Best Tactical Dog Vest Reviews 2023

Any dog owner knows the pain of leaving your dog behind to go somewhere, because you don’t have the right equipment for it. That being said, there is a product that will totally let your dog follow you wherever you go (well, maybe not to work). The item we’re talking about is a tactical harness, or, more commonly, a tactical vest. Now, these harnesses are not to be mistaken for regular harnesses—while regular harnesses allow you to control your dog better with a leash, and are more comfortable for the animal, tactical vests allow the dog to take on a more comprehensive role than just as a companion. In any case, let’s take a look at the top five tactical dog vest brands on the market, right after our guide.
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Our Top Choice
OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest 
Hailing from Shenzhen, China, OneTigris is one of the best manufacturers of backpacks and other traveling equipment.
Features the MOLLE system so you can decide what you want the dog to carry. 1000D nylon for strength and durability. Multiple colors and sizes. Webbing is adjustable.
The pouches aren't placed in even number on either side of the vest, which could create some problems for your dog.
MOLLE training dog vest
1000D nylon
Three pouches
Black; tan (brown)
Best Value
Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness 
We don’t really know anything about Ultrafun, other than that it produces leashes, vests, and other equipment for your dog.
Features a MOLLE-style setup with several detachable pouches. Convenient water bottle cover. The straps are adjustable. Military-grade nylon. Durable zippers.
The inside of the vest is not breathable or lined, and the nylon comes into direct contact with your pet’s fur.
MOLLE law-enforcement vest
1050 military-grade nylon
Three pouches
4 colors available
Signature K9 Ultimate Load Bearing Harness
Founded in 2009 by Matt Akenhead and Ray Allen Manufacturing, Signature K9 is one of the strongest brands when it comes to K9 military and law-enforcement equipment.
Adjustable straps for even distribution of weight across the vest and your dog's back. Sturdy. Versatile. Military-grade nylon construction. MOLLE pouch system.
You will have to purchase the pouches separately, which raises the overall price of the product.
MOLLE military dog vest
For dogs 26-32 inches in girth
1000D nylon
Doesn’t come with pouches
Black; coyote brown
Feliscanis Training Molle Dog Harness
Another Shenzhen native, Feliscanis focuses on making canine and feline accessories, with the primary concern being affordability.
Inside grid lining for breathability. The adjustable straps allow for good weight distribution. 1000D nylon construction. Affordable.
The vest doesn’t come with pouches.
MOLLE military vest
1000D nylon
Doesn’t come with pouches
6 colors available
Lifeunion Tactical Dog Vest
Lifeunion is an unknown brand, but its products do speak for it. Its vests are well-made and well-suited for activities they’re designed for.
Simple. Light, allowing your dog to run without hindrance. Convenient loop for a leash. Simple straps. Long service life.
Doesn’t feature a MOLLE system, meaning you won’t be able to attach pouches to it.
Guide dog vest
1000D nylon
No pouches
Several patterns available

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What is the Best Tactical Dog Vest?

Of course, there are a lot of products out there, and not all of them are the same. This diversity allows you to select a more suitable product for yourself and your companion, and one that will fit your dog perfectly while still being useful to yourself. That being said, we tried to reflect that diversity in our selection too, so the products on our list are all different and unique in their own way. Whether you’re on a budget or money is an object, you’re sure to find what you want here.
Our Top Choice
If you need an affordable but strong doggy tactical vest, then be sure to check out the OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Training Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches. And if you want something more affordable, then perhaps you should check out the OneTigris Tactical Service Dog Vest Military Patrol K9 Dog Harness with Handle, which is water-resistant and comfortable.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Training Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches – Available in 2 Colors & 3 Sizes

Believe it or not, OneTigris, one of the best manufacturers of backpacks and other traveling equipment, comes from Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2014, the company quickly spread due to its products being of excellent quality and affordable. The reason behind its success also lies in its dedication to its customers, as it meticulously reads the reviews left by customers, looking to improve its designs. And, sure enough, this dedication is paying off.

Speaking about the product, the OneTigris Tactical Dog Vest is one of the best around. Made of 1000D nylon, the product is more than capable of undergoing the strain put on it by a service dog. A great thing about the vest is that it comes with detachable pouches, allowing you to customize your dog’s loadout. Naturally, the vest utilizes the MOLLE system, with woven webbing to provide extra strength and carry capacity, while making the vest as light as possible. The vest fits dogs whose backs are 41-54 cm (16.1-21.3 inches) long.

The vest also features a special mesh on the inside and one that makes the vest more comfortable for the dog to wear by allowing for better ventilation. The vest can carry first aid kits, water, and other things you may need on-the-go. The only real problem is that OneTigris didn't account for balance, and the pouches and bags appear in an uneven number on either side of the dog.

Here are the product’s features:
  • MOLLE system
  • Detachable pouches
  • Adjustable mesh
  • Breathable inside mesh
  • Fits dogs 41-54 cm or 16.1-21.3 inches long (minus the tail)
  • Made of 1000D nylon
In the end, OneTigris knows how to make a dog vest, and this is evident with the OneTigris Tactical Dog Vest. It’s well-made and uses the MOLLE system, but its pouches are unbalanced, which might create a problem.
Best Value
If you want a good product, then you need to check out Ultrafun’s Tactical Dog Harness with Patches Pouches and Handle. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, Ultrafun has one alternative: the Ultrafun Tactical Dog Molle Vest Military Training Harness with Handle.

Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness with Patches Pouches Handle – Available in Multiple Colors & Sizes

Our second product comes from Ultrafun. But, where does Ultrafun come from? Well, you’ll have to ask the editor himself, because this writer sure as hell has no idea. After an extensive search for the manufacturer on Google, this writer came up short and decided to blame it all on the editor, because, after all, he gives out the orders, so…

As for the product, it seems... Decent. In fact, it seems more than decent, as the vest actually features all you could want in a tactical vest for your dog. The product is made from 1050 nylon, with KAM plastic buttons as well as a Velcro panel for extra strength. The vest is made in highly-regarded MOLLE style, which allows you to personalize your pooch’s loadout as you go for a walk.

Aside from that, the product features adjustable straps and a top handle you can hold onto the dog if you so desire. The vest features three detachable pouches and a water bottle cover that can be attached to the vest. On the downside, the product doesn’t seem all that breathable. The inside of the vest feels like nylon, which might cause your dog to start panting after running only for a short while.

These are the product’s most prominent features:
  • Made of 1050 military-grade nylon
  • KAM plastic buttons
  • MOLLE style vest
  • Three pouches and a bottle cover
  • Adjustable straps
  • Top handle
All in all, though it comes from an unknown manufacturer, the Ultrafun Tactical Dog Vest is a good product that you should definitely go for.
If you’re a high-roller who wants military-grade equipment, then you should definitely consider the Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness. And if you’re looking for a legitimate police-grade product, then go for the Signature K9 Modular LLC Harness.

Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness in Coyote Brown

Honestly, it escapes your esteemed writer how a name such as Signature K9 has been pushed to third place when an unnamed product takes the second, more important, spot, but there you have it. Signature K9 is a brand formed when Matt Akenhead, a prominent dog trainer with expertise in training dogs for Search and Rescue, Police Training, Tracking and Assistance for the Handicapped, joined forces with an already established dog accessory manufacturer, Ray Allen Manufacturing in 2009. With their forces combined, you got some of the best K9 products on the market.

And that includes the Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness. This is a police-grade K9 harness, and you can be sure it was made of the highest-grade nylon available. The nylon is strong and hard to rip, and the mesh is sturdy but breathable enough. The harness uses the standard MOLLE system, where you can attach to it a myriad of pouches, and, in the case of Signature K9, you can also attach ID panels, a camera, and a leash.

One of the best things about the product is that it’s been made with the intent to lighten the load on the dog, so balancing the weight is carefully considered with this product. Proper weight distribution is achieved through adjustable straps that keep the harness in place as the dog is moving, stopping it from swaying and moving about due to an unbalanced load. The only downside is that the pouches need to be purchased separately.

Here are the product’s features:
  • Features MOLLE system
  • Very strong nylon make
  • Breathable material
  • Fits a wide variety of accessories
  • Carefully balanced
  • Features super-strong GT Cobra Buckles
  • Pouches purchased separately
In the end, the Signature K9 vest is one of the best on our list, because of its exceptional make and its great weight distribution. We only wish you didn’t have to buy pouches separately, and we would be totally okay if the product was a little pricier if the pouches were included in the price.
If you’re after an affordable and reliable product, then the Feliscanis Tactical Dog Vest Training Molle Harness with Adjustable Straps and Soft Pad Insert is the product for you. And, in case you want pouches with your vest, then go for the Feliscanis Tactical Dog Vest Training Molle Harness with 3 Detachable Pouches.

Feliscanis Tactical Dog Vest Training Molle Harness with Adjustable Straps and Soft Pad Insert – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Feliscanis is another company hailing from beautiful Shenzhen city. The company has made a name for itself thanks to high-end products and affordable prices. Well, as high-end as it is possible for a product coming from China, which is why Feliscanis comes fourth on our list.

The Feliscanis Tactical Dog Vest Training Molle Harness is one of the most affordable products you can buy. On top of that, the product's features really stand out, and Feliscanis' harness is one of the best-made products on the market. The vest features 1000D nylon construction, coupled with Velcro reinforcements all throughout, ensuring the product doesn't rip and increasing its service life. Naturally, the product features the MOLLE pouch system, allowing you to personalize your dog's loadout.

However, if you buy this product, you will have to buy the pouches separately. This can create somewhat of a problem, as it increases the overall price of the product.

Here are the product’s features:
  • MOLLE pouch system
  • 1000D nylon construction
  • Special inserts that increase breathability
  • Very affordable
  • Does not come with pouches
All in all, this is one of the best budget products. If you have pouches lying around, but your old vest ripped, then your best bet is to turn to Feliscanis for help.
If simplicity is your game, then the Lifeunion Waterproof Tactical K9 Service Dog Vest is the name—the simplest product on the market. And if you want a real tactical vest from Lifeunion, then go with the Lifeunion Tactical Dog Training Molle Vest Harness for Medium Large & Extra Large Dogs.

Lifeunion Waterproof Tactical K9 Service Dog Vest – Available in Multiple Colors & Sizes

Our final product comes from yet another unknown name. We don't know much about Lifeunion, but, by looking at its products, we can discern that it deals with dog accessories and doesn’t skimp on quality. A few of its products are on Amazon, or, if you don't want to pick them up from there, you can pick them up from Top Dog Supply, a very prominent online shopping site that focuses on canine accessories and things like that.

Now, the first thing you need to know about Lifeunion’s vest is that it doesn’t have a MOLLE pouch attachment system. This can be perceived as unfortunate, but this vest is not designed for military operations in the first place. This product was made to be a vest for service dogs, such as police dogs, or guide dogs for the blind. For that purpose, the vest features two simple straps, one that goes across the belly, and one across the chest. It also features a convenient loop for the leash.

Aside from this, the vest has a handle for police dogs and can be outfitted with a patch. The product is made of 1000D nylon and is sturdy and strong overall. The vest is also light, allowing your dog as much maneuverability as possible.

Here are the product’s features:
  • Does not feature the MOLLE system
  • 1000D nylon construction
  • Sturdy triangular loop for leash
  • Features a handle
  • Designed for guide dogs and police dogs
  • Adjustable straps

How Do I Choose the Best Tactical Dog Vest?

So, what do you need to consider when buying a tactical dog vest? Well, the first thing you should consider is this: what do you need the vest for? There are many uses of a dog vest. Not only that, but tactical vests are diverse, so you can adapt them to many situations. So, the actual question here is not what kind of vest you want, but what kind of pouches you need and how many of them.

But, before that, we need to talk about MOLLE. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment and is a special system that allows for the incredible versatility vests have. The MOLLE system is used in military vests (for soldiers) that enable you to attach many pouches and arrange them in pretty much any way you want. This will allow you to select pouches you need, and arrange them in such a way to distribute the weight evenly on either side of your dog’s back. They will allow you to carry things such as water bottles and travel mugs, or even binoculars.

Another consideration you need to make is how comfortable the harness is for your dog. With that being said, this consideration encompasses more than one instance. Firstly, you need to check if the straps are adjustable enough so that the vest will be secured on your dog’s back properly. The straps shouldn’t be too tight, so as not to hurt the animal and constrict movement, but they also shouldn’t be loose enough for the things to sway and fall off. Secondly, a vest should be breathable enough, as nylon doesn’t let much air through. If the vest offers breathability, it will prevent chafing, and your dog won’t resent wearing it.

Lastly, you need to consider the material used to make the vest. This is of prime importance, as your pooch probably doesn’t have a notion of keeping his stuff in a good condition, so you’ll have to trust the vest not to rip. But, not to worry, as most vests are made of strong, sturdy 1000D nylon. This military-grade nylon fiber is also light, disallowing your dog to tire out from just wearing it, and makes sure that the vest doesn’t feel cumbersome. Also, many products feature Velcro web bands that serve as platforms for the pouches. This Velcro webbing also goes on the inside of a vest, providing that breathability we talked about earlier.
The price of tactical dog vests can vary, sure, but for the most part, it stays stable. Naturally, the price will vary with extra features added, such as extra pouches and the size of the product, but the price remains similar for products made of similar materials. When buying a vest, you can expect it to cost some $30 to $50, or around $70 to $80 if you’re buying a complete set, meaning a vest and additional pouches.

On another note, we recommend staying away from cheap tactical dog vests. Those things are poorly made and will more likely than not disappoint you and your pooch in the end. We recommend spending a little more to get a little more.
Usually, the most prominent features of tactical dog vests are the pouches and the handle and loop for the leash. As we said, pouches can be purchased separately, because the MOLLE system allows you to tack on any pouch you wish to the vest. All (or most) vest models feature loops for the leash, which is something reminiscent of regular vests.

However, alongside the loops, vests usually feature handles that are specifically made so you can hold onto the dog. This is something you'll usually find on military and police dog vests, as it allows the people handling them to release them quickly, should the need arise. Lastly, vests can often feature a soft pad that goes on the inside of the collar that prevents chafing and makes the product breathable.

To sum up all the features, here is a short list:
  • Handles and leash loops
  • Various pouches
  • Soft pads that prevent chafing
  • Mesh that makes the vest more breathable
  • MOLLE attachment system
Construction and Design
We already mentioned a little bit about this. As we said, most of the vests are made of some kind of strong nylon fibers. Such nylon fibers are hard to rip and provide the necessary ruggedness for the vest to endure everything a dog can throw at it, and everything it has to go through. Further, a Velcro mesh is usually woven on the inside to ensure the nylon doesn't come into direct contact with the dog's fur and skin, and to prevent chafing. Your dog won't sweat, but it will surely feel the heat.

Tactical dog vests come with straps that secure the vest on the dog's back, and at the least, there will be one that goes on the chest and one that goes around the dog's stomach. There are also other configurations, providing different levels of stability, so do look into them before actually buying the product.
Performance and Ease of Use
Lastly, let's say something about the ease of use and performance of the product. Tactical dog vests are pretty easy to use and easy to mount, but their performance may vary. A vest that doesn't have the necessary endurance and rips easily will certainly perform poorly; this is also true of products that have underwhelming straps as the thing will keep falling off your dog's back, especially when it's running or jumping. Lastly, you need to consider the weight distribution. A well-balanced vest will stay in place more easily, and, thus, perform much better.

Get the Best Tactical Dog Vest of 2023!

And, there you have it, five of the best vests on the market today. We scoured near and far to bring you the best of the best vests, so you and your dog can enjoy more time together. And if you’re not sure what product to select, take a look one more time at our little expert guide, as it will be of great help to you. Feel free to see what else these brands offer as well!

Our Top Choice
OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest 
Best Value
Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness 
Signature K9 Ultimate Load Bearing Harness
Feliscanis Training Molle Dog Harness
Lifeunion Tactical Dog Vest