Best Tactical Vest Reviews – Military, Police and Extreme Sports Tactical Vests for Men, Women and Kids

A tactical vest provides superior protection and comfort on battlefields, and it also allows soldiers to carry a wide variety of tools such as maps and flashlights. Because of their versatility and multi-functions, many people use these vests for extreme sports and hunting. They're also used by law enforcement personnel.

For this review, we picked five excellent vests from some of the best tactical vest brands out there. We included a mixture of military tactical vests, police tactical vests, and tactical vests which can be used for extreme sports. These products come in a range of prices, and they are made from durable materials. Take a look at them!

Now, if you’re here looking for a “less intense” tactical vest. AKA, a Nerf tactical vest. We’ll save you some time since you found us. Here’s a few of our favorites, including some official Nerf tactical vests as well as some that are just as good. If not better…

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Our Top Choice
UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest
UTG has made shooting gear for more than 20 years. Its products are modern and technologically advanced, offering complex solutions for hunting, shooting or outdoor activities.
This tactical vest has multiple pockets to store ammo, and a superior ventilation system to help you remain cool during your operations.
We came across a complaint that this vest didn’t have the logo from UTG on it. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller.
Law Enforcement Vest
For pistol, magazines, documents
4 colors available
4.5 pounds
High quality zippers
Best Value
Condor MCR5: Recon Chest Rig
Condor makes tactical gear for outdoor activities, especially for soldiers and law enforcement, at reasonable prices.
This vest can hold up to 12 rifle ammo, and the wearer has easy access, as the pockets are designed in a kangaroo style.
We came across some isolated complaints that the rig can be difficult to adjust.
Chest Rig
6 magazine pouches
3 colors available
2 pounds
Fully adjustable
OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Vest
Crye Precision makes reliable shooting gear for fighting forces. Its products are heavy-duty and are designed to help you have a better performance in field operations.
This plate carrier vest is featherweight, fully adjustable for every chest size, and comfortable.
Isolated complaints that orders arrived a bit later than expected – but this is a seller issue, not a problem with the vest.
Multicam Vest
For pistol, magazines, documents
1.8 pounds
Large size
5.11 Vtac® LBE Tactical Vest
5.11 offers comfortable gear for tough field activities for both men and women. Its products are designed to last, and they are breathable and fully adjustable.
This vest has a solid and strong structure that permits you to move freely. It is also fully customizable. Choice of two colors.
Some complaints that the vest is a little short. Check the size chart before ordering.
Load Bearing Vest
Hidden document pockets
2 colors available
1 pound
Fully adjustable
Nc Star XSM-SM Tactical Vest
Nc Star sells premium-quality sporting and shooting gear at reasonable prices. Its range of products includes bags, flashlights, cases, vests and more.
This vest is durable, breathable and suitable for most body types. It is also available in pink.
We came across a complaint that the Nc Star Vest wasn't shipped with the plate carriers attached. Always use a reputable seller.
Lightweight Vest
For pistol, magazines, documents
8 colors available
1 pound
6 adjustable side straps

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What Is the Best Military Tactical Vest? Read Our Tactical Vest Reviews!

Tactical vests can be quite different. Obviously, they differ in size and color, but some tactical vests also have more pockets, while others are lighter. Check out our five picks and see which one fits your needs the best. You don’t buy a tactical vest every day, so we recommend choosing wisely!

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Our Top Choice
The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is available in four different colors, and it has several rifle pockets. It is designed to be practical and lightweight. Need a vest tailored for a woman? Check out the UTG True Huntress Female Sporting Vest!

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest - Police Black Tactical Vest, 4 Colors Available, 2 Large Internal Zippered Pockets


UTG is a byword for high-quality military products and professional hunting accessories. This brand makes a multitude of practical and attractive shooting items, such as scopes and bipods. It has specially designed bags to transport your gear, as well as tactical vests that can save your life.

The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest has multiple pouches for equipment and documents. It is an ideal choice if you are into hunting or shooting. This piece of equipment is available in four different color options, and it is made from durable materials, so it can take years of wear and tear. What makes it special is the fact that it has adjustable length and girth, so even if you are a bit round in the middle, it'll still fit comfortably!

But this is not all! UTG makes more useful tactical vests, including the following:

  • UTG Ultimate Tactical Gear Modular 10 Piece Complete Kit – comes with multiple pockets and is fully adjustable
  • Leapers Men's Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest – spacious and practical. Some even consider it sexy!
  • UTG Men's Adjustable Fit Sporting Vest – lightweight and available in multiple colors
Best Value
The Condor Tactical Recon Chest Rig comes in three colors and has shoulder straps for better fitting. Along with the exterior pockets, it also has interior pockets for multiple shooting or hunting tools. Do you prefer a full front tactical vest that can be released quickly? Check out the Condor Tactical Mesh Hydration Vest.

Condor Tactical Recon Chest Rig with Padded Shoulder Strap - Tactical Vest Available in 3 Colors


Condor specializes in tactical equipment and military-style accessories. You can buy tactical caps from this brand, as well as bags with multiple pockets, jackets, and even belts. Condor's products will make you stand out from the crowd, whether you go for a tactical vest or a watch cap.

If you are into hunting or shooting, you should definitely check out the Condor Tactical Recon Chest Rig. It allows you to reload quickly because of the front pouches. This vest also allows you to carry multiple accessories and tools at once, as it features multiple spacious pockets and adjustable straps. Couple that with the fact that this piece of equipment is available in three color options, and you will find out that this vest offers excellent value for money.

Let's not forget the other stunning tactical vests made by Condor, shall we? You may want to check out one of these options as well:

  • Condor Outdoor MOPC Gear Vest LBE – fully adjustable and with front pocket for your map
  • Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt – available in three different colors
  • Condor Core Softshell Vest Color – lightweight and practical
The Crye Precision JPC Multicam Large Tactical Vest is lightweight, with a minimalist design that allows you to adjust it easily and permits you to move freely in all activities. Are you looking for a smaller size? You should see the Crye Precision JPC Multicam Medium.

OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Military Tactical Vest - Detachable Front Design


Crye Precision makes affordable and reliable military-style accessories and products such as tactical vests, caps, hats, and even neck belts. Its products are designed using tough materials, and they come in different colors.

The Crye Precision JPC Multicam Large Tactical Vest is specially designed for fighting forces. It is compact and lightweight, and it comes at a reasonable price. This vest has excellent build quality, and it features durable shoulder straps for additional stability and protection. It is suitable for large ballistic plates, and thanks to its multiple pockets, you can take a lot of tools and ammo with you.

Want to see more models? Here are other interesting vests from this company:

  • New Crye Precision JPC Large Coyote – excellent tactical vest made in the US
  • Crye Precision JPC Large Ranger Green – offers superior protection and comfort
  • Crye Precision JPC Small Ranger Green – designed for smaller soldiers
The 5.11 Tactical Load Bearing Vest comes in two colors and two sizes suitable for difficult field operations. It has hidden pouches for documents, and it is made from strengthened nylon. If you prefer a vest with a different design and color, we suggest the 5.11 LBE Vest, which is equally useful.

5.11 Tactical Load Bearing Vest with Hydration Pocket and Grab Handle, Available in 2 Colors


The 5.11 brand is renowned worldwide for producing high-quality tactical vests and clothing items for men and women. You can buy bags, packs and pouches from this brand, as well as durable and elegant tactical belts and assault shirts.

The 5.11 Tactical Load Bearing Vest is adjustable to any body size and has a strong construction. It comes with a hydration pocket that allows you to carry bottles of water, and multiple interior compartments for your maps or documents. The designers of this equipment have thought about your color preferences, and you can choose between two, black or flat dark.

Looking for more tactical vests? Check out these options from 5.11:

  • 5.11 Tactical Men's Range Vest – available in two colors, made from cotton
  • 5.11 Tactical Vest – lightweight and featuring multiple pockets
  • 5.11 Men's Covert Vest – has a pocket for hidden documents
The Nc Star Vest comes in eight colors. It’s made of tough PVC, and the vest can be easily adjusted to fit your body type. If you prefer a more affordable chest rig that also comes in multiple colors, get the Nc Star AK Chest Rig!

Nc Star Tactical Vest Made from Tough PVC, Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors


Nc Star is a prestigious brand with more than a thousand products available for sale on Amazon. It specializes in tactical vests, but it also manufactures first aid kits, pistol cases, rifle cases and similar accessories. Some of these products are also Amazon Best Sellers!

The Nc Star Vest has multiple pouches for storing shooting tools, and it offers excellent value for money. It is lightweight and compact, so smaller people can easily wear it. This is also one of the few tactical vests on the market available in pink. It is made from tough PVC materials for increased durability.

Afraid of the dark when you go camping? Check out the superb flashlights made by Nc Star and you will never be afraid again!

Tactical Vest Guide – What to Look for in a Military Tactical Vest, Police Tactical Vest or Extreme Sports and Hunting Tactical Vest

If you’ve seen Bruce Willis wearing a shoulder strap for his handguns in the famous Die Hard movie and you thought that was cool, we’ve got good news: you can also wear a versatile tactical vest that allows you to carry your weapons, ammunition and documents. A tactical vest might not be bullet proof, but it can be worn over a bulletproof vest, and it’ll hold your pistols safely and away from prying eyes.

Moreover, this type of vest is ideal for storing your survival knives (if any), your tactical flashlight as well as your tactical pen, which can also be used as a self-defense weapon. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer or a soldier, a tactical vest will be more than useful for you in a variety of situations.

We’ve analyzed several tactical vests and discovered their pros and cons. If this is the first time you’re buying one, read this guide carefully and you'll learn the basics in no time.

Video: Tactical Vest Setup and Loadout Basics

How to Set Up a Tactical Vest | Courtesy of Battle Drill 6

When it comes to the price of a tactical vest, you might be happy to find out that these defensive items can cost around $30 for an affordable, features-rich vest, but they can also go up to $280 for a super high-end one. The price of a tactical vest is usually influenced by its size, material, number of pockets or compartments as well as other aspects.

Of course, you can also find cheap tactical vests on the market, but would you really go for them? These vests are supposed to store dangerous items, like your weapons and ammunition, so you need one that can store hazardous items securely. From what we discovered during our research, ridiculously cheap vests are made from poor quality materials, and you’re tough and you deserve a quality vest. That’s what Bruce Willis would want for you.

It’s better to stick with high-quality vests like the ones on our list or from our featured brands to ensure that your personal belongings are safe and sound wherever you go. Let's go ahead and look at a couple of aspects you need to keep in mind when you shop for tactical vests.


A tactical vest is not a fashion accessory, so your attitude should be slightly different when buying such items. You have to think in terms of functionality rather than design. At the end of the day, these vests need to keep your weapon and other precious items stored safely on you. Here are some features to look for in your tactical vest:

  • Material - these vests are usually made from hardened fabrics, and they might contain protective mesh that ensure breathability
  • Pockets - the more, the merrier; however, this means that your vest will also be heavier when all the pockets are full
  • Color - most vests come in a camouflage design, but there are many other color options as well
  • Size - some vests come in one-size-fits-all, but other vests come in sizes from S to XXL

Let's take a look now at how a tactical vest is designed, and find out how practical and versatile they can be.

Construction and Design

One of the most important aspects when it comes to a vest is the material from which it’s made. Today's tactical vests are built to last for years because they’re made from different materials such as PVC, hardened fabrics and so on. As said earlier, these vests are not bullet proof, but they have enhanced durability and resist wear and tear.

When it comes to compartments, you’ll be pleased to find that most vests include a myriad of pockets where you can put your map, cell phone, walkie-talkie, flashlight, weapons, documents, ammunition and even a bottle of water! If you usually like to take a lot of items with you, go for a vest that has multiple built-in compartments. If you prefer a lighter vest, opt for those that have just two or three pockets.

A plethora of tactical vests come in different sizes, starting from small and going up to XXL, while others are one-size-fits-all. These vests include multiple straps and belts to keep it secure and in place, and certain vests can be adjusted according to your body type, so go for one that’ll make you feel nimbler and more comfortable.

Video: How to Attach Molle Pouches to a Tactical Vest

The Right Way to Attach Moule Pouches to a Tactical Vest | Courtesy of iamprepper
Performance and Ease of Use

Most of the tactical vests available on the market today (especially those in our review) have high-quality zippers, so they’re easy to take on and off. Other vests come with shoulders straps and are equally simple to adjust on your body. When it comes to maintenance, you need to wash them by hand using a damp cloth and basic cleaning products.

We know that a tactical vest is actually an investment, so we recommend that you don’t rush when buying one. Hopefully, our advice will help you choose the perfect vest at the best price.

Get the Best Tactical Vest of 2023!

These brands are renowned worldwide for producing high-quality military-style accessories and products. The vests we picked have been tried and tested by numerous customers already. What are you waiting for? Get your favorite one and have more peace of mind next time you are on a mission!

Our Top Choice
UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest
Best Value
Condor MCR5: Recon Chest Rig
OneTigris Griffin AFPC Modular Vest
5.11 Vtac® LBE Tactical Vest
Nc Star XSM-SM Tactical Vest

Tactical Vest FAQs

What is a tactical vest?
A tactical vest is a military-grade attire worn on top of regular clothing to provide protection and gear carrying mechanisms while on assignment. It comes with various differently-sized pockets for holding smaller and larger equipment. Check out our review on tactical vests to find out more.
What is a tactical vest used for?
A tactical vest serves many purposes, including law enforcement and protection in dangerous situations. It is excellent for self-defense, outdoors & survival, public service, armed forces, private security, and tactical essentials. Thus, it is worn by law enforcement officers, hunters, journalists, and other people exposed to danger. For example, when going on a hunting expedition, a tactical vest provides all the pockets for holding your equipment. You can use it to carry ammunition, a radio, and so on. When you want spare magazines for the gun, all you have to do is reach out for them.
Where can I buy a tactical vest?
You can buy a tactical vest on Amazon, the largest online retailer in terms of various products and unbeatable deals.
How to set up a tactical vest?
To set up a tactical vest, you need to know where each of your equipment goes. For example, there are pockets for a blowup kit, flashlight, radio, magazines, compass, medicine, side pedals, grenades, and so on. So, you can use special compartments, depending on the things you need to carry. When arranging these things in the vest, you should follow a logical order. Also, check that you don't put too many items in the front compartments, making the vest sag. Keep the way to the holster clear so that you aren't hindered when you need to reach it. One thing to watch out for is the tactical vest's size – it should be just right to avoid being too tight or too loose. Luckily, tactical vests are adjustable for the perfect fit.