Best Teen Hoodie Reviews 2023

The hoodie is one of the best pieces of clothing to give your teen a stylish yet comfortable look. Since teenagers are picky about almost everything, it can be quite difficult to buy a hooded sweatshirt for them. But not to worry; here at Top Products we’ve taken the liberty of bringing you five garments from some of the best teen hoodie brands in the industry that’ll give you value for money and ensure your teen is comfortable no matter the weather.
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Our Top Choice
Under Armour Titan Fleece Hoodie
Under Armour was founded in 1996 to provide athletes with dependable attire that help them perform to their level best.
Super soft fabric; all day comfort; allows incredible mobility; added storage; wide range of color options; brushed interior means even greater warmth.
Its slim fit doesn’t favor heavily-built teens.
X-Large (18-20)
Blended cotton
9 colors
Kangaroo pouch
Best Value
Columbia Steens II Fleece Hoodie Jacket
Columbia is a leading provider of quality outerwear designed through innovative technology and made of high quality fabric since 1938.
Classic fit; all day comfort; super soft; warm; increased breathability; zippered pockets; simple but stylish design; also available in sizes for younger kids.
May be a bit narrow for big-bodied boys.
2 sizes
100% polyester
7 colors
2 zipped side pockets
Adidas Original Boys’ Active Zip Hoodie
Adidas is a renowned name in the sporting world and beyond due to its stylish and quality attire that’s built to enhance performance.
Superior construction; ultra-comfort; breathable fabric; super soft; warm; ideal for athletes; holds up well even after numerous washes; reflective Adidas logo.
Price tag is on the higher side.
4 sizes
100% cotton
4 colors
Two large side pockets
U.S Polo Assn. Junior’s Easy Hooded Sweatshirt
U.S Polo Association was established in 1890 and carries classic apparel that’s adored by polo lovers around the world.
Incredibly warm; improved breathability; hood is adjustable; total body coverage
Isolated complaints of fabric being a bit thin.
5 sizes
60% cotton, 40% polyester
7 colors
2 side pockets
Koloa Surf Company Youth Tie-Dye Hoodie
The Koloa Surf Company is a young clothing company that’s quickly creating a name for itself due to its quality and stylish designs.
Good fabric combination of polyester and cotton for warmth and breathability; all day comfort; colorful; stylish; snug fit; unique prints; unisex.
Isolated complaints of mismatch in size.
Pull-over design
5 sizes
78% cotton, 22 % polyester
12 colors
Kangaroo pouch

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What is the Best Teen Hoodie?

When shopping for a teen hoodie, you have to look out for the quality of the fabric. Now let’s explore some more factors that’ll help you with your purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Under Armour Titan Fleece Hoodie is made from a blend of cotton that’s brushed, ensuring that the fabric is super soft so that your teen can be comfortable all day long. Do you prefer a zippered hoodie rather than a pullover? Then the Under Armour Full Zip Hoody will be a great alternative.

Under Armour Ultra-Soft Extra Large Titan Fleece Boys’ Hoodie – Available in Multiple Colors & Sizes

Under Armour was started by Kevin Plank who played football in college. During this period, he found that the t-shirts they wore would absorb sweat rather than wick it away. He therefore set out to create a t-shirt that’d regulate the player’s body temperature and still enhance performance. Out of this endeavor, Under Armour was started and has grown remarkably to be a favorite among athletes and sports lovers all over the country. The brand has an assortment of gear for all people who find their products comfortable, dependable and affordable.

The Under Armour Titan Fleece Hoodie is made of high quality materials that ensure that it’s not only comfortable but also highly functional. This hoodie will become your teen’s favorite garment, especially due to its soft fabric. The fabric that’s been used to make it is brushed to attain this softness that ensures comfort thoughout the day. The Titan Fleece Hoodie is made of 60% cotton which makes this sweatshirt warm enough for any chilly day. It also has 40% polyester which gives it amazing breathability.

Here’s more to this hoodie:
  • Kangaroo pocket for added storage and comfort
  • Stretch construction for improved mobility
  • Innovative moisture wicking system
  • Slim-fitting with arm-length sleeves
  • Well-fitting hood that’s super warm
  • Signature Under Armour wordings on the front
Not digging this army green/black color? The good news is that your teen is spoilt for choice with 9 other colors to choose from, which include caspian/stealth gray/caspian, black/black, carbon heather/black among others. The extra-large size is favorable for older teens.
Best Value
The Columbia Steens II Fleece Hoodie Jacket has a classic fit that adapts to your teen’s body structure for all day comfort. Is your teen daughter in need of an ideal hoodie? We believe that the Columbia Benton II Hoodie will be a great fit for her.

Columbia Steens II Full Zip Closure Big Boys Fleece Hoodie – Available in Multiple Colors and Little Boys or Big Boys Sizes

Columbia is a leading sportswear company based in Oregon that’s been making quality outdoor gear for over 70 years. Under the able leadership of Gert Boyle, the brand has become a global phenomenon by continuously giving its customers no-nonsense garments to meet all their needs. It’s remarkable that from the humble beginnings of a hat enterprise, Columbia has grown to the big global brand it is today. Its clothes and shoes will always keep you warm and protected, no matter the weather.

The Columbia Steens II Fleece Hoodie Jacket is an upgrade from its well-known fleece, only it comes with a hood this time around. This cozy jacket has a super soft feel with a classic fit that makes your young man look elegant and stylish. This classic fit is achieved by intricate seam work, especially on the front. The full-zipper closure ensures that no cold penetrates, ensuring that the wearer stays warm and comfortable all day. Your youth will be positively amazed at the good quality of this hoodie.

Here’s more to expect with this classic hoodie:
  • Zippered side pockets for safe storage of tiny items
  • Made of 100% breathable polyester
  • The center to back has a length of 20 inches
  • Rugged yet elegant look
  • Well-made hoodie that’s soft and warm
Apart from black, there’s a variety of other colors to choose from such as collegiate navy, charcoal heather, mountain red, cyber green, fuse green and tangy orange. It’s also available in sizes for young boys as well as teens.
The Adidas Original Boys’ Active Zip Hoodie is designed with athletes in mind and will let your active teen enjoy the benefits of supreme comfort and incredible warmth. If you prefer the later Adidas logo to the original, we believe that the Adidas Youth Full Zip Hoodie will be worth checking out.

Adidas High Performance Original Boys’ Active Zip Hoodie – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

60,000 employees. Brand presence in more than 120 countries. 850M units produced per year. Annual sales amounting to 25 billion dollars. That’s Adidas for you. As a leading sports brand, Adidas has continued to incorporate innovative designs and the latest designs into their products. This has made them one of the most established names in the industry. Adi Dassler, the brand’s founder wanted to provide products that would have incredible quality at an affordable price. This is the principle that’s kept the brand going for so long.

The Adidas Original Boys’ Active Zip Hoodie is a warm, breathable sweatshirt that your teenage boy will adore wearing. It’s made of 100% fabric that doesn’t get soaked up in sweat which guarantees you all day comfort. This machine-washable hoodie is made with athletes in mind; therefore your teen can expect to enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance. Its quality is of the highest standards and certainly gives you value for your money.

Here’s more about this hoodie:
  • Made of super soft fabric
  • Full zip closure for full body coverage
  • Adidas logo proudly displayed on the front
  • Two side pockets for added warmth
  • Arm-length sleeves with well-fitting cuffs
  • Large hoodie with a good fit
Not digging this black luxe color? Well, there’s also black moto and even olive cargo. For those teens that like bright colors, this hoodie comes in medium grey heather print. Depending on your teen’s body structure, the available sizes are small, medium, large and extra-large.
The U.S Polo Assn. Junior’s Easy Hooded Sweatshirt is made of 60% cotton to make it warm and 40% polyester to make it breathable. Do you prefer stripes on your hoodie rather than a plain design? Then you’ll love the U.S Polo Assn Junior’s Striped Hoodie Sweatshirt instead.

U.S Polo Assn. Classic Style Easy Hooded Sweatshirt – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

The U.S Polo Association is one of the oldest sports organizations in America, having started operating in 1890. The brand provides authentic products that have been certified by the association. The products, just like polo, are classy, stylish and always make a statement. The brand has a huge global following and is present in more than 135 countries. The company has created a mark in the fashion industry and customers are always looking forward to its seasonal collections. What’s even better is how affordable its products are, especially considering how they’re made in such a luxurious manner. With designs for men, women and the next generations, the brand is an all-around fashion enterprise.

The Junior’s Easy Hooded Sweatshirt is a sweatshirt designed to look stylish and feel comfortable too. It’s made of 60% cotton, which makes this sweatshirt warm and cozy to wear, especially on a chilly day. Since junior youth is a pretty active lot, it also has 40% polyester that increases breathability. Therefore, your teen won’t be soaked up in sweat, and thus can wear the hoodie all day. This garment also allows for total upper body coverage due to its long sleeves that have full arm length.

Here’s more that’s in store for you:
  • Split kangaroo pouch for added warmth
  • The two-panel hood is adjustable
  • It has a front full zip for closure
  • On the left chest side is a signature pony logo for authenticity
  • The hems and cuffs are ribbed
Not digging this color? Well, your teen will have a variety of colors to choose from such as bright rose, marshmallow, pink lady, racing red, heather gray and medieval blue. It’s also available in a full range of sizes, from extra small to extra large.
The Koloa Surf Company Youth Tie-Dye Hoodie is a stylish and comfortable sweatshirt with colorful prints that’ll brighten up even the dullest of days. If you prefer a more straightforward design, then the Koloa Surf Company Wave Logo Hoodie that comes in plain yet beautiful colors will be a great match.

Koloa Surf Company Colorful Tie and Dye Youth Hoodies – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

The Koloa Surf Company started out in 2014 and has risen quickly to create a name for itself as a leading provider of stylish apparel. In line with its principles of fun and quality, the brand is loved for its attention to its designs. Its products are affordable and full of color, from the tees to its hoodies. Incorporating modern looks into their designs has won them hearts around the globe. Customers love the fact that the brand gives them so many options when it comes to its products. Comfort is also a key aspect of its business, in addition to a top notch customer service.

The Koloa Surf Company Youth Tie-Dye Hoodie comes in colorful patterns that your teen will be instantly attracted to. The tie-dye aspect of this hoodie gives it a unique look which isn’t common today, especially on sweatshirts; this back-in-the-day look will definitely get heads turning. Your teen can wear this hoodie without anything else beneath it, making it great for any time of year.

Here’s more to appreciate about this hoodie:
  • Made of a combination of cotton and polyester
  • Has ribbed cuffs and a knitted waist band
  • Very light in weight
  • Spacious front kangaroo pouch
  • Has a Koloa logo printed on the inside
  • Well-fitted hood with no draw cord
Not digging this tie-dye design in this green color? Well, it also comes in black, gold, navy, pink, purple and a whole lot of other fun colors. In terms of size, it ranges from extra small to extra-large.

How Do I Choose the Best Teen Hoodie?

Teenagers! So much can be said about these 7 or 8 life-changing years in one’s life. A lot goes on during these teen years so that it nearly requires divine intervention for any parent to safely see your young one successfully transform into a grounded young adult. Immense physical changes start happening; boys start growing beards while girls want the latest make up as they become more aware of their femininity. And the dress code? They no longer want those cute ‘kiddish’ clothes, but want to go for a more mature or edgy look. But one garment that we never grow out of is the hoodie – even teenagers can’t shy away from such an important piece of clothing.
Hoodies, especially for teenagers, are a way of expressing one’s personal style in a casual and comfortable manner. When it’s cold outside and your youth wants to keep warm, a sweatshirt is the way to go. Hoodies are popular because they shield you from the cold without having the weight of a heavy coat.

Another reason why your teen must have a hoodie – comfort. Whether they’re going out for an evening stroll or a morning run, a hoodie will let them comfortably do whatever pleases them.

So what’s the best teen hoodie out there? Well, hoodies come in all sort of designs; some are zippered while others are pullovers. The material used to make the hoodie is an important consideration. The fabric needs to be comfortable and breathable so that the wearer remains warm without getting soaked in sweat. The fit of the hoodie also matters since teens, especially boys, want a well-fitted hoodie – those bulging muscles have to be shown off, right?
We’re sure you must be wondering how much it’ll cost you to get a hoodie for your teenager. Well, the price ranges between $20 to about $60, depending on a number of factors. In this price range, you’ll obtain a hoodie that’s warm, comfortable and breathable. Some of the factors that influence the price of teen hoodies are the fabric used to make the garment and also the brand that’s designed the hoodie. In terms of fabric, hoodies made of cotton are more expensive compared to those made of other materials. When it comes to price variation due to brand, you’ll find that a hoodie carrying a designer tag will cost you some extra cash.

It’s also important that we caution you against going for cheap teen hoodies that have recently flooded the market. During our research, we found that such garments aren’t worth spending your hard-earned cash on. These hoodies tend to have poor quality fabric that doesn’t wick sweat away. The colors also run after a few washes, and even worse is that they tend to shrink every time you clean them.
It’s likely that you’ll soon realize that there are so many brands that stock hoodies out there and it may prove quite a challenge to select one that’ll immediately click with your hard-to-please teenager. Therefore, it’s important to look for the following key features to ensure that you get an ideal teen hoodie:
  • Type – The two most common types are either pull-over or zipper closures; it’s all a matter of personal preference and style.
  • Size – Since a lot of physical changes keep happening to your teenager, their sizes also keep changing. Therefore, ensure that you pick the right fit for their body structure.
  • Material – Most hoodies are made using either cotton or polyester. You may find that both fabrics have been used to maximize on their individual properties.
  • Color – You’ll realize that once your former sweet little thing no longer wants ‘cute’ outfits but would prefer a ‘more mature’ look. One way to achieve this look is going for more ‘adult’ colors.
  • Pockets – Pockets are an important part of a hoodie since they provide added storage and are an ideal way of keeping the teen’s hands warm.
Construction and Design
Hoodies are designed to keep your teenager warm and comfortable when out in the cold. In terms of design, the two most common ones are either pull-overs or zippered hoodies. Both look good and one’s choice is purely a matter of personal preference. The pull-over design may have a round neck or a V-neck for easy wearing. Zip closures, on the other hand, may run from top to bottom on the front or just go halfway from the top. Hoodies are mostly long-sleeved with cuffs at the edges for a snug fit. Ribbed knit cuffs and waist bands are common, which ensure that the hoodie’s fit is just right.

The fabric used to make a hoodie is also critical in the design of the outfit. The two fabrics most commonly used are cotton and polyester. Cotton is loved due to its warmth while polyester makes the garment breathable. Some designers often combine these two fabrics in order to enjoy both of these properties in their creation. The hoodie also often has pockets, which may be designed as a kangaroo pouch on the front or on the sides for added style. The inside of the hoodie may also be brushed to make the hoodie extra soft and even more comfortable.
Performance and Ease of Use
How satisfied your teen is with a particular hoodie greatly depends on the fabric used – as we mentioned above, where cotton gives the most warmth, polyester allows the garment to be breathable. Breathability is important since it fights the buildup of odor, especially when the teen sweats. Draw cords on the hood also allow for a snug fit which further adds to the comfort. It’s important for the teen to identify with the design, and features such as authentic logos and unique prints help achieve that.

Most hoodies have cleaning instructions laid out on a tag inside the garment. The majority of hoodies are machine-washable, but it’s always important to look at the washing instructions before you start cleaning. When cleaning, always test the fabric to find out whether the color runs; this will prevent damaging other garments. In terms of storage, ensure the hoodie is completely dry before putting it away in order to prevent buildup of bacteria that may cause odor.

Get the Best Teen Hoodie of 2023!

Hopefully this review helped you identify what to look out for in order to get the best teen hoodie available. Better yet, we hope that you spotted one in here; if not, these fashion brands have more options for you to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Under Armour Titan Fleece Hoodie
Best Value
Columbia Steens II Fleece Hoodie Jacket
Adidas Original Boys’ Active Zip Hoodie
U.S Polo Assn. Junior’s Easy Hooded Sweatshirt
Koloa Surf Company Youth Tie-Dye Hoodie