Best Fishing Backpack – Water Resistant and Waterproof Fishing Tackle Backpacks for Your Next Fishing Trip

A tackle backpack is an essential tool for modern anglers or fishermen. It’s important not only for carrying your tackle, but also allows you to organize your equipment in a convenient and efficient manner. Since there are so many fishing backpacks in the market, it can be really confusing as to which one is ideal for you. However, we’ve made your work easier by researching the best fishing backpacks brands.

Each featured brand has a wide variety of options and for our product reviews, we picked a mix of styles and price points.

We also included information about more backpacks for fishing from each company, along with links in the reviews to make it easy for you. If you also want tackle bags and boxes or dry bags, we also have reviews for those. And further down in this article, we took the liberty of showcasing some backpacks for fishing that are TRULY waterproof — as in submersible. We hope that you find what you’re looking for.

Before we get to our reviews, we need to say that it was not easy narrowing things down to just 5 brands.

So, we want to give a shout out to Plano fishing backpacks, Blisswill fishing tackle backpacks, and Rodeel fishing backpacks and crossbody sling tackle bags. We also like the Plusinno Fishing Tackle Backpack Bag and Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack. And for those of you heading out into salt water, we recommend KastKing saltwater resistant fishing backpacks and tackle bags.

To give you an example of what these brands offer, we’ve showcased a few below.

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Our Top Choice
Spiderwire Backpack with Rod Holder
Spiderwire does not compromise on quality. The company is geared to helping you get your fish and taking them home with its highly efficient fishing accessories.
3 spacious compartments (including one for cooling). Zippered side pockets. Rod and tool holders. Comes with 3 tackle boxes. Adjustable straps.
Does not stay upright with tackle box removed. Not waterproof.
Traditional backpack
3 main, 2 side pockets
4.6 pounds
Molded sunglass holder
Best Value
Piscifun Messenger Fishing Tackle Backpack
Just like its name suggests, Piscifun creates super quality and superbly efficient fishing products for the whole family to enjoy.
Lightweight. Multiple compartments provide many organizer options. 3 mesh pads on back for extra comfort. Belt buckle to secure heavy stuff. Wide ergonomic shoulder strap.
Not waterproof but it is water-resistant. It’s too small for lengthy fishing expeditions.
Cross body fishing backpack
10 compartments/pockets
1000D Nylon
1.65 pounds
Mesh bottle pocket
Wild River CLC Nomad Lighted Fishing Backpack
With over 30 years experience designing construction tool bags and belts, CLC is focused on using that background and latest technology to make the best adventure bags.
Has a large storage area for all accessories. Features a strong LED light. Molded sunglasses holder. Numerous side pockets. Large and adjustable straps.
Not waterproof, but has a rain cover and water resistant base pads.
Backpack stands upright
3 main plus side pockets
7.7 pounds
Built in work surface
Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack Vest
Anglatech specializes in making some of the best fishing accessories, and you’ll love the high-quality material and ingenious designs of its tackle backpacks.
Comes with two waterproof pockets for electronics. 1.5-liter hydration water bladder. Functions doubly as a fishing vest. Paracord zippers provide easy and quick access.
Many pockets may lead to carrying excess weight.
Vest style backpack
3 main plus pockets
2 pounds
Rod holder and adjustable straps
Flambeau Outdoors Ritual Tackle Backpack
Having been established in 1947, Flambeau has grown leaps and bounds in manufacturing hunting, tactical and fishing gear to become one of the best in the industry.
Large main storage compartment. Adjustable padded straps. 2 exterior cup holders. Deep storage side pockets. Small but can bear 35 pounds or more.
Blue tab covers sometimes fall off.
Backpack stands upright
3 main plus side pockets
5.9 pounds
Waterproof phone pouch

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What Is the Best Tackle Backpack for Fishing? Read These Fishing Backpack Reviews!

The right backpack can often determine whether you have a good or a bad fishing experience, irrespective of what type of fishing you do. You can easily benefit from bringing the right tackle, and enough of it, in any of your fishing expedition to avoid wasting time and make the most of your experience. The best tackle backpack, thus, is that with which you can carry enough equipment that’s organized in a manner that gives you an easy time while fishing and thereafter.

When shopping for a waterproof fishing tackle backpack, it is important to know that in almost every case what you are going to find is water resistant backpacks that have waterproof compartments. This means that if they fall in the water, parts of the backpack will get wet. We searched high and low for totally waterproof fishing backpacks and could not find any specifically designed for anglers. However, we did find some great options that would work, with some added tackle boxes, and showcased them below.

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Our Top Choice
The Spiderwire Fishing Backpack features a large compartment divided into 3, each having a specific function, which include keeping drinks and bait cold, securing personal items, and of course storing your gear in the utility boxes that come with this bag. Don't want a full backpack? Check out the SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack. This smaller, over the shoulder tackle backpack still has plenty of room, but no cooling compartment or rod holder.

Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack with Fishing Rod Holder/Carry System - Foam Molded Sunglass Case, Comes with 3 Medium Tackle Boxes


Spiderwire does not compromise on quality. Instead, it’s simply geared to help you get your fish and take them home with its highly efficient fishing accessories. The California based company began as a research and technology establishment but has since diversified into different areas, with fishing being just one of many.

There’s everything to like with this cool, tough Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack. It features a large compartment divided into three with each having a specific function, which include keeping drinks and bait cold, securing personal items, and of course storing your gear in the utility boxes that come with this bag. There are more features apart from the unique storage space that you’ll like about this backpack:

  • Comes with 3 medium utility boxes
  • The compartments are well organized
  • Has side zippered pockets for extra accessories
  • Has a soft, sunglasses case
  • Features a convenient fishing rod carrier/holder
Best Value
The Piscifun Cross Body Messenger Fishing Bag is made of highly durable 1000D nylon as well as a waterproof lining that keeps any moisture at bay. Need a full size fishing backpack? Then check out the Piscifun Large Waterproof Fishing Tackle Backpack. This fishing backpack has plenty of storage compartments and even comes with a protective rain cover for when it’s really raining!

Piscifun Sling Fishing Tackle Bag - Water Resistant Cross Body Messenger Fishing Backpack, Available in 4 Colors


Just like its name suggests, Piscifun creates super quality and superbly efficient fishing products for the whole family to enjoy. In essence, the company’s name means that fishing makes people happy. Founded by a couple of close friends, Piscifun originated with a passion fishing, and it’s always wanted others to enjoy it as much as its founders do with cool and efficient products.

Its wonderful Cross Body Messenger Fishing Bag is truly multipurpose, as you can use it for a range of other activities such as hiking, mountaineering, biking and so forth. This bag is made of highly durable 1000D nylon and features a waterproof lining that keeps any moisture at bay.

Here’s a detailed list of features that make this utility product so great:

  • Has 10 inner compartments giving you ample storage space
  • It’s breathable and comfortable thanks to its 3 air mesh pads
  • Has moveable pads and a well-designed padded shoulder strap
  • Comes with a belt buckle placed in the middle
  • Has a pouch on its strap
  • Has dividers for carrying extra tools

This amazing, lightweight fishing backpack comes in black, coyote tan, mossy oak style camo, and digital camouflage so you have a variety of colors to choose from. If you’d like a waist bag instead, then you can go for the Piscifun Fishing Portable Outdoor Tackle Bag Fanny Pack, which easily adjusts to any waist size.

The Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Camo Backpack has a large upper storage area and numerous side pockets as well as a tool holder, giving you all the space you need. If you’d like a backpack with a USB charging system, then go for the Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad XP Lighted Backpack, which features an integrated 5000mAh power supply.

Wild River Nomad by Custom LeatherCraft Tackle Tek LED Lighted Mossy Oak Camo Fishing Backpack – Available with or without Trays


For all your outdoor gear and accessories, Wild River is your one stop shop. With over 30 years of experience in designing and making construction tool bags and belts, this company is focused on using that technology in making the best adventure bags. Its continued research ensures consistent innovation hence producing items with cool and efficient designs.

Wild River is changing this industry with its intelligent designs. Its Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Camo Backpack features a large upper storage area and numerous side pockets as well as a pliers and clippers holder, giving you all the space you need. It comes with a horde of other useful features, too, including the following:

  • High visibility compartments
  • Padded and adjustable should straps for comfort
  • Molded sunglasses holder
  • Retractable holder for clippers
  • Has a removable divider
  • Comes with protective rain cover
  • Has a collapsible front pocket giving a working area
  • Features a LED lighting system to work in low visibility

You can get this bag with or without trays depending on your needs and budget.

Designed by a fisherman, the Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack has three main compartments with numerous pockets, and it includes a 1.5-liter hydration water bladder to help you carry all your fishing supplies for the day. If you’d like a vest with a breathable full mesh back, consider the Anglatech Fishing Vest Pack, which is equally great for both men and women! It doesn't have the water bladder though.

Anglatech Waterproof Fly Fishing Backpack for Men and Women - Adjustable Vest Style Tackle Backpack with Water Bladder


Anglatech specializes in making some of the best fishing accessories, which include tackle backpacks. You’ll love the high-quality material as well as the ingenious designs of their backpacks. Its bags have adequate space and well-organized compartments, allowing you to carry your tackle with ease.

Fishing backpacks are a necessity if you love to fish. The Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack is one of those backpacks that come with additional vest compartment with more pockets giving you more storage and convenience. In addition to all this space, there are other features which you may like:

  • Comes with a 1.5-liter hydration water bladder
  • Has 2 pockets that are waterproof in which you can keep your phone and other electronics
  • It’s made of ripstop nylon that’s durable
  • Has adjustable straps and waist belt
  • Has a back mesh to keep you cool
  • 3 zippered compartments
  • Suitable for both men and women

This vest comes in forest and sand colors for those of you looking for a variety.

The Flambeau Ritual Tackle Backpack features a huge main storage compartment that can fit up to four 5007 containers, and can carry about 35 pounds of equipment. Looking for a smaller backpack for light fishing trips? The Flambeau Outdoor Portage Series Sling tackle backpack is a great for holding your lures and stuff while fishing.

Flambeau Outdoors Ritual Fishing Backpack Bag - Soft Tackle Storage Backpack Bag, Interior Tool Sleeves, Comes with 4 Storage Boxes


Having been established in 1947, Flambeau has grown leaps and bounds in manufacturing hunting, tactical and fishing gear to become one of the best in the industry. The company is driven by a strong will and determination to succeed, thus ensuring that they leave nothing to chance in giving you the best.

Its cool Ritual Tackle Backpack is precisely designed with your tackle in mind. The backpack features a huge main storage compartment that can fit up to four 5007 containers, which themselves can carry 35 pounds of equipment, or even more! As an experienced angler, you’ll also love the other features that come with this product:

  • The containers it comes with are coated with zerust. A rust inhibitor
  • It has a front saddle pouch
  • Has deep storage side pockets
  • One side pocket has in-built tool sleeves
  • Top pocket has waterproof pouch you can keep your electronics
  • Has two cup holders on its exterior
  • Shoulder straps are padded for comfort and also has a back pad

Best Fishing Tackle Backpack Buying Guide - Water Resistant vs Waterproof Fishing Backpacks

Whether you fish for the fun of it or you’re a professional angler, you need to have the right equipment based on the type of fishing you’re engaging in. If you’re just into hobby fishing and don’t need to carry a lot of equipment, then a tackle bag would be ideal for you. It’s simple, small, and convenient for the tackle you need in such fishing.

There are, however, other forms of fishing that require specialized equipment and thus require you to have something larger with more storage space to carry your fishing equipment. If you’re a shore fisherman, then a backpack would do you well as you can carry it on your back, leaving your hands free to do the fishing. Fly fishermen will definitely find a backpack useful considering that they have to do a lot of their fishing while on their canoes. You need all the balance you can get to be able to fish without toppling off your boat, after all. A life vest would also come in handy when fishing from a boat.

Backpacks are equally ideal for those of you who combine fishing, camping and hiking. Most are designed to carry more than just your fishing equipment; you can also carry along your hunting knife, for example, which may be attached on the side sleeves of some backpacks, and your binoculars in the upper compartments.

Video: How To Organize Your Fishing Tackle

Organizing a Fishing Backpack. | Courtesy of Salt Strong

Most tackle backpacks range from $20 to about $300, but the majority are under $150. The difference in price is brought about by the size and some special features in certain backpacks. Those with a large storage space, for instance, cost more than the smaller ones. Some bags also come with extra features such as LED light, special compartments for particular products and special pouches for electronics, among others. The smaller ones are in most cases small shoulder bags ideal for leisure fishing and hiking.

All in all, if you’re working on a budget, just check out the features you may forego in relation to your needs to fit your budget. Avoid going for those cheap tackle backpacks with substandard materials that wear out quickly.


Carrying fishing gear can be very hectic if you don’t have the right backpack. In addition to adequate and organized storage space, there are more features that you may want to consider before committing your hard-earned money on any one of them.

Here are those important features that you may check:

  • Design — Check out if the backpack you want is waterproof or not, if it can stand without support, as well as learning the specific style of bag it is
  • Compartments — Check if it’s divided into various storage spaces for particular luggage items
  • Material — Consider the material of the backpack as it determines its durability
  • Size — Consider the weight of the backpack. You wouldn’t want it to be a load in itself when you’ll be adding a bunch of gear as well.
  • Capacity — Ensure that the bag has the required weight capacity for your needs
  • Extras — These are features such as side pockets, adjustable straps, padded shoulder straps, mesh, rod holders and sleeves to attach tools such as pliers and knifes among others

Having known what to check, let’s get into the details of these features.

Construction and Design

You’ll notice that most backpacks are designed in more or less the same style. Starting with the compartments they come with, these tackle storages come with a top compartment that’s insulated to prevent water from getting in, which makes it best for electronic devices such as your phone. Some have molded tops that ensure they remain intact and can also hold your sun glasses and binoculars. The second compartment is the largest storage space. This one may have some sub-compartments and some plastic storage containers or trays. The third compartment is the outer pocket that’s placed at the back.

Backpacks are attached with straps that hang from the top with padded shoulders and fixed at the bottom enabling you to hang the backpack on your back. A few have only one shoulder strap that you hang on your side.

There are some backpacks that have extra features such as side pockets, sleeves, cup holders, rain cover, LED lighting, rod holders and dividers among others. A few have all of them placed strategically to carry your equipment, but most only have a select few. You may choose one with the most appropriate features for your needs.

Video: How to Clean a Fishing Backpack

Cleaning a Fishing Backpack. | Courtesy of Bo Ismono
Performance and Ease of Use

Carrying your tackle in a convenient and efficient style is the number one reason you may want to invest in a tackle backpack. Gone are the days when you had to carry heavy and unreliable tool boxes inhibiting your fishing experience. With the right backpack, you can pack all your fishing gear and extra luggage in a manner that you can easily access anything when you need it without having to fumble through a tool box.

Consider the amount of storage space or capacity you have in a backpack. The more the capacity, the more luggage you can carry. Also check the organization of the compartments. This determines the efficiency and ease of accessing your tools when fishing. Everything should be in its right place. The sleeves, fishing rod holders, cup holders and electronic devices should all have specialized carrying sections.

The shoulder straps should be adjustable and padded. Adjustable shoulder straps allow people of different sizes to adjust in order to comfortably carry the backpack while the padded shoulders ensure that your shoulders aren’t unduly burdened or quickly worn out. You may also want to consider the weight of the backpack itself. Go for a lighter one since you obviously don’t want to add one load on to another.

You may also want to check whether your backpack is waterproof or not. When out camping or fishing the weather can be very unpredictable, and you may also be bringing your backpack onboard a canoe or fishing boat. If your backpack isn’t waterproof, it might end up damaging your tools if it rains. For those that aren’t waterproof, check if they at least have rain covers to protect them from sudden downpours.

Get the Best Fishing Backpack of 2023!

We hope you’ve identified a backpack that’ll suit your needs. We’re glad to have been part of your experience in getting you ready for that fishing or camping expedition. If you’re yet to find one from this selection, then look out for the other options from these brands as they have some of the best tackle backpacks around. That said, make sure to take a good second look at our featured products before you move to check out the others!

Our Top Choice
Spiderwire Backpack with Rod Holder
Best Value
Piscifun Messenger Fishing Tackle Backpack
Wild River CLC Nomad Lighted Fishing Backpack
Anglatech Fly Fishing Backpack Vest
Flambeau Outdoors Ritual Tackle Backpack

Fishing Backpack FAQs

How to put a fishing pole in a backpack?
To put a fishing pole in a backpack, first, turn on the telescopic mode. If it is a fly pole, you might take longer to set it up. However, it would help if you kept going until you have it packed inside the backpack. Even though packing spinning rods could take time, you could quickly put it in a side pocket. The easiest to the pact is the telescopic rod, which only requires retracting to a compact size that occupies little space.
How to clean a fishing backpack?
You can clean a fishing backpack by first emptying the pockets of all items and large dirt particles. Use a damp sponge (without detergent) to clear the outer surface of dust and dirt. Scrub any light stains you see on the surface using the sponge. If the stains are large, use a soap or detergent (bleach-free) to soften them before scrubbing. Rinse the backpack and dry it indoors since exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage it. Check out our buying guide to learn how to care for your fishing backpack.
How to organize a backpack for fishing?
To organize a backpack for fishing, you should use small tackle boxes to fit into your bag. You can use two boxes for hooks, jigs, and dead baits. One of the more giant boxes and two smaller ones can be used for live baits, depending on your need. You can also use up to a four-gallon zip-lock plastic bag for carrying leader line spools, cutting devices, pliers, and so on.