Best Table Saw Reviews — Rigid, Hybrid, Portable and Jobsite Benchtop Saws for Woodworking Pros & DIY'ers

A table saw, sometimes called a benchtop saw, is an important tool in any workshop, whether you're a professional contractor or a home DIY'er.. You will use this tool frequently when you need to cut wood into different shapes. There are various types and designs of these machines, suited for different work spaces. It is important that you find one that is right for your tasks. We’ve researched some of the best table saw brands and reviewed a product from each to help you find one that is best suited for your needs.

Because our goal is always to provide products in a mixture of price ranges, this means we haven't featured all of the best table saws out there — particularly some of the higher end ones. As such, before we get to our chosen brands, here are a few industrial brands definitely worth mentioning: SawStop, Grizzly Industrial, Jet and Delta. For DIY and home wooodworkers, the WORX BladeRunner x2 Portable Tabletop Saw is also a good option (in addition to the ones we have featured)

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Our Top Choice
Bosch 10" Worksite Table Saw
Bosch is a consistent innovator, releasing over 100 new power tools each year. This high quality table saw impresses users with its innovative stand and easy cutting.
Collapsible stand. Highly portable. High-precision cutting. Simple saw adjustment. Extending table and convenient lock mechanism.
The included blade isn't the sharpest, but that's the case with many stock blades.
10 Inch
Gravity Rise Stand
124.2 pounds
Best Value
Dewalt 10" Compact Jobsite Table Saw
Dewalt gets down in the trenches of jobsite work to find innovative solutions to real problems. This compact jobsite table saw is ideal for small workshops and jobsites.
Compact and lightweight. Steel roll cage for impact protection. 1850 watt motor for high performance. Overload protection.
Not compatible with dado blades, so not an ideal choice for cutting dadoes or grooves in woodworking.
10 Inch
Steel Roll Cage
53.2 pounds
Makita 10" Contractor Table Saw
Makita has over 100 years of experience creating ground-breaking power tools. This high-end table saw is ideal for professional contractors.
Powerful 4,800 RPM. Tool-less blade guard with adjustable riving knife. Anti-kickback pawls. Guard design lets user see the blade as it cuts through. Electric Brake.
Some users find this saw to be too large and not very portable compared to previous versions.
10 Inch
Can purchase separately
Anti-Kickback Pawls
85 pounds
Shop Fox 10" 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw
Shop Fox specializes in top-of-the-line metal and woodworking power tools. This industrial-grade table saw is made for professionals looking for the highest-end cutting tool.
3 HP motor. Precision cast iron table. Quick-release riving knife, blade guard and splitter. Easy-glide T-fence with positive camlock.
Expensive even compared to high quality table saws, but will cut more precisely and last longer.
10 Inch
Cast Iron Table
528 pounds
SKIL 10" Folding Stand Table Saw
SKIL is an out-of-the-box innovator who is responsible for the first portable circular saw. This lightweight table saw is easy to set up and is ideal for casual craftsmen.
Easy to set up. Heavy duty steel stand. Foldable. Heavy duty cast aluminum table with extenders.
Not as precise as higher-end table saws.
10 Inch
Self-Aligning Rip Fence
67 pounds

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What is the Best Table Saw for the Money?

Table saws are must-have tools in any serious workshop. You’ll need to make complex cuts to create joints and grooves, which can be really difficult using any other hand tool. You therefore need the best table saw that can help you with such tasks, saving you time and money.

Our Top Choice
The Bosch Worksite Table Saw is a great choice workshops, delivering a smart extending table and highly portable stand. If this model is a little too pricey for you, consider the Bosch 4100XC-10 Worksite Table Saw with gravity-rise wheeled stand.

Bosch 10" Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand, High Precision Cutting & 1-Year Warranty

Bosch's power tools division is a world leader in power tools and accessories, and they aim to stay that way. Bosch is always looking to improve, launching over 100 new power tools each year. They look at the way craftsmen work to create simple solutions that take some of the thinking out of the job so you can get down to work.

This innovative table saw is made to give you all the options you need for a variety of cuts, and to make storage easy when you're done. Let's take a closer look:
  • Innovative gravity-rise stand easily collapsed the unit into a storable "cart" sort of formation that you can easily move around
  • Various parts of the table saw can be stored on the side of the unit when you put it away
  • High-precision cutting with this 10" saw blade at 3,650 rpm makes most jobs a breeze
  • SquareLock rip fence is made to keep things straight and easily glides along the rail for one-handed operation
  • For safety, this table saw includes a riving knife that can be easily adjusted and pushed down into the unit
  • Power coat finish keeps it protected for long lasting jobsite use
Best Value
This Dewalt Compact Table Saw is at home in a workshop or traveling around the worksite, featuring a rugged steel roll cage, extending table and high performance motor. For heavy duty worksite jobs, try Dewalt's Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand.

Dewalt 10" Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity & Overload Protection – Available with Blade Combo Pack, Stand or Both

Dewalt is an industry leader with a commitment to long-lasting, rugged power tools that push the boundaries. They incorporate advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity and advanced adjustment settings to offer greater versatility on the jobsite.

This table saw is great for beginners and intermediate users looking for a high value purchase, since it's easy to use, inexpensive and versatile. Let's take a closer look at this table saw:
  • Compact table saw weighs only 22kg, making it the most portable saw in its class - great for mobile craftsmen and small workshops
  • Steel roll cage will protect this table saw day-in and day-out on a bustling worksite
  • Rack and pinion fence system and front and rear fence lock make it easy to line up your cut
  • High-performance 1850 watt motor is very powerful for the price of this table saw
  • A 610mm rip capacity lets you cut large sheet materials
  • Overload protection keeps things running smoothly for cutting hard, wet or frozen woods
This compact table saw is available in a combo pack with a saw blade, with a stand, or with both the combo pack and stand.
The Makita 10" Contractor Saw Blade has the precision and power a professional needs along with a variety of important safety features. For a more powerful option with its own stand, check out the Makita Contractor Table Saw with Stand.

Makita 10" Contractor Table Saw with Tool-Less Adjustable Guard & Onboard Anti-Kickback Pawls and Riving Knife

Makita opened its doors in 1915, selling and repairing electric motors. They've always been devoted to research and development, looking for the next improvement that would increase convenience for their users. They value power, performance and durability the most.

This table saw from Makita is a good choice for professionals since it can cut through hard materials without losing precision, but also for frequent DIY users, if their budget allows. Let's see what you get with this table saw:
  • High performance motor delivers 4,800 RPM for quick, effortless cutting
  • Tool-less blade guard system makes it easy to adjust the riving knife and spreader
  • Adjustable dual-side guards makes it easy to measure your cut from the blade to the rip fence
  • Two on-board anti-kickback pawls and riving knife/spreader add safety for through cuts
  • Easy release lever lets you adjust the riving knife/spreader any time for non-through and dado cuts
  • Electric brake adds extra safety if anything goes wrong
  • Extension table lets you cut large pieces and increases rip capacity
  • Aluminum die cast top stays true and flat for out-of-the-box and long-lasting accuracy
The Shop Fox 10" Table Saw is everything you could want in a table saw, featuring a 3 horsepower motor, precision cast iron table and quick release safety guards. If you're looking for something more mobile, check out the Shop Fox Cabinet Saw with Mobile Base.

Shop Fox 3 HP 10" Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

Shop Fox is a specialty wood and metalworking brand, creating advanced machines to take the phrase "power tool" to the next level. They offer a broad selection that includes table saws, jointers, planers, band saws and more.

This table saw has been called the woodworkers dream – its level of precision and power are hard to find elsewhere, and it has a host of useful features to make work convenient. Unlike many power tools on the market, this table saw is built to last a lifetime. Let's take a closer look:
  • Heavy-duty cast iron components and table for life-long durability
  • Cast-iron table also offers always-true, precise cutting
  • Ultra-powerful 3 horsepower motor and triple-belt drive make it easy to cut through dense materials without harming the table saw
  • Quick release guards add safety without slowing you down on the job
  • Wide easy gliding T-fence system has a positive camlock, phenolic face and smooth gliding nylon runners for easy adjustments and cutting
  • Magnetic switch has thermal overload protection
  • Table saw has an extra wide 49" rip capacity so you can easily rip to the center of a regular sheet of plywood
The SKIL 10" Table Saw is a compact and simple option, best suited for casual DIY craftsmen. For something more versatile, check out the SKIL Flooring Saw, which can be used in the same room as where you're working for quick cutting.

SKIL 10" Table Saw with Heavy Duty Folding Stand & Self-Aligning Fence

SKIL introduced the first portable circular saw in 1924. Since then, SKIL has worked hard to expand their line to over 100 tools. They build their new tools based on working closely with customers and extensive research.

This beginner-friendly table saw is easy to use and a pretty convenient choice all-around. Let's take a closer look:
  • Heavy duty steel stand is easy to fold and built to last
  • Table top is also heavy duty and made from cast aluminum to stay strong and straight
  • Features a self-aligning fence for accurate measurements every time
  • Table extends to 20" by 32" for long work pieces
  • 15-Amps of motor power make this saw as powerful as many higher end models

Rigid vs Portable vs Cabinet vs Hybrid Table Saws — How to Choose the Best Benchtop Saw

These days, we like doing most things ourselves. Maybe it’s because of the ease of access of information – we can simply check out how to do something on the internet and just do it, saving money we’d have spent hiring others to do it. Whether you’re a DIY person or a professional, if you’re in the woodworking business, then a table saw is a machine you can’t do without.

Well! You might be thinking, if it is just for simple repairs, why would I need such a machine? You’ll find that, in the course of your repairs, you’ll need to cut some angled shapes. All the best if you try a simple handsaw. You may manage one cut the whole day. You need specialized tools such as a band saw, and others like brad nailers, since you’ll need to fix or join some pieces of wood.

Time and safety have always been, and will always be, paramount in any working station. So, while you’re looking for appropriate tools, ensure that you get those with the right safety features. You should also get additional accessories such as safety glasses and gloves, among others.

Video: Tablesaw Fundamentals with Marc Adams, World Renowned Woodworker

What you should know about table saws – basics, safety, tips & cutting techniques. | Courtesy of FineWoodworking
Table saws vary in price from as low as $200 for the portable, small-sized saws to more than $2000 for the large, industrial cabinet saws. This is one item in your workshop that you wouldn’t want to get wrong.

There are two main categories of table saws, classified into four types. The two categories are portable and fixed table saws.

Portable saws are small and lightweight and have less advanced features and, thus, cost less. They are ideal for small tasks in your home workshop. They can also be carried along to any site for simple cuts.

Fixed or rigid table saws are large in size, weigh more and have added features such as stands, extension tables, router tables and extended fence rails, among other features. The additional features make these saws expensive, but if you’re looking for a professional machine, we’d strongly advise you to go for the fixed cabinet saws, as you can cut all your pieces, irrespective of size or type of wood.

There are, however, some cheap table saws that we’d caution you against spending your money on. These are saws without safety features, having a poor and weak build with poor-quality materials. Make sure you never compromise on quality, irrespective of the type of saw you want to buy.

Table saws fall into four main categories or types. These are portable table saws, cabinet saws, contractor saws and hybrid saws.

Portable saws are light and have wheels to move around but are unsuitable for heavy-duty work. Cabinet saws are powerful, suitable for professional carpenters. Contractor or jobsite table saws are a bit bigger than portable saws but smaller than cabinet saws. They are ideal for basic cuts and simple home tasks. Lastly, hybrid table saws are a combination of contractor and cabinet saws. They are lighter in weight but with a sturdier construction

Here are some other features you may want to look for before buying.
  • Blade- Check the blade size and the number of teeth.
  • RPM- This is the number of revolutions per minute of the blade. This, together with the number and size of teeth, determines the fineness of your cuts.
  • Weight- This is the weight of the machine in kilograms or pounds. If you want a portable machine, consider the lightweight, small table saws.
  • Horse Power- This is the amount of power output a particular machine can manage. Choose one depending on your needs.
  • Safety- Check for a blade guard and safety stop features.
  • Extras- Check for extra features such as a miter gauge, extension tables, router tables and extended fence rails, among others.

Video: How to Use a Portable Table Saw

Basics of using a table saw — cross-cutting and ripping techniques. | Courtesy of Popular Woodworking
Construction and Design
Table saws are simply power saws attached to a working surface. The blade extends through an opening on the working surface, where you place your wood while cutting. Blades are usually made of different metals like iron and diamond, among other strong metals. The blade is circular with serrated teeth all around that cut through your working material. Most are covered with a blade guard for safety purposes.

The working surface is basically a flat table on which you place the materials you’re working with. A metal surface works best, as it is smooth and easy to clean. A motor is attached underneath the machine to power the blade. Some have a miter gauge attached that enables you to cut at different angles.

Industrial table saws are different from the small home saws, as they come with extension and router tables as well as extended fence rails. They are also large and heavy, and some have stands with wheels attached. If you want to be moving yours from one location to another, consider going for one with wheels.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a table saw is efficient but requires a certain degree of skill. It is a skill that you perfect over time. All in all, you need a machine that can get your work done with ease.

As we have already noted, there are different types of table saws. There are those that you can move from one place to another, and there are those designed to only stay in one location. If you’ll be using yours frequently on site, then you’d better get a portable machine since they are lighter and, thus, easy to carry. However, you can also move the heavy machines if you have one on a stand with wheels.

Table saws assist you in making specialized cuts like grooves, tenons and slots. You, therefore, need a sharp working blade and a miter gauge to help you measure the angles. A sharp blade ensures that you cut through your working material smoothly. You should also consider the power output of your machine. For small projects, you can use a small table saw with less output, but for the big projects where you need to cut large pieces of wood, then a large cabinet saw with high horse power would serve you well. Power also applies to the revolutions per minute your blade can achieve.

For a more efficient work station, you may want to consider a machine with extra features. Such features include extension tables and extended fence rails. Extension tables assist when working with large materials, while the fence rails ensure that you keep your working pieces in position.

Safety is also paramount when working with table saws. If you are not careful, the blade can easily cut your fingers in an instant. It is advisable that you get a machine with a blade guard that only opens when the blade is running and closes immediately after you remove the material. Safety stop features that lock the blade whenever they detect a foreign material can also come in handy. Always make sure that you do not handle the blade while powered on with your bare hands.

Get the Best Table Saw of 2023!

We’ve tried our best to sieve through a sea of machines from multiple brands to come up with our top selections. It’s our joy to have helped you get the right machine for your needs. If you’re undecided still, take your time and have a closer look to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything. If you still don’t find one from this selection, then check out other options that these brands have for you.

Our Top Choice
Bosch 10" Worksite Table Saw
Best Value
Dewalt 10" Compact Jobsite Table Saw
Makita 10" Contractor Table Saw
Shop Fox 10" 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw
SKIL 10" Folding Stand Table Saw

Table Saw FAQs

What is the best table saw?
There is a variety of high-quality table saws out there that can be perfect for your specific use. However, the very best ones incorporate both portability and safety features in their designs. Brands like SawStop and Bosch boast of the most advanced technologies out there (but also bring with them a price tag to match). With features like inbuilt flesh detecting emergency brake, they overall guarantee a safer, more efficient cutting experience. We've reviewed a number of table saws for different budgets if you are shopping for one.
Who makes the best table saw?
Judging by the overall build quality and efficiency and ease of use, there are a couple of table-saw-making companies that stand out across the table. These include Bosch, SawStop, Dewalt, JET, Grizzly, and Makita. While Bosch and Sawstop are more renowned for their quality and technology, you can’t really go wrong with a product from any of the other brands. Shopping for a benchtop saw? Check out our reviews.
How many teeth are best for table saw blade to cut plywood?
Because of its thin veneers, plywood tends to tear-out easy, more so when sawing across its face veneer. For this reason, it is recommended that you use an ATB blade with as many teeth as possible to achieve the best cut. This can be anywhere between 40-80 teeth; however, if you can afford it, you might want to settle for the optimum 80 teeth.