Best SUV Tire Reviews 2022

SUV tires can be used on light trucks, crossovers and even passenger vehicles. We’ve researched five of the best SUV tire brands in the market, showcasing one tire from each, to help you find one that best fits your specific auto type. If you need something different, check out our other tire reviews on snow tires and light truck tires, which also work well with SUVs.
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Load Index
Speed Rating
Aspect Ratio
Our Top Choice
Michelin SUV Tire - Latitude® Long Tread Life Auto Tire
Michelin is a renowned brand that’s popular among drivers and car owners worldwide. It manufactures strong tires for total performance in terms of efficiency, durability and safety.
Greater confidence and control even in wet conditions. Fuel efficiency of up to 82 gallons. Comfortable and quiet rides. No trade-offs. High durability, safety and performance.
Some users reported poor performance on snow and issues with balancing.
All season
Available in 6 sizes
Best Value
Cooper SUV Tire- Discoverer A/T3™ Auto Tire
Cooper Tire is a brand with a focus on all-terrain tires used for sports or car racing. It also manufactures high-performing tires for passenger vehicles and light trucks.
High performance. Low stone drilling and retention. High resistance to tire chipping and cutting. Better handling and enhanced soft surface/wet traction.
Users reported issues with balancing, noise and tread life.
All-terrain & mud-terrain
Available in 37 sizes
Pirelli SUV Tire - Scorpion STR Auto Tire
Pirelli is a brand whose on-road performance is traditionally linked to strength, and the Scorpion STR tires deliver amazing performance on off-road vehicles, SUVs and light trucks.
High performance. Regular tread wear. High mileage and comfort. Accurate, quiet and usable off-road. Perfect for snow or wet terrains. All-season traction. Responsive and crisp steering.
Low tread life.
Available in 4 sizes
General Tire SUV Tire - Altimax™ Arctic Auto Tire
Established in 1915, General Tire aims at producing high quality tires for application in various driving environments or terrains and vehicles.
High traction. High stability and active water evacuation. Improved contact with the surface of the road in a tread life. Prolonged and even tread wear. Exceptional wet traction.
Some users reported low tread life and noise issues.
Winter/snow terrain
Available in 44 sizes
Goodyear SUV Tire - Wrangler Radial Auto Tire
Goodyear is a reputable company which has been in the tire business for many decades now. It manufactures tires for all sorts of vehicles, ranging from SUVs and pickups to passenger vehicles.
All-season traction. Confident handling. Economical fuel consumption. Comfortable rides on-road. Replacement limited warranty for tire roughness, vibrations or even noise.
Slightly expensive.
Available in 15 sizes

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What is the Best SUV Tire?

When looking to buy tires for your SUV, consider their types, load index ratings, speed ratings, aspect ratios, section widths or thickness, tire sizes and any additional features. Choosing tires with a warranty covering a large mileage that spans many years goes without saying. Find out if one of our recommended SUV tires is what you need by reading on.
Our Top Choice
Designed for SUV and Crossover vehicles, the Michelin Latitude Tour tires (one of many great offerings) are made for a long tread life, efficient fuel consumption and amazing handling and comfort while on the road, irrespective of the prevailing season. Go for the Michelin LTX Radial Tire if you want all-terrain tires for your SUV or small truck.

Michelin Latitude Tour All-Season Radial Tire with Wide Grooves - Available in 6 Sizes

Generating over $10.76 billion every year, Michelin has been manufacturing tires for planes, bikes, autos and farm equipment for more than a century, making it a household name in the auto industry. These SUV tires are designed to ensure that your rides are comfortable and quiet every time you hit the road.

With Michelin Latitude Tour tires, you get to enjoy comfort and great handling while on the road. You can save money because your tires have a long tread life and promote efficient fuel consumption. Even in wet conditions, the tires’ wide grooves and unique rubber compounds give you confident control over your car.

The black sidewall lettering gives your auto an aesthetic appeal while screaming to the world that the vehicle that just drove by is on Michelin. The tires have a section width of 225mm and come with a couple of special features: tread wear indicator and low rolling resistance. Moreover, the real-deal comes with the 65,000-mile limited warranty that goes for up to 6 years.

If you're worried Michelin won't have the right sized tire for your SUV, don't! They have 6 sizes to choose from, so yours is bound to be one of them!
Best Value
The Cooper Discoverer tires are designed to perform in all kinds of terrain, including muddy and wet conditions; this makes them perfect sport utility tires. Opt for the Cooper Discoverer Winter Radial Tire for tires that tread well on snow for use in winter.

Cooper Discoverer Radial Tire with Lateral Groove Protectors, Chip and Cut Resistance - Available in 37 Sizes

These SUV auto tires are designed and manufactured for use in snow or mud terrains. Cooper Tire blends compounding, technology and modern design to come up with this high-performing tire. Whether you’re going to the city or a road-trip in the country, this tire model is a perfect fit; you just have to choose the right size for your SUV.

The Cooper Tire Discoverer comes with a 5-rib, all-terrain modern design with aggressive touch to offer exceptional performance whether you’re on or off the road. Stone drilling and stone retention are greatly reduced, thanks to the dual draft tread element on the tire walls; there’s also great resistance to tire chipping and cutting. You can also achieve better soft surface traction and improved handling due to the tires’ broken center rib.

When you’re driving on gravel or harsh rocky terrain, the tires’ silica-based tread compound will ensure enhanced chip and cut resistance, in addition to wet handling and great traction on the highway. Stone drilling and retention are also greatly reduced by the lateral groove protectors. It comes with a section width of 245mm and tread wear indicator and low rolling resistance as special features. The tires also come with a 55,000-mile tread wear protection warranty.

Of course, when purchasing a tire you need to know they stock the right size for your car. With Cooper Tire you can bet your bottom dollar they've got your size; they've got 37 to choose from!
The Pirelli Scorpion SUV all-season tires are designed for your safety with low noise levels, improved comfort when driving, and high mileage. If you want all-terrain tires for your light truck or SUV, opt for the Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Tire.

Pirelli Scorpion Competition Tire with Natural Rubber, Uniform Tread Wear - Available in 4 Sizes

The Pirelli all-season highway tires are designed to meet the right safety, traction and rating standards in the industry for sport utility autos, light trucks, crossovers and SUVs. This means that these tires adapt their performance to your vehicle’s needs. You get to enjoy comfortable, quiet and fun rides, coupled with all-year traction and easy handling on different kinds of terrains.

The tires are made of natural rubber and silica for improved all-season performance on snow and wet surfaces. The continuous central rib guarantees uniform tread wear for reduced noise and comfortable rides every time you take on the road. Based on an intensive siping design, the Pirelli Scorpion tires feature inclined yet distinct blocks for improved steering response and better all-terrain traction, not to mention handling, braking and safety.

The tires also come with a section width of 255mm and a special tread wear indicator.

The Pirelli Scorpion is available in four rim diameter sizes: 16’’ (5 sizes), 17’’ (2 sizes), 18’’ (4 sizes) and 20’’ (4 sizes). You have different tire sizes to choose from every rim diameter category. Happy days!
Designed for light trucks, passenger vehicles, SUVs and crossovers, General Altimax Winter Tire is studdable and delivers high performance and traction levels at minimal temperatures. Opt for the General Grabber Radial Tire designed for all terrains.

General Altimax Arctic Winter Radial Tire with 3D Multi-Angle Sipe System, Natural Rubber - Available in 44 Sizes

General Altimax Radial Tires are designed for better handling, durability and high value. With thousands of satisfied customers spread across the world, the company is knowledgeable in what customers look for for their vehicles. With more than 100 years beaming with success legacy, General Tires produces reliable tires bundled with a myriad of unique features. These range from impressive grip and rugged construction to smooth rides.

An integrated 3D multi-angle sipe system works to enhance uni-directional traction based on the tires’ biting edges. Directional tread pattern embedded with a center stability rib actively eliminates water when you drive on wet roads. This ensures that there’s continuous contact between the tires and the road throughout their tread life. Silica and natural rubber are compounded to come up with an all-weather tread to attain traction, flexibility and long, even tread wear.

The tires also come with a special tread wear indicator and section width of 225 mm. The General Altimax Winter Radial Tires come in a whopping 44 sizes, so don't panic if you're worried they won't have your size.
Goodyear Wrangler Radial tires, one of the many tire offerings, boast all-terrain traction, rugged strength and an economical tread design to help save fuel on your SUV, light truck or even pickup. Opt for the Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire for use in winter or a snow terrain.

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire with Improved Tread Design - Available in 15 Sizes

Manufacturing quality tires and having satisfied drivers for years, Goodyear has a continuing success legacy as a trusted brand. The tires are designed to maneuver through all types of terrain, even mud.

These SUV auto tires have an enhanced tread design to facilitate all-season traction, meaning you’re safe to ride in your auto under any weather condition. You get to enjoy confident handling and a stable footprint, thanks to the tires’ large tread blocks. The tires also come with a special run flat feature and section width of 235 mm. Worried they won't have the right size for you? Don't be. With 15 different size options, the chances of that are slim!

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire is just one of the many auto tires manufactured by this brand. Others include:
  • Assurance tires
  • All-season tires
  • Sport performance tires
  • Summer tires
  • Winter tires
  • Wrangler tires

How Do I Choose the Best SUV Tire?

Are your SUV tires worn out or damaged beyond repair? Do you need replacement tires for your light truck, pickup or SUV? If you answer yes, then you’re in the right place. Auto tires come in all sorts of sizes, types and brands for use on different kinds of vehicles. SUV tires can be all-terrain, all-season, winter-only, summer-only or even snow-only.

The tread life of your tire depends on the specific tire type, the type of your car (SUV, truck, light truck, car, etc.), driving habits, weather conditions and even the conditions of the roads you drive on. These factors are bound to affect your tires’ tread life, even if they’re built to last. Moreover, you’ll still have your tires replaced when the time comes, because everything has a beginning and an end. The best way to optimize your tires’ mileage is through responsible driving and proper maintenance.

With monthly inspections of your treads, you’ll know when it’s time to replace your tires before the federal tread-wear indicators tell you so. Using proper tires on your car doesn’t just improve your handling and fuel economy, but also enhances your driving comfort and general safety on the road.

When shopping for an auto tire, you may first decide on the right type of tires for your specific vehicle depending on various factors.

When shopping for replacement tires, we recommend that you learn all about the existing tires on your vehicle and find out the available options on the market. Your first option may be similar tires with matching speed rating and size. With the right speed rating and tire size for your specific vehicle, you can find other tire models out there known to excel in the areas that matter most, such as ride comfort, braking, noise, handling, etc.

Consider all-season auto tires, all-season performance auto tires, ultra-high performance auto tires, all-season truck tires, all-terrain truck tires, winter/snow auto tires, performance winter auto tires or truck winter tires. Whichever tire you want to use on your specific vehicle, this guide will help you make the right choice.
When it comes to buying the right set of tires for your SUV, or any other vehicle for that matter, you get what you pay for. The quality and brand of tires will determine how much you’ll pay for any set of tires for your car. Naturally, durable, efficient and long-lasting tires are usually more expensive than those of lower quality.

Don’t opt for cheap SUV tires, as they might turn out to be more expensive in the long run – you’ll have to replace them often, and they may even compromise your safety on the road. Although-high quality tires cost more at first, they’re designed for better fuel efficiency and durable use. Premium tires are also designed for your safety on the road, preventing potential accidents and injuries.

Since tires are the only components of your car that touch the ground, making them responsible for your safety and that of your passengers, you may want to buy the best on the market. Buy top-quality tires manufactured by a well-known brand that you can afford. The price of auto tires ranges from $70 to $250. Whereas you’ll find a top-quality Michelin tire at about $250, economic brands such as GT Radial have tires that cost as little as $70.
When shopping for SUV tires, there are several features you need to look out for. After determining the type of tire you want to buy for your car, which may depend on the type of road you use and prevailing climatic conditions, there’s the need to look out for treadwear and sidewall information for specific details, as discussed in the next section.

Here are some basic features to consider in your replacement tires:
  • Tire type: all-season, all-terrain, winter tires, etc.
  • Treadwear for even wear
  • Size, such as P215/60R16
  • DOT Age, such as 2315
  • Warranty for mileage, such as 50000 to 80000miles
  • Tire sidewall info on size, load index, speed rating, treadwear grading, traction and temperature score, etc.
With the right treadwear, tire type and sidewall information meant for your specific vehicle, you can expect to use your new tires for many years before needing replacements.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design of SUV tires, you need to consider factors such as treadwear, tire pressure, and sidewall.


Although new tires feature treadwear grade, it doesn’t indicate when you can expect your tires to wear out or how long they can last. What makes tire mileage comparisons difficult is the fact that they’re rated using different techniques by different manufacturers.

According to the Consumer Reports website, most tires live up to their warranty mileage claims and not all long-lasting tires are the most expensive. Treadwear deteriorates in different ways, such as over-inflation (when tread wears fast at the center), under-inflation (when it wears fast at the shoulder or edges), misalignment (when it wears fast on a single side or edge), and even wear that’s well spread across the tire and results from proper maintenance.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Since 2008, new cars come with standardized Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). Various studies conducted by the government have attributed TPMS to better fuel economy, reduced under-inflation of tires and improved safety on the road.

Although the federal government requires cars to have the capability of monitoring tire pressure and notifying the driver whenever significant drops are registered, no technology has been specified. Many auto tires are fitted with sensors to monitor pressure and transmit data through wireless networks known as direct TPMS to the instrument panel of the car.

Direct TPMS are powered using batteries that last years of use, after which they can be replaced or a new sensor installed. Although basic systems use light indicators to signify pressure loss, advanced systems are built with displays to indicate tire pressure readings.

These systems measure tire speed using the antilock brake systems, which in turn interpret tire pressure. Since these systems aren’t built with pressure sensors, they don’t output pressure on display units.

Tire Sidewall

As mentioned before, we advise you to buy new tires with the same speed rating and size as your original tires. Let’s explore this in more detail. You’ll need to check the tire’s cross-section width, the sidewall height-to-width ratio, and the diameter of the wheel rim.

Load Index

LI is the maximum weight or load each tire can safely support. Make sure the tires can support the weight of your SUV, even when it is full of people and luggage.

Also consider treadwear grading, speed rating, traction score, temperature score and the date code by the manufacturer. When shopping for a tire, ensure it was manufactured within the last two years. Your choice of tire for your SUV should have the right traction, speed rating and load capacity, among other features to match your unique needs for the right tires.
Performance and Ease of Use
Although environment, heat, under-inflation and potholes can weaken tires, causing them to wear faster, many SUV tires are built to last at least 50,000 miles. With proper maintenance, your new set of SUV tires should last many miles. Check your tire pressure on a monthly basis, check for uneven treadwear and stay within your tire’s maximum load capacity. Measure your tread depth every four months and look out for cuts, cracks or bulges on the tread or sidewall to know whether your tires are in good shape or need replacement.

For light trucks and SUVs, you might want to consider all-terrain tires designed for use on paved roads and light, off-road applications. Whichever type of tires you choose for your SUV, ensure the manufacturer provides sufficient information for installation and maintenance. Also ensure that the tire width number is higher for wider tires and the load index number larger for higher load capacity. Check for a warranty to protect you from manufacturing faults.

Get the Best SUV Tire of 2022!

Whether you’re going for a long trip across various terrains or simply taking your kids for a ride around town, there’s a unique tire out there to meet your unique needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top SUV tires, you’ll be in a position to pick the right tire for your auto. If not, that’s okay too, because these brands we covered have plenty of other tires you can check out!

Our Top Choice
Michelin SUV Tire - Latitude® Long Tread Life Auto Tire
Best Value
Cooper SUV Tire- Discoverer A/T3™ Auto Tire
Pirelli SUV Tire - Scorpion STR Auto Tire
General Tire SUV Tire - Altimax™ Arctic Auto Tire
Goodyear SUV Tire - Wrangler Radial Auto Tire