Best Swing Set Reviews 2022

When searching for a suitable swing set for your kids, there are many aspects to consider. You will also face the challenge of choosing a swing set that will best meet your needs from among the hundreds of options available on the market. To make this process easier for you, we’ve searched far and wide for the best swing set brands and settled on 5 top manufacturers. We also went ahead and selected five metal swing sets from these leading brands which we think are worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Skywalker Sports Geo Dome and Swing Set
With a vision of providing safe fun to children, the Skywalker Sports brand has been consistently making quality products, such as the Skywalker Sports Geo Dome and Swing Set.
Attractive design. Safe and easy to use.
Assembly process is quite involved. Not made in America.
Best Value
Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Swing Set
With a history dating back to 1889, the Flexible Flyer Company has been creating innovative fun products such as the Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Swing Set for generations.
Elegant design. Cost efficient.
You will need to buy anchors separately. Unclear assembly instructions. Some users have raised concerns about its stability.
Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
Since its establishment, the Lifetime brand has focused on building highly durable products such the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set that give user value for cost.
Sturdy design. Highly durable. Easy to maintain. Does not require painting.
May take time to assemble. Areas that are not coated will need repainting after sometime to keep off rust.
Kettler Activity Climbing Frame Swing Set
For over 60 years, the Kettler Company has been at the forefront of making high quality products including their Kettler Activity Climbing Frame Swing Set.
Beautiful design. Easy to use and maintain.
Its coat may not hold up for long against rust in areas around the coastline.
Outward Play Burke Swing Set
The Outward Play Company supports a playful childhood by providing top quality products to consumers, such as the highly praised Outward Play Burke Swing Set.
Attractive finish. Easy to use and maintain. Sturdy and durable.
Some users complained that setup instructions were not easy to follow, although these were isolated cases.

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What is the Best Swing Set?

Now that you’ve gone through the given tips on choosing the right swing set, let’s have a closer look at the selected choices. It’s important to assess each swing set for its safety, durability, space requirement and the various play options it gives before making up your mind. It is our hope that you will find one of the featured swing sets suitable for your own home use.
Our Top Choice
The Skywalker Sports Geo Dome and Swing Set gives youngsters various play options, from climbing, swinging, practicing gymnastics to even shooting basketball hoops. If the Geo Dome is not to your liking, get the Skywalker Sports Swing Set Module with a Jungle Gym.

Skywalker Sports 10' Geo Dome Climber with Metal Swing Set

In 2014, the Skywalker Sports Company entered the playground equipment industry. Determined to design safe tools which children could use to have fun both indoors and outdoors, this firm successfully created unique Trampolines, Jungle gyms and swing sets.

Their Skywalker Sports Geo Dome and Swing Set comes in a mix of 4 colors for an attractive appearance. Costing only $799.99, this swing set is sure to keep your kids engaged during their play time.

Here are the features that make many people fall in love with this product:
  • The swing chains are coated with plastic for safe handling
  • Has a single swing with a saddle-seat
  • Comes with a trapeze bar
  • Frame is made of heavy duty steel, powder-coated to keep rust at bay
  • Comes with a basketball hoop and a foam ball
Besides shopping for swing sets, treat yourself to the whole range of quality products from Skywalker Sports, including their trampolines.
Best Value
The Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Metal Swing Set comes with three swings, one see saw, and a wave slide. If you need an option with fewer swings, get the Flexible Flyer Swing N Glide III Swing Set. Best suited for children between 2 and 10 years old, this play tool comes with a warranty of 180 days.

Flexible Flyer "World Of Fun" Metal Swing Set

The pride of the Flexible Flyer brand is making young hearts joyful with quality products that give consumers value for the cost. For over 100 years, the company has been manufacturing innovative swing sets and frames to provide a platform for children and the young at heart to have fun.

Their Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Swing Sets is built to serve children between 2 to 10 years old. Retailing at only $225.68, this swing set can be used by 10 youngsters at the same time.

Moreover, here are the features that make this product a great choice:
  • It can carry up to 1050 pounds
  • Each seat is designed to carry 105 pounds of weight
  • Frame comes in Silver Grey and Black colors
As you shop for your swing set, check out other products by Flexible Flyer – perhaps their lawn swing frames?
The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Metal Swing Set is designed to accommodate six kids at a time. If you need an option with a clubhouse, get the Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set. This play set comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warrant as guarantee for quality.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Metal Swing Set with Wavy Slide –Available in 3 Colors

Established in 1986, Lifetime Products Company was started with the aim of making quality basketball equipment. Since then, the firm has grown tremendously, catching the attention of the global sports gear market. Their product range also expanded to include picnic utensils, sheds and kayaks.

With their Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set, you will give your youngsters an opportunity for endless fun in your backyard. Costing only $979.95, this swing comes with a fireman’s pole for additional fun.

Moreover, here are the features that make many users recommend this product to others:
  • Comes in a heavy-duty design
  • Comes with 3 swings, 1 fireman pole and monkey bars
  • Swings are suspend with chains for secure support
  • The chains are fitted with soft rubber for child friendly handling
  • Frame is made of galvanized stainless steel, powder-coated, and overlaid with polyethylene to keep off wear and tear
  • It stands on its own with no need to cement it to the ground
As you shop for your kids, do not forget yourself either. Lifetime has wonderful products for your extended storage and garden, too.
The Kettler Activity Climbing Frame Swing Set comes with one board swing. If you need a cheaper option, we recommend the Kettler Home Playground Equipment: Swing Set. This play set comes with three swings and is recommended for children between 3 and 8 years.

Kettler Home Playground Equipment: Trimmstation Metal Swing Set

With a long history of pioneering innovations in the sports and leisure industry, the Kettler Company continues to provide consumers with stunning products such as sports equipment, children’s toys, and leisure furniture.

Their Kettler Activity Climbing Frame Swing Set, for instance, is innovatively designed to offer maximum fun for kids. With only $499.00, you can have this fun equipment in your backyard for your youngsters to enjoy.

Additionally, here are the features that make this product irresistible:
  • Comes with two ladders - horizontal and vertical
  • Built with tubular steel coated with polyester for an attractive finish
  • Its board swing is interchangeable
  • The height of the swing can be adjusted easily
  • The ropes are secured with safety hook
  • It is designed to allow additional for safety for infants
  • Comes with a climbing rope
  • Comes with ground anchors for secure installation, preventing tilting
If the Kettler Activity Climbing Frame is not what you are looking for, feel free to check other Kettler products in this category.
The Outward Play Burke Swing Set comes with a ladder, 1 swing and a teeter-totter. If you fancy a wooden option, get the Outward Play Holt Wooden A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set. This swing set is built with New Zealand Pine for incredible durability.

Outward Play Burke Metal Frame Swing Set with Teeter-Toter & Ladder Climber

It is important to note that the Outward Play Company is not a one trick pony. Besides swing sets, the firm manufactures slides, cubby houses, trampolines and sandpits. All these are designed with safety and optimal fun in mind.

Their Outward Play Burke Swing Set is designed to be highly stable and durable. Retailing at only $199.99, this swing enables you to build a playground in your backyard for your children.

In addition, here are the features that make this product popular among many users:
  • Built with galvanized steel
  • Its ropes have a soft feel and are kid-friendly
  • It is powder coated for a sleek finish and protection against rust
  • Its surfaces are UV-Stabilized to prevent them from fading
  • Its seats are interchangeable with the rope or ladder for your personal arrangement
  • The height of the seats is easy to adjust to suit kids of various ages
  • Comes with assembly instructions

How Do I Choose the Best Swing Set?

As the old adage goes; all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy – depriving children the opportunity to play suppresses their emotions, cognitive and creative abilities. On the other hand, playing not only helps children develop their cognitive abilities but also helps them stay physically fit and keep diseases such as obesity and diabetes at bay. One way you can help your children achieve this is by treating them to a quality swing set.

Swing sets usually combine a number of play options and can accommodate multiple kids at a go. These play units are either metal, vinyl or wooden. Each type offers unique qualities that make it special. In this review, our focus is on metal swing sets. Most of these designs require assembly before they can be used. Some will require you to dig some holes and fix them to the ground while others will have lots of screw and bolt work. It’s thus very important to have the right tools such a post hole digger, screwdriver, wrench and work gloves for installing your swing set. These will help put up any swing set in as short a time as possible.

Now, when you’re shopping for a swing set, what should you really look for? Let’s find out this in the upcoming sections.
Swing sets are priced depending on their overall design and number of play options they have. For instance, a metal swing set with one swing, a seesaw, and a climbing ladder will cost about $200 while a heavy duty, galvanized steel swing set with three swings, fireman’s pole, slide and a monkey bar can cost up to $1000. You may also come across cheaper swing sets, but tread carefully as most of them are made of weak materials that are easily corroded. But be assured there’s no cause for alarm as we haven’t included such sets in our review.
Whenever you’re buying a play set for your children, you want to buy equipment that they’ll enjoy using for a long time. It’s thus a good idea to involve your kids when you’re shopping for their play items. Kids will always speak their mind and let you know what they want.

In addition, look out for these features when shopping for a swing set:
  • Size – It’s dimensions and weight
  • Construction materials – What is it made of?
  • Play sets included – Other play sets such as slides, ladder climbers etcetera
  • Capacity – How many kids can it accommodate at a go?
  • Weight limit – What’s the maximum weight it can carry?
  • Recommend age limit – What’s it’s recommend children’s age range?
  • Warranty – Does it have a manufacturer’s guarantee?
These features will help you get a swing set that suits you and it’s within your budget.
Construction and Design
Most metal swing sets are made with powder coated or galvanized steel pipes. The strength of their frames may differ from one manufacturer to another depending on the gauge of the pipes used. These play sets incorporate different equipment such as swings, slides, ladder climbers, monkey bars, seesaws and fireman’s poles to give a variety of play options to children. The number of play equipment in a swing set varies from one brand to another and this gives you many options to pick from depending on your needs.

It’s also important to mention that swing set seats come in varied designs. Some of the materials commonly used to make these seats include rubber, plastic and pliable canvas. The seats are suspended with steel chains that have rubber or plastic coated grips for added safety and comfort. Some brands make the height of these seats adjustable. Whichever design you pick, make sure it’s comfortable and fitting for your kids.
Performance and Ease of Use
When shopping for metal swing sets, it’s prudent to consider how they are protected against corrosion. For instance, steel play sets that are powder coated or galvanized, are resistant to corrosion and thus don’t rust easily. This maintains the strength of the steel frame thereby boosting its durability. If you live by the sea shore, where salt levels are high, it’s a good idea to paint your swing set frequently to protect it from rust.

Metal swing sets that incorporate different play equipment give children a variety of play options so that they won’t get bored. They also allow multiple children to play at the same time and thus they won’t have to play in turns or fight for the available set. Moreover, swing seats with adjustable height allow kids of different ages to use the same swing. So, before buying a play set, think of the flexibility your kids will get when using it.

Get the Best Swing Set of 2022!

Having gone through our review on the best swing sets, we hope that you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. On the other hand, if these products have you curious about the features of other swing sets from these brands, follow links on this review page for more options.

Our Top Choice
Skywalker Sports Geo Dome and Swing Set
Best Value
Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Swing Set
Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
Kettler Activity Climbing Frame Swing Set
Outward Play Burke Swing Set