Best Surfing Longboard Reviews 2023

Longboarding through the ocean waves is just as fun as regular surfing. When it comes to selecting a longboard that suits your style, skill level, and overall preference, it’s important to go for a top quality brand that guarantees maximum fun. That’s why we’ve reviewed 5 of the best surfing longboard brands available in the market. Read through to see why we consider them the best.
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User Level
Our Top Choice
California Board Company 9’
California Board Company produces only the finest, especially when it comes to the Foam 9’ board, which has everything beginners need to turn themselves into pros on the water.
Catches waves and breezes easily. Able to maneuver smoothly. Proper buoyancy for floating and wading. Perfect board for practicing, and perfecting skills. Minimal price for worth.
Can retain water under the soft top foam. Screws may need tightening. Low quality leash.
108” x 24”x 4"
Multi-layered laminated wood
Beginner to advanced
275 lbs
Best Value
Liquid Shredder FSE Longboard
The Liquid Shredder FSE is a great budget beginner board. Liquid Shredder has board types and styles that are unbeatable, including price.
Inexpensive beginner board. Rubberized material fins for added safety against bumps. Durable surface against nicks and scratches. Lightweight, can be carried by children as young as five.
Issues with buoyancy and with fins detaching themselves.
7" x 20” x 2.75”
LS foam
180 lbs
BIC Sport PERFORMER Longboard
BIC Sport has a line of longboards that are built to last, have good features, and bring everything that a surfer needs to the table. This is especially true of the BIC Sport ACE-TEC.
Finger grips. Can exceed weight maximum. Shaped for all sizes. Floats well, good for casual riding.
Heavier than the majority of surfboards. No nose scoop. Issues with nose guard.
24” x 1/4”x 9’0”
Epoxy and ACE-TEC technology
170 lbs
Greco Surf 2.0 Longboard
If you’re looking for a casual board, or one at a beginner level, then the Greco Surf 2.0 is our highest recommendation.
Easy to carry, as the board is only 10 pounds. Quality leash and ankle cuff. Proper buoyancy to stay standing in choppy water.
Easily dented. Problems with the screws staying in the board.
8’ x 23” x 3.7”
High density IXPE/HDPE
195 lbs
Wavestorm Classic Longboard
If you’re looking for a purely casual board, the Wavestorm Classic Longboard is a great choice. It’s a basic board with a budget price.
The best practice board. Fast maneuvering.
Reports of water leaking in through the unsealed fin plugs. Heavy for its material type.
8”x 22.5” x 3.25"
EPS core, 3 Marine stringers
200 lbs

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What is the Best Surfing Longboard?

Whether you’re buying a surfing longboard for the first time or the tenth time, making the right choice can be quite a challenging and confusing experience. Navigating between different shapes, rockers, tails, fin patterns, and concaves to find the right board for your surfing needs is crucial. Now that you’re adequately equipped with the information on what to look out for, go ahead and pick a surfing longboard that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
Learning how to surf on a longboard can be difficult. Standing can be a challenge, but with the California Board Company Foam 9’, learning is a breeze. California Board Company has all kinds of longboard sizes to choose from if a 9’ is too big for you, including the 8 foot longboard.

California Board Company Foam 9’

California Board Company incorporates proper buoyancy and durability into its products. This gives surfers of all types and skill levels the ability to choose what works for them, instead of being limited to one type and/or skill level like other brands do.

The California Board Company 9’ is truly a beautiful board in shape, size, and features. The brand even offers a 30-day warranty on your board.

Here are the features of this top choice longboard:
  • Heat laminated high density material
  • 100% waterproof EPS
  • 3 wood stringers
  • HD polyethylene slick bottom
  • IXPE/XPE deck
  • Surf leash included
  • Brown/wood graphic and color
  • Custom molded shape to ensure quality and durability
  • Nylon screws that can be tightened and loosened if necessary
  • Tri-fin system with fins included
The California Board Company Foam 9’ is a board that is durable, built to last, and perfect for withstanding the heavier waves.
Best Value
For beginner-level surfers looking for a board that is safe and that will hold together through the learning process, the Liquid Shredder FSE is the perfect solution. Liquid Shredder also has boards that are for intermediate and advanced skill levels, such as the Liquid Shredder HD.

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE Longboard - Available in 3 Colors

Liquid Shredder is one of the best sources for beginner-level boards, at a price that is friendly to any budget. Its range of boards has options for everyone from absolute beginners all the way to advanced expert level.

The Liquid Shredder FSE has earned the best value spot in our top 5 longboard review, not just because it’s a quality budget board, but because of the features that are included:
  • Removable Tri-Fin Thruster fin system, fins included
  • LS foam material
  • Economically soft mesh
  • EPE deck
  • EPS core
  • PP hard slick bottom
  • Heat lamination
The BIC Sport DURA-TEC is a great surfboard for casual or beginner surfers. This board takes you through the water smoothly, can handle heavy waves, and is designed to survive a wipeout. BIC also makes exceptional surfboards other than the DURA-TEC, including the PAINT board.

BIC Sport Performer Longboard - Available in 3 Colors

BIC is known around the world for its line of pens and stationery. However, it also has a highly regarded sports line, which includes quality surfboards and longboards!

The BIC Sport DURA-TEC is a simple board, but it still has the strength needed when you're surfing big waves. That's why it earned a spot in our longboard reviews.

Here are the features you get when you buy a BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard:
  • Comfortable shape allows quick progression in surfing skills
  • Authentic qualities to get immediate, perfect strokes
  • FCS fins
  • Premium traction pad
Though the features are very few, this board offers many advantages in the water.
Greco Surf is a brand that makes exceptional boards for both beginner and intermediate level surfers. If the Greco Surf 2.0 is under your skill level and you wish to find a more advanced board, we suggest the Greco Surf 9 foot Performance instead.

Greco Surf 8’ Soft Top Long Board

Greco Surf is a brand that caters mostly to beginner and intermediate levels of surf skill. Its boards all have their own unique features to ensure that there is something everyone can enjoy, whether it’s a casual or expert board.

The Greco Surf 2.0 may be a board that’s best for casual and/or beginner surfers, but it still has plenty of beneficial qualities for its users.

Some of this board's great features include:
  • Respired technology
  • Double reinforced and cured wood stringers
  • Top, bottom, and internal epoxy core
  • Double concaved
  • Tri-fin setup
  • HDPE reinforced plastic bottom
  • Built-in rail saver
  • Key compartment for the fins
  • Safety edges
  • 8’ leash and ankle cuff included
  • 2+1 set up or single fin configuration
Though the Greco Surf 2.0 is considered a casual and beginner board, it certainly does not skimp on features.
Do you enjoy surfing at a casual level? If you’re not trying to improve your form or become an expert, but are just looking to crash over some waves, the Wavestorm Classic Longboard is perfect. However, if you’re looking for a more professional board, we recommend the Wavestorm 8 foot Anniversary.

Wavestorm Pinstripe Graphic Classic Longboard

Wavestorm has plenty of casual and beginner boards available. This company offers starter boards for a fraction of the cost when compared to any other beginner brand of longboards on the market these days. Though the board is a casual/beginner board, the Wavestorm Classic Longboard has some great qualities for its price range.

Here are some of the board's features:
  • Textured traction pad
  • Strong EPS
  • 3 marine-ply stringers
  • Textured IXL rails and deck
  • Water barrier skin
  • HDPE slick bottom
  • Patented GFT deck skin
  • Bolt-through board components and fin system
  • Polyurethane leash
For a basic, casual board, the Wavestorm Classic Longboard packs many top features that are valuable to any surfer.

How Do I Choose the Best Surfing Longboard?

Whether you choose to hire a surfing instructor or go to a surfing camp, learning the art of riding the waves is an awesome way to conquer your fears. There’s nothing like your first time; a 2-foot wave swells beneath your longboard and you desperately push up with your arms, wobble, and, inevitably, get thrown over. But, after some time, you’ll finally stand upright on your board, look up at the beautiful ocean or beach and take a deep breath. That’s the ultimate moment for any beginner. And it gets more exciting by the day.

At their very basic level, longboards are considered as surfboards that measure about 8 feet long by 20 inches wide, and with a rounded nose. Just like wakeboards, surfing longboards come in various shapes and sizes to match the ability levels of the user. So, how do you choose the right longboard for your needs? It’s critical to learn about the features of longboards to ensure that you’re getting a real value for your money by choosing a high-quality longboard that meets your expectations.

Surfers choose longboards based on their ease of paddling, ability to catch waves, and their speeds down the line as they maneuver through the tiny, gutless waves. As you gain more experience and courage, you can opt for more speedy sporting surfboards or windsurfing boards for more thrill.

Some factors to consider when choosing a longboard include the length, width, weight, type of material, and of course the price. These sporting tools are ideal for beginners and work the same way as the ordinary paddleboards with the exception that they ride on waves. The bottom line is, most longboards look great out of water, but you may need to make it wet to ascertain its true quality and whether it will meet your surfing needs.

With that said, let’s go straight to the features that you should take note of before we dive into our top picks.
Surfing longboards are among the most expensive water sport items with the prices ranging from $200 to about $600. Though you can find some cheap surfing longboards in the market, they are generally made from low-quality materials that will quickly deteriorate after a short period. Almost every longboard in the market looks appealing while in the store, but the real test of quality comes when you get it wet. Regardless of your planned use, surfing longboards provide a great water sporting experience.

With the struggling economy and skyrocketing prices for fiberglass cloth, polyurethane foam blanks, epoxy resins and other material used for glassing, the prices of surfing longboards have continued to rise. The price typically depends on the material used to manufacture the board and the brand.
A typical surfing longboard weighs between 100 to 200 pounds for a model that doesn’t have fins. But the longboard has evolved over time and modern classical designs come with a wide array of features. Several factors will influence whether a surfing longboard will be a good match for your surfing style, mass, wave preferences, and surfing ability. Every surfer has a unique set of goals, needs, preferences, and abilities. Different combinations of characteristics have been employed by manufacturers to optimize board performance for various needs.

Here are the features to look out for when purchasing a surfing longboard:
  • Surfing style- Longboarders who prefer surfing with classical or traditional styles will go for a longboard built with nose riding. However, modern style surfers prefer the newer, high-performance models with crispy shapes.
  • Ability- For beginners or less skilled surfers, a longboard built with stability in mind provides the best choice. Advanced surfers prefer more maneuverable models which are slimmer in shape.
  • Wave types- A longboarder who loves to charge on big days would prefer a board designed for high speed performance, while those who like to do small surfs will go for longboards that retain speeds.
  • Paddling effort- Surfers who like to catch waves earlier over performance tend to choose longboards that glide through the water. Heavier surfers, on the other hand, prefer boards that offer more float.
Construction and Design
In terms of construction, the material used to manufacture the longboard determines its performance, durability, as well as aesthetics. Let’s look further into the design and construction features of surfing longboards.

Material: The most common longboards are made from the old-fashioned polyurethane (PU) foam with a fiberglass coating. The center is strengthened and flexed by a balsa wood stringer. These boards get banged up and take on water even when heavy and ugly. A good balsa wood board is quite light and difficult to snap, not to mention the environmental benefits. Other boards are made from epoxy and offer strength and lightweight. However, longboards need some good weight to live up to their expectations- a factor not offered by epoxy. If you need a cheap board that will last long, epoxy longboards could be your best bet.

Length: Longboards come in various lengths, and it all boils down to what you want to do with your board. Shorter boards offer more maneuverability while longer board requires more space to make a turn. If you’re planning to do more progressive surfing that involves floaters and cutbacks, a shorter board will be your best gig. But if you need to lay more emphasis on nose riding by drawing a more traditional line, go longer.

Thickness and width: Most surfing longboards are over 2.5 inches in thickness but come with thinner tail and nose areas. The thicker and floatier the board is, the simpler it is to make and catch waves. However, too much thickness will not allow the board to turn well and properly respond to curves of the wave. Choose a board that balances the thickness and width for optimum performance.

Rocker: Longboards designed with more rocker or bottom curve are perfect for nose riding since the curvature will slow down the board and enhance floatability with an extra load on the nose or tail. Boards with fewer rockers are much faster, but there’s little room for shifting your weight and turning around. Some models are designed with a nose concave which helps the nose to pick up speed as you step closer to the nose.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are several variations in longboard designs that enhance performance and ease of use. But the critical components that will get you where you need to be are the construction materials, rocker, length, and width.

Tail designs don’t significantly affect the performance of longer boards as much as they affect the ride of shorter boards. Weight is another important aspect, buts it’s perhaps easier to feel it yourself. Take up a board you can easily carry, but ensure its heavy enough to give it real purpose and direction down the line.

A high performance longboard (HPLB) comes with a flat or concave bottom and a narrow outline. They are designed to generate speed and move faster than the waves. They allow you to surf your longboards the same way you’d ride a shortboard, but you’ll do it off the tail by working the waves up and down to generate speed. You’ll find it easier to surf in pitchy, hollow faced waves since they have narrow noses and more rockers. This allows them to better fit in the curve of the waves.

The design of high performance longboards focus on speed and maneuverability as opposed to stability. So, if you’re not skilled, you have to trade in some speed for stability on the waters by getting a normal longboard. Again, if the waves are small and gutless, the boards don’t feel as good during trimming or gliding modes.

Get the Best Surfing Longboard of 2023!

Whether you're looking for a surfing longboard that is lightweight or heavy, a versatile model or something that enhances speed, we’ve got you covered. Hopefully you found yourself an ideal surfing longboard from our picks. However, if you didn’t, you still have an option to browse through other alternatives from these brands to find something that suits your specific style or budget.

Our Top Choice
California Board Company 9’
Best Value
Liquid Shredder FSE Longboard
BIC Sport PERFORMER Longboard
Greco Surf 2.0 Longboard
Wavestorm Classic Longboard