Best Surfboard Reviews 2023

Having a quality surfboard is not only about entertainment and a hobby accessory, but also about staying safe in the water. If you have a flimsy, poorly made surfboard, it can lead to injury and disaster. Here, we have reviewed 5 of the best sport surfboard brands you can find on the market. We have as well incorporated the long board style of surfboards, wind surfing boards, as well as wake boards. Take a look!
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Our Top Choice
Gold Coast Surfboards 8’8″ Heritage Soft-Top Surfboard
Based in Southern California, Gold Coast Surfboards is truly engulfed in surfing culture. Their products are designed and tested in the Pacific coast waters to ensure top-notch performance.
Comes with a leash and fins. Quad fin design for more stability. Durable. Lightweight. Great for beginners.
Not so creative design on the top.
Soft foam board
106” x 23” x 3”
EPS foam 
Beginner to experienced
250 pounds
Best Value
Catch Surf ORIGINAL 54 PRO X KALANI ROBB Surfboard
Catch Surf is a brand that offers colorful, easy-to-use boards that are designed for surfers to have casual fun. However, it also offers more serious boards.
Two colors to choose from. Easily floats and does snap. Easily paddled. Performs well down the line.
Requires wax for a better grip. Lacks tail rocker, making it difficult to do bigger curves.
Twin fin
54” x 20” x 2.5”
Dual-composite core
All skill levels
Not available
BIC Sport 9'0" Longboard
BIC Sport definitely is not a brand to sacrifice quality for features. It focuses on great products, including its BIC Sport 9'0" Longboard.
Great board for beginners. Proven longboard shapes. Stronger, stiffer, and more durable. Easy to take off and make turns.
A little heavier than most surfboards. Some issues with nose guard. No nose scoop.
9’ x 22.25”
Epoxy Technology
Beginner to experienced
Not available
Rock-It creates environmentally friendly, attractive boards that have style. Their 8' Big Softy Longboard is designed for an easy ride and is perfect for beginner surfers looking for fun.
The 8' length makes it easily portable. Lightweight and manoeuvrable. Very buoyant and easy to catch waves. Made of recycled materials.
The top deck can be a little slippery. Comes with a flimsy box. Can be ruined by direct sunlight when not in water.
Soft-top surfboard
8' x 21.5" x 3”
EPS foam
Not available
Liquid Shredder Retro Fish FSE Soft Surfboard
Liquid Shredder is known for producing the best casual surfboards, best suited for beginners of all ages. Their boards come with simple features that are advanced in their own way.
Great for kids and novice surfers. Stiff and durable. Easy to ride. Floats really well.
Is a little weak and can snap under heavy waves.
Fish foam short board
10’ x 21” x 2.5”
EPS core 
Beginners and kids
95 pounds

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What is the Best Surfboard?

The ability to have fun and remain safe while on the water are both important things; which is why our top 5 picks are as fun, durable, and safe as they are. With a surfboard for every style, taste, skill level, and budget, we have options for many needs. Now that you’re well informed about what to look for in a sport surfboard, why wait? Go ahead and pick a model that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
Measuring 106’’x 23’’x 3’’ and weighing 16 pounds, the Gold Coast Surfboards 8’8″ Heritage Soft-Top Surfboard can comfortably support beginners of up to 220 lbs and expert riders of up to 250 lbs. If you are looking for a surfboard that is ideal for beginners who weigh less than 150 lbs, we recommend the Gold Coast Surfboards - 8' Soft Top Foam Surfboard, which is still high performance but measures 96” long x 23” wide x 3” thick and can be used by surfers who weigh up to 230lbs.

Gold Coast Surfboards 8'8 Heritage High Performance Soft Top Foam Surfboard, Entry Level – Available in 3 Colors, Alone or With Package

Gold Coast Surfboards is known for high-quality surfboards at affordable prices. The company is dedicated to sourcing top-quality materials, adhering to the best manufacturing practices, and delivering the best customer service. Gold Coast Surfboards holds itself to the highest standards when designing and producing each product. The brand specializes in high-performance soft-top surfboards as well as durable stand-up paddle boards for water lovers.

The Gold Coast 8’8 Heritage Surfboard strikes a balance between versatility and comfort. This medium surfboard is ideal for entry-level surfers but still offers a great shape and technology to perform well for longer durations.

Available in three colors (blue, green, and white) the 8’8 Heritage Surfboard incorporates a croc-textured IXPE foam upper deck, a reinforced slick HDPE lower deck (white), fin screws, screw-in fins, 9’ Rishu leash, and a Gold Coast leash plug screw. If you go for the 8’8 Heritage Package, you’ll get extras like a pivot pad and a whole set of paint pens to ensure that you have all you need when getting out in the waves.

Here are more features of the 8’8 Heritage Surfboard:
  • With measurements of 104” long x 23” wide x 3.25” thick, the surfboard is a great longboard soft-top surfboard for a wide range of soul surfers.
  • Its sleek frame, squash tail and round nose make it easy to catch waves early and gain speed quickly.
  • The unique soft-top shape and multiple extra features make this surfboard incredibly durable as compared to standard soft-top surfboards.
  • Compressed croc-skin textured IXPE foam deck means you’ll not require wax for this surfboard.
  • Beginner-friendly nose rocker helps prevent nose diving.
  • Slight tail rocker helps to release in your turns.
  • The 8’8 Heritage surfboard is strengthened by a mold and vacuum-sealed process as opposed to cheap heat lamination, which guarantees strength and durability.
  • The double concave bottom deck with cross-hatch impact threading is great for absorbing and dispersing direct impact.
Best Value
With a removable fin system, the Catch Surf Original 54 Pro X Kalani Robb Surfboard allows you to make daring moves while surfing. It’s durable to withstand rough use and features edgy graphics to show off your style. Looking for a smaller size instead? Go for the Catch Surf Beater 48" - Twin Fin.

Catch Surf Men’s ORIGINAL 54 PRO X KALANI ROBB Surfboard – Available in 2 Colors

Catch Surf is a board brand that is well known for its attractive, outrageous, and beautiful board designs. It is also known for the quality and durability of its boards, such as the 54 Pro X Kalani Robb.

The all-new Catch Surf Original 54 Pro X Kalani Robb Surfboard is built for extreme performance, thanks to Catch Surf’s removable fin system, which allows for more daring moves when surfing. When you match that with their stylish and edgy graphics, you’ll have a great board like no other. The surfboard has a solid but lightweight core with a high-density bottom and two maple-ply wood stringers. It’s completely water resistant and exceptionally durable. The Kalani Robb comes with 4-inch Beater PRO model Keel fins.

Here are more features of the 54 PRO surfboard:
  • All-purpose board that is easily customizable.
  • Provides great fun for all skill levels.
  • Available in two attractive colors.
  • Tough enough to take a beating.
  • Twin-channel crescent tail and tapered D-rails for surfing without fins.
  • Dual-composite core that incorporates two maple-wood stringers enhances performance.
  • Pop-thru leash plug at the tail improves manoeuvrability and balance.
  • Hi-Performance fin system that includes Beater PRO model Keel fins.
  • 8-pound PE deck with an impact-resistant HDPE skin.
The BIC Sport 9'0" Longboard is made with the heavy-duty Ace-Tec construction to give you many years of excellent surfing. Its ideal outline and volume make it a perfect surfboard for beginners. Advanced riders will appreciate its smooth rides in and out of waves of all types. Want to save a few bucks and also get more colors? Get the BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard, which comes in six colors and is excellent for both beginner and intermediate surfers.

BIC Sport 9'0" ACE-TEC Surfboard – Available in 3 Colors

People know the BIC brand, whether it’s because of its stationery and pens, or because it has a highly regarded sports line, which includes surfboards! This company offers many different categories of products. We’re not surprised that its line of boards is just as high quality as its other products are.

The BIC Sport 9'0" Longboard can handle both small waves and swells in style and is great for both beginners and advanced surfers. Surf in any style you want with this versatile board, whether you want to hang ten, execute a roundhouse cutback, or get barreled. It offers the best mix of durability, light weight, and performance.

More features include:
  • 30 percent stronger than traditional surfboards
  • FCS fins for better control
  • Proven longboard shapes with epoxy construction
  • Exceptionally durable, stiff, and lightweight
Though the features are very few, this board speaks for itself on the water.
Big, stable, buoyant, easy to turn and paddle, the Rock-It 8' Big Softy Longboard is perfect for learners or basic summer cruisers. This board has a solid construction, with 6oz fiberglass cloth and two stringers for balance.

Rock-It 8' BIG SOFTY TRI-FIN Surfboard, Yellow

Rock-It is a brand that is known for catering to every age group and weight class, to ensure that every surfer, no matter how young or old, has a chance to get their fill of the waves.

The Rock-It BIG SOFTY surfboard is designed with ease of surfing in mind. It’s so far the easiest board that any beginner can surf on. Its size is substantial but not hefty, it floats well and can be easily steered, and it’s extremely steady on the water. If you’re a beginner or beach enthusiast looking to have fun, this is the board for you.

This board has a solid construction, with 6oz fiberglass cloth and two stringers for balance. It’s also vacuum and heat sealed with a core made of recycled foam that comes from manufacturing waste. It has 3 supple safety fins for better manoeuvrability. When you’re not using the Big Softy, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.
Stiff and stable, and with a  5'10'' size, the Liquid Shredder Retro Fish FSE is strong and perfect for beginning surfers weighing 95lbs. It has a fish shape and is easy to ride because of its wide surface. Want a board that can accommodate a heavier rider? Get the 70 FSE EPS\/PE Soft Surf Board for novice riders weighing 140lbs.

Liquid Shredder Retro Fish Foam Surfboard, 5 feet, 10 inch – Available in 3 Colors

Liquid Shredder is the best surfboard company to get simple, casual boards from on a budget, without shoving quality and durability under the table. The features that are offered with the Liquid Shredder Retro Fish FSE are great for the price you’re paying.

The LS Foam FSE Special Edition Series Soft Surfboard comes with a classic short board shape and removable twin-fin system for great manoeuvrability. A safety foot leash is sold separately if you desire. The 5ft 10in Retro Fish FSE surfboard is perfect for summer fun and is recommended for beginning surfers weighing up to 95 pounds.

This short surfboard comes with EPE deck, EPS core, and a PP hard slick bottom that provides great balance and stiffness. The board is shaped like a fish and has a longboard nose, swallow tail, and low rocker for high surfing performance.

More features of the Retro Fish FSE surfboard include:
  • Great for kids and beginning surfers weighing up to 95 pounds
  • Two wooden stringers for utmost strength
  • Heat laminated with no glue for enhanced durability
  • Shred-Comfort EPE deck is extremely soft and forgiving.
  • Fish-shaped surfboard is wide enough and easy to ride.
The Liquid Shredder Retro Fish FSE may be a budget surfboard, but it definitely has great quality, especially for its price. You also get to choose from three colors: blue, red, and yellow.

How Do I Choose the Best Surfboard?

It’s no secret that surfing is a great water sport that makes you feel young, wild, and free. Perhaps that’s why surfing can be so addictive. The experience is based on the unexpected reward system. That is to say, you can’t wake up and go out to catch waves whenever it happens to be a convenient time. Your free time, wind trends, and swell all play a part, and most of all, you need a great surfboard at hand. If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to start off your experience with a surfing longboard which offers better buoyancy and ease of control.

While waiting anxiously on the shore for a swell, your brain releases dopamine in anticipation for the moment you’ll get the chance to catch some gnarly waves. Finally, when the waves come, you will probably be pretty stoked, and after riding some waves, many surfers become happier, friendlier, and overall, more fulfilled. Just be sure to apply some surfboard wax on your board to avoid those clumsy falls that can ruin your surfing experience.

Now, how do you choose the right sport surfboard to enjoy the fun? It depends on so many factors, including your skill level, material, length, weight, and, of course, price. Just like riding wakeboards, sport surfboards require a decent skill level to seamlessly catch waves and pick up top speeds that exceed that of the waves.

It is important to note that there’s a wide difference between a good quality surfboard and some cheap options available out there. A good surfboard will not only lend to your surfing experience being smooth and more comfortable, but will also last for many seasons to come. It also offers better agility, balance, and higher speeds while riding the waves.

Let’s now look at the consideration factors to familiarize yourself with the various components and features of surfboards to help make your buying decision more informed, then you can dive straight to our top picks.
Surfboards vary widely in price, and the prices directly correlate with quality. It’s usually not a good idea to go for super cheap surfboards which are generally made from low quality materials that may quickly deteriorate after only a few rides. With a budget of between $120 and $700, you can get a good quality surfboard from reputable brands. If, for instance, you’re purchasing a beginner board or you’re buying one for your kid, it may be wise to pick up a moderately priced board since you’re going to outgrow it after a few years.

However, if you’re a skilled surfer, you should consider intermediate boards that will last you over 8 years if well taken care of. If you’re not going to participate in competitive sport surfing, it’s better to stay away from advanced surfboards that offer high functionalities at extremely high prices. Again, you may not accurately come up with your personal specification for all aspects like fins, leash, size, and the kind of grip you require on the deck.
The most critical features to look out for in a surfboard include length, material, weight, thickness, and warranty. Other extra additives like fins and leash are for greater performance and safety.

    As a general principle, the length of the board should correspond to your height. Taller people should go for longer surfboards, and vice versa. This allows you to spread your legs appropriately and balance on the board.
    Most common surfboards are made from polyurethane (PU) foams that are coated with fiberglass. The center part is strengthened with a balsa wood stringer, which also provides the required flex. These boards can last for over 8 years and still perform as well as new. Balsa wood boards are relatively light and difficult to break. Other boards are made from epoxy offering attributes that are lightweight and unmatched in strength, but their super lightweight quality could be their undoing if you’re a beginner.
Weight limitations
    Every surfboard has a rated weight limit that you should not exceed. It’s absolutely crucial to choose a board that can comfortably carry your weight without snapping. Check out the manufacturer’s specification for weight limits and pick a model that suits your capacity if you want your surfboard to last for several seasons to come.
    Thickness affects the overall stability of the board on the water. A surfboard with more foam will exhibit better stability and buoyancy. Thickness will sometimes vary throughout the board and this will dictate whether your board is more or less agile. Sometimes it’s a good idea to try out various designs to see which thickness works best for you.
    This is critical, especially if you’re purchasing your first surfboard and may not be familiar with brands and how to recognize defects on surfboards. A good warranty will therefore, cover your back and give you some peace of mind as you surf.
Construction and Design
Surfing is meant for pride and joy, and every surfer knows it. No one wants to go on the waters with a ghastly looking surfboard. Some surfers go an extra mile to have their boards customized to match their personality and style. The design of a surfboard will determine its functionality as well as aesthetics. Here are some design and construction features to look out for:

    If you’re fairly new to surfing, the deck is the main component to look at. Some surfboards come with smooth decks that make it difficult to balance on as a beginner. A rough board, on the other hand, provides a firm grip, but won’t feel comfortable under the feet, especially for extended rides.
    Fins can either be permanent fixtures or removable fittings on your board. Good fins will enhance the speed of your surfboard and provide better stability and balance while on the water.
    The nose of your surfboard is important for the overall stability and maneuverability of the board. A wider nose provides a better stability and low maneuverability, while a narrow nose means more maneuverability but less stability.
    A leash is a top priority safety feature for a surfboard, especially for beginners. It’s a string that you place on your ankle to prevent the board from floating away when you fall. Most boards have a spot for attaching the leash and you can detach it once you’re experienced enough to make long rides without falling off.
    The curve of the surfboard, also known as a rocker, determines the size of waves you can catch. Larger curves allow you to ride larger waves while smaller rockers are convenient for gliding through small waves as well as paddling through the water.
Performance and Ease of Use
Sport surfboards are generally high-performance boards that are shaped to make fast turns up and down the waves. They typically measure 5" to 7" in length with thicknesses of between 1.75" to 2.75". If you’re fairly skilled, operating surfboards shouldn’t be difficult, as long as you choose your right size and thickness level.

However, you probably don’t need a sport surfboard if you’re just starting out. Begin with learning some surfing skills using a longboard and move up to getting a decent short board for more thrilling experience. Short boards will feature a narrow nose to press over the ledges of the oncoming waves. They also have narrow tails for curving deep bottom turns and narrow cutbacks. When you ride bigger waves of double to triple overhead, you can probably go with narrower and longer boards, sometimes referred to as a gun. They help the surfer to shoot through the face of waves with maximum speeds or drop in and paddle through sets of waves. The flip in the nose is designed for bigger and faster surfs. Bottom line, choose a surfboard that suits your surfing needs, skill levels, and wave conditions to enjoy maximum fun and optimum performance.

Get the Best Surfboard of 2023!

After going through our surfboards list, hopefully you have found some boards that you like, or have a better idea about the kind of features that you want with your surfboard. Remember that the best sport surfboard is not only going to last you for a longer period of time, but it will also enhance a smoother, faster, and more agile riding. Best of luck with your surfing and hope you hit some big waves.

Our Top Choice
Gold Coast Surfboards 8’8″ Heritage Soft-Top Surfboard
Best Value
Catch Surf ORIGINAL 54 PRO X KALANI ROBB Surfboard
BIC Sport 9'0" Longboard
Liquid Shredder Retro Fish FSE Soft Surfboard