Best Tablet Screen Protector Reviews 2017

Imagine you’ve got your tablet in hand, innocently watching funny cat videos on YouTube of course, when you clumsily and unexpectedly drop your device face down on the cold hard floor below. We’ve all been there, staring in shock and cautiously reaching for it while silently hoping the screen isn’t shattered. You flip it over, and the unfortunate truth becomes clear as day as you stare into the multi-cracked screen. However, this uh-oh moment, followed by intense self-loathing can easily be avoided with the simple, well thought-out purchase of a tablet screen protector. This is why we have gone out and done the research to bring you 5 of the best brands of tablet screen protectors!
Our Top Choice
Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Due to their innovative products, Anker has become one of the industry leaders in mobile power. The Anker Tempered-Glass Screen Protector is an example of that creativity.
Industrial high-durability. Microfiber cloth included. Smudge resistant. Rounded edges for grip.
Difficult to apply.
iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3
0.33mm thickness
94% transparency
Best Value
Mr Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector
Mr. Shield continuously provides well-researched and designed products to consumers today. This is achieved with the Mr. Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector.
Comes in a 3 pack. Bubble free technology. Matte finish. Removing tapes.
Some reports of slight loss of touch screen sensitivity.
Amazon Fire Tablet
Antiglare Matte Finish
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amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector
amFilm is keeping up with the demands of their customers, with quality screen protectors. This is shown in their Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
9H hardness level. 99.9% transparency. Micro fiber cleaning cloth. Anti-fingerprint coating.
Isolated reports of difficult installation.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Round Edge
Tempered Glass
0.33 mm thickness
99.9% transparency
Sparin HD Tablet Screen Protector
Sparin is a great brand for anyone looking for products made with today’s best technology and materials. This is shown well in the Sparin HD Tablet Screen Protector.
Multi touch compatibility. Installation videos on YouTube. High definition. Anti-shatter.
Some loss of touch sensitivity.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Round Edge
Tempered Glass
10.16mm thickness
Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector
Tech Armor is creating products to help people prepare for the unpredictable. This rings true in the HD Clear Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air and Air 2.
Affordable. Comes in a 2 pack. “Squeegee” for easy application. HD. TruTouch Technology.
Adhesive dries too fast for multiple application attempts
iPad Air/ Air 2
Round Edge
Ballistic Glass
0.25mm thickness
99% transparency

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What is the Best Tablet Screen Protector?

We believe that any purchase of a product can be seen as a mini investment, and with all investments there are considerations that one must make before buying. As small as it may seem, it’s good to know what your preferences are in a tablet screen protector so you get the most suitable product for your money. First and foremost, what type of tablet do you own? Screen protectors are not a generic “one size fits all” type of product. Different brands will provide perfect size fitting protectors for the various types of tablets on the market, and you don’t want to go buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab A protector for your iPad Mini.

Another thing to take into consideration is the type of material you would prefer. Tablet screen protectors can be made from highly durable tempered glass, shock-absorbing ballistic glass and sometimes even plastic. These different materials will change the price of the products from cheap and affordable to a more top-of-the-line screen protector, so there will be something in the market for every budget! Lastly, are you looking for extras with your tablet screen protector? While most brands offer products with anti-fingerprint coatings, easy application and touch screen sensitivity, some go the extra mile and provide things like cleaning cloths, application instructions and sometimes even additional protectors! Now that you have a better idea of what you are looking for, let’s have a gander at the list of products we have gathered for you.
Our Top Choice
This Anker Tempered-Glass Screen Protector provides wonderful protection from damage for you iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3. However, if you are looking for a similar product but for an iPad Air, we suggest having a look at this Anker Premium Tempered-Glass Tablet Screen Protector for that model.
Anker Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini 3 with Retina display

Anker Tablet Screen Protector AK-A7224011

Anker was founded by a group of friends working for Google back in 2009, when they had a vision of a world where being truly mobile was in fact possible. They created a range of mobile accessories for tablets and smartphones that give you the freedom to travel where you want with your devices, without restriction. Within the past few years, Anker has become one of the industry leaders in mobile power.

We have chosen to feature the Anker Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini (excluding iPad Mini 4) because of its premium quality and industry-high durability. Tempered glass scratch-resistance is measured on a 1-10 scale (10 being the best), and the Anker Screen Protector has been graded a 9H! That means your tablet will be able to bump, rub and scrape against all the things you do with gaining a scratch.

No need to worry about losing your touch screen’s sensitivity with this screen protector; it’s only 0.33mm thick and also maintains the viewing quality with 94% light penetration. Anker fits their screen protectors with a special oleophobic coating that helps reduce fingerprints, grease marks and smudges, which means your tablet will be easy to keep clean and always looking fresh!

This review is for the Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3; however, this brand also makes screen protectors for the following devices:
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
Best Value
With its prefect sizing, this Mr. Shield Tablet Screen Protector is a fantastic choice for any Fire Tablet user. However, if you’re interested in this brand and are the user of a Samsung device, we suggest taking a look at the Mr. Shield Premium Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
Mr Shield Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector for Amazon New Fire Tablet 7 Inch (5th Generation - 2015 Release) – 3 Pack

Mr Shield Tablet Screen Protector 3332825

Mr. Shield is a business located in the US that is involved in the research, development, design and production of screen protectors and other mobile phone and LCD peripheral products. They offer a wide variety of superb quality Japanese PET material screen protectors for devices such tablets and mobile phones. As well as providing amazing products at affordable prices, Mr. Shield also strives to give the highest level of customer service to consumers by giving them a brand they can trust.

We are featuring the Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector fit for the new Fire Tablet because of its perfect sizing for this device as well as its near effortless installation. This product boasts high-class adhesives that allow for a 100% bubble free end result when applied, and a mid-range 4H scratch resistance. Conveniently, this product comes in a pack of three, so when one of the protectors takes a bit of wear and tear, you can easily swap it out for a new one! Don’t stress about your Fire Tablet looking mucky and covered in prints; the Mr. Shield Matte Screen Protector has an anti-fingerprint film and includes a cleaning cloth for quick touch ups.

Besides the Fire Tablet, Mr. Shield also produces screen protectors for the following devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • ASUS Transformer Book
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
This amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a sensational buy for any Samsung Galaxy Tab A user. If you are looking for similar protection, but for an iPad Pro/iPad Air, we suggest having a look at this amFilm HD Clear Screen Protector.
amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch 0.33mm 2.5D

amFilm Tablet Screen Protector LYSB00YHZTWQC-ELECTRNCS

amFilm is a branch off brand of TechMatte Inc., a company providing people with innovative, up-to-date and reliable technology accessories. As a sub brand, amFilm creates and offers screen protectors for the majority of the trendy tablets, smartphones and other touch screen devices dominating the market these days. Their goal is to help you protect your device from damage and keep it looking as good as the day you bought it!

We are reviewing the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab A because of its sleek, non-bulky design that allows 99.9% transparency without sacrificing dependable protection. This screen protector provides wonderful scratch resilience due to its .33mm thickness and will remain suitable for your touch screen device’s sensitivity. With a 9H hardness level, you can spend less time worrying about the safety of your tablet and eliminate those heart skipping moments when you drop your gadget face down on the ground.

We are specifically reviewing the amFilm Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, but this brand also creates wicked tempered glass screen protectors for these following devices:
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
This easy-to-install HD Tablet Screen Protector provides great defense against damage to your Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet. However, if you are looking for Sparin products for your Apple devices, we suggest having a look at the iPad Pro\/iPad Air Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector.
Sparin Ultra Clear High Definition Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3 inch

Sparin Tablet Screen Protector SP-SFP4SC-01

Sparin is a brand that is creating superb accessories and protection for your tablets and other precious electronic devices. They pride themselves on their honest and reliable customer service and continue to provide products made with the best technology and materials in the industry.

We chose to show you the Sparin HD Tablet Screen Protector, compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 4, because of we love how it does not interfere with the usage of your surface pen while still offering excellent preservation of the device. The tempered glass acts as an anti-shatter layer, and when broken cracks into small, dull pieces as opposed to sharper ones of some competitors.

The Sparin Screen Protector boasts SD Round Edge design creating a much more natural and comfortable feel when using your tablet. The perfect cut and automatic attachment allows for simple installation, and as a bonus it doesn’t leave any residue during removal.

We have focused on the Sparin Tablet Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in this review; however, this brand also has protectors compatible with the following devices:
  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 6/6s
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
The Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector is a great, affordable option for protecting your device from bumps and scratches. However, if you are an iPad Mini user, we suggest taking a look at the similarly priced Tech Armor Anti-Glare iPad Mini Screen Protector.
Tech Armor High Definition Clear Apple iPad Air / Air 2 Film Screen Protector (2-Pack)

Tech Armor Tablet Screen Protector SP-HD-APL-ID5-2

Tech Armor understands that everyday life can be extremely unpredictable, so they make products to help protect your tech gear from unexpected mishaps. No matter what your lifestyle, or device choice, Tech Armor does its best to have the appropriate product to suit you. They use top notch materials in their products to maximize protection and create unrivaled user experience.

We are featuring the Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector due to its TruTouch accuracy and ultra transparent display being a perfect complement for your iPad Air/ iPad Air 2 device. Replacing an iPad screen can cost upwards of $150, which can easily be avoided with this screen protector, crafted of ballistic glass that absorbs impact when dropped.

This product provides an excellent shield against all wear and tear to your devices, such as scratches and dust. Don’t stress about installation; this screen protector is a superb fit and is easily applied bubble-free.

This review is specifically for Tech Armor Screen Protectors for iPad Air, but this brand also has protectors available for these following devices as well:
  • iPhone 5/6/6s/7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • Microsoft Surface Pro

Get the Best Tablet Screen Protector of 2017!

Hopefully this list has provided you with the information you need to make the perfect tablet screen protector purchase and avoid the dreaded cracked screen blues!

Our Top Choice
Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Best Value
Mr Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector
amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Sparin HD Tablet Screen Protector
Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector