Best Tablet Keyboard Reviews 2022

In this tech age where everyone and everything is going mobile, choosing the right tablet keyboard can be trying as there are numerous models out there. To guide your decision, we’ve taken the liberty to investigate several brands with tablet keyboards in the market, and have arrived at the top 5 brands with the best tablet keyboards. This review showcases one product from each of the brands, but do note that the featured brands still have other tablet keyboard models that you may want to check out.
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Our Top Choice
Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Keyboard
Lenovo is a world leader and brand of repute in the personal technology industry, occupying top spots in the PC and smartphone manufacturing sphere.
Its scissor-lift mechanism raises it at a convenient angle for comfortable typing and it uses Near Field Communication together with Bluetooth connectivity.
Its wireless connectivity can be problematic, but it sorts itself out after a while.
PC, smartphone, tablet
1-year warranty
12 x 0.53 x 6.45"; 1 pound
1 week
Comes with a TrackPoint
Best Value
Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard
Logitech specializes in the manufacture of quality corded and cordless peripherals that are convenient, better, more fun, and extremely productive for the user.
Easy-switch dial for comfortable switching between 3 connected devices. On/off switch and volume control buttons.
Battery may be prone to fast depletion.
PC, smartphone, tablet
1-year limited hardware warranty
0.79 x 7.68 x 11.77"; 1.81 pounds
4 months
Easy-switch dial
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
Microsoft manufactures innovative products that are made with the highest quality materials, and showcases cutting-edge technology that’s highly reliable and durable.
Water-repelling keyset. Can connect two devices at once, with an easy switch system.
There’s a large gap between the 2 sides of the keyboard, which could make typing a little difficult.
PC, smartphone, tablet
3-year limited warranty
0.45 x 11.61 x 4.9"; 0.9 pounds
3 months
Spill-resistant design
ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard
ZAGG produces a wide range of quality, durable, and functional products including screen protection, power, computer peripherals, and audio systems.
Lengthwise folding along keyset lines. Normal key spacing. Bluetooth connects instantly to devices.
Too long when folded, making it difficult to stow away.
Smartphones, tablets
1-year limited product warranty
2.2 x 0.6 x 8.8"; 0.9 pounds
6 months
Folds lengthwise across key rows
iClever Portable Folding Keyboard
iClever is dedicated to the design of innovative and quality high-technology electronics to give the customers the best of itself and of their lives.
Anodized matte process keyset. Excellent sense of touch. Silicone stoppers hold it in place when in use.
It connects only one device at a time, so you can’t switch from one device to another.
PC, smartphone, tablet
1-year warranty
7.67 x 0.98 x 5.51"; 0.8 pounds
4 months
Very simple key shortcuts

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What is the Best Tablet Keyboard?

This review covers a large spectrum of features possessed by most tablet keyboards. Since you’ve read through our buying guide, it’s safe to say that you’re now well-informed and can make a careful selection from our product review section and find the best tablet keyboard to suit your particular needs.
Our Top Choice
The Lenovo ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard features larger keys and more in-between key spacing, a track point, and LED status display. If what you want is a tablet keyboard with a stand, then check out the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand.

Lenovo ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint - US English

Lenovo is a world leader and brand of considerable repute in the personal technology industry, occupying top spots in the PC and smartphone manufacturing sphere. It’s established and headquartered in Hong Kong, and since 1981 has made several profitable acquisitions including IBM, Motorola, NEC, Medion, and stoneware. These acquisitions have positioned it as the largest PC company in China, and its innovative and high-tech products are used by millions of people all over the world to bring change and progress to their different areas of endeavors.

Its vertically integrated, end-to-end business model is creating a cutting-edge technological difference among its competitors and drives new market opportunities in the internet services, cloud computing, and home digitals. Its products include PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, servers, workstations, and hardware storage systems.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard is a dynamic and versatile keyboard in an island-style and slim design that’s guaranteed to give you the best typing experience for all your smart devices. Its large keys and spacing ensure its high level of precision and quality, in addition to being quite durable and portable.

More of its great features include:
  • A scissor-lift mechanism for positioning the keyboard at an angle that makes for great ergonomics and increases your comfort when using it
  • An integrated, extra-long lasting battery that keeps going for more than one month and eliminates battery changing
  • Simple USB charging system for the battery
  • LED display shows different status update such as charging, power, and pairing status
  • Uses the fast and simple Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing tag system to connect with other NFC-enabled devices
  • An integrated track point that eliminates the need for an external mouse
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and Near Field Communication system
  • Has all the features you can find on ThinkPad laptops and Thinkcenter desktops including volume and brightness controls
  • Has dimensions of 12 inches in depth, 0.53 inches in height, and 6.45 inches in width
  • Weighs 1.01 pounds
  • It has both ThinkPad and Windows 8 function keys with a quick-switch format of Fn+Esc to switch between ThinkPad and Windows 8
  • Has a 1-year warranty coverage
Best Value
The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard is sturdily built, has an integrated device cradle, and is battery-operated, making it super convenient. For a tablet keyboard with touch buttons for switching between 3 connected devices, see the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard in dark grey.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard for Computers, Tablets and Smartphones – Available In 2 Colors

Logitech specializes in the design and manufacture of personal peripherals for digital devices. Its innovative and quality products are aimed at helping users enjoy their gadgets and devices better - whether on a computer, gaming console, home entertainment system, or digital music device. It manufactures both corded and cordless peripherals that are more convenient, better, more fun, and extremely productive for the user.

It was established in 1981 and produced the first computer mouse which has evolved along with personal computers. Its product design has expanded to include several other computer peripherals and is sold in all over the world, preferred by many users.

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard is a unique and versatile keyboard that lets you type on any device that has Bluetooth connectivity, be it tablet or smartphone. It’s highly compatible with devices running on iOS and Android platforms, and has a sturdy design that’s anything but flimsy.

It has many distinguishing features which include:
  • An integrated tablet/smartphone cradle that can accommodate one tablet or two smartphones at the same time, increasing your typing performance by letting you read while typing
  • Easy-switch dial that allows you to type on three different devices at once - all you need do is flip the switch to the connected device you wish to type on
  • Highly versatile and capable of connecting up to three different devices at the same time
  • Is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Mac and Windows computers
  • Has a familiar keyboard layout with all the shortcut keys you know and use for Windows or Mac computers, and your other devices
  • Its ably powered by 2 AAA batteries that comes pre-installed and last for a long time
  • An ergonomic design and colors that will surely add style to your gadget collection
  • Solidly built, lightweight, and quite durable with the device cradle at just the right depth to hold your device safely without letting it fall off
  • Dimensions of 0.79 inches in depth, 7.68 inches in height, and 11.77 inches in width
  • Weighs 1.81 pounds
  • A simple on/off switch and volume control buttons
The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard comes with a powerful 4.0 Bluetooth technology, is foldable and compact, and is lightweight. If you’d prefer an ultra-thin tablet keyboard with a backlit keyset, then go for the Microsoft-Type Cover for Surface Pro 3 in blue.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows Tablets Product Model Number:: Microsoft Tablet Keyboard GU5-00001

Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest players in the software development industry. It’s the owner of the popular Windows operating system, which remains its best product till date. Apart from software development, it’s also involved in the manufacture and design of personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and all types of computer peripherals.

Its innovative products of both the software and hardware category are well thought-out, made with the highest quality materials, and showcase cutting-edge technology. This places it at the top of the chart and ensures its products are highly sought for, thus maintaining its lead in a highly competitive market.

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is another great masterpiece from Microsoft. It is a sleek, elegantly designed universal keyboard that’s built for durability, functionality, and ease of operation with components that you can swear by. It has a full-sized keyset for quick and precise typing.

This unique keyboard has other interesting features which include:
  • A foldable and innovative design which is seamless when unfolded and makes it compact and portable
  • Dimensions of 11.61 inches in length and 4.9 inches in width, before folding
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Extremely lightweight, about 0.5 inches in depth for increased portability and space-saving
  • Highly compatible with all devices including iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows tablets, and Windows Phones
  • Uses a powerful and reliable 4.0 Bluetooth technology for clutter-free connectivity that you can count on
  • Simple on/off system where you unfold the keyboard to activate and connect to your device and then close it up again to end the connection
  • Its manufacturing material and water-repelling keyset helps to protect the keyboard from accidents and increases its longevity
  • Outfitted with a rechargeable battery to last for as long as three months on a single full charge
  • It can connect to two devices at the same time with an easy-switch mechanism, thereby letting you get more work done
  • Comes with a 3-year product warranty
The ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard features easy-touch keys, integrated device cradle, and a compact and long-lasting battery. For a tablet keyboard with ergonomic island-style keys and durable casing, you can check the ZAGG Case with Universal Keyboard in black.

ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard Universal for Smartphones, Small Tablets, Apple and Android Devices – Available In 2 Styles

ZAGG was established in 2005 as a manufacturer of the best-selling Apple iPod screen protection cover. Its huge success in that line led the founder to diversify into other areas and accessories to help its large customer base have a truly awesome experience using their mobile devices. Five years after establishment, it pioneered the first Bluetooth-enabled tablet keyboard that lets users transform their tablets into laptops.

In 2010, it introduced the first ever foldable table keyboard in the industry, and since then, its innovations have become the benchmark of manufacture and design in the industry. Its wide range of quality and functional products include screen protection, power, computer peripherals, and audio systems. Integrity, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement are its core values.

The ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard is a compact, lightweight, and handy keyboard that allows you to work and type on your devices comfortably and on-the-go. It’s made from stainless steel which gives it a sleek look that you’ll love to show off to your friends.

It has so many great features which distinguish it from others, and they include:
  • Foldable design that, unlike other foldable keyboards, folds lengthwise along the lines of the keyset into a compact rectangle and maintains the normal key spacing
  • Retains about 85% of the normal key spacing on a regular or traditional keyboard
  • Has easy-touch keys that respond smoothly to your finger touch
  • Comes with an integrated cradle for your device to give a great reading angle so you can comfortably read on your device while typing
  • Works perfectly across different devices such as Android smartphones and tablets, Windows tablets and phones, iOS tablets and phones, and even desktop computers with HID interface
  • Its wireless connection is via Bluetooth and it connects instantly to some devices with no lag time and without needing you to go through a pairing process
  • To switch the keyboard on and connect to a device, you simply unfold it, and then fold it back to switch off or end the connection when you’re done
  • When folded, magnets help to keep it folded and conserve battery life by switching it off
  • Dimensions of 2.2 inches in depth, 0.6 inches in height, and 8.8 inches in width
  • Weighs 6.8 ounces
  • It’s covered by a 1-year limited product warranty
  • It’s powered by a powerful lithium polymer battery that can last for more than 2 years of constant use between charges
The iClever Portable Folding Keyboard is sleek, portable, lightweight, is tri-folding, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. For a tablet keyboard with 7 backlight color options, you should see the iClever Universal Backlight 7-Color Adjustable Brightness Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.

iClever Portable Folding Keyboard, Ultra Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Carry Pouch for IOS Android Windows

iClever is fully dedicated to the manufacture and design of innovative and quality high-technology electronics for its customer base. It was established in 2010 but has developed into a full-bodied international company and has made its mark in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, and Japan.

Its products are known for their dynamic functionality and innovative designs, and are among the top-selling electronics in the market today. With committed employees, it combines quality production designs with top-notch customer service.

The iClever Portable Folding Keyboard is a sleek and beautifully designed little keyboard that lets you type across all platforms and devices with ease. It’s manufactured with high-grade materials for protection and improved functionality, and comes in a velvet-like carry case to store the keyboard when not in use or to keep the charger safe and handy.

Some of its eye-catching features include:
  • A unique, tri-folding design with hinges that don’t deter from its elegance
  • Portable and lightweight, about 0.39 pounds, and extremely convenient for travelling
  • Dimensions of 7.67 inches in length, 0.98 inches in width, and 5.51 inches in height
  • Comes with a built-in Broadcom Bluetooth module that allows quick and easy connectivity to virtually all devices, laptops or tablets or smartphones, on either iOS, Windows, or Android platforms
  • Ergonomically designed with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for durability
  • The keyset features an anodized matte process which greatly enhances the key touch
  • Has some special blue keys that can be activated by pressing the function and color keys simultaneously
  • The folding action effectively powers it off, while opening it powers it up - its connecting range is within 33 feet
  • Noiseless keys that allow you work in total silence anywhere
  • Built-in and long-lasting rechargeable battery that charges via USB cord
  • It has little silicone stoppers underneath to help keep it in place when in use
  • 30-day money back guarantee, 18-month replacement warranty, and a lifetime support guarantee makes the keyboard a worry-free, must-have gadget

How Do I Choose the Best Tablet Keyboard?

Communication and work devices and gadgets are undergoing a size revolution; the slimmer and smaller, the better. Nobody wants to move around with lots of weight from clunky devices anymore. Many people are very mobile nowadays, maybe due to work or travels - and naturally, they want to take their gadgets along with them, especially phones and tablets, to ensure they stay in the loop with work and social media. Even in the house, it’s becoming more and more popular to use our mobile devices for work and play.

A tablet keyboard is another addition to the computer peripherals and accessories family. It comes in numerous shapes and styles, is wireless, has different features combinations, and is usually small and slim with a pocket-sized design that will fit into bags. Whether you’re travelling in a plane, on the bus, in the train, or just sitting at your desk in school or at the office, a tablet keyboard helps you get more work done with your device than you would normally achieve.

A tablet keyboard pairs with Bluetooth-enabled tablets, smartphones, laptops, and even desktop computers for more convenient typing. Although these devices all have keypads, which may be touchscreen, it’s often taxing trying to type or work on them, especially when you need to type out a long missive or letter. The tablet keyboard is a far better typing option than the device touchscreen pad, both in convenience and performance. Some of them even have the capacity to connect to multiple devices and switch between them seamlessly as you wish.

Now that we’ve seen a few reasons that you may want to get a tablet keyboard, let’s now take a closer look at the features and factors that you need to check out before making a commitment. These features include: compatibility, connectivity, dimensions, battery, the cost, and the style. Our product review looks at these features in great detail, so we urge you to read on and make an informed choice.
Whatever item you wish to buy, taking into consideration the price and your budget is a great way to start. For most products in the market, their prices are always a function of the features that come with them. There are the high-end types and low-end types, depending on the features.

A high-priced product doesn’t necessarily translate to a high-quality product, and vice versa. That said, the idea here is to find a product that best suits your budget range and also has the features that you most require.

The tablet keyboards covered in our review have prices that range from $36 to $100, which offers a wide price range to pick from. But while researching, we came across many cheap tablet keyboards but we figured you’d want only the best - since those were constructed with flimsy materials, we decided to ignore them.
There are some features that you need to consider carefully if you want to purchase a great and top-performing tablet keyboard gadget. These features include:
  • Compatibility
  • Connectivity
  • Dimensions
  • Styles
  • Battery
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
Tablet keyboards are designed with high compatibility and versatility. Most of them are built to be compatible with all devices, be it tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer, irrespective of the operating system the device runs on - common operating systems like Android, IOS, and Windows are usually supported on tablet keyboards.

Tablet keyboards often feature keysets with functions, short cuts, and keys particular to these operating systems for maximum performance and typing experience. Some brands design specific tablet keyboards for devices running on a specific operating system, but most commonly, tablet keyboards are universal.

One endearing feature of the tablet keyboard is its wireless connectivity. Before its advent, there were tablet keyboards that were connected to devices through USB cables, thereby limiting their versatility and portability. With a Bluetooth wireless connection, you can stay a few feet away from your device and type comfortably and efficiently, as long as you’re still within the Bluetooth range. It’s much more convenient, fast, reliable, and efficient than having to connect the tablet keyboard to your device using a USB cable.

A tablet keyboard is ideally small and compact both in size and thickness. They usually have a flat and ultra-thin streamlined design that makes them more portable, as well. They’re made with extremely lightweight materials so they don’t add too much weight to your pack or purse, and so you can even carry them in your pants or suit pocket.

Tablet keyboards usually have a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that’s quite long-lasting - some of them can go for a whole three months on a single charge, while some will require routine charging in-between uses. The battery is charged using a USB cable which is often provided in the pack. Apart from the rechargeable battery type, there are a few that are powered by AAA batteries. These will require constant battery changes, making them less preferred to the rechargeable types.
Performance and Ease of Use
For tablet keyboards, there are two main styles: the folding keyboard and the non-folding keyboard. A folding keyboard is more compact and portable than its non-folding counterpart, and depending on the manufacturer, some folding tablet keyboards fold into two halves while others are tri-folding.

For increased convenience, most of them employ the use of magnets to hold the folded parts together, while a few have hinges that are stylish and seamless. One of the products in our review section folds lengthwise, along the lines of the keyset, and thus eliminates the large gap that’s noticed on keyboards that fold breadthwise into two halves.

Some tablet keyboards have the ability to connect multiple Bluetooth devices at once and feature an easy-dial switch or button. These let you switch between devices and type on them as the need arises, without having to connect or disconnect them. This feature improves productivity for the user as you can work seamlessly on 2 or more devices.

A tablet keyboard may also come with an integrated cradle that holds your tablet or smartphone securely at an angle, giving you the advantage of viewing the screen while you type. This cradle can hold more than one device at a time to make your multitasking work more seamless and smooth-flowing.

Some tablet keyboards have backlit keys for easy and more precise typing at night or in dark places. Some brands even go a step further to equip their keyboard models with different backlight colors so you can choose your favorite color and set the brightness to your satisfaction.
To conserve battery life, the folding tablet keyboards usually incorporate an on/off switch into the folding mechanism so that as you unfold your tablet keyboard, it powers on automatically. Some even connect instantly to your devices, and as you fold the keyboard back up, power off and disconnect all devices.

It’s quite easy to use a tablet keyboard. There’s no extra setting-up required other than switching it on and pairing it to your device. For the universal keyboards, most of them come with a set of keys you press together to select the operating system of your device. This lets the keyboard automatically configure the keys and functions to your device’s operating system.

Get the Best Tablet Keyboard of 2022!

Having gone through our product review and now armed with relevant knowledge, you should be in a place where you can make an informed choice, so go ahead and place that order now. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Choice
Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Keyboard
Best Value
Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
ZAGG Foldable Wireless Pocket Keyboard
iClever Portable Folding Keyboard