Best Telescoping Lopper Reviews 2023

Telescoping loppers are unbelievably handy tools when it comes to reaching and trimming those hard-to-reach bushes, saplings and overhead tree branches in your garden. Now, how do you choose the right one for you, given the surprising number and types of telescoping loppers on the market? We’ve taken time to conduct in-depth research on a good number of telescoping lopper brands and have come up with five top brands with some of the best telescoping loppers that we’re sure you’ll love. For the purpose of this review, we highlighted just one item from each of the brands, but we’d also like to inform you that our featured brands still have other styles and types of telescoping loppers, in case you’d like to find out more.
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Our Top Choice
Troy-Bilt Telescoping Bypass Lopper
Troy-Bilt is an American company that produces revolutionized farming tools and equipment for the modern American farmer. Its products are reliable, durable and efficient.
4X power cut technology. Flat-headed bolts. Light, durable aluminum handles. German, heavy-duty, steel blade. Non-stick film coated blade. Shock-absorbing grips.
Isolated reports of handles flexing or jamming.
Bypass Lopper
Up to 35.5 inches
High carbon German steel
Best Value
Fiskars Extendable Power-Lever Lopper
A leading global brand based in Finland, Fiskars produces people-oriented, problem-solving products designed to make working life simpler and more productive for customers.
Compound lever cutting action. Precision-ground steel blade. Efficient multi-pivot lopper. Handles covered with Softgrip touchpoints. Locking clamps for extension.
Handles need to be opened wide for thick branches.
Bypass Lopper
Power-lever technology
Up to 37 inches
Precious-ground steel
Steel; extendable
WOLF-Garten Power Cut Bypass Lopper
WOLF-Garten is a renowned German company dedicated to the manufacture of top-rated, ergonomic, reliable and affordable gardening tools and equipment for avid gardeners.
Dual-pivot design. Pin-and-hole locking mechanism. Sturdy, German blade. Lightweight, telescoping aluminum handles. Low-friction coating protects the blade.
Single-position hand grip may not be ideal.
Bypass Lopper
Up to 35.5 inches
German steel
Aluminum; soft lining
Spear & Jackson Telescopic Anvil Lopper
For more than two centuries, Spear & Jackson has been continuously innovating and producing quality, steel-based products with age-long quality and reliability as their hallmark.
Anvil-style blade. Efficient ratcheting mechanism. SK5 hardened carbon steel. Tubular soft grip on handles. Aluminum lightweight handles. 10-year guarantee.
Ratcheting action may be a little hard to master.
Anvil Loppers
Ratchet cutting
Up to 40.5 inches
SK5 carbon steel; PTFE coating
MLTOOLS Extendable Bypass Ratchet Lopper
MLTOOLS provides its numerous customers with high-quality and problem-solving products aimed at maximizing time and improving their productivity at home or the workplace.
Unparalleled ratcheting action. Efficient cutting power. Handles extend up to 39.5 inches. Soft and comfortable grip. Sharp, carbon steel blade.
Not suitable for cutting through thick branches.
Anvil Loppers
Ratchet cutting
Up to 39.5 inches
SK5 carbon steel
Aluminum; extendable

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What is the Best Telescoping Lopper?

Getting a great pair of telescoping loppers is vital for any gardener and, having gone through our buying guide, we are positive that you’re now adequately equipped to make an informed choice of a telescoping lopper that’ll suit your needs. We, therefore, urge you to keep your eyes open so you can quickly identify the best telescoping lopper for you as you go through our individual product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Troy-Bilt Telescoping Bypass Lopper features a tremendous 4X power cut technology, engineered such that pressure applied on the handles is quadrupled, helping you cut a branch faster and with minimal effort. If you need anvil loppers for cutting dead or dry wood, then this Troy-Bilt Comfort Classic Anvil Lopper is the tool for you.

Troy-Bilt Comfort Max Telescoping Bypass Lopper

Since its establishment in 1937, Troy-Bilt has been striving, with huge success, to change the farming landscape of America with its revolutionary and visionary equipment and tools. Since inception, its singular goal has been to make the American dream come true for farmers. It’s a proud and complete American company with its headquarters in Ohio and several manufacturing plants and factories scattered all over the country. Its products are manufactured with top-of-the-range materials to assure high performance and durability. Additionally, its tools and equipment are geared toward helping its customers accomplish various tasks, ranging from gardening and lawn care to clean-up in record time and expending as little energy as possible. It is known for its deep involvement and integration into the life of the community where its factories are located.

The Troy-Bilt Telescoping Bypass Lopper has a maximum cutting capacity of two inches, for moderately thick branches, and gives an exceptionally clean cut that is most desirable in pruning fruit trees. Its scissor-style blades make it well-suited for use on live, young trees and vines.

Here are some notable features that are sure to interest you:
  • A telescoping handle that extends up to 35 1/2 inches, so you can reach branches higher up on the tree without breaking out the ladder
  • The handles are lightweight, as they’re made of durable aluminum, which makes it less arduous to use the tool for an extended time.
  • Its 4X super power cut technology is engineered such that single pressure applied on the handles is quadrupled, hence, you cut a branch faster and with minimal effort.
  • The blade is fashioned from German, heavy-duty steel that is nearly impossible to bend, so you’re assured of maximum durability and performance.
  • The ergonomic handles are made of lightweight aluminum that is shock-absorbing, thus minimizing the cutting impact on your wrists and hands.
  • A non-stick film coating on the blade ensures that sap from plants does not cling to the blade, and also prevents rusting.
  • Flat-headed bolts on the tool eliminate snagging on branches or damage to the tree bark.
  • The handles have a simple, click-safe button that controls extension and retraction in a way that ensures the handles stay extended without slipping when in use.
Best Value
The Fiskars Extendable Power-Lever Lopper employs the compound lever cutting mechanism that multiplies the applied pressure from your hands up to 2X to increase the blade performance with no additional effort from you. For a lopper with power gear cutting mechanism for enhanced power cuts, check out the Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper.

Fiskars 25 Inch Extendable Power-Lever Lopper

Deeply rooted in culture and with a rich heritage of design, Fiskars has been producing superior and quality designs for passionate individuals for more than three and a half centuries. A leading global brand based in Finland, its products are a result of careful observation of how people work, and intense contemplation of ways to make their work life simpler and more productive. To ensure the highest possible performance from its products, they undergo rigorous validation tests in-house before being made available to the public, and the millions of satisfied customers all over the globe are a testimony to the problem-solving and life-enhancing capabilities of its products.

With its 25-35-inch extendable handles, the Fiskars Extendable Power-Lever Lopper makes cutting hard-to-reach branches, high up on the tree or even at awkward angles, a breezy affair. With this tool in hand, you can effortlessly prune thick branches up to 1 3/4 inches in diameter without breaking a sweat, and in record time as well.

Additional features of this lopper include the following:
  • Precision-ground, extremely hardened, stay-sharp steel blade that stays as sharp as a tack even through years of heavy work, and goes through thick branches like a warm knife slicing through butter
  • Patented Power-lever that employs the compound lever cutting mechanism, and multiplies the applied pressure from your hands up to 2X to increase the blade performance with no additional effort from you
  • Multiple bolts and joints produce extra cutting power in less time than a normal, single-pivot lopper.
  • A low-friction, rust-resistant coating that improves the performance of the blade by preventing sap from binding to the blades, and keeps it from rusting so it will last longer
  • Steel-constructed handles covered with patented Softgrip touchpoints that make for a comfortable and secure grip when in use
  • Extension levers have clamps that lock firmly in place after extending the handles, thus preventing accidental retraction when the lopper is in use.
  • Lifetime product warranty, which proves the level of trust the manufacturers have in their product and assures peace of mind for the user
The WOLF-Garten Power Cut Bypass Lopper is ergonomically designed and solidly built, with a dual-pivot construction that quadruples the applied pressure, which means less effort required from the user to make a cut. For an anvil blade type telescoping lopper, best suited for cutting dead wood, see the WOLF-Garten Telescoping Anvil Lopper 35.5".

WOLF-Garten Power Cut Telescoping Bypass Lopper

Established in Germany, WOLF-Garten Company is dedicated to providing premium-grade gardening tools and equipment for avid gardeners and homeowners, used for lawn maintenance, soil and plant cultivation, shrub and tree maintenance, and general garden care. Its products are known for their high efficiency and performance coupled with durability and affordability, making it the number one favorite for gardeners around the globe. Its products, including the patented Multichange range and electric lawnmowers, are all rigorously tested to ensure they meet international equipment standards before they are made available on the open market. Its customer service is committed to making your shopping as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

The snazzy-looking, highly efficient WOLF-Garten Power Cut Bypass Lopper is a veritable combination of ergonomic and top-performing design, with its solid build aimed at making your pruning and cutting sessions effortless and enjoyable. With this amazing lopper, you’re sure to impress your neighbors and, well, you might just have to be ready to lend it out every now and then, or get another pair dedicated to loaning out.

Here are some features that make this lopper outstanding:
  • German steel blade that is exceptionally strong and specially engineered for a smooth, powerful cut without bending or chipping, with a cutting capacity of up to 1.97 inches
  • Low-friction coating on the steel blade ensures that the blade is free from gummy sap and stays rust-free for as long as it’s in use.
  • A new and efficient, slightly curved cutting head that utilizes all the transferred pressure maximally and efficiently to make cleaner and professional looking cuts that heal fast on fruit trees
  • Dual-pivot design that quadruples the applied pressure from the handles, which means less effort required from the user to make a cut. This makes these loppers well-suited for use by advanced individuals.
  • Telescoping handles that extend from 25.6 to 35.5 inches, so you can effortlessly reach branches higher up on the tree, or cut off low-branching stems without stooping or having to get on your knees
  • Lightweight aluminum material for the handles prevents undue arm fatigue and makes it possible to use the lopper for longer periods.
  • Ergonomically contoured and comfortable handles with soft lining that protects the palms and minimizes the cutting impact on the wrists and hands
  • A pin-and-hole locking mechanism that holds the handles firmly after extending, so there’s no accidental retraction or wobbling of the extensions
  • A solid, 10-year product guarantee from the manufacturer gives added peace of mind and assures long lasting durability.
The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Anvil Lopper combines the immense cutting power of the anvil-style blade and the stress-free ratcheting action to give an astonishing performance that’s rewarding and enjoyable. If you prefer a ratcheting lopper with a bypass blade, then go for the Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Ratchet Bypass Lopper.

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Heavy Duty Telescopic Ratchet Anvil Loppers

Spear & Jackson was established in England in 1760 and, over the centuries, has continued to be at the forefront of manufacturing steel-based products. It’s driven by the age-long dream of continuously innovating and designing products aimed at improving the work productivity of individuals and, with centuries of hands-on experience under its belt, there’s no question of the reliability of its products. It’s engaged in three main divisions of manufacturing, namely, tools, magnetic technology and precision measurement, and has over 3,000 lines under several brand names. Its products are sold all over the globe to individuals and companies alike with hundreds of repeat customers each year. If you’re looking for a trusted and well-grounded brand, then you’re definitely in the right place.

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Telescopic Anvil Lopper is a professional-looking, heavy-duty lopper with an amazing 3 3/4-inch blade size that makes short work of cutting both live and dead wood without qualms. With more than 100% mechanical advantage over other standard loppers, this tool is designed for serious cutting jobs while requiring minimal pressure input from the user.

Additional unique features of this lopper include the following:
  • An anvil-style blade designed to cut through dead wood, thicker and harder branches effortlessly in no time without worrying about wood debris getting caught in between the blades as in bypass loppers
  • A ratchet action cutting mechanism ensures that cutting is done in short, easy steps that are mechanized and stress-free.
  • Upper blade made from an SK5 hardened carbon steel engineered for lasting sharpness and durability through years of heavy use
  • Low-friction, PTFE coating on the blade that eliminates clinging saps while keeping the blade smooth and rust-free
  • Tubular handles made from lightweight and extremely sturdy aluminum material that extend from 710-1030mm, so you can easily reach overhanging branches or close-to-the-ground branches without too much stretching or bending over
  • Soft, non-slip grip sleeve on the handles for a comfortable and secure grip with a locking catch for safe use and storage
  • 2R blade with double radius which enhances the cutting action ergonomically
  • A full 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer that inspires trust in the product and the brand
The MLTOOLS Extendable Bypass Ratchet Lopper features an unmatched ratcheting action mechanism that almost does the cutting unaided in no time, once you get the blades around the branch and squeeze the handles. For a non-telescoping hand lopper, see the MLTOOLS Easy Cut 30-inch Ratcheting Hand Lopper.

MLTOOLS Easy Cut Extendable Bypass Ratchet Lopper

MLTOOLS is known for its great selection of top-of-the-range industrial and automotive tools of all types. Since 2006, it’s been providing its numerous customers with high-quality and problem-solving products aimed at maximizing their time and making them more productive at home or the workplace. Its products are durable, classy and efficient, and come at competitive prices that are hard to come by in the industry. With customer service that is always ready to listen and attend to your needs, you’re set for a shopping experience like never before, even long after you’ve successfully purchased any of its products.

With the highly efficient cutting power of the MLTOOLS Extendable Bypass Ratchet Lopper, you’ll be pleasantly thrilled at the speed and thoroughness with which you go through the process of pruning and cutting off dead and sagging branches from trees in your garden to lighten up the place and improve the aesthetics.

Some of the notable features of this item are:
  • An extremely sharp, SK5 tough carbon steel blade that cuts through thick branches like butter without bending or dulling
  • Extendable handles up to an amazing 39.5 inches that get to those hard-to-reach branches in the tree or in the heart of a thicket without uncomfortable stretching or bending on the user’s side
  • An unmatched ratcheting action mechanism that cuts in easy, short steps
  • Lightweight handles made of sturdy aluminum that can withstand the pressure of the cutting motion without bending or breaking
  • Cutting capacity of 1 3/4 inches, which covers most medium-sized branches and vines
  • Handles covered with rounded, soft and non-slip grips that allow you to grip the lopper in any convenient and safe hand position for a comfortable pruning session
  • Twisting action lets you easily extend the handles without having to depress any lever or button, and the handles stay put until you finish working.
There’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on this telescoping lopper.

How Do I Choose the Best Telescoping Lopper?

If you have a treed homestead or property, then you’ll need an effective and inexpensive means of trimming and keeping the trees from growing wild and out of hand – at least to save cost that’s sure to come with calling in a professional. And although you can cut off low-hanging branches with a machete, there’s bound to be a better, time-saving and infinitely less stressful means of doing that and even more.

What if those are fruit trees that need a lot more careful trimming than wild or weed trees? You wouldn’t want to go hacking away at your fruit tree branches with a tool that will bruise and harm them and, maybe, adversely affect their fruiting capacity.

How about those unruly bougainvillea and rose bushes that are growing all wild and free in your flowerbed? How do you reach into the often-dense growth and bring a semblance of order to the flowerbed? Or maybe you’re stumped on how to deal with those overgrown grapevines in your backyard. Don’t you worry; we’re going to tell you just how to deal with them.

There are different ways of getting these issues dealt with, but there’s also a better and more convenient way of taking care of things. A garden lopper is one tool that is designed to help you take care of your trees and shrubs, but the telescoping lopper is a much better version of the garden lopper. The telescoping lopper has extendable handles that comes in handy when you need to reach branches higher up on the tree, thereby eliminating the need to bring out a ladder.

The telescoping lopper has scissor-like blades attached to the retractable handle, and the blade is extremely sharp so it can cut through branches of one to two inches’ thickness. With its razor-sharp blade, you can make a clean cut of the tree limb, vine or shrub, without bruising or leaving a jagged stump. They are also convenient to use and weigh in at three pounds, at most, so you can wield it comfortably for an extended period of time without stressing your arm muscles.

Though there are some garden tools that perform similar functions, like the pruning saw, a telescoping lopper is good at what it does and, for an avid gardener, it’s an indispensable tool. And even if you’re not so much into gardening, it’s still a handy tool to have around the house, especially if you’re living in a woody area or if you’re the outdoorsy type.

This buying guide is designed to educate you on what to look out for when shopping for a good telescoping lopper and, if you’re just getting this tool for the first time, there are some features that you need to check for so you can make the right choice. Things like the type of blade, blade material, cutting mechanism and the grip and weight. The price of the telescoping lopper is another important determinant here, and all these will be discussed shortly.
Like every other gardening tool, or any other type of tool with blade, the blade quality of the telescoping lopper is vital to its performance and, if you’re looking to cut costs, you should endeavor not to sacrifice blade quality on the altar of low price. Another important factor that affects the cost is the grip design and material. In view of these factors, the price of a telescoping lopper can range from around $25 to $70 although it can go higher than the given range.

Working with the above range, it’s recommended that you go for the best you can afford and besides, it’s a tool that you’ll be using for a long while, so, why not make a good investment of it?

Our featured telescoping loppers come at different, affordable price points, so you can have a wide range of quality and durable loppers to choose from that won’t take much out of your pocket. They are selected from the best brands in the industry, whose reliability and quality are well-known.

Granted, there are several cheap telescoping loppers out there, but what’s the point of spending your hard-earned money, no matter how small, on an item made with low-grade materials that are bound to disappoint within a short space of time? We decided to stick with quality and ensure you get appropriate, or even more, value for your money.
There are several features to look out for when shopping for a telescoping lopper and, notwithstanding the type of work you intend to use it for, you should keep the following factors in mind:
  • Type of Blade
  • Blade and Handle Material
  • Cutting Mechanism
  • Cutting Capacity
  • Availability of Replacement Parts
  • Additional Features
Construction and Design
There are two basic types of telescoping loppers, and this classification is based on the type of blade the lopper comes with, which can be either a bypass blade or an anvil blade. Of the two, the bypass blade is more popular and often used by gardeners. It consists of two contoured, sharp blades, joined by a fulcrum, that glide over each other when the handle is closed to make a cut. This design ensures you always end up with a clean, smooth cut, which is beneficial as it aids in the fast healing of the plant. This type of blade works well on live branches but, when used on dead or dry branches, there’s every tendency that pieces of wood will be caught between the blades, causing them to jam up and bend out of shape.

The anvil blade type is made of one single, straight blade that has the same “stem-crushing” cutting mechanism of a knife, hence the jagged look of the stump, unlike the clean cut that is obtainable with the bypass blade. They are built to handle thicker branches better than the bypass blade and are best for dry wood.

Cutting a branch with a telescoping lopper is like using a pair of big scissors. So, just imagine using a pair of dull-edged scissors for the chore – guess you’d rather not envision that, right? Well, that is what happens when your lopper blade is not at par in terms of the quality and sharpness needed to accomplish the task. The best material for a telescoping lopper blade is high-grade carbon steel, toughened up to better absorb the force that’ll be exerted on it. This also means that it’s less prone to bending and doesn’t require frequent edge sharpening. You should also ensure that the blade is covered with a rust-resistant, “stay sharp” material that prevents plant sap from sticking to the blade and dulling the edges or slowing the task down.

The handles on different telescoping loppers are made in different styles with different materials. Some are made with a soft material that primarily protects the hands while you’re working with it, but they’re prone to tearing and wearing out easily. Other handles may come in contoured plastics that are ergonomically designed to fit into the palms. These types are more durable than the soft ones but aren’t as comfortable.

The telescoping lopper is specially designed to cut medium-sized branches and stubborn vines, but some people are tempted to try it out on bigger branches and end up destroying the blade instead. Most residential telescoping blades have a cutting capacity of between one and two inches, and there’s no point in trying to exceed the stated capacity. On the other hand, any telescoping lopper with less than one-inch cutting capacity is not ideal, and almost useless when it comes to cutting branches.
Performance and Ease of Use
Telescoping loppers are quite easy to use, and most of them come already set up and ready to use. Just think about using a pair of scissors, or even a pair of shears – the only difference is that the telescoping lopper has extendable handles that lets you increase the handle to any length for your convenience. Note the maximum extension of the handles, though, so you don’t end up with a lopper with extremely short retractable handles.

A telescoping lopper may employ either a compound, ratcheting or geared cutting mechanism or action. The cutting mechanism plays a major role in determining how much strength you’ll expend while using the lopper, so you should try and ascertain the cutting mechanism before committing your money. A ratcheting mechanism allows the lopper to latch onto the branch when the handle is squeezed, and then lets you release and squeeze once again until the branch is cut off.

The compound mechanism uses lots of pivots and joints, and requires you to open the lopper wide so as to accommodate the entire branch. As for the geared lopper mechanism, the tool comes with a gear setup that provides leverage while cutting, hence, less energy is required to operate it.

Another important feature to check out is the spring back action of the lopper. Spring back refers to the ability of the telescoping lopper to release and open up easily once a cut is made. A great lopper should be able to glide smoothly and freely after the cut is made, but if there’s poor or no spring back, then it will be extremely difficult and frustrating, not to mention the risk of getting your hand cut on the sharp edge, to pry the blades apart after every cut.

After a long period of using your telescoping lopper, it’s expected that some of its parts will begin to wear out and eventually need to be replaced. It’s highly recommended to go for brands with readily available parts, so you can get the required replacement instead of buying an entirely new telescoping lopper. A manufacturer can also have the quality and effectiveness of its products evaluated based on the availability of replacement parts from the company.

Lastly, be sure to consider the weight to cutting power ratio of the telescoping lopper you’re going for. The cutting power refers to all the factors discussed above, and the weight refers mainly to the handle weight. When you take these two factors together, you should know if you’ll be able to work the telescoping lopper comfortably or not. Also, note that lightweight loppers are easier to use for an extended time, although they may not be as powerful as heavy-duty telescoping loppers.

Get the Best Telescoping Lopper of 2023!

We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for! If so, just go right ahead and place the order now and go pruning. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Choice
Troy-Bilt Telescoping Bypass Lopper
Best Value
Fiskars Extendable Power-Lever Lopper
WOLF-Garten Power Cut Bypass Lopper
Spear & Jackson Telescopic Anvil Lopper
MLTOOLS Extendable Bypass Ratchet Lopper