Best Tambourine Reviews 2022

A tambourine is a musical instrument that adds a little jingle to any music style. If you want your music to be more colorful and to add a nice and warm touch to it, then a tambourine is the solution. We have chosen five great ones from some of the best tambourine brands on the market. Take a look at them and choose the one best suited to you and your musical needs.
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Our Top Choice
YMC Double Row Tambourine
YMC is a producer of a large variety of products: acoustic guitars, music stands, tambourines, and even wooden paddles and bowls.
It has 20 jingles distributed in 2 rows, and also has great customer satisfaction ratings!
One complaint that it’s not very comfortable to hold.
13.6 ounces
Hand held tambourine
Durable plastic
20 jingles
Best Value
Meinl Percussion Foot Tambourine
Meinl Percussion was founded 30 years ago and ever since it has been trying to create a portfolio which covers all of its customers.
It’s lightweight and produces a light jingle sound at one tap of the foot. It’s very easy to put on and take off.
One complaint that the elastic band isn’t adjustable.
2.4 ounces
Foot tambourine
8 jingles
Remo Fiberskyn Tambourine
Remo has led its way through development for 60 years, and today is the largest drumhead company on the globe.
It’s lightweight and durable at the same time, and has a FYBERSKYN 3 drumhead for better quality.
One complaint that it has a little lack of the bass.
Black/Deep red/white
14.4 ounces
16 jingles
Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine
Hohner Kids believes that music is a very important part of life and it means growth, not just fun.
It is BPA, lead, and phythlate-free. It’s also specially designed for comfortable play by children.
One complaint that it was smaller than expected.
5.1 ounces
Hand held kids’ tambourine
8 jingles
Latin Percussion Foot Tambourine
Latin Percussion has produced high-quality classic percussion instruments for more than half a century.
It has a frame made of durable plastic, and is quite lightweight.
One complaint that the sound is not very powerful.
5 ounces
Foot tambourine
8 jingles

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What is the Best Tambourine?

It may seem like all tambourines are the same, but that’s certainly not the case. They produce different types of sounds – some of them are more powerful, while others add a light element to music. There are tambourines that can be held in your hand and others for the foot. Let’s start by taking a look at the first one in our review, and you’ll soon see how unique they all are!
Our Top Choice
The YMC Double Row Tambourine has a nice and classic half-moon design and produces an amazing jingle sound. This is currently a best seller. If you would prefer a foot tambourine, we recommend the YMC Percussion Foot Tambourine. It’s available in 6 different colors and produces light jingle sounds with one tap of your foot. It has 4 sets of jingles which are made of stainless steel and provide a sound that fits any musical setting.

YMC Double Row Tambourine – 20 Metal Jingles, Hand Held Percussion, Ergonomic Handle

YMC produces a variety of products, such as tambourines, acoustic guitars, wooden paddles, music stands, bowls, and more; there are more than 100 products from YMC. Most of them have high ratings, and there is even a tambourine best seller.

The YMC Double Row Tambourine is a best seller from YMC and is designed to provide lovely jingle sounds. It has the classic shape of a half-moon and it’s made of durable plastic. It has 20 jingles made of metal distributed in 2 rows.

Check out its features:
  • 20 metal jingles
  • Double row design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Half-moon design
Best Value
The Meinl Percussion Foot Tambourine produces a nice jingle sound which is compatible with any musical setting. This model comes with a 2-year warranty. If you want a handheld one instead, we suggest the Meinl Percussion Combo Tambourine with 14 pairs of jingles, half of solid brass and half plated with silver nickel. It has a very beautiful and popular design, and the brass jingles produce a warmer sound, while the silver nickel-plated jingles produce a brighter sound.

Meinl Percussion Cajon Player's Foot Tambourine - Steel Jingles, 2 Years Warranty

Meinl Percussion has spent its last 30 years creating a portfolio which matches the variety of its customers. Now, they are proud to say that they produce a large variety of qualitative percussion instruments dedicated to players worldwide, no matter their age, skills, or possibilities. They are committed to delivering instruments which submit to the highest standards and superior quality. Meinl Percussion has many percussion instruments available as well.

The Meinl Percussion Foot Tambourine is a complement for any instrument. It delivers a light sound which blends perfectly with any musical instrument, and it’s a great idea for any guitarist or vocalist who wants to add a little percussive touch to their music.

Let’s see its characteristics:
  • Produces a light jingle sound with one tap of your foot
  • It fits any musical setting
  • It’s easy to put on and take off because of its elastic nylon band
  • It has a curved body made of rubber wood
  • 4 stainless steel pairs of jingles
  • 2-year warranty
The Remo Fiberskyn Tambourine is a great percussion instrument which fits any musical setting and comes in 3 different colors. If you prefer a smaller one, take a look at the Remo Radiant Tambourine which has a bright and flashy look, and makes a great sound. It has 8 pairs of jingles distributed in 1 row and is a little smaller, having a diameter of 8 inches.

Remo Fiberskyn Tambourine - Pre-Tuned For All Styles Of Music, 3 Colors Available

Remo was founded 60 years ago, and ever since has led its way through synthetic drumhead and shell development to extend the possibilities of percussion. Today, it is the largest drumhead company on the globe. It desires to make the drum an educational, wellness, unifying, and inspirational tool for mankind.

The Remo Fiberskyn Tambourine is a qualitative instrument ideal for drum enthusiasts and even professionals. It uses a smooth white film and delivers optimum performance. It fits every music style and adds a nice percussive touch to it.

Let’s see more features from this product:
  • Available in 3 colors: Quadura Black, Quadura Deep Red, and Quadura White
  • It has a 10” diameter
  • It has 8 pairs of jingles distributed in 2 rows
  • It’s lightweight and made to last
  • Fits any musical setting
The Hohner Kids Tambourine is a great idea for your children. It has protected jingles, so your kid won’t get to them, and it comes in 4 different colors. Similarly, you might also be interested in a complete musical set for your kid, so we recommend you the Hohner Kids Music Discovery Set. It brings an entire band to your house with only one box, and also comes with a CD to play along with it.

Hohner Kids Musical Toys Percussion Effect with Assorted Colors – BPA and Lead Free, 4 Colors Available

Hohner Kids is a company which produces quality musical instruments for children. They produce musical sets for kids of early ages, and child-sized guitars for older kids. The company believes that music is an essential part of life, and that it’s fun and beneficial for development at the same time.

The Hohner Kids Tambourine has a stylish, unique shape and a comfortable grip for kids’ small hands. Since it’s a product for children, it’s lightweight and durable at the same time. It comes in a package, which makes it very easy to wrap during the holidays!

Check out its features:
  • Available in 4 different colors: Aqua, Orange, Yellow, and Green
  • The jingles are covered so they can’t be accessed
  • Lightweight
  • 4 pairs of jingles which provide a lovely sound
The Latin Percussion Foot Tambourine is great for accompanying musicians, and it has a patented system of pinning which makes it a durable instrument. If you’re looking for a hand tambourine with a really nice design, take a look at the LP Hand Held Tambourine. It lasts five times longer than a usual tambourine, and it has a unique patented shape.

Latin Percussion Foot Tambourine – 4 Pairs of Nickel-Plated Jiingles, ABS Plastic Frame

Latin Percussion was founded more than 50 years ago and it has produced qualitative classic percussion instruments ever since. It has hundreds of patented improvements and designs which meet the standards of professional musicians. The Latin Percussion instruments are used in several of the world’s top recordings.

The Latin Percussion Foot Tambourine helps musicians add a little jingle to their songs. It has a small, lightweight body and an elastic band which allows it to be placed on the musicians’ foot. It has 4 pairs of jingles which are held in place by a patented system in an ABS plastic frame.

Let’s see its features:
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Patented system for pinning jingles
  • 4 pairs of jingles made of nickel-plated steel
  • Elastic band which wraps over the foot

How Do I Choose the Best Tambourine?

Tambourines are amongst the oldest musical instruments. Invented in ancient Egypt, they were used to entertain pharaohs. Due to the simplicity of these instruments and the lively sound they add to any kind of music, their use continued over the years, to-date. It’s also a perfect addition to other instruments in a band.

The name tambourine was adopted in the 1500s AD from the name of a similar percussion instrument. They’re available in different forms and designs in various cultures around the world. Basically, a tambourine is an instrument that’s usually round or semi-circular with jingles. Its center can have a skin to beat, or it can be hollow.

A tambourine is played by shaking it in the air, beating or tapping it with your hand, or beating it with your foot or against your hips. The choice here really depends on the quality of sound required and your preference. It’s a perfect addition to your collection of musical items if you’re a music lover. Unlike an electric guitar, you don’t need power to play this instrument.

People (adults and children) with interest in music, or choirs and those who collect such instruments for any reason will love playing the tambourine during live performances. For instance, you can use it with a harmonica for a live performance involving other instruments. It’s also more cost-effective than most musical instruments.

A tambourine is a perfect gift for many. It can go a long way in nurturing talent in young kids. The best tambourines are versatile and, therefore, fit into any sort of music genre, making them a must-have for many music lovers and entertainers.
Tambourines are quite affordable musical instruments, especially compared with other instruments, such as pianos, that can cost a fortune. A good tambourine costs between $10 and $40. The expensive models are usually made of wood and have animal skin at the center to produce a clean sound. Although these instruments are generally not costly, cheap tambourines available on the market might not produce the high-quality sound you require. Therefore, keep away from them.

You need a high-quality tambourine made of premium materials to last years of use. However, if you want one for just one-time use, go for the least expensive you can get for a high-quality product. Since factors such as size, materials used, quality, etc. can influence cost, you need to find a tambourine that fits in your budget.
Tambourines are designed only to produce musical sounds. It’s important to check the features one comes with to ensure the tambourine produces high-quality sound. The combination of jingles, shells and a drumhead is also important. This ensures the sound produced is of the best quality. You also need the right size and weight of your musical instrument for the best performance.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a tambourine:
  • Arrangement and number of jingles
  • The material used to make the shell
  • Edges of the tambourine and drumhead material
  • Size and weight of the tambourine
  • Easy setup of the tambourine
  • Design and color of the tambourine
  • Ergonomic grip handle for increased comfort
  • The materials used to make the jingles
With the right tambourine, you can play your song alongside other musical instruments in a live performance or simply in the comfort of your home.
Construction and Design
Whether you’re a music enthusiast or take music as a career, the importance of musical instruments to accompany your performances goes without saying. When shopping for a tambourine, the following should help you make an informed buying decision:

Color – The color of a tambourine is important. Opt for a color that matches your personality, the color theme of your band or your other instruments. Tambourines are available in many different colors, including black, blue, red, brown, champagne, white and so many more.

You should also consider a color that doesn’t get dirty easily, especially if you intend to play your tambourine outside the home. For tambourines that have a drum head, it’s possible for it to have radiant colors and customized paintings for an enhanced eye appeal.

Weight – As mentioned before, a tambourine is played by shaking it. Therefore, it’s important for it to be light to prevent your hands from getting fatigued. When it’s lightweight, you can easily bring it with you for use on the go, as well as being favorable for use by children. Get a tambourine that won’t wear you out quickly.

Type – There are many types of tambourines available on the market, depending on how they’re played. There are those played by foot because they’re small and can easily be strapped to your foot. The hand tambourines come in two varieties. One has the drum skin to hit with your hand for an extra sound. The second variety has no skin, only the jingles.

Tambourines also come as mountable musical instruments that can be arranged on a drum set for easy playing. The choice of a tambourine largely depends on how you intend to play your instrument.

Material – Tambourines are a combination of many different materials. There is the shell that’s made of plastic, PVC or wood. Jingles are made of metals such as bronze, brass, nickel, steel and alloys of such metals. The drum is made of animal skin, usually calf skin.

All these parts work together to determine the quality of the sound produced by the tambourine. Ensure the tambourine you choose is one made of high-quality materials in all three main parts.

Jingles – Jingles, or more properly called zils, are the parts of a tambourine that rattle to produce sound. You should choose jingles made of metal, since those produce the loudest sound and last long. They can also be arranged in single or double rows, with each row containing a pair of jingles in every slot.

The arrangement of jingles determines the sound effects that can be achieved with the tambourine. Different materials used for the jingles achieve different volumes and tones of sound. Therefore, not all tambourines sound exactly the same.
Performance and Ease of Use
Tambourines are easy to use because all that’s required is to shake them and a sound is produced. To play them properly, however, requires practice. The instruments can be played along with any genre of music and other musical instruments, such as drums and guitars. Tambourines provide a sound that is already preset by the way the product is made. Therefore, there isn’t any kind of training required to understand how to set up your tambourine.

A tambourine can easily be played by children. It doesn’t pose any harm to them since it’s not heavy, doesn’t need electricity and doesn’t have any sharp edges that can hurt kids. There is no maintenance required after use of a tambourine. All that’s required is proper storage of the instrument in an area where it’s not exposed to a lot of humidity, especially if some of the parts are not resistant to rust.

Get the Best Tambourine of 2022!

A tambourine is never a bad idea. It molds perfectly with any music style and adds little jingles to your songs. It’s also a great idea for self entertainment or if you need a small instrument to accompany you when you play. Give yourself a gift by choosing one of the tambourines we have analyzed for you in this review.

Our Top Choice
YMC Double Row Tambourine
Best Value
Meinl Percussion Foot Tambourine
Remo Fiberskyn Tambourine
Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine
Latin Percussion Foot Tambourine