Best Table Top Wet Grinder Reviews 2023

A table top wet grinder is an appliance that grinds food grains in order to produce a batter or a powder. Especially if you like spicy foods, a table top wet grinder will help your grind your favorite spices and herbs rapidly. Take a look at our top 5 choices from some of the best table top wet grinder brands out there. It will simplify the time you spend in your kitchen!
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Our Top Choice
Premier Life Style Table Top Wet Grinder
SS Premier was founded more than 40 years ago and it manufactures cookware and home appliances. Its products are innovative and affordable.
It grinds rice and beans uniformly and comes with a dose ladle and an Atta kneader. It tilts and is compact enough to fit in a small space.
It’s not engineered for multiple tilt angles.
18.3 x 12.4 x 12.3 inches
67.6 ounces
Stainless Steel
16 pounds
110 volt
Best Value
Alpina Electric Table Top Wet Grinder
Alpina was founded in 1987 in Germany. Its products are manufactured with advanced technologies and eco-friendly raw materials.
It’s available in silver color and can grind nuts, spices, bread crumbs and coffee in just a few seconds. It’s compact and easy to use.
It doesn’t work hands free.
7.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
3.3 ounces
Stainless Steel
2 pounds
110/120 volt
Vidiem Jewel Table Top Wet Grinder
Vidiem was founded in 1978 and since then it’s been manufacturing different home and kitchen appliances. Its products are innovative, durable and convenient.
Its plates and rollers are made of stainless steel and it comes with 2 years warranty. It’s easy to clean, hygienic and safe.
It requires soaking the ingredients up to 4 hours.
17.1 x 11.6 x 13.3 inches
67.6 ounces
16.7 pounds
110 Volt
Ultra 1.25L Table Top Wet Grinder
In 1992, Ultra launched is first table top wet grinder that made cooking easier and healthier for its customers. Now, it has more than 1.5 million satisfied customers.
It features patented conical grinding stones and rust-proof materials. It has a cylindrical drum and an ABS shell.
It doesn’t have an automatic timer.
17.5 x 11.5 x 12 inches
42 ounces
Stainless Steel
25 pounds
110 Volt
Revel Table Top Wet and Dry Grinder
Revel is a popular distributor of a wide range of products including kitchen appliances, personal care, beauty products and even women’s fashion.
As it’s small and lightweight, this grinder can be easily stored in any place. It can grind coffee beans, dips, nuts and more.
It only has a 3.3-ounce capacity.
4.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 inches
3.3 ounces
2 pounds
110 Volt

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What is the Best Table Top Wet Grinder?

Before buying a table top wet grinder, you have to decide what you want to grind with it. If you want to grind large quantities of ingredients, you should go for one with a larger capacity. Similarly, if you want to just personally grind your coffee, go for a small and compact one.
Our Top Choice
The Premier Life Style Table Top Wet Grinder features double reduction gear and comes with a stainless steel drum and BPA-free plastic components. If you wouldn’t mind a smaller unit, and if you wouldn’t mind paying less, check out the SS Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder which has a 50-ounce capacity and a durable stainless steel drum!

Premier Tilting Wet Grinder – 2 Liter Capacity, 200 Watts Power, 1740 RPM Motor, Stainless Steel Drum

SS Premier has its proverbial hand on the pulse of changing consumer preferences, which is why it always tries to improve the features of its products and to create new products that meet evolving needs. It manufactures and distributes a wide range of quality kitchenware and home related products and is unfailingly associated with consumer satisfaction. Apart from table top wet grinders, this brand also sells pressure cookers, pots, pans, cookware, LPG Stoves and other appliances.

The Premier Life Style Table Top Wet Grinder provides a traditional wet grinding in a modern way. As it features an advanced technology it can grind uniformly in a short time, without losing the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Here’s some more info about it:
  • Removable bowl
  • Less noise, easy to clean
  • Grinding stone design
  • 200 Watts Single Phase
  • 1740 RPM
Best Value
The Alpina Electric Table Top Wet Grinder has 2 different stainless steel bowls for wet and dry grinding and it also features a safety lock system. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a meat grinder, check out the Alpina Heavy Duty Meat Grinder which has 5 grinding heads and includes a full set of useful accessories!

Alpina Electric Wet and Dry Coffee Grinder - 2-Stainless Steel Bowls, 200 Watts Power

Alpina has been on the market for more than 30 years and its products serve the homes of its customers all over the European continent. Its products meet the European standards of safety, quality and health. Apart from table top wet grinders, Alpina also manufactures hair care, kitchen machines, snack markers, steam irons, toasters and many other interesting appliances. If you’re a fan of donuts or waffles, you should check out its range of donut and waffle-makers as they’re both affordable and durable.

The Alpina Electric Table Top Wet Grinder is small and easy to use. You just have to place the ingredients inside, place your hands on top and press. In a matter of seconds your ingredients will be turned into powder.

See more of its features:
  • Different blades for wet and dry grinding
  • 200 Watt Single Phase
  • Rust resistant bowls
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean
The Vidiem Jewel Table Top Wet Grinder has a single phase high torque motor, protected by a thermal overload protector. It operates with 1450 RPM. If you want to see another model with stainless steel rollers, check out the Vidiem Jewel-SS Wet Grinder; it comes with a touch of purple!

Vidiem Jewel Wet Grinder – 2 Liter Capacity, Clear Drum, Stainless Steel Rollers, 90 Watts Power

Vidiem is committed to quality and innovation and that’s why it tries to constantly improve its products. It’s looking not just to meet but to exceed its customer’s needs, namely because it wants to improve the life quality of its customers, making life and everyday jobs easier for them. Its kitchen appliances are easy to use, efficient and made of quality materials. Apart from table top wet grinders, this brand also sells gas cook tops, hobs, mixers grinders, salad makers and pressure cookers.

The Vidiem Jewel Table Top Wet Grinder is easy to operate and has a good grinding performance. It features a maximum grinding capacity of 50 ounces for soaked rice and up to 17 ounces for soaked dal.

Check out its other characteristics:
  • 1450 rotations per minute
  • 230 V
  • 90W power
  • PVC power cord
  • Twin Wiper
The Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder has an attractive and sleek design. It features a stainless steel rotor and drum; it’s shock proof and designed for efficiency. This model has a capacity of 42 ounces. If you prefer a larger product, check out the Ultra Grind Gold Table Top Wet Grinder that has a 67-ounce capacity and which includes an Atta kneader!

Ultra Table Top Wet Grinder – 1.25 Liter Capacity, Atta Kneader Included, 110-Volt, Detachable Drum

Ultra understands the responsibilities and hard work every homemaker encounters so it decided to create efficient products that make life and everyday home work easier. It manufactures kitchen appliances that are innovative and reliable. Apart from table top wet grinders, Ultra also sells mixers and pressure cookers that have multiple creative features and make cooking a pleasant and easy experience.

The Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder is a good choice for your kitchen and the health of your family. It’s lightweight and offers a multi-utility drum that has a granite stone bottom.

Check out its other strong points:
  • Conical grinding stone
  • 85-watt motor
  • Easily removable drum
  • Power surge protector
  • Includes spatula and batter cleaner
The Revel Table Top Wet Grinder can grind coffee and spices both wet and dry. It has a chrome finish and it’s also suitable to prepare chutney. Looking for a table top wet grinder that has an extra cup? Check out the Revel Chrome Wet and Dry Coffee Grinder which can make chutney and features steel blades!

Revel Wet and Dry Coffee/Spice Grinder – 280 Watts Power, 110 Volt, Good for Chutney, Coffee, Nuts

Revel understands that you’re always looking to make your life easier and spend less time in the kitchen. This is why it tries to distribute efficient products that help its customers out. Apart from table top wet grinders, Revel also sells personal care products, chandeliers, floor lamps, bread machines, electric spice grinders and other different kitchen appliances such as tortilla makers, blenders and mixers.

The Revel Table Top Wet Grinder can grind both wet and dry multiple ingredients such as herbs, spices, nuts, bread crumbs without mixing their distinctive aromas. It’s easy to operate and to maintain.

See more details about it:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 280 watts motor
  • Powerful torque
  • Grinds ingredients quickly
  • Plastic structure

How Do I Choose the Best Table Top Wet Grinder?

How much time do you spend cooking? For those of you who do cook a lot, there are some secrets of efficiency that can help you make the most of your time. There are some kitchen tools that can shorten the time that you spend in the kitchen without having impacting the food’s taste. Just think about it: being able to spend 1 hour in the kitchen versus 3 hours to make your favorite meals, no matter how complex they are to prepare.

A table top wet grinder is of great help when it comes to grinding ingredients such as rice, pulses, beans and all kinds of batters. They’re kind of like food processors, but they can be used for wet foods too! It will do the job in a matter of seconds, so you’ll have time to prepare other components of your dish. In order for your recipes to turn out correctly, you should carefully measure the ingredients through the use of a kitchen scale. The perfect combination of ingredients can kick an average dish up to amazing.

Likewise, if you love making cookies, cakes, and other desserts from scratch, a stand mixer will help to simplify the process of mixing ingredients and kneading the dough.
The price of a table top wet grinder is impacted by the materials used to make it, the brand, the capacity and the additional features it includes. You may be tempted to buy a cheap table top wet grinder, but in the long run, the product won’t last long and won’t grind the ingredients properly.

A good quality table top wet grinder will cost you between $35 and $300 for a more powerful model that features stainless steel drum. There are multiple benefits to purchasing a good-quality table top wet grinder, such as speed, efficiency, and retaining the authentic taste of the grains you will use in your dish.
Even though table top wet grinders are not so common in the Western kitchens, they are a staple in Indian cuisine. However, more people have started using them to make great batters for their favorite dishes. Wet grinders make tasty pastes from lentils and grains and are most often used for preparing vada, urda, dokla, idli and more.

There are some features to consider before purchasing a table top wet grinder. Check them out:
  • Capacity - Capacity is an important feature that also affects the price of the wet grinder. Most of them have between 1 and 2 liters capacity which is enough to make chutney or baby food.
  • Drum Material - A good quality table top wet grinder will have a stainless steel drum, but there are also good models with plastic drums. The advantage of stainless steel drums it the fact that they can be stored in the refrigerator with the batter in them without affecting the taste.
  • Tilting - It is good to go for a table top wet grinder that also tilts as it will allow you to empty the batter from the grinder easier. However, this model might be a little difficult to clean as the drum is not removable.
  • Number of stones - The range of stones extends from 1 to 3 stones. The more stones, the faster the grinding will be. You’ll also have to choose between cylindrical or conical stones. It is said that conical stones are more efficient.
  • Included accessories - Check out which accessories come with the table top wet grinder as they can be very useful.
Let’s check out the construction and design aspects of table top wet grinders.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the design and colors of table top wet grinders, we’re happy to announce that there are plenty of options. We advise you to go for one that matches the style of your kitchen, if you’re conscious about aesthetics.

Table top wet grinders are amazing kitchen accessories that can help you prepare the batter for your dishes quickly and easily. Grinders rely on stone grinding, so this machine doesn’t heat up the ingredients and keeps them fresh without altering their taste. They are designed to be used on a table or counter and they’re easy to store and transport. Most of them are designed to provide trouble-free, continuous service and can be used for multiple purposes for anything from batters to soups.

Wet grinders feature impact-resistant bodies and operate at a moderate speed in order to avoid the over-heating of the paste. It grinds all the ingredients simultaneously and to exact proportions retaining the nutrition value and taste. There are also tilting table top wet grinders, which usually use 2 stones for grinding. These types of wet grinders are space-saving, but can be a bit difficult to clean. Stainless steel is used for the structure of the drum and the stand in order to be durable and efficient.

It’s up to you to decide which of these is the best wet grinder for you, but we also want to inform you about how easy it is to maintain such a product.
Performance and Ease of Use
You will have to clean the grinder after each use. If you don’t do this immediately it is possible for the drum to rust. Another thing you should check from time to time is the motor that is inside the grinder, making sure it is functioning properly.

Table top wet grinders carry high volt energy, so always be careful with the wiring and keep it away from water surfaces. Before using it for the first time we advise you to run it with water for a few minutes in order to clean it from dust particles and then you’re ready to start using your new grinder!

Get the Best Table Top Wet Grinder of 2023!

As you can see, some table top wet grinders can grind both wet and dry, others are suitable for certain ingredients only. It is important to get the right one in order to use it whenever you need it. Now, choose the one you prefer, get it today and start making that chutney!

Our Top Choice
Premier Life Style Table Top Wet Grinder
Best Value
Alpina Electric Table Top Wet Grinder
Vidiem Jewel Table Top Wet Grinder
Ultra 1.25L Table Top Wet Grinder
Revel Table Top Wet and Dry Grinder