Best Table Booster Seat Reviews 2018

Transition from one baby stage to another can put a strain on parents; be they first or old timers. One of these transitions is the move from a highchair to a booster seat. Mealtimes are key times in the life of baby and parent. It can either be a fun time or a frustrating one. The type of booster seat chosen is important, because it could make a difference. That said, picking the right one for your kid can be difficult simply because there are so many options out there. To save you the stress, we have done extensive research on table booster seats and have narrowed everything down to what we consider the top five brands of table boosters, with a focus on just one product per brand. Note, though, that these brands have others you can choose from in the unlikely event that none of the featured ones meet your requirements.
Our Top Choice
OXO Booster Seat for Big Kids
OXO makes a wide range of user-friendly products that can be used by as many people as possible by paying attention to little details that make a big difference.
The 3.5 inch thick soft cushion supports the child and adds required height. The non-skid feet hold the seat in place. It is portable and easy to carry about and store.
The backrest is low
3+ years, 70lbs max.
Plastic, foam cushion
Non-skid feet and rounded back
14 × 12 × 5inches; 3.1lbs
Best Value
Graco Toddler Booster Seat
Graco, a globally trusted brand, has been helping families simplify their daily lives since 1953. It achieves this by making practical and useful baby products.
It has a compressed foldable design, a detachable seat back, straps to keep baby secure and straps to secure seats to dining, kitchen or restaurant seats.
None reported for now
3 years, 50lbs max.
3-point harness
15 × 16 × 11.5inches; 4.6lbs
Removable seat back insert
Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat
Since 1930, Fisher-Price has been making baby products that are not only fun, but help build lifelong skills. It is committed to giving customers good value for their money.
It is sturdy, adjustable to fit bigger toddlers, has a tray cover that keeps the tray clean until mealtimes, which reduces risk of germs, and a strong strap to secure baby.
The tray comes off when the seat is being carried unless strapped in.
50lbs max.
Info not provided
3-point harness
13.6 × 8.8 × 16.6inches; 5.8lbs
Easy clean seat
Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat
Ingenuity seeks to make life easier and reduce the everyday stress that is associated with parenthood.
It has an easy-to-clean machine washable seat cushion, is easily attached to any adult seat needed, is lightweight and easy to carry about.
The back of the seat comes off easily.
110lbs max.
Straps and 3-point harness
15.8 × 12.6 × 8.6inches; 3.7lbs
Dishwasher safe
Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster Seat
Summer Infants makes baby products that are safe and comfortable and also allow parents to go about their daily chores with less stress.
It is a solidly built booster seat that has pull out adjustable legs and a three-heights tray. It also has a machine washable cover and straps that help keep baby secure.
The tray tends to fall from the front and the gaps in the design makes it difficult to clean.
35lbs max.
Straps/3-point restraint system
14.5 × 17.5 × 13.5inches; 3.7lbs
Foldable, easy to wash

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How Do I Choose the Best Table Booster Seat?

An essential part of being a child is wanting to grow up and be like the adults that are around them. Children will always want to do things like adults. They want to drive their own cars and ride their own bikes, and even do chores like their parents. This is natural and usually very cute. They will watch you and learn from you, and look to you as their primary role models. For parents, it’s important to provide a good example that their kids can copy safely. If a father is sitting at the head of the dinner table, his son may want to imitate him by sitting at the other end, or sitting in “daddy’s seat” when he’s not home.

Adults often take their table seating positions for granted. For kids, though, being able to sit with the family is a big step into adulthood. This is especially true during mealtimes when the entire family is seated around the dining table. While it may not be possible to place a toddler in an adult-sized chair—accidents can always happen—it’s not always ideal to try and hold the child on your lap throughout the meal. This is where a table booster seat can come in handy.

A table booster seat will help your children have their own seats at the table in the safest manner possible. Table booster seats use a system of straps and restraints to secure your kids during mealtimes. Children can be notoriously playful, and while it’s good to restrain them to some extent, they should sometimes be allowed their fun. The best table booster seats will secure them from slipping off the chair or outright falling, while also providing them with enough freedom to have as much fun at mealtimes as everyone else.

Knowing how important a table booster seat can be for a growing kid, we want to help you find one that suits your kids perfectly. With it, they can sit at the table like the adults, eat with their own special cutlery, and be involved with all the members of their family!
Price must be considered during any purchase. When you pay money for your child’s table booster seat, you need to ensure that the product you receive is worth the amount you paid. The monetary value of a table booster seat can be determined by its material makeup, its carrying capacity, its size, and many other such features.

During our research, we found that a good table booster seat can be purchased for $25 to $35. Because these types of seats are already fairly low in price—although you can certainly spend more than $35—we omitted cheap table booster seats because, in all likelihood, you’ll need the seat to last at least a few years as your child grows. Low-quality items can often cause you to spend more money in the long run.
Every child is unique, no matter how similar two children seem. Before purchasing a booster seat, you must first consider how well it fits the child you’re buying it for. These seats can differ in comfortability, how much they restrain your child, and what size child they can accommodate. All these aspects must be carefully considered before purchasing to ensure you don’t have to deal with the hassle of returns and exchanges.

Here’s what you should look out for:
  • Capacity
  • Material
  • Safety
  • Size
  • Color
  • Cleaning
  • Portability
  • Weight
These features will affect the construction, use, and quality of the seat, so be sure to consider everything carefully.
Construction and Design
Because children are all different sizes and weights, make sure you check the capacity—or weight limit—of the booster seat you’d like to buy. Most will have their maximum weight clearly listed, but you may want to buy a seat with a higher capacity since your child will grow.

The material the seat is constructed from will determine both its durability and how comfortable it is. They can be made from plastic, foam, wool and other types of materials. If your kid has an allergy to something like wool, but you’re worried about how comfortable plastic will be, you can soften the seat’s sitting surface with a small pillow, folded linens or even a thin square of memory foam.

Because a booster seat automatically places your child up in the air, they have numerous safety mechanisms built in so you don’t have to worry about an accident. Straps, belts and other restraint systems, like harnesses, can be used to keep your kid from standing up in the seat. Some boosters will actually strap to the chair they’re placed on, but you may not need this feature if the chair has arms or a non-slippery surface.

Before you settle on any one seat, make sure you measure the chair on which the seat will most likely go. You can then compare those dimensions to the dimensions of the boosters you’re browsing in order to find one that’s a perfect fit. It may even be a good idea to buy two or three seats, have your child try out each one to determine which is most comfortable, and then send the others back for refunds.
Performance and Ease of Use
Table seat boosters can be green, yellow and blue, red and purple, and have numerous color designs, combinations and patterns. Some parents enjoy selecting a few color options and then letting their child or children choose their favorite.

If you’ve got a messy eater or a food-thrower, you may be worried about how the booster will hold up. Luckily, most companies are one step ahead and have built their seats with easy-to-clean designs. Some even have features that make them easier to clean up and maintain, like foldable boosters that are dishwasher safe.

A foldable seat may be the most useful for you if you know you’ll need to move it around a lot. You can also find ones that have detachable parts so you can clean, store, and transport the seat without much fuss. For people who know they’ll have to take the booster everywhere with them, try to find one that’s fairly light in weight to avoid overburdening yourself.

What is the Best Table Booster Seat?

We acknowledge that every individual has his/her preferences. Before you go ahead with this review, it would be wise to bear those preferences in mind. How much are you willing to pay? What type of toddler are you making this purchase for? How much space do you have in your home? Will you be traveling much with this booster seat? What cleaning method works best for you? This would help you make your choice with less stress.
Best Value
The Graco Toddler Booster Seat is a compressed, simply designed booster seat that has two different strap mechanisms that keep baby secured in the seat and the seat firmly secured on any kind of seat. Are you in the market for something more affordable and don’t mind fewer features? We recommend the Graco Toddler Booster Seat.
Graco Brown/Tan Blossom Toddler Table Booster Seat with Straps

Graco Table Booster Seat 1763158

Graco is one of the world-leading manufacturers of baby products. Its major interest is in making products that simplify daily life for both baby and parents. It has stayed true to this since 1953.

It is no fun trying to feed a squirmy toddler, especially when trying to have your own meal at the same time. We are aware that many parents are swamped with a lot to do on any given day, and anything to relieve stress and make life easier is a blessing. The Graco Toddler Booster Seat (Selling for $29.99 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is designed with an adjustable back. This is to help the parent adjust the seat to fit securely, making it easier for you to strap baby into a kitchen chair as you do your chores or for the toddler to be part of family mealtimes. You can easily fold and carry it wherever you go.

This booster seat is fitted just to meet the requirements of a growing baby. The thoughtful features listed below are what make this a great choice for your baby:
  • 3-point straps for safety
  • Detachable seat back
  • Compressed foldable design
  • Two seat mechanism straps
  • Carries up to 60Ibs
  • Wipe-to-clean surfaces
The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat has a simple but very practical design that is portable and easy to assemble. The tray cover promotes good hygiene and the 3-point strap ensures your toddler’s safety. In case this seat does not fit your taste or requirement, you can check out the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat in Green/Blue.
Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Table Booster Seat – Available in 4 Colors

Fisher-Price Table Booster Seat P0278

Since 1930, Fisher-Price has endeavored to make childhood fun for both parents and babies, while helping the babies acquire basic skills as they grow. With strict adherence to the founder’s objective of creating products that would give fundamental play value, durability and value for client’s money, they have won the hearts of many parents.

There are a number of factors that make or break mealtimes. A very important one is posture and with toddlers, the right posture is usually difficult to achieve. The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat (Selling for $35.00 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) as its name implies, is designed to help the child fit properly to any standard dining, kitchen or restaurant seat. It is strong enough to carry a toddler up to 50 pounds. It is designed with the squirmy nature of toddlers in mind and also takes into consideration the fact that babies grow daily, hence the adjustable legs and trays that can be removed and adjusted to fit baby’s growth.

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby and has a number of features that make it a good asset to any parent that has a growing child. These features include:
  • Portable design, mobile and easy to set up
  • Dining tray with cover
  • Adjustable legs and seat back
  • Carry on shoulder straps
  • 3 way straps to hold baby in place
  • Can be folded and stored easily
  • Detachable, dishwasher safe tray
The Ingenuity Smartclean Toddler Booster has a machine washable cushion that makes cleaning easier. The foam also adds the required height for the child. The different straps keep the child secure in the seat and the seat firm on adult seat. Do you want even more features and don’t mind paying a little extra? We recommend the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat.
Ingenuity Smartclean Table Toddler Booster Seat – Available in 4 Colors

Ingenuity Table Booster Seat 10349-2 - Slate

At Ingenuity, baby products are designed with parents and their kids in mind. It recognizes the challenges associated with parenthood and realizes that, most times, it’s the little things that matter. That is why it uses modern-day technology to help reduce stress; things like battery operated products, machine and dishwasher compliant materials and even devices that can be connected to mum or dad’s smart phone.

The Ingenuity Smartclean Toddler Booster (Selling for $29.99 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) was designed to make life easier for parents. There are a number of ways it does this. Bearing in mind how messy babies and toddlers can be, it has a dishwasher compliant seat cushion. The seat cushion can either be wiped clean or removed and put in the dishwasher. The cushion also helps to add height to enable the child to reach any standard dining, kitchen or restaurant table. The strap also helps to secure the child snugly in the seat and can be removed when the child is old enough and does not need it anymore.

The following are features that make this booster seat a practical stress-reducing asset to parents:
  • Dishwasher safe cushion
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Safety straps to secure seat to adult chair
  • Comfortable cushion seat
  • 3-point seat belt to secure child in seat
The Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster Seat is solidly built and has a three-heights adjustable tray and two-heights pull out legs. It has a strong strap and is also easy to carry about. If you need something within the same price range, but different features, we invite you to try the Compact Folding Booster Seat.
Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat – Available in 3 Colors

Summer Infant Table Booster Seat 13060

In 1985, when William Lockett III needed a place to keep his daughter while he went about his daily chores, he encountered some difficulties. This gave birth to the design and production of a bouncy seat, which was the first in line of many more practical child care products. So when you think Summer Infants, you think practical child care products that make life easier.

The Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster Seat (Selling for $24.99 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is a portable, extra comfortable booster seat that has well built pull out legs that are adjustable. It looks light, but is solidly built with two height options. The tray also has three heights to which it can be adjusted. The design makes it easy to carry about. With this booster seat, feeding your toddler both at home and away becomes more convenient and comfortable.

The following are some of the features that have endeared parents to this booster seat:
  • Solid, adjustable pull out legs
  • Machine washable cover, making it easier to keep clean
  • Three-heights option tray
  • Two-height option legs
  • Strong strap for safety
  • High chair arms

Get the Best Table Booster Seat of 2018!

After going through the reviews of all these brands and products, we hope that we have made it easier for you to make a well informed decision on the best buy. You can now go ahead and order the right booster seat for your toddler.

Our Top Choice
OXO Booster Seat for Big Kids
Best Value
Graco Toddler Booster Seat
Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat
Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat
Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster Seat