Best Hair Chalk – Light and Dark Hair Temporary Chalk for Adults and Kids, From Purple to White, & Every Color in Between

Preparing for a festival or Halloween party, or just want to pull off a new look with your hair all colored? Temporary hair chalks come in handy for one-time hair coloring without the commitment that comes with using permanent dye. We’ve researched five of the best temporary hair chalk brands on the market, showcasing a chalk from each to help you find one that best meets your needs.

Before we get to our reviews, we want to mention that in addition to hair chalks, there are also temporary hair color waxes and creams. Many people prefer these because they tend to provide more coverage and deeper colors. This is especially true if you are looking for white hair chalk or hair chalk for dark hair. We’ve spotlighted a few options below, along with more quality hair color chalk options.

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Hair Type
Our Top Choice
ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Go
ALEX Toys is a family of various iconic toy brands that designs kits and art supplies for kids’ creativity, imagination and active play.
Works on dry hair and comes off easily when washed with shampoo. Its many shades offer eclectic looks.
This hair chalk isn’t of salon grade, but great for kids and teens, or any temporary use.
Hair chalk pens
All hair colors & types
Lasts one wash if shampooed
Chalk; non-toxic ingredients
Package set of 12 colors
Best Value
Joyous Professional Hair Chalk Pens
Joyous has a large collection of temporary hair chalks in various colors to meet the needs of different people who want their hair colored.
Convenient, easy to carry and colors hair instantly without mess. Lasts two days, comes off easily and has a built-in sealant.
This hair chalk isn’t ideal for dark hair in need of vibrant colors but brand has others.
Hair chalk pen
All types of hair
Lasts 3 days
Chalk, glycerin, ionized water
Purple, blue, black & more
Aoert Temporary Hair Chalk with Brush
Aoert is a family-owned business that manufactures high-quality hair products such as weaves, hair extensions and dyes.
Doesn’t require gloves for application, and it comes off easily. Non-toxic and safe, and dyes hair instantly. Colors also sold individually.
Since application is done on wet hair, the hair chalk can be messy.
Hair chalk in brush
All types of wet hair
Lasts one day
Chalk; non-toxic ingredients
A set of 6 vibrant colors
HairChalkCo Hair Chalk Variety Pack
HairChalkCo manufactures hair color pads and temporary hair chalks in single, twelve and six-color sets.
Changes hair color instantly and comes in vivid colors for dark and light hair. Easy to use, lasts one to two washes and is mess-free.
This hair chalk isn’t ideal for someone looking for a permanent hair dye.
Hair chalk stick
Dark & light straight/curly hair
3-4 step; lasts 1-2 washes
Minerals, talc & chalk
Package set of 12 colors
LAC Beauty Green Edge Blendable Hair Chalk
LAC Beauty manufactures makeup, perfume, bath and body products, and fashion and home accessories.
Affordable, non-toxic and safe, less messy and lasts up to three days. Self-seals and requires no sealers or sprays.
Some users reported that this hair chalk comes off on clothes if colored hair gets in contact with them.
Hair chalk pen
All hair types
80 applications; lasts 3 days
Neon & chalk
Green; color variations available

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What Is the Best Temporary Hair Chalk? Read Our Hair Chalk Reviews to Find What You Need

Choose temporary hair chalks that suit your hair type and color and skin tone. The best hair chalks are easy to apply and come off easily when shampooed. Now that you have an idea of what to look for when shopping for temporary hair chalks, let’s now jump straight into our top picks. If you don't find what you are looking for here, check out more Amazon best selling hair chalks.

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Our Top Choice
The ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Go comes in a set of 74 pieces, including twelve metallic hair chalks for instant fun. If you want a more affordable hair chalk in five color variations, try the ALEX Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon. It comes in vibrant colors, and features 24 metallic beads and 24 hair elastics for added fun.

ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Go with 12 Chalk Pens - Temporary Hair Chalk for Kids


ALEX Toys' products allow kids to have maximum fun at parties or when playing with friends. It offers items ranging from tattoos, nail pens and hair chalks to party craft kits and super mani pedis. The hair chalks are made from safe and non-toxic ingredients. The company was founded in 1986, and is focused on promoting creativity and play in kids.

The ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Go is a set of 74 pieces of beauty accessories. Use it at birthday parties or sleepovers for instant fun. These hair chalks also come with beads for added glam look. You can apply this hair chalk on all dry hair types and colors. The color washes out easily when shampoo is used.

The set features five metallic and seven hair chalk pens, thirty beads, a comb, thirty hair elastics, a beading tool and user instructions. It also comes with a carrying case for easy portability or storage of the temporary hair chalks. Note that it’s recommended for kids who are at least eight years old. With a dimension of 12.6 x 12 x 6.5 inches and a weight of 1.4 pounds, this hair chalk set is lightweight for use on the go at parties, celebrations, and festivals.

Here are a few other ALEX Toys temporary hair chalks to consider:

  • ALEX Toys Spa Deluxe Temporary Hair Chalk
  • ALEX Toys Spa Metallic Temporary Hair Chalk
  • ALEX Toys Spa Ombre Temporary Hair Chalk
Best Value
The Joyous Professional Temporary Hair Chalk Pens come in a pack of three. They're made of safe ingredients for all hair types. Do you prefer vibrant colors in your hair chalk? Get the Joyous Professional Waxy Temporary Hair Chalk in a pack of three vibrant colors: pink, blue and purple.

Joyous Professional Temporary Hair Chalk Pens - Non-Toxic, Mess Free, Variety of Colors Available, Sold as Singles, Multi-Packs or Color Sets


Joyous is popular for its range of temporary hair chalks made of FDA-approved ingredients for safe use on your hair or skin. The company manufactures hair products for use by both adults and kids. Each hair chalk also comes with application instructions to guide you on proper use for the best results.

The Joyous Professional Temporary Hair Chalk Pens are made from safe, environmentally friendly ingredients for hair and skin protection. Although you can apply these chalks on all types of hair, they’re ideal for older persons with white hair that they want to darken temporarily. The chalks come in the form of pens to rub on dry hair from the top towards the bottom.

The chalks are easy to apply and create no mess. The built-in sealant ensures the color blends well onto hair, and when there’s need to remove the coloring, it comes off easily if shampooed. The hair chalk neither colors hands nor breaks off, and lasts up to three days upon application. This temporary hair chalk also doubles as lipstick.

Here are a few other Joyous temporary hair chalks you might like:

  • Joyous Professional Lipstick Temporary Hair Chalk
  • Joyous Professional AWEN Mascara Temporary Hair Chalk
  • Joyous Professional AWEN Glitter Powder Temporary Hair Chalk
The Aoert Temporary Hair Chalk with Brush comes in six vibrant colors to match your outfit and personality. Consider the Aoert Temporary Hair Chalk Set if you want to apply hair chalk without the brush applicator. This particular set comes in rainbow colors and doesn’t require gloves for application.

Aoert Temporary Hair Color Chalk with Comb - Hair Chalk Brush Sold Individually or in Color Sets


Aoert manufactures safe hair products, such as temporary hair chalk and clip-in hair extensions, that can be used on all types of hair for a vibrant look. The company also uses modern technology to ensure that its products are affordable. Unlike some other temporary hair chalk brands, Aoert designs hair products that work to meet their intended purpose.

The Aoert Temporary Hair Chalk with Brush features six vibrant colors (you can also purchase smaller sets, or individual colors). You won't require gloves during application, as the colors come off easily when washed. You can pick a single color to dye your hair, or mix various colors for a sophisticated yet attractive look. These hair chalks are water-based, so they're easy to remove by simply washing with water and shampoo.

Aoert's temporary hair chalks come with 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. Although the application process can be messy, the hair chalks neither discolor nor stain. They glide easily through hair and dye all types of hair. With a dimension of 3.9 x 1 x 0.4 inches and a weight of 0.3 ounces, these hair chalks can be packed and brought along when traveling.

The HairChalkCo Independence Red Blue Ombre USA HairChalk features twelve independently shrink-wrapped hair chalks, to minimize breakage and chipping. For a variety of colors, we think you’ll also love the MS.DEAR Temporary Hair Chalk with Mascara Style Brush. Comes with 8 hair color chalks that are easy to apply and wash.

Hair Color Chalk Pens - Temporary Hair Chalk Set Available in 12 or 24 Pack of Washable Hair Color Chalks


HairChalkCo helps people safely color their hair temporarily. The company uses FDA-approved ingredients to manufacture hair chalks and dyes that are safe for the whole family. The high-quality and safe ingredients used also ensure that you can buy temporary hair chalk without spending a fortune.

The HairChalkCo Independence Red Blue Ombre USA HairChalk colors hair easily, in twelve wild and vivid shades that last one to two washes. The hair chalk comes with detailed instructions for easy use and the best outcomes. The shrink-wrapped chalks don’t break or chip easily. With the cape and PVC gloves, the hair chalk supports mess-free coloring.

This temporary hair chalk is designed to last one to two washes or longer. It's non-toxic and safe, as it contains no bleaches. Therefore, it’s suitable for use on kids’ hair. The application process takes three to four steps, and the tip of the chalk is rubbed on hair from top to bottom for bright and vivid colors. Using a hair curler or straightener gives more lasting results, as pre-styled hair absorbs more color for longer-lasting coloring.

Here are a few other HairChalkCo temporary hair chalks you might also like:

  • HairChalkCo Electric Blue Miley Cyrus Hair Style Temporary Hair Chalk
  • HairChalkCo Ultimate Pink Ombre Temporary Hair Chalk
  • HairChalkCo Golden Blonde Temporary Hair Chalk

This temporary hair chalk comes in twelve color variations of red, blue and purple.

The LAC Beauty Green Edge Blendable Hair Chalk is based on a new hair technology for bright and visible hair coloring. Looking for purple hair chalk? Then Splat Purple Pixies Hair Chalk might be just what you are looking for.

LAC Beauty Neon Green Edge Blendable Temporary Hair Chalk for Light or Dark Hair - Other Colors Available and Sold Separately


LAC Beauty cares about your looks. The company manufactures various beauty products and accessories to help you attain the appearance of your choice. Whether you want hair chalks to celebrate festivals such as Halloween, or want to try out different looks before going permanent, LAC Beauty has you covered. The company uses non-toxic ingredients to manufacture safe products you can use on your hair, skin or even nails.

The LAC Beauty Green Edge Blendable Hair Chalk uses new technology to create less mess and deliver great results. The green color is bright and visible for a unique look on your hair. This hair chalk is designed to self-seal, and temporarily colors hair in sixty seconds, without the need for sealers or sprays. It can be used for up to eighty applications. This hair chalk is easy to use. Simply turn the bottom dial and rub the chalk on your hair.

It can be used with flat irons or curlers and lasts up to three days. It works with all types of hair, light and dark. At about 0.3 ounces and measuring 5.4 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches in dimension, the small size of this hair chalk means it can fit in your purse or pocket for use on the go. You can bring one with you wherever you go for instant hair coloring.

Here are a few other LAC Beauty temporary hair chalks to consider:

  • LAC Beauty Rainbow Edge Stix Blendable Temporary Hair Chalk
  • LAC Beauty Edge Blendable Purple Temporary Hair Chalk
  • LAC Beauty Edge Blendable Pink Temporary Hair Chalk

Hair Color Chalk Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Hair Chalk for Dark Hair, for Kids and More

Temporary hair chalk adds fun, festive colors to your hair. Ombre colors or pastel hues are usually fun to play around with. Since hair chalks are easy to use, you can easily pull off a look of your liking from the comfort of your home.

Unlike hair dye treatments, there’s no commitment that comes with using hair chalk, as you can easily wash off the colors. Using temporary hair chalk is also less time-consuming than using dye.

Coloring your hair has never been easier, faster and more affordable than it is with hair chalks. Play with various colors to find the look of your dreams. Hair chalks are designed in the form of chalks, pens, sticks, powder, liquids, or sprays. Some come installed in brushes for application while brushing your hair.

Temporary hair chalks usually last one to two washes, or up to three days after application. Hair chalks are also made for use with different hair types. Some can even be used with curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers. We hope that this guide can help you find the best temporary hair chalk for you.


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Easy Hair Color | Courtesy of Cute Girls Hairstyles

Temporary hair chalks, as the name suggests, are made for temporary or short-term use. Most hair chalks last about three days. This means you don’t have to spend a fortune on hair chalks. However, when it comes to quality and safe chalks made from non-toxic, FDA-approved ingredients, you might want to dig a little deeper into your pockets. This is more true if you’re buying hair chalks for your kids, considering that most little ones have more sensitive.

Cheap temporary hair chalks are ideal for one-time use, but these products could have toxic ingredients that can react with your skin or hair. Determine what you’re willing to spend on temporary dye, and use the budget to find the best hair chalks. You can find hair chalks for as low as $5, but some go for as high as $60. Note that the number of chalks in a set will influence what you’ll pay for hair chalks.


Temporary hair chalks offer instant hair coloring for partying, entertainment, and celebrations such as Halloween. They give you the look you want without committing to the colors for a long time. Since hair chalks come in different designs and colors and are made using different ingredients, you need to find a set that suits your hair, intended look and skin tone.

Here are the important features to look for in a temporary hair chalk:

  • Color(s) suitable for your hair type and shade
  • Design or type of chalk based on your preferences
  • Safe and non-toxic ingredients
  • Instructions for ease of use
  • Easy removal when washed with shampoo
  • Lasts a couple of washes or up to three days
  • Mode of chalk application such as rubbing, brushing, etc.

Whether you want bright shades of hair chalks for a vibrant look, or a darker hue to tone down the color of your hair, choose temporary hair chalks that work for you.

Construction and Design

Consider the following factors to help you choose the best temporary hair chalk for your hair:

  • Color- This is the most important factor to consider. Choose colors ideal for your hair type and color. Although blond or red hair goes well with most colors, brown can be intense. Bright and vibrant shades are ideal for black hair.
  • Design/Type - Choose temporary hair chalks in the form of your liking, such as liquids, powders, chalks, sticks, sprays, or pens.
  • Mode of Application - Generally, hair chalks are either rubbed on hair or brushed in during application. Whichever mode of application you opt for, they’re usually easy.
  • Ingredients - Make sure that the ingredients used in the chalk are safe and non-toxic on the skin and hair, especially if you’re buying a dye for your kids. Look for FDA-approved ingredients.


Video: Colorful Hair Ideas That Are So Cool

New Ideas to Refresh Your Hair. | Courtesy of Now I've Seen Everything
Performance and Ease of Use

Make sure that your temporary hair chalk is easy to use. It should color your hair quickly, if not instantly, and last a couple of washes or about three days, depending on how long you want it on. Also be sure your hair chalk of choice comes with user instructions for application.

The application process is usually short and entails hair preparation, chalk application on hair, hair drying and setting it with a flat iron or curler. A spray may be used to finish it off. Check that the hair chalk comes off with ease when shampooed.

Get the Best Hair Chalk of 2022!

Whether you want to dye your hair in various shades or a single hue, or you’re preparing your kids for an upcoming party, there’s a temporary hair chalk out there for you. We hope that with our review of five of the top temporary hair chalks, you’ll be in a position to pick the right colors for your hair. If you need something different, you can check out our other health and beauty product reviews.

Our Top Choice
ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Go
Best Value
Joyous Professional Hair Chalk Pens
Aoert Temporary Hair Chalk with Brush
HairChalkCo Hair Chalk Variety Pack
LAC Beauty Green Edge Blendable Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk FAQs

What is hair chalk?
Hair chalk is a beauty product applied to the hair to change its color. You may apply it to either dry or wet hair.
How long does hair chalk last?
Hair chalk can last for a maximum of six weeks, but the actual time depends on the frequency of your hair washing. If you like washing your hair often, then the chalk may only last for up to two days. It also depends on the kind of hair chalk you use. If liquid, then it’s going to last for up to 10 shampooing sessions. Hair chalk sticks last the shortest time at up to four weeks.
How to use hair chalk?
How you use hair chalk depends on what type you are using. If liquid, you need to use a designated applicator to spread it over your hair. After 30 minutes, the product will dry, allowing you to blow dry your hair. On the other hand, applying a hair chalk compact happens differently. Going section by section, slide chalk compact over your hair that also applies to the hair chalk stick.
Where to buy hair chalk?
It would help if you bought hair chalk at Amazon, the leading online store for various goods, and great deals. If you are looking for good hair chalk to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.