Best Tactical Pen Reviews 2023

Do you need a multi-purpose tool that can be used in various situations? Here it is! We’ve chosen five pens from some of the best tactical pen brands out there and analyzed them carefully. These tactical pens are useful for anything from writing to self-defense. So, let’s take a look at some great options. Keep in mind, if the ones that we have featured don't perfectly match your needs, these quality brands have more to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Böker Plus Carbon Tactical Pen
Boker is a company started in 1829, and has expanded worldwide over the years. It’s known for its high-quality products, and as a result their reviews are great.
It offers writing comfort, and has a Micarta body and titanium-coated aluminum end cap. It also has a compact design.
One complaint was that the ink cartridge didn’t retract into the pen.
4.3 in. length
Black and Grey
Metallic Micarta body
Comfortable in hand
Fisher Space Pen cartridge
Best Value
Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen with Stylus Tip
Smith & Wesson is a brand that appeared in the United States in the 19th century, being known especially for producing great handguns.
It has different purposes: a usual pen, an instrument for touch screen devices, and a self-defense tool. This product uses Parker and Hauser ink cartridges.
Someone complained that the plastic liner of the metal cap was easily broken.
0.8 x 1 x 6.5 inches
Matte black
Screw on/off cap
Parker Style ink cartridge
Columbia River Knife & Tool Tactical Pen
Founded in 1994 in Oregon, Columbia River Knife & Tool tries to give “Confidence in Hand” to its customers by producing innovative knives and home tools.
It provides writing comfort through its tapered shape. made of high-quality materials. Non-reflective tactical finish.
One complaint was that the ring inside the cap didn’t last long.
6 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches
Tapered body
Fisher Space Pen cartridge
Schrade Compact Tactical Pen
Founded in 1904, the company specialized in producing knives. Later, Schrade was bought by another brand and started manufacturing different tools.
This tactical pen is made of aluminum and its pen cap has a pocket clip. It uses ink cartridges that can be refilled, and it has many great reviews and rankings on Amazon.
Someone complained that the clip was too weak.
6.4 x 1 x 0.9 inches
Matte black
Screw on/off cap
Parker Style ink cartridge
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen
Starting as a small business, Gerber has become a well-known company over the years for producing high-quality knives.
This pen has a glass-breaker feature and can be used as a self-defense tool if needed. Using “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridges, it can be used in all weather conditions.
A customer complained that the clicker didn’t work.
0.5 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches
Black, Grey and Earth
Stainless steel clip
Rite in the Rain ink cartridge

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What is the Best Tactical Pen?

You never know when danger comes, so having a tactical pen with you every day should be a must. When buying, you should take into consideration the material the product is made of, if it uses a rechargeable ink cartridge, and if its shape will fit perfectly in your purse or bag. Let’s take a look at the products we’ve selected.
Our Top Choice
The Carbon Tactical Pen from Boker is available in two colors, and thanks to its shape, it offers comfort and grip while in your hand. However, if you want something less expensive, you can try the Multi Purpose Pen from the same brand, which is available in two colors. It has finger grooves which make it feel comfortable, and it can also be used as a self-defense item.

Böker PLUS Carbon Tactical Pen – Limited Lifetime Warranty, Made with a Micarta Body and Aluminum, 2 Colors Available

Boker is a big company with an impressive history behind it. The two brothers, Hermann and Robert Boker, set up the factory in 1829. They started manufacturing sabres, and afterwards expanded the area of production with tools and cutlery. Having this great success, the family realized they had to separate in order to develop their business in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. From different types of knives, scissors, and razors to tactical pens, the company has excellent reviews and rankings on Amazon.

The Carbon Tactical Pen can be found in two colors: black and carbon. It also has a Micarta body and titanium-coated aluminum end cap. Its small dimensions make it fit perfectly in your hand, and it can also be used with a Fisher Space Pen cartridge.

Check out more about it:
  • Easy to use; fits perfectly in most pockets
  • Comes with pocket clip
  • Compact design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Best Value
The Tactical Pen from Smith & Wesson has a black matte color and can be used not only for writing, but as an instrument for touch screen electronics and a self-defense tool. Also, you can try the Military Police Tactical Pen from the same brand which is solidly built, has great reviews on Amazon and comes with a pocket clip as well.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police Tactical Pen – Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Matte Finish

Smith & Wesson was set up in 1852 in Norwich, Connecticut by two Englishmen. The history of handguns can be better understood knowing the achievements of this great industry leader. They produce what is thought to be one of the most known revolvers in the world- the Model 10. On Amazon, you can also find men’s and women’s watches, accessories, or even clothing from this brand.

The Tactical Pen is a high-quality product that has a wonderful black matte color and is perfect for technology users, being suitable for touch screen devices. Besides this, it can be used as a tool for self-defense. It comes with refillable Parker-style ink and whenever you want to write down something, all you have to do is to unscrew the stylus cap.

Here are its highlights:
  • Multi-purpose pen
  • Elegant matte black color
  • Made out of aluminum
  • Parker-style ink refills
The Williams Tactical Pen from Columbia River Knife and Tool makes for a great writing tool with a non-reflective black finish and comfortable grip. However, if you want a tactical pen which is designed particularly for self-defense, you can try the Elishewitz Tao Tactical Pen from the same brand, which is made out of high-quality materials.

Columbia River Knife & Tool Williams Tactical Pen – Made from Machined Aluminum, Non-Reflective Finish

Columbia River Knife & Tool appeared in 1994 in Oregon, and since then it has been among the industry leaders for creating innovative knives and tools. They follow a great principle of giving their customers “Confidence in Hand”. On Amazon you can also find different types of best-selling knives, home tools, and accessories such as razors and bracelets.

The Williams Tactical Pen is a product designed by James Williams of Encinitas, an instructor of martial arts specialized in military operations. It’s made of aluminum, having a black non-reflective finish. Thanks to its tapered shape, it provides comfort while writing.

Let's discover some more features of this product:
  • High-tech pen
  • Tapered body
  • Self-defense tool
  • Elegant design
The Tactical Pen from Schrade is available in matte black color and thanks to its aluminum coat, it provides durability and resistance to wear and tear. Moreover, you can also try another product from the same brand such as the Survival Tactical Pen as it is useful not only for writing purposes, but as a window breaker or a self-defense tool.

Schrade Tactical Pen with Screw On and Off Cap – Made from Aluminum, Includes Pocket Clip

Schrade is a popular brand with a great history behind it regarding the production of pocket knives. The initial company has its roots in New York, being founded in 1904. 100 years later, it stopped manufacturing knives and the name was bought by Taylor Brands for marketing reasons. Today, besides different types of knives and tactical pens, Schrade is producing many other tools such as hatches and shovels, which can be found on Amazon.

The Tactical Pen from Schrade is made from high-quality materials, having an aluminum coat which offers durability to this product. It has a wonderful matte black finish, a pocket clip, and uses Parker-style ink cartridges that can be refilled.

Let’s see its other features:
  • Screw on/off cap
  • Hauser Parker refills
  • Solid aluminum pen
  • Matte black color
The Impromptu Tactical Pen from Gerber is available in three colors and features a minimalistic design. It has a steel coat with a stainless steel clip, and thanks to its shape it fits perfectly in your pocket. On the other hand, if you want an even more durable and tough tactical pen, we recommend the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen which is also made from stainless steel and is manufactured in the USA.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen – Made in USA, Steel Body, 3 Colors Available

Gerber was founded in 1939 by Joseph R. Gerber. It started as a small business where handmade cutlery was manufactured, but 20 years later it became an important name in the industry of knives. Today, this brand is not only a knife producer, but it has expanded its area of production to flashlights, survival kits, and multi-use tools, products which can also be found on Amazon.

The Impromptu Tactical Pen comes in three awesome colors: black, grey, and earth. It also has a solid steel body with a stainless steel pocket clip. This USA-made product uses “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridges, which means that it can be used in all weather conditions.

Check out more:
  • Glass breaker
  • Steel Body
  • Stainless steel clip
  • Efficient in wet and dry conditions

How Do I Choose the Best Tactical Pen?

What would you think about a pen that is more than a simple pen? Tactical pens are multi-functional tools that provide you with awesome features such as self-defense tools and more. On the other hand, they can write in the rain, upside down, and even in the snow. Moreover, you can take it with you everywhere as it isn't viewed as dangerous as a knife.

They have stylish designs, fine qualities, and numerous features. This pen can be easily stored in a tactical vest along with your tactical flashlight, and survival knife. If you like going into the wilderness, it is good to be prepared for extreme conditions.

When compared to a normal pen, you'll see that a tactical pen can be used in various situations and allow you to even break glass. They feature a sharp ball point which doesn’t affect its writing quality at all. So, apart from excellent writing, a tactical pen has multiple other advantages.
The cost of your new tactical pen is going to depend on a variety of factors, including its manufacturer and how many features it comes with. For a high-quality tactical pen that features a machined steel body, works in all weather conditions, and has a built-in glass breaker, you can pay up to $70. If your budget is not that high, for around $25 you can get an aluminum tactical pen which works great in self-defense situations.

There are also cheap tactical pens out there, but it’s best to not consider them as they’re made of poor-quality materials and won’t offer you the same high-end features a good tactical pen can offer.
Because they double as writing devices and self-defense tools, tactical pens are a great acquisition for everyone. However, you might find it a bit difficult to buy one, especially if you don't really know anything about them.

Here is where we come in and explain to you what exactly you should look for in a quality tactical pen.
  • Material - Quality tactical pens are made of heavy-duty materials such as titanium, steel, or aluminum. They're built to be tough and to face tough and rough conditions. Aluminum tactical pens are lightweight, don't bend, and have great strength.
  • Grip - Tactical pens should have good grips in order for you to properly grip them in any conditions such as sweaty, wet, or dirty hands. You'll need a good grip for self-defense and writing.
  • Pocket Clip - Tactical pens should have well-built pocket clips so you can place them in your pocket and reach them easily whenever you need them.
  • Type of Ink Cartridge - Always consider the type of ink cartridge the tactical pen uses, so you'll be able to easily replace it when it’s over. You can choose between Fischer Space Pen, Parker Ballpoint and Parker Gel Ballpoint.
  • Extra Features - Tactical pens have a plethora of extra features depending on each manufacturer. Some have the ability to make fires, while others can be used as flashlights, and some can break glass easily. Choose the right one according to your needs.
Construction and Design
Tactical pens can be used with success in tactical situations as they double as weapons. When you are not allowed to have a weapon with you, a tactical pen will be there for you. They are not just writing tools; they are waterproof, temperature proof, and so much more.

They're great for survival situations as they're made of heavy-duty materials, are able to break glass, and even deliver intense force on pressure points of the human body.

They’re discreet and give you advantages in any survival situations. There are some tactical pens that feature a DNA catch tip and models which feature a handcuff key that can be used to take off any type of handcuffs.

You don’t have to be afraid of this pen slipping out of your hands if they are wet or slimy as tactical pens come equipped with a nice grip. They are also comfortable and easy-to-hold when writing.
Performance and Ease of Use
Tactical pens are of great help, and they can be used efficiently with proper training. After you've purchased the tactical pen you need, you have to learn how to use it. In order to defend yourself, it can be used as a stick or a knife.

However, you should use a tactical pen only to remove a threat and not for something else. Always pay attention to it, and don't let it slip into the wrong hands.

On the other hand, it is important to practice with it often, if you want to be any good at it and master it like a pro.

Get the Best Tactical Pen of 2023!

Don’t hesitate to try some of these products, as they can help you when you least expect it. A tactical pen is more than a simple writing instrument; it can be used in different situations as a glass-breaker or a self-defense tool if really needed.

Our Top Choice
Böker Plus Carbon Tactical Pen
Best Value
Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen with Stylus Tip
Columbia River Knife & Tool Tactical Pen
Schrade Compact Tactical Pen
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen