Best Telescope Spy Glass Reviews 2023

When people use the word "spyglass," it can mean several different things. For some, it conjures up images of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, with his telescope, scouring the high seas for his next plunder. For others, it's a scene out of Mission Impossible, with Tom Cruise wearing phony glasses with a camera, so he can record the movements of a double agent plotting espionage. For this review, we are focusing on the first, with a short list of five of the best telescope-style spyglasses from the best brands. But not to fear, mateys—if you were looking for wearable spyglasses or ones that let you see at night, we have reviews for those too!
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Our Top Choice
Ueasy Waterproof High Powered Monocular
Ueasy is a producer of sports and outdoor use products. It manufactures waist trimmers, elastic compressors, compasses, cycling accessories, telescopes and a lot more.
Rubberized texture. Durable and well-built. waterproof. Prevents internal fogging.
Isolated reports that it was difficult to use.
Monocular telescope
Plastic and rubber
12x magnification range
Best Value
RedSkyTrader Bright Brass Handheld Pirate Telescope
RedSkyTrader is a business started by a husband and wife who wanted to sell home-designed nautical instruments.
Comes with a decorative nautical box. Made from genuine brass. Attractive design. Available in 3 buying options.
Focal adjustment may be difficult.
Pirate nautical telescope
3x magnification range
Hampton Nautical Class Admiral's Chrome Telescope
Hampton Nautical is the top manufacturer and retailer of the greatest maritime products in the world. The company also promises great quality and affordable prices.
Glass optics. Covered in cooper tubes for durability. Bright, clear view. Available in several colors.
Isolated reports that the spyglass is difficult to open and close.
Nautical telescope
Copper, chrome and leather
15x magnification range
Archeer Dual Focus Monocular
Archeer aims to deliver electronic products of high quality to its customers made with innovation, great design and novelty.
Waterproof. Prevents fogging. Focuses easily. Night-vision enabled. Compact and portable. Comes with protective case.
Too big to fit in a pocket.
Monocular telescope
Plastic and rubber
16x magnification range
ITDC Handheld Brass Telescope
ITDC produces a large diversity of ancient-inspired accessories which are great as home décor items or for outdoor activities.
Leather handle. Comes with protective wooden box. Made from brass. Available in 2 sizes.
You may have to extend it as much as 80% in order to get the enlarged view.
Pirate telescope
Brass and leather
3x magnification range

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What is the Best Telescope Spy Glass?

Telescope spyglasses have different looks; some are modern and more practical, and others have that classic pirate telescope look which is preferred by the nautical enthusiasts. The magnification range differs from one telescope to another, and they can also get a brighter, clearer image depending on their characteristics. Find out if one of our telescope spyglasses is what you want.
Our Top Choice
The Ueasy Waterproof Telescope Style Spy Glasses provides bright and clear field of view and has a magnification range of 12x. If you are looking for a mini monocular which is easy to hold and carry, check out the Ueasy Handheld Mini Monocular. It has 10x magnification, is waterproof and the barrels are filled with nitrogen in order to prevent fogging inside.

Ueasy Waterproof High Powered Monocular – Side Hand Strap, Tripod, 12x Zoom, Multi-Coated Lenses

Ueasy designs and manufactures products for sports and fitness, such as waist trimmers, elastic compression knee sleeves, shoulder braces, elastic compressor ankle supports and so on. It also creates products which are meant to be used outdoor for recreation, like compasses, cycling water bags, poncho mat pads, portable air pillows, telescopes and many more.

The Ueasy Waterproof Telescope Style Spy Glasses offers a great magnification with amazingly bright and clear field of view. You will be able to watch whatever you want from the distance and you can also do it in the rain since the telescope is waterproof.

Check out its specifications:
  • 12x magnification range
  • Rubber covered to provide secure grip and protection
  • Eyecup is adjustable so you can use with eyeglasses
  • Waterproof
  • Fog-proof barrels to prevent internal fogging
  • Stainless steel tripod included
Best Value
The RedSkyTrader Handheld Telescope Style Spy Glasses is a great gift idea with the classic design of a nautical telescope. It can be bought in 3 different options. If you would prefer a shorter telescope that could very well fit in your pocket, we recommend you the RedSkyTrader Handled Maritime Pirate Telescope. It is made of brass and has a total length of 4”, a great pirate accessory.

RedSkyTrader Bright Brass Pirate Telescope – 6 Inches Long, Nautical Box Included, Multiple Buying Options

RedSkyTrader started its business in 2005 when, with a few good ideas and determination, a “mom and pop” began selling nautical items online and at local markets with great success. At the moment, they are focused on the online growth of their company and constantly think up new items which can be included in their product line in order to satisfy their clients.

The RedSkyTrader Handheld Telescope Style Spy Glasses have the classic shape of a nautical telescope. It has a nice golden color and comes in a beautifully designed nautical wooden box.

See its characteristics:
  • 3x magnification range
  • Made of brass
  • Extends up to 6.5” long
  • Comes in decorative wooden box
  • Old style nautical spy glass design
The Hampton Nautical Deluxe Telescope Style Spy Glass is great for nautical enthusiasts and is available in 3 colors and 2 styles. If you would like to have a captain’s telescope, the Hampton Nautical Captain’s Spyglass Telescope is a great idea. It has a 10x magnification range and glass optics for a clear view.

Hampton Nautical Admiral's Chrome/Leather Spyglass – 27 Inches Long, Black Rosewood Box, Available in 3 Colors and 2 Styles

Hampton Nautical is the top producer of the world’s greatest nautical, tropical and beach decorations and accessories. It is the people’s first choice when it comes to purchasing brass compasses, world globes, brass telescope or other maritime items. The company guarantees for the products’ superior quality and they provide a 100% money back guarantee.

The Hampton Nautical Deluxe Telescope Style Spy Glass is a great gift idea for a nautical navigator. It has an antique finish of copper tubes which offer it a classic look and also protect it. This nautical spy glass comes in a nice box made of smooth gloss finished hardwood.

Let’s see more:
  • Available in 3 colors: black, chrome, and brass
  • 2 styles available: black leather and plain
  • 15x magnification range
  • Copper tubes polish
  • Glass optics which provide a clear view
  • Comes in a rosewood box with a brass emblem on it
  • Adjustable length
The Archeer Dual Focus Telescope Style Spy Glass provides a super clear view and comes with a 40-day money back guarantee, plus an 18 month warranty. If are more of an observer and you would like to be able to place the telescope on something, here is the Archeer Handheld Monocular Telescope which includes a free tripod that can be either silver or black. With this durable, shake resistant tripod, you can experience hands-free viewing.

Archeer Monocular Zoom Telescope - Day & Low Night Vision, 16x52 Magnification, Waterproof & Fogproof

Archeer started by delivering high class computer, communication and consumer electronics to all electronics enthusiasts. The company’s goal now is to design, manufacture and sell innovative, attractive new gadgets, and they try to implement this goal in every product they create.

The Archeer Dual Focus Telescope Style Spy Glass offers a clear view, helping you see every detail of your target, no matter what it is. With this telescope, you can see 16 times closer and also a lighter and brighter image than ever. You can also use it in rainy days or humid environments, and even during the night. This nautical spyglass is really suitable for camping, fishing, birdwatching, playing golf, concerts and for other favorite activities you have.

See its specifications:
  • 16x magnification range
  • Dual focus property (adjustable front and back zoom)
  • Multi-coated optics for light and bright image
  • Low light level night vision
  • Easy focusing
  • Waterproof
  • Fogging resistant
  • 40-day money back guarantee
  • 18-month warranty
The ITDC Handheld Telescope Style Spy Glass is a fancy, old style telescope which is available in 2 different sizes. If you would prefer a longer telescope, check out the ITDC Handheld Brass Telescope. It can expand to a length of 15 inches and it comes in a nice hardwood nautical box.

ITDC Handheld Brass Telescope – 6 Inches Long, Wooden Box, Home or Office Décor Item, Available in 2 Sizes

ITDC sells a diversity of accessories for home or outdoor use. Some of them are compasses, bells, burgonet knight’s, telescopes, and handcuffs, all of which can add an ancient style to your home. It also produces items like ceramic oil warmers, door signs, no smoking signs, clocks and more.

The ITDC Handheld Telescope Style Spy Glass is able to magnify objects or landscapes which are far away. It is delivered in a wooden box and it can extend up to 6” and then retract and be placed back in its box.

See its features:
  • Available in 2 sizes: 6” and 17”
  • 3x magnification range
  • Made of brass and has a leather handle
  • Old style design

How Do I Choose the Best Telescope Spy Glass?

The first telescope was made in 1608, and a year later, the scientist Galileo was able to point it toward the sky. Although the pictures seen were not very clear, it inspired good insights of the galaxy and the need to develop better, compact binoculars and telescopes. Since then, they’ve been improving over time, using better and bigger lenses, making it possible to have small, yet powerful, telescopes.

Such lenses are ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, bird watching, admiring nature and many others. They’re also ideal for use by people that want to keep a close watch around them. The best telescope spyglasses on the market are ideal for many activities and made of the best materials to ensure durability.

Due to the authentic nature and rich history of telescopes, telescope spyglasses are also ideal for use as interior décor items, especially for a historic home or antique-themed décor. Just like night vision binoculars, telescopes are ideal gifts for people of all ages. They are also good items for nurturing interests in kids and helping them learn more about the universe.

It’s now possible to connect telescopes with smart phones for those people who want to showcase nature through a website, blog or social media. Whether you want to use your telescope for sports and recreation or educational purposes, there’s one out there for you.
The price of a telescope spyglass is mostly determined by its power and performance. Small telescopes are ideal for backyard bird watching and other simple tasks. They cost about $10 whereas complex and advanced variations cost much more. Cheap telescope spyglasses should be avoided since they won’t offer good magnification, clarity and durability. Opt for high quality telescope spyglasses to get value for your money.

However, if you intend to use your telescope once in awhile, there’s no need to buy a costly one. Come up with a working budget to guide you on the best price or deal. For regular use, opt for a high quality telescope you’ll use for a long time. You’ll find a good telescope spyglasses in the price range of $5 to $300.
The most important feature of a telescope is its magnification power. This determines not only how far your telescope can help you see, but also its clarity when viewing distant objects. There’s also the need for a portable gadget you can easily carry around with you if need be. Look for one in a compact design to easily fit in your luggage, backpack or pocket, depending on your intended application area.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a telescope-style spyglass:
  • The aperture and focal length of the lens
  • The telescope’s magnification power; the higher the better
  • The material used in the construction of the telescope
  • The type of mount tripod supported, if any
  • The design and size of the telescope
  • The mountability of the telescope
  • Anti-reflection coatings on the lenses
With the right telescope spyglass, you won’t just be able to monitor what’s going on around you at all times, but also view distant objects.
Construction and Design
Are you shopping for a telescope spyglass, but not sure what to look out for? Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned user, use the following factors to help you pick the telescope for you:

Color – Telescopes come in many different colors, with the most common ones being golden, mahogany brown, chrome and black. Brass-finished and wooden spy glasses give telescopes an authentic and antique kind of appearance. This renders them ideal for home decorations to portray elegance when in use.

Black is commonly used on plastic telescopes. The choice of color depends on your personality and whether you want the telescope to match your home interior décor or not.

Type – Telescope-style spyglasses may be categorized into different types. The first category is either binocular or monocular, depending on how many eyes it has. For the binocular kind, you can observe using both eyes. For the monocular type, you only observe using one eye. They can also be categorized based on how the telescopes are used; they can either be hand held or mounted.

There are those that come with a tripod stand to mount the telescope for easy use. Others are sold as hand held telescopes without the mounting brackets. This is true for small telescopes you can easily hold in your hand for long periods. Telescope-style spyglasses can also be categorized as fixed eyepieces or advanced zoom types.

Fixed eyepiece telescopes change their magnifications using eyepiece lenses of different power. Advanced zoom lenses, on the other hand, don’t require you to change the lens to get a better magnification, hence, offering more convenience.

Material – Telescope-style spyglasses available on the market today are made of different materials. The most common materials are brass, wood and plastic. Brass and wood are the most preferred materials because they give telescopes a vintage and elegant look, making them usable as interior décor pieces in your home.

Plastic, on the other hand, is used in the most recent monocular models that aren’t collapsible and binocular telescopes. Heavy-duty plastic makes spyglasses ideal for use in outdoor adventures. It protects them from damage in case they fall. Plastic also offers protection from weather elements such as humidity, dirt and water damage.

Magnification – The magnification power of a telescope is also an important consideration, as it determines how far your spyglass can help you see. It’s usually indicated as a number with an X after it, for instance 50X. The higher the number, the higher the magnification of the telescope.

Telescopes with high magnifications also have big apertures and large focal lengths so you’re able to attain the magnification you want with high clarity and reduced distortion. A magnification of 50X has enough power to enable you to see the horizon if the aperture and focal length are of the right size.

Size – The size of a telescope is another important factor to consider. It determines the aperture of the lens used. A bigger aperture means more light is let into the telescope, translating to better clarity when using it. The right size also allows a better combination of lenses and their use with a large focal length to ensure your telescope can let you see even the moon.

If you want a telescope to place on a mount and observe things from the comfort of your home, size might not be an issue. However, if you want to use your spyglass in the form of a telescope for outdoor activities such as hunting, bird watching and hiking, the size of your telescope becomes important. Smaller telescopes are easily portable, not just due to their light weights, but also because of the fact that most models are collapsible.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using telescope spyglasses is easy. You only have to keep the telescope in line with your eye and the item to be viewed. Some modifications would then be required, depending on the type of binocular you have. If it’s the fixed eyepiece kind, then you need to change your eyepiece lenses until you attain the best view. If you have the advanced kind, you’ll only need to adjust the zoom controls until you have the objects you want to observe in focus.

Some telescope models come with the ability to connect with your smart phone, making it easy to record and take pictures of whatever you’re observing. If you have lenses for your telescope, they should be kept safe and cleaned using a soft cloth. The telescope should be protected from falls which can cause the lenses to break. Look at the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to use and best care for your telescope.

Get the Best Telescope Spy Glass of 2023!

If you’re a maritime lover and have a large collection of nautical items, don’t hesitate to add a nautical spy glass to it. Also, your kid will be very excited to have a new toy like this, and you may like to relax watching nature through a telescope as well. We hope this review helped you find a suitable telescope spyglass for you.

Our Top Choice
Ueasy Waterproof High Powered Monocular
Best Value
RedSkyTrader Bright Brass Handheld Pirate Telescope
Hampton Nautical Class Admiral's Chrome Telescope
Archeer Dual Focus Monocular
ITDC Handheld Brass Telescope