Best Tackle Bag Reviews 2023

Next time you head out for a fishing expedition, keep all your fishing gear neat and tidy by purchasing a good tackle bag. We’ve reviewed five of the best tackle bag brands with dedicated storage pockets and rod holders to make your purchase, and future fishing trip, hassle free.
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Our Top Choice
Flambeau AZ4- Tackle Handbag
Flambeau, a seller of tackle bags, fly boxes, and fishing rod cases, is your go-to brand for all things fishing. It knows that your fishing experience is only as good as your tackle!
4 Tuff Tainers with Zerust coating; padded shoulder strap; ample storage with side pockets
Zippers may be difficult to zip
11.5 x 7.75 x 7.75 inches
Denier nylon
5zippered pockets
Best Value
Fiblink Waterproof Sports Tackle Backpack
Fiblink is a manufacturer and marketer that specializes in the research, innovation and production of high-quality fishing gear.
10 total pockets; shoulder strap is adjustable for R/L shoulder; padded; 1-year warranty.
Main body of bag is small
Sling bag
12 x 8.7 x 6 inches
Denier nylon
4 colors
4 zipperedpockets
Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack
By focusing on superior quality, intelligent designs, and innovative features, Wild River strives to build the best adventure equipment in the market.
Has LED lights; dedicated case for sunglasses; base padding; rain cover; plier holder
Side pockets aren’t very durable
18.5 x 17 x 8.5 inches
Waterproof Nylon
9 zippered pockets
Piscifun Single Strap Waist Fishing Tackle Bag
Piscifun, a combination of the Latin word ‘fish’ and ‘fun,’ refers to the enjoyment people experience when they fish.
8 pockets; smaller pockets for necessities; 3 loops for carbineers; waterproof; extra-strength nylon
No waist strap
Sling bag
13.39 x 14.57 x 4.72 inches
Waterproof nylon
6 colors
8 zippered pockets
Berkley Fishing Tackle Bag
Berkley’s mission has always beena simple one: to make fishing more fun and to help seasoned fishermen and women catch more fish!
Hook-and-loop front pocket; 2 tackle trays included; strap is removable; perfect for beginner or minimalist fish
Small size
Shoulder or handbag
11 x 6 x 4.5 inches
2 zippered pockets

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What is the Best Tackle Bag?

The best fishing tackle bag should come with numerous compartments to hold all your fishing gear and other accessories that you take with you when you’re fishing. Its design should make it easy to carry to and from your car and fishing hole. Our top picks take these features into consideration to ensure that your next fishing expedition is memorable. So, go ahead and pick a model that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
Flambeau’s AZ4 Tackle Bag is made from rip-stop nylon and is weather-resistant. It features 4 Tuff Tainers with movable dividers and Zerust coating, which helps protect your lures from rust and corrosion. Do you need something that doesn’t have quite as much storage space? Go for the Flambeau Tackle Nylon Bags!

Flambeau AZ4- Top Load Soft Side-New Cosmetics Tackle System, Red - Available in 3 Sizes

Flambeau believes that your outdoor adventures doin' just end with the fish that you catch, but with the experience, you have as well. The company has been manufacturing outdoor products, including fishing tackle bags and wraps, fly boxes and storage, and fishing rod cases and tubes, for many years.

Conveniently store and tote your lures for an all-day fishing expedition with the Flambeau AZ4 Tackle bag. Designed for both portability and handiness, this bag has a total of 4 Tuff Trainers that are coated with Zerus to protect your tackle against rust and corrosion. Your lure will remain in perfect condition! The bag features oversized zippers and exterior bungee cords for additional storage, and the adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy portability. To ensure that this bag gives you years of fishing fun, the containers are protected by a strong, 600-denier rip-stop nylon exterior that’s also weather-resistant.

The Flambeau AZ4 Tackle Handbag is available in 4 sizes, so choose according to your needs!
Best Value
The Fiblink Waterproof Sports Tackle Backpack has 10 total pockets on the inside and outside that allow you to pack this bag really full. It also has a dedicated ID holder so your ID is always at the ready. Want to complete your fishing gear with quality fishing pliers? Check out the Fiblink Saltwater Aluminum Fishing Pliers!

Fiblink Waterproof Sports Shoulder Fishing Tackle Sling Bag Backpack - Available in 4 Colors

Fiblink specializes in manufacturing and distributing high-quality fishing gear, including fly fishing reels, fishing rods, tackle bags &wraps, pliers & tools, and reels.

Made from strong, water-resistant nylon, the Fiblink Waterproof Sports Tackle Backpack provides a contemporary way of carrying your fishing gear. Unlike other tackle bags, your gear will be safe even if the bag falls into the water or gets rained on. The bag features a padded main section, back support, and a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for additional comfort.

Other features that come with this tackle bag include:
  • Pockets on the inside and outside of the bag provide abundant storage
  • Pockets are ventilated
  • Main compartment measures 12 x 8.7 x 6 inches, which makes this bag perfect for not only fishing, but numerous other outdoor activities as well
  • Has a dedicated space for holding your IDand fishing license so that they’re always nearby
  • Zipper is full length and doubled for strength
  • Includes a 1-year warranty
Because this bag comes in 4 colors, you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your style.
The Wild River TackleTek Nomad Backpack has LED lights so you can see in your bag when it’s dark. It has ample storage compartments on the inside and outside, and it features a special hard-molded storage area for sunglasses. Want more features, like a USB charging system? Get the Wild River by CLC WT3605 Tackle Tek Nomad XP Lighted Backpack instead!

Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack with Four PT3600 Trays

Developed by CLC, Wild River is committed to creating innovative products that are bound to provide their clients with next-level outdoor experiences. Their outdoor gear and accessories include tackle bags, solar panels, plier holder, lure covers, and utility trays.

Keep your fishing gear organized with the Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack. With its LED light system, this backpack gives you the opportunity to fish from dusk to dawn, and it allows you to see into your bag even when there’s little or no light.The bag has a large upper storage section, and it has a removable divider that can convert it into a full-sized bag.

Other features that come with this backpack include:
  • Can hold a maximum of 6, 3600-series tackle trays, and 4, 3500-series tackle trays
  • Comes with a rain cover to protect bag and equipment from getting wet
  • Features a plier holder that’s removable
  • Shoulder and chest sharps are adjustable
  • Sunglasses holder is molded so your glasses aren’t at risk of being crushed
  • Padding on base of bag makes it easy to keep clean
  • Numerous pockets on the inside and outside for ample storage
  • Removable steel cable lanyard for carrying clippers and other small tools
The PiscifunThe Single Strap Fishing Tackle Bag is a medium-sized bag with 8 pockets and mesh compartments for storing all your needed fishing gear. Its smaller pockets are best suited for your phone, keys, money, and ID. Looking for a tackle bag that snaps around the waistinstead? Get the Piscifun Portable Outdoor Fanny Pack Tackle Bag!

Piscifun Sports Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag Crossbody Messenger Sling Bags - Available in 6 Colors.

Founded in 2013 by friends Ben and Peter, Piscifun is a fishing brand committed to offering high-end and competitively priced fishing gear. They specialize in distributing fishing reels, rods, lines, saltwater reels & rods, fly fishing gear, and other tools.

The Piscifun Single Strap Waist Fishing Tackle Bag is highly popular because it can used for multiple outdoor sporting activities, like cycling or hiking. The bag has smaller compartments for storing tablets, cell phones, money, keys, IDs, a small umbrella and more. The main pocket measures 8.27 x 8.27 x 2.95 inches, and has a mesh-zippered pocket as well as two Velcro-fastened pockets.

Other awesome features of this tackle bag include:
  • Padded main pocket
  • 8 pockets
  • 3 loops for attaching carbineers too for additional storage
  • Waterproof
  • Made of 1000-denier nylon
  • Strap is padded for comfort

This sling-stylefishing bag comes in 6 color variations to choose from.
The Berkley Tackle Bag is a soft, lunchbox-style bag that has a top handle and removable strap so you can carry it by hand or over your shoulder. The 2 included tackle trays measure 9 by 4.75 by 1.25, but you can use your own if you have the same size trays. Need more space for your fishing gear? Go for the Berkley Blue Saltwater Tackle Bag & Binderinstead!

Berkley Tackle Handbag with 2 Tackle Trays - Handle and Shoulder Strap

Berkley’s passion for sports has made them the world’s number one fishing tackle company. Their wide array of innovative products developed by people who share your dedication to fishing will surely fuel your commitment to the sport! Their products include fishing rods, terminal tackle, fishing lines, hard baits, and soft baits.

Efficiently organize and store your fishing gear with the Berkley Tackle Bag. Despite its small size, this bag holds a surprisingly good amount of stuff for your next fishing adventure. Its interior is padded and has enough space to house 2 tackle trays, which are included, and measure 9 x 4.75 x 1.25 inches each. The front pocket opens and closes with a hook-and-loop, and the padded strap on the bag is also removable so you can it like a lunchbox.

How Do I Choose the Best Tackle Bag?

Picture yourself fishing out on a lake. Your hook snags to the bottom and you can’t get it unstuck, even after pulling and yanking the line. What next? You have to cut the line and rig up another, complete with lure and sinker. So, as you aimlessly dig through your tool bag, you might accidentally hurt yourself on free-lying hooks as you try to find the right supplies. This is a time-consuming and frustrating process, but a good tackle bag—one with several, well-organized compartments—makes it simple to arrange your gear and make your tools, extra reels and line, lures and hooks all easy to find.

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the right tackle bag and the features to look for in different types of bags available on the market. A tackle bag is much different from ordinary hiking bags, which only focus on durability and storage space. To find the right tackle bag, look at how well the compartments are organized, its sturdiness, if it locks or not, and whether it's waterproof or water resistant.

Also, consider the type of fishing you engage in. There are many different fishing types, including deep sea fishing, fly fishing, trout fishing, and so on.Because each type requires different kinds of fishing equipment, you should look for a tackle bag that’s suited for your most preferred kind of fishing. You may even need more than one, depending on the types of fishing you like and how long you typically fish for. Again, not every fishing rod will cut it for every fishing condition, so check that you have the right gear before you hit the road to your fishing hole.

Basically, you’ll find two styles of tackle bags: soft ones and the hard plastic ones that most people are familiar with. Both have their unique features that suit different tackles, levels of experience, and style. The important component of your decision is to get the bag that has features you’ll need, based on your fishing experience.

Let’s talk about price and how different features can affect it.
The prices of tackle bags vary widely based on several factors, like size, material, design, and brand. With a budget between $10 and $220, you can find a good quality tackle bag that'll transform your fishing experience.You probably won’t be able to find tackle bags that are cheaper than $10, but if you do, be somewhat wary of them because the material might be thin, or it might not be waterproof.We suggest spending a little extra, if you can, to get a bag that’ll last for many, many fishing trips.
When choosing the best tackle bag, there are several features to look for, but the bottom line is to consider features that best suit your fishing style. For instance, if you’re going deep sea fishing, a tackle bag that’s designed for fly fishing may not work, even if it has the features you like.

Here are some important features to look for:
  • Size – Tackle bags can come as simple, flat boxes, or as complex contraptions with removable trays, racks, and drawers. If you’re a casual vacationer, you probably won’t need the latter. If you’re starting out, consider a small, basic tackle box that you can easily carry around, and then you can go for a gargantuan one once you’ve amassed a lot of fishing supplies
  • Quality – As with any product, tackle bags are not all made the same. Look for models with thick, durable fabric that’s reinforced with sturdy stitching and well-working zippers
  • Organizing system –Consider the internal organizing system that comprises of trays, hip roofs, racks, and drawers. Depending on your fishing needs, you may want to take everything with you, or leave most of your tackle at home and only carry what you need for the day
Construction and Design
There are many different styles, sizes, shapes, and types of tackle bags on the market. To make the best choice for your needs, understanding the differences in design and construction can help. You can find both hard or soft tackle bags, and each has their own merits.

Hard tackle bags are often made of molded plastic and come in a variety of styles, so you can choose what works best for you. Soft bags, on the other hand, are lightweight and more convenient to carry around. They are usually made from waterproof or water-resistant nylon to offer more durability.

Here are the common styles you’ll find on the market:
  • Molded plastic tackle bag – This design is highly durable and best for carrying lures, hooks, and other small supplies
  • Racked tackle bag – These large tackle bags come with a series of trays that you can pull out to see all your fishing gear at once and grab what you want to use. They are great for organizing and protecting your fishing lures. However, they are bulky to carry and most convenient on boats
  • Satchel Style – These are among the least expensive bags, and are extremely portable and lightweight. This is a perfect choice for beginner fishing enthusiasts because they tend to be small
  • Tray Style – This is perhaps the most common style and looks more like a tool box. It has several fold-out trays that carry bobbers, lures, and more. When the trays are opened, you can access large storage compartments located at the bottom. Also, if you use rubber or plastic worms, consider worm-proof trays to protect them the heat
  • Drawer Style – These models come with pull-out drawers as opposed to trays. It’s all about personal preference.Again, consider worm-proof drawers to prevent your plastic worms from melting
  • Hip Roof Style – This design has two sides that fold out to reveal content in a cascading format. It comes with latches to prevent the box from opening accidentally. Some models are quite large and can even accommodate up to 100 lures
Performance and Ease of Use
A tackle bag is as important in fishing as the fishing rod itself.These bags are designed to strategically hold fishing gear, including lures, bobbers, extra lines, and any other item you require for a day on the lake or ocean. When choosing the right tackle bag for your fishing expedition, consider how far you’re traveling, how long you’ll be gone and the type of fishing you plan to do.

Soft tackle bags are recognized for their lightweight and ease of transportation as compared to hard, molded plastic boxes. If you’re going to leave your car parked away from your fishing location, you may need a light tackle bag that you can easily carry across your shoulders or as a backpack. Consider models with padded straps and moldable bodies to make carrying it more comfortable. Storage for soft tackle bags is also easy as they can be folded and put away.

However, if you’re going to fish from your boat, it may be more convenient to go with a hard tackle bag that can carry everything you’ll need on the water. They’re heavy weight, but come with several compartments to carry all your fishing supplies. These tackle boxes have an infinite selection of organizational features, making them great for experienced fishermen.

Get the Best Tackle Bag of 2023!

Tackle bags, also referred to as tackle boxes, are critical products that hold your fishing supplies and gear in a single, easy-to-access unit. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the best tackle bag you’ve been looking for. If you didn’t, there are still other fabulous options offered by these brands. Check them out!

Our Top Choice
Flambeau AZ4- Tackle Handbag
Best Value
Fiblink Waterproof Sports Tackle Backpack
Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack
Piscifun Single Strap Waist Fishing Tackle Bag
Berkley Fishing Tackle Bag