Best Tabletop Fireplace Reviews 2020

What can be hotter than owning your own tabletop fireplace? You guessed right. Nothing! The challenge, though, is that choosing that ideal tabletop fireplace can be tiring and even confusing as every brand claims to be one of the best tabletop fireplace brands. But you can relax, because we have researched many brands and chosen five of the best. While each brand we feature has many tabletop fireplaces, we have featured one product from each. So, if our picks don’t meet your specifications, we recommend taking the time to look at these brands’ other tabletop fireplaces.
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Fuel Type
Our Top Choice
Ignis Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace
Since 2011, Ignis Products has had an unflinching commitment to providing leadership in the ethanol fireplace niche by offering top-quality fireplaces, burners, grates, etc.
This ethanol fireplace works very well and despite its open reservoir of fuel, it’s quite safe to use, even indoors. It also gives your home a welcoming ambience.
The recommended bio-ethanol doesn’t give out a lot of heat and also burns quickly.
0.07 liters
Best Value
Moda Flame Vigo Tabletop Fireplace
Moda Flame has impacted the world of home heating and indoor fireplaces with its line of bio ethanol burning fireplaces that require no venting, gas lines, plug-ins or outlets.
This bio ethanol fireplace delivers more heat, generates less waste and has no negative environmental impact.
This environment-friendly fireplace has a burner that burns fuel way too fast so you have to refill often.
Stainless steel
6 liters
Anywhere Fireplace Chatsworth Tabletop Fireplace
Anywhere Fireplace, through its high style and distinctive contemporary design, creates a line of products that allows the ambiance of a fireplace to be enjoyed in any space.
It is made of aluminum and so does not rust, pit or corrode. Also, its damper handle can be detached for use with a tea light instead of using it as a fireplace.
None reported as at the time of preparing this review.
Botanical gel
0.38 liters
Nu-Flame Sparo Tabletop Fireplace
The Nu-Flame fireplace brand by Bluworld is the “new form” of fire that merges the best of modern design, technology and ecology.
This lantern is safe and so can be used indoors. It is also smokeless, sootless, odorless and eco-friendly with its ethanol fuel.
When exposed to nature’s elements, this lantern does not last long.
Stainless steel
0.4 liters
Elite Flame Collin Table Top Fireplace
Elite Flames makes fireplaces that light up and warm up smaller spaces in your home with decent and sufficient heat output, giving your home the right ambience
This tabletop ethanol fireplace is great for smaller spaces and puts out decent heat, which is sufficient to warm a small bedroom if the power goes out.
The flames of this fireplace are large and beautiful for about 45 minutes, then they die down to very low flames.
Bio ethanol
Glass rounded panel 
4 liters

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What is the Best Tabletop Fireplace?

You wouldn’t want to buy a fireplace that gives you the cold shoulder immediately after purchase, so it’s great you took your time to go through our buying guide. Now that you know what to look out for in a tabletop fireplace, let’s go ahead and pick that one that warms your heart from the following reviews.
Our Top Choice
This ventless ethanol fireplace is designed to blend with modern décor settings and comes with an ethanol burner that gives out warm heat right from your table top. If you are looking for a similar ventless ethanol fireplace but with glass walls, then the Ignis Tab Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Fireplace will likely be the perfect fit for you.

Ignis Mika Ceramic Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Fireplace – Available in Black or White

Ignis Products, based in New York City, has created for itself a reputation that is almost unrivalled in the ethanol fireplace niche. Its products are not only top quality but also very affordable and enduring, providing the necessary service long after similar products have stopped working.

The Mika Black Ceramic Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Fireplace fits nicely with your indoor decoration as it looks more like a work of art than an actual fireplace. It comes with an ethanol burner that burns for up to one hour. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and helps in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Here are more features of this ethanol fireplace:
  • It is freestanding and so can be kept anywhere in your home, outdoor or indoor
  • Doesn’t require chimney, gas or electric lines
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Burns for approximately 1 hour
  • Has a capacity of 70ml or 2.4oz
This ventless ethanol fireplace burns clean without leaving behind any mess, ashes, or soot.
Best Value
This black-colored Vigo Ventless Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a versatile modern ethanol fireplace with a sleek design and glass panels which allow for maximum fire visibility. Looking for a bio-ethanol fireplace with round glass? Check out the Moda Flame Ghost Tabletop Firepit Ethanol Fireplace Black which is equally ventless.

Moda Flame Vigo Ventless Table Top Ethanol Fireplace – Available in 3 Colors

The Moda Flame line of fireplaces was immediately embraced by home builders, resorts, hotels, homeowners and large scale developments around the world when it was first launched. The Moda Flame fireplaces provide 4X more heat than electric fireplaces and require no setup or additional costs.

The versatile and modern Vigo ethanol fireplace has a good design with glass panels which allow for maximum fire visibility. It is portable and can be used both indoor and outdoor. It comes with a very simple way of adding fire to any setting. Other features include:
  • Its denatured ethanol burns free and emits no fumes
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Burn-time of between 2-3 hours
  • Does not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply
  • Black colored
The Chatsworth Gold is clean burning and so can be used both indoors and out. Made of aluminum, you can confidently leave it outdoors without the fear of rusting, pitting or corrosion. If you are looking for a fireplace with glass walls, then the Anywhere Fireplace - Lexington Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace in Beige is probably what you need.

Anywhere Fireplace Chatsworth Botanical Gel Fuel Fireplace in Gold

If you are looking to add style and distinction to any space, then you can easily achieve this with the Anywhere Fireplace line of fireplaces. Its fireplaces are made to suit any décor as they add a rich, warm atmosphere to every part of your home, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, den, dining room, patio, garden, deck, or pool.

The Chatsworth Gold can be placed on any steady surface, including your coffee table, dining table or even countertop. If what you are looking for is to enjoy the dancing flames of a real fire, then you have it in the Chatsworth Gold fireplace. Its other features include:
  • Easy to hang on wall mount
  • Requires no chimney or flue
  • Does not require gas or electrical connection
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Made of aluminum and so does not rust or corrode
  • Gives off only water and carbon dioxide
This fireplace is not to be used by children.
The Sparo Indoor Outdoor Ethanol Party Lantern, which ships with snuffer, will bring warmth and light to any atmosphere. With ethanol as fuel, this lantern is perfect for both indoor and out. Looking for a lantern with different design and housing, then check out Nu-Flame Estro Tabletop Portable Ethanol Fireplace.

Nu-Flame Sparo Indoor and Outdoor Ethanol Party Lantern

Nu-Flame by Bluworld is determined to be the new leader in safe, renewable, green energy products for today's eco-conscious architect or homeowner. With its decorative bio fireplaces, fire fountains and bio ethanol fuel, Nu-Flame has been promoting and advancing the “Going Green” trend.

The Sparo Indoor Outdoor Ethanol Party Lantern is effortlessly sophisticated with a design that gives it a bold appearance. This lantern is designed to allow the beauty and colors of its flames to be enjoyed by everyone. Here are more of its features:
  • Made of tempered glass for safety
  • Cup burner capacity of .4 liters
  • Comes with a quality stainless steel burner snuffer tool
  • Burns clean, eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel 
This lantern comes with a one-year warranty.
The Collin Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a stylish fireplace for personal use and comes with a simple and cool design of a powder coated black base finish. Looking for a fireplace with a rectangular glass? Check out the Elite Flame Lyon Portable Tabletop Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace which gives out good heat.

Elite Flame Collin Table Top Firepit Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace in Black

If you are looking for a way to warm up that small space in your home where you spend your me-time, then the Elite Flame brand of fireplaces is really what you need. Its fireplaces, while delivering the right amount of heat, also warm up that small space so you can really feel at home.

The Collin Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a stylish personal fireplace with a glass rounded panel that surrounds the flame. The Collin ethanol fireplace with black finish, and dimensions of 6.5W x 11.5H x 6.5D inches burns ideally for 2-3 hours. This very portable firepit fireplace is ventless and does not require electric, gas chimney or gel cans and will sure give your home that warm, cozy ambience you’ve been longing for.

How Do I Choose the Best Tabletop Fireplace?

When the cold creeps in, we know how cute it is to call it “weather for two,” but dear, when the cold hits the fan, cuddling, no matter how cute, can quickly become a replay of a sad scene from a Shakespearean tale without an external source of heat.

For some people, their favorite thing is to cuddle up under warm blankets—alone or with a significant other—and read a beautiful book with a glass of wine just beside on the rug. Others are content trying to capture the fireplace’s soothing glow as they paint with fiery brushstrokes of orange and blue flames makes for an ideal winter evening.

We can all relate to how a gently glowing fire just has this compelling and charming pull on everything around it, warming both the temperature and the ambiance of a house! The brilliant glow, and silent sparks like the fire is trying to communicate with you, can transform a house from one of gloom to one of cheer, even when everywhere is pin-drop quiet. And that’s the magic of a fireplace!

An even greater magic is how fireplaces have, over the years, developed into elegant, portable pieces that can stay anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. These modern pieces work because they comfortably merge into your home décor, adding a sophisticated touch, even when not in use.

Many tabletop fireplaces are designed for outdoor use so your outdoor space can remain warm and inviting all through the year! Imagine centering a few Adirondack pieces, a barbecue grill and your loved ones around your cute and portable fireplace. Just picture-perfect, right? Keep reading, because we will help you choose a tabletop fireplace designed for the most fun, safe, and eco-friendly experience as possible.
In our review, you’ll only find the best products on the market, not just some cheap tabletop fireplace that will save you a few bucks at the expensive of design or safety. You won’t find any of those in this review because we pride ourselves in making only the best products available to you here at Our featured tabletop fireplaces cost anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on the features and design.
Remembering these features will help you spot the best fireplace from miles away.
  • Size
  • Ease of assembly
  • Emission
  • Ventilation
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Colors and designs
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
First, you should check out the size of your space before buying a tabletop fireplace. Which tables around your home are you likely to put your new fireplace on? Knowing how much room you have to work with will help you make an informed choice about the size and shape of your new fireplace – because you have plenty of options to choose from.

Tabletop fireplaces are designed to be simple to set up. If you pick one that needs assembly, you’ll want to go for a fireplace that’s relatively straightforward to put together. You don’t want your perfect evening ruined by the hassle of setting up a complicated fireplace.

Tabletop fireplace manufacturers have shown creative genius in their product designs because there’s hardly a fireplace out there that won’t warm its way into your heart (except for the occasional gaudy model masquerading as an elegant fireplace). Since matching your fireplace to your home décor is totally hot at the moment, you’ll appreciate the diverse colors and designs to pick from.

Like we always say – there are no rules! Pick what works best for you and your space.
Performance and Ease of Use
The only gifts you want this winter are what Santa brings in his sleigh, not some bad cough from nearby smoke. Be sure to consider emissions when choosing a tabletop fireplace. Wood produces much more emissions than gas, which emits more than ethanol, which produces the least emissions of the three. The good news is that a typical tabletop fireplace burns ethanol, which is good for your health and your conscience. Ethanol, an eco-friendly renewable energy source derived from corn or other plant matter, allows you to enjoy a fireplace without needing a chimney.

Cleaning and maintenance are extremely easy with a tabletop fireplace. Since there’s neither ash nor chimney, you won’t need to bother with cleaning much. So that’s, at least, one thing off your list.

Your tabletop fireplace can be left on the table as a piece of décor. Its portability will allow you to easily tuck it out of the way during the summer.

For the best experience, follow these pointers when using your new tabletop fireplace:

  • If you have children or pets, opt for something that you can mount on the wall rather than a model that lives on the floor.
  • Your fireplace should be kept in a well-ventilated room, or the constant conversion of oxygen to carbon dioxide will make it hard for you to breathe.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Do not refuel when the fire is on or when the fireplace is still hot, and remember to wash your hands after refilling your tabletop fireplace.
At the end of the day, a tabletop fireplace is a fantastic idea on so many counts. Following the simple guidelines above will guarantee that you have a pleasurable and warm experience with your fireplace.

Get the Best Tabletop Fireplace of 2020!

Now that you’ve read our reviews of the best tabletop fireplaces, we hope you have all the information you need to make that great buy. Go ahead and buy with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Ignis Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace
Best Value
Moda Flame Vigo Tabletop Fireplace
Anywhere Fireplace Chatsworth Tabletop Fireplace
Nu-Flame Sparo Tabletop Fireplace
Elite Flame Collin Table Top Fireplace