remarkable brand has created a name for itself as a leader in the provision of stylish costumes made using quality materials. Its finished products will help you bring your intended theme to life in a fun way. With costumes for both adults and children, the brand incorporates all and offers reasonably-priced products.

The Charades Thunder Superhero Costume is modeled behind the fictional character that was originally in Green Arrow. The idea behind this character is that she could increase her size without adding any volume. By getting into this costume, you help bring this character to life. This fitting jumpsuit is just what you need to have all eyes on you in any occasion. It’s comfortable and fits snugly thanks to its spandex material.

This black jumpsuit also has a matching cape that’s made of heavy satin material. To enhance the look, you’ll need a wig, gloves, and shoes which are available separately. Depending on your body size, you can choose from the available 5 sizes: x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. You will feel like Thunder Woman in this well-constructed costume.
The Disguise Muscle Filled Mr. Incredible Adult Superhero Costume is a muscle-filled jumpsuit complete with a mask, giving you the ultimate crime-fighting look. Do you dig Spiderman instead of Mr. Incredible when it comes to crime fighting? Then we would like to recommend the Disguise Marvel Spiderman Men’s Costume instead.

Disguise Muscle Filled Mr. Incredible Adult Superhero Costume – Available in Extra Large Size

When it comes to Halloween costumes, Disguise has made a name for itself in terms of quality and creativity. With an experienced team of sculptors, designers, and talented graphic artists, the brand has managed to rise to the top of the industry. Its costumes bring to life numerous characters and this has endeared it to customers around the globe. Having acquired licenses from recognized brands such as Disney and Marvel, Disguise is your go-to brand for fantastic themes.

The Disguise Mr. Incredible Deluxe Adult Superhero Costume will help you create a wonderful day of trick-or-treating with your family knowing there’s a superhero beside them for defense. Modeled behind the Incredible series of a crime-fighting family, this costume will turn you into the male crime fighter in the family. Its sculpted muscle chest adds authenticity to this look and will help you remain comfortable all day.

Here’s more to appreciate about this costume:
  • Made of 100% breathable polyester
  • Full-body jumpsuit in an extra-large size
  • Fun-looking multi-colored design
  • Incudes a character mask and a belt
The California Costumes Mythical Hercules Male Adult Costume incorporates a tunic, body armor, and a cape which helps authenticate your look as the strongest man that ever lived. Have you already worn this in a previous event? How about you go for the California Costumes Men’s Centurion Costume instead.

California Costumes Mythical Hercules Male Adult Costume – Available in Different Sizes

L.A-based, California Costumes Company began in 1992 and takes pride in provision of costumes and accessories especially for Halloween. It’s loved among the industry due to its attention to creative designs and innovative styles. It’s guided by the principle of bringing characters from movies and comic books to life, and its products are competitively priced and are sure to add that spice to any occasion you’re a part of.

The California Costumes Hercules Adult Costume takes you back to the medieval times and helps emulate a soldier or warrior in the ancient Greek dynasty. The set includes a vinyl body armor with a white tunic inside for added comfort. The costume looks authentic and comes complete with accessories such as cuffs, arm bands, and leg bands just like those worn by medieval soldiers.

Here’s more about this costume:
  • Themed around mythical superhero
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Durable construction that will serve for long
  • All the accessories are adjustable for a snug fit
  • Machine-washable for easy cleaning
No matter your body size, you will get one that fits you since you get to choose from medium, large, and extra-large.

How Do I Choose the Best Superhero Costume?

Don’t we at times wish that Superman or Batman would come and bring some sanity to our lives? There’s something about watching superheroes in action that makes our hearts beat faster and escape to a world unknown. As a parent, you can identify with the superhero phenomenon especially when your kids are at that age where they want everything they own themed in line with their favorite superhero. Whether it’s playing dress up or role playing, wearing costumes is an amazing feeling.

During Halloween, you get to wear all manner of costumes and a favorite among many is wearing a superhero outfit. You will find that major entertainment brands such as Disney, Marvel, and 20th Century Fox have licensed different manufacturers to create costumes themed around action figures in their films. Consequently, you will find a couple dressed up as a duo that features in a superhero show. It’s also common to find an entire family wearing different outfits revolving around superheroes. Such costumes help to bring these characters to life in a fun and playful way.

When in the market for a superhero costume, there are a few factors to consider before settling on a particular one. Of essence are the sizes available for that costume; ensure that the costume is in line with your body size and fits well. The material used to make the costume should also be of good quality, and better yet have some breathability properties. So, whether it’s your kids Halloween costume or you just want to tag for a trick-or-treat spree, dressing as a superhero will definitely get you noticed.
Dressing up as your favorite superhero doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With between $25 and about $80, you will be in a position to acquire a well-fitting and attractive costume. There are various factors that come into play in the determination of these costumes’ price. You will find that those with full body coverage and a lot of accessories such as matching capes, head bands, and cuffs tend to cost you more.

While getting ready for Halloween or any other dress-up event—especially with the whole family involved—can be expensive, you don’t have to go for cheap superhero costumes. We would not recommend such since they don’t give you value for your money owing to the fact that they are made of cheap materials that come apart a few hours into your event. Just a little extra money spent can make a world of difference.
When you go shopping for a superhero costume, you will realize that there are numerous brands stocking these items and it can be overwhelming settling for a particular product. Below you will find some of the key features you need to look out for before you add that costume to your cart:
  • Gender - While you may find some unisex costumes, you are also likely to find some designed specifically for men while others are made for women.
  • Theme - Depending on your preferred character and Halloween theme, you need to pick one that corresponds and brings out that character.
  • Material - The material used to make the costume plays a role in the garment’s overall comfort and it’s important that it’s breathable.
  • Size - The good thing is that most brands ensure that a costume is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all manner of body types.
  • Accessories - While some costumes include accessories that help complete the look, you will find that some need you to purchase the accessories separately.
Construction and Design

Superhero costumes are designed to emulate the characters that inspired the product in the first place. Depending on the theme, manufacturers have obtained licenses from movie makers to come up with the designs that depict characters in those films. Therefore, you will find a variety of themed costumes such as mythical superhero soldiers and centurions, cartoon characters, and even modern action figures. Some of these costumes have muscle-filled chests, matching capes, tunics, cuffs, leg guards, and all sorts of interesting accessories.


The material used to make this costume varies depending on the depicted superhero. Some may need to have body-fitting properties, and this is best achieved by spandex that easily hugs every part of your body. Some of the costumes may also be made of polyester to make them breathable, especially if you’re covered from head to toe. To make a costume look cooler, some include masks which help add mystery to the character. No matter the costume you pick, ensure that it helps you get noticed and recognized.
Performance and Ease of Use

To derive maximum satisfaction from a costume, you first have to get the size right. Nothing is as uncomfortable and inconvenient as a costume that doesn’t fit; whether too big or too small. When out trick-or-treating, comfort is key and this is first achieved by getting the right size for your body structure. If it’s a male costume, ensure that the chest area is adequate and you can move comfortably around in it. For women, it doesn’t hurt if the costume displays a sassy character and all you have to do is play it right.


Unless you really have to make some alterations to help with the fit, most adult costumes are usually ready to wear. To help look exactly as the character you’re depicting, you can find out more about the character from a movie or from online resources. This helps you easily role play and convince the people around you. In terms of cleaning, ensure that you read and follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Get the Best Superhero Costume of 2022!

Hopefully, you found this review helpful and even spotted the best superhero costume for your occasion. Not there yet? Well, these brands have many other costumes for you to choose from. Check them out today!

Our Top Choice
Forplay Women’s Super-Seductress Costume
Best Value
Rubie’s Marvel Adult Deadpool Costume
Charades Thunder Woman Costume
Disguise Muscle Filled Mr. Incredible Costume
California Costumes Hercules Costume