Best Table Lamp Reviews 2023

Interior design has become an integral part of nearly every household today. However big or small your home may be, most people want it to reflect your personal style. A table lamp can be a very powerful tool in your artistic arsenal. It can light up the room, create an atmosphere or simply adorn your living space. Our team of experts decided to search far and wide to bring you some of the best table lamp brands, featuring a variety of styles available on the market.
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Our Top Choice
WBM LLC Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Lamp
WBM LLC specializes in Himalayan pink salt products. Its Natural Hand Carved Salt Lamp offers therapeutic benefits while giving a stylish edge to your living space.
Natural air purifier. Unique, handcrafted design. Strong neem wood base. Medicinal advantages
Slightly heavy when you get the larger sizes.
Natural, Therapeutic
Variety of sizes (built in shade)
Crystal, Neem wood
Tubular light bulb (included)
Himalayan crystal salt shade
Best Value
Ore International’s Brush Steel Table Lamp with Shade
Ore International creates some of the simplest yet elegant home accessories. Its Black Shade Table Lamp can be a classy touch to your monochrome living room or bedroom.
Contemporary look. Lightweight. Sturdy metal base. Three choices of shades.
The shade is lightly placed over the bulb which may cause a slight wobble when touched
Height 19” with 9” x 9” shade
Brushed steel base
Standard bulb – Max 100 W
Circular fabric shade
Warehouse of Tiffany’s Stained Glass Table Lamp with Lighted Base
Warehouse of Tiffany’s creates ethnic stained glass lights. Its Dragonfly Tiffany-Style Table Lamp is the perfect blend of detailed craftsmanship and efficient functionality.
Double light source. Intricate design. Made using more than 400 pieces of colored, hand cut glass
Must be handled with extra care to avoid breakage
Antique Replica
Height 26” w/ 18” diameter shade
Glass and metal base
2 60-watt, 1 25-watt candelabra
Stained glass shade
Barnes and Ivy Iris Blue and White Porcelain with Crystal Table Lamp
Barnes and Ivy is popular for some of the most beautifully designed floral lamps. Its Iris Blue and White Table Light is great for country-style homes.
Convenient on/off switch at the top of the lamp. Beautiful epoch design. Strong crystal base
Might chip if handled roughly
Height 28” w/ 10.25" x 14” shade
Crystal and porcelain base
Medium base bulb – Max 100 W
Geneva white drum shade
Surpars House Table Lamp with Solid Wood Stand
Surpars House is a trusted name in table and desk lamps, chandeliers, and light strips. The Solid Wood Table Lamp is a great reading light that can brighten up the entire room.
Strong and durable wooden stand. Soft light emission. UL safety certified cord
Cannot be dimmed
Height 13.8” w/ 5.5” x5.5” shade
Wooden base
E26 bulb - Max 40W
Block style linen shade

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What is the Best Table Lamp?

As you can see, table lamps can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes as well as construction materials. Let’s take a look at the top five picks for best table lamps! Rememeber, because we have only reviewed reputable, trustworhy brands, if the models we have featured don’t meet your needs they all have many other options. Simply click a link and start browsing!

Enlightened? All you need to do now is grab the table lamp that suits you and your home the best! We feel confident that these brands have something that will meet your needs, even if you like something different from the ones that we have showcased.
Our Top Choice
The Hand Crafted Table Lamp from WBM LLC is an all-natural light created using genuine Himalayan salt crystals that are known to detoxify the body, boost blood flow, and correct sleep disorders. Looking for a different design with just as many beneficial properties? Check out this globe shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp from WBM LLC.

WBM Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp – Hand Carved, Genuine Neem Wood Base, Bulb and Dimmer Control, Variety of Sizes

While this may not be what you were thinking of when looking for a table lamp, we chose this product as our top choice because it’s much more than just a lighting appliance. The Himalayas are brimming with natural remedies and medicinal herbs. This region is probably nature’s best kept secret with hundreds of organic gems yet to be discovered. WBM LLC is credited with crafting food and home products that skillfully utilize the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan pink salt crystals.

WBM LLC’s Hand Carved Natural Table Lamp is known to use light therapy by emitting negative ions that can combat dust allergens, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants. It can make for a great accessory for homes with kids and pets. There have been claims that ionic crystal salts can relieve headaches, asthma attacks, and boost immunity. This rustic lamp sits atop a sturdy base made from neem wood – a durable, termite-resistant material and an equally powerful insecticide. This Himalayan salt lamp includes a 25 watt bulb that can illuminate small to mid-sized rooms in a soothing amber color.

Wait! There’s more:
  • Convenient rotary dimmer switch
  • Easy to maintain using a dry cloth, paper towel or damp sponge to simply wipe the exterior
  • 6 feet UL-approved power cord for enhanced safety assurance
  • Capable of minimizing strong odors
  • The salt dissolves any heat produced reducing the chances of overheating
That’s not all. Each one of these lamps is hand-carved, making them a one-of-a-kind table lamp that is sure to be a conversation piece in any room. There are eight sizes to choose from, ranging from 4 to 5 inches for the smallest, and 12 to 13 inches for the largest. Here’s a tip – smaller lamps look great on larger tables, while grand lights can add a new dimension to your room when perched atop delicate tables.

We chose to showcase the size in the middle, the 8 to 9 inch model that retails for about $40, but when we did our research it was available for less on Amazon.
Best Value
International Ore’s Brushed Steel Finish Table Lamp has a chic built with a smooth black shade that can be perfect for large oak tables. It can look beautiful in both large and small minimalist homes. Looking for an intricate option with a more classic look? Take a look at Ore’s beautiful ceramic table lamps with a gentle curved midsection, available in seven classic colors.

Ore International 19-Inch Table Light - Brushed Steel Base, Fabric Shade in 3 Design Choices

A good modern home décor concept requires creativity, impeccable taste, and of course, the right adornments. You need clean designs and simple accessories. Ore International specializes in home furnishing that can make your home or office stand out with its basic and elegant products.

The Brushed Steel Table Lamp beautifully epitomizes Ore International’s brand persona. This 16-inch tall table top light combines a smooth steel pole with a 9-inch broad, black shade which brings the overall height of this lamp to 19 inches. It can effortlessly embellish any pristine white or beige table. It uses a regular screw-in bulb or CFL to provide ample brightness – up to 100-watts. There’s a pull-string switch which gives this ultra modern table lamp a traditional twist.

If minimalism is not your style, this Ore International table light comes in two more options: a 19.5-inch tall, floral white/black design and a 9-inch damask black & white shade.
The Dragonfly Table Lamp from Warehouse of Tiffany’s has a meticulously designed stained glass structure with a sturdy metal base. It can hold 2 bulbs in the shade as well as 1 in the base for abundant luminance. If you don’t fancy multicolored lamps, the subtle Tiffany-Style White Jewel Table Lamp could do the trick.

Warehouse of Tiffany’s 26-Inch Table Lamp – Classic Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp with Vibrant Stained Glass and Lighted Base

Warehouse of Tiffany’s has carved a niche for itself by crafting some of the most aesthetic and decorative lighting options out there. The brand also showcases its technical expertise by combining beauty with practicality. Its Dragonfly Table Lamp is a timeless glass piece with red, blue, gold, and aqua green tinges. While this is not an “original” Tiffany lamp made by the master Louis Comfort Tiffany himself, the Warehouse makes affordable reproductions so they can add a touch of beauty to any home, and the dragonfly is definitely one of his classics.

You can power up the lamp or turn it off by using two chain-style pull switches. Its skillfully molded black metal base is sure to please all the Louis XVI aficionados. Give your bedroom, living room or den an oriental touch with this ethereal masterpiece. You may say antiques are expensive. But, our latest report says this stunning tiffany-style replica table lamp typically retails for about $150 and we discovered that it could be yours for even less if you shop on Amazon.
Barnes and Ivy’s sophisticated Iris Table Lamp can be a great lighting option for both traditional and contemporary style homes. The jar shaped base makes for an eye-catchy built. If you’d prefer a ceramic option, check out the cool Windom Long Neck ceramic table lamp from Barnes and Ivy.

Barnes and Ivy Porcelain Table Light with Iris Design -- Crystal Base and Geneva Drum Shade

Barnes and Ivy is well-renowned as a specialized manufacturer of elegant home accessories including chandeliers, table and floor lamps. Its products are characterized by plain, soft pastels and simple designs.

This Iris Blue and White Table Lamp radiates charm from shade to base. It has a broad, pristine white drum-shaped shade that accepts one standard 100-watt bulb for superior luminance. It sits on a jar-style porcelain body adorned with soothing blue floral designs. If you think this lamp is way too delicate, wait a second…the striking porcelain stand is strongly supported by a transparent, crystal base that stays firm on any table type.

At 28 inches, you can trust this beauty to light up any place it takes. Waiting with bated breath to know the price? Our latest study suggests that this Barnes and Ivy table lamp can be all yours for less than $100!
The Minimalist Table Lamp from Supars House emits a soothing light through its beige linen shade. It works well for late-night readers. Looking for a more decorative lighting option? Take a look at the regal K9 crystal and silver table lamp from Surpars House.

Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp – Great Bedside Desk Lamp with Linen Shade

Surpars House is well-renowned for creating handy and minimalist lighting equipments. Its Solid Wood Table Lamp is an uncomplicated and traditional light that can sufficiently light up the room. It can also be used as an efficient bedside reading light.

Need to work on late night presentations and emails? Use this lamp as a desk light and be rest assured, your office deadlines will not disturb the sleep of your loved ones. There is a super convenient on/off switch located on the cord, so you don’t have to leave your cozy bed to turn down the lights. What’s more? The subtle hued light, smooth wood finish and no-fuss design can also give a classy touch to your wine and dine parties. This lamp retails for about $50, but all this could be yours for under $30 on Amazon (based on our latest report).

How Do I Choose the Best Table Lamp?

Since the first lightbulb was invented in 1879, table lamps have transformed the world. Whether you are moving out on your own for the first time, setting up your workspace, or you’ve finally mustered the motivation to redecorate; choosing the right table lamp can be the difference between a romantic ambient atmosphere and the cold cool hue of a highschool classroom. You'll’ be sure to want to pick the best table lamp for your needs.

Table lamps come in varied shapes, sizes, designs, and lighting capacities. Choosing the perfect lamp depends on a number of factors including purpose and location because the type of table lamp you purchase will depend greatly upon these personal factors.

For example, if you are looking for a lamp for a work space, what you may actually need is a special kind of table lamp desiged to shine light down called a desk lamp. But if you are looking for something as more of a dim, accent light, you may want to check out a few salt lamps which not only create a bit of ambiance to a room, but the also have therapuetic effects AND they can be used as an alternative to plug-in night lights.

For those of you shopping for more traditional table lamps, there are numerous options from modern to vintage, from short to tall, with shades and without – the options are almost endless. But regardless of the the type you choose, there are some factors that need to be considered before making your purchase. Let’s take a look at those before we get to our top picks.
When looking at any new purchase or expenditure, pricing can be the difference in making or breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of lamps to save you time and money by bringing you the best in quality and affordability. Table lamp pricing can fluctuate from around $20 up to hundreds of dollars depending on size, materials used, and energy efficiency. Although a cheap table lamp might seem like a great purchase, over time, that same lamp could cost you hundreds on your electricity bill.
When choosing the right table lamp for you, one of the first features you’ll want to look at is size of the lamp and the space you have available. It won't do you any good to get a table lamp that doesn't fit on the table! Second you’ll want to look at the style of the lamp and materials used. Maybe a simplistic wood lamp would complement your room more than a porcelain crystal piece?

Once you’ve figured out how much space you have and the style of lamp that appeals to your sensibility, you'll want finally narrow it down to the lowest wattage usage for energy efficiency. Maybe you want your light to multitask? Salt-lamps create an ionizing effect, so that your lamp can provide lighting as well as air purification.
Construction and Design
The type of materials a lamp is made out of is a critical factor to look at before purchasing a lamp. A porcelain or stain glassed lamp may be beautiful to the eye, however they are fragile to the touch and may be easily broken or damaged with improper handling. If you have kids, the sturdier salt-lamps or wood-lamps might be the better choice. Whereas if you are the type to entertain family and friends then the porcelain or stained glass lamps could make for an excellent talking piece!
Performance and Ease of Use
Sturdiness, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal are going to be qualities that determine the longevity and lifespan of your table lamp. You’ll want something that catches your eye and yet doesn't crumble at the touch or contribute to a higher utility bill. Everyone loves a unique talking piece, and nobody likes clutter. Most, if not all, table lamps are simple enough to use. Set it near a power outlet, and then its plug-in and play. Some table lamps can be dimmed while others cannot. Be sure to pay attention while making your decision so that you can get the most out of your new table lamp!

Get the Best Table Lamp of 2023!

Enlightened? All you need to do now is grab the table lamp that suits you and your home! We feel confident that these brands have something that will meet your needs to help you find the best table lamp!

Our Top Choice
WBM LLC Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Lamp
Best Value
Ore International’s Brush Steel Table Lamp with Shade
Warehouse of Tiffany’s Stained Glass Table Lamp with Lighted Base
Barnes and Ivy Iris Blue and White Porcelain with Crystal Table Lamp
Surpars House Table Lamp with Solid Wood Stand