Best Tennis Bag Reviews 2023

When it comes to the prestigious sport of tennis, eating bananas at breaks is the most important part of the game, and in order for you to do so, you're going to need an appropriate banana dispenser! More often than not, tennis bags can be a great way to store these tropical fruits. What's more, most of them can even house racquets and dirty shoes! If you'd like to get yourself a brand new tennis bag, feel free to consult our top 5 reviews and find the model that suits you! You’ll find in these reviews five of the best brands in the sportswear market today, with one of their most popular products featured from each.
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Our Top Choice
Wilson Tour V Soft Shell Tennis Bag
Dedicated to innovation and employing young and talented people, the Wilson company has been one of the most prominent producers of sports equipment for a number of years now.
The Wilson Tour V tennis bag comprises three big compartments for your racquets, and several smaller pockets for other accessories so that you're well-covered.
On the downside, this model does seem to be a bit sizeable, to say the least.
Duffel Bag
30 x 15 x 14 Inches
420D Ripstop and Plainweave
Black/Grey, Blue OR Red
Separate Shoe Compartment
Best Value
Nike Court Tech Tennis Duffel Bag
Boasting an enviable reputation among sports ware manufacturers, Nike is a global brand that's produced a number of innovations over the course of their existence.
The Nike Tennis Duffel Bag is an example of modern design that manages to be both functional and good-looking.
Some people may not like the unconventional look of this model.
Duffel Bag
6.5 pounds, 22.1 x 12.3 x 4.7 Inches
100% Textile
Black/White OR Blue/Ghost Green
Zip Closure
Cinda B Women's Tennis Tote II
Ever since its inception in 2002, the Cinda b company has been one of the leading manufacturers of bags and totes operating on the US soil!
The Tennis Tote the Second is one of their finest models to date, and it comes with an adjustable cross-body strap, and it's also completely waterproof for good measure.
On the downside, the zipper has been reported to malfunction every now and then.
15 x 5 x 15 Inches
49% Nylon 20% Poly 31% Foam
6 Colors Available
Water Resistant
Adidas Barricade IV Tour 6 Tennis Bag
Dedicated to making the world a better place, and also making some tennis bags and running shoes in their spare time, the Adidas folks are a plucky lot with grand goals for the future.
Packed with top tier kind of features such as advanced ventilation, and special media-reserved pockets.
Some players may find this model a bit too large for them to work well.
Duffel Bag
11.5 x 29 x 12.2 Inches
100% Polyester
3 Colors Available
Lifetime Warranty
Head Tour Team Backpack
The Head company is a blooming business dedicated to producing top tier ware for a variety of sport disciplines.
The Head Tour Team Backpack represents a well-made tennis bag with plenty of compartments and a stylish design.
A bit on the small side.
13 x 22 x 8 Inches
90% Polyester 10% PU
Front Zipper Pocket

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What is the Best Tennis Bag?

Featuring plenty of compartments and some pretty attractive designs, tennis bags are a great means of carrying your equipment around! Some of them can even serve as the impromptu changing rooms as they offer spots for your shirts and tennis shoes as well. In our top 5 reviews, we're delivering to you some of the best models to have come out recently, so read on and make your pick with a confident air!
Our Top Choice
Featuring a sleek and elegant design and enough space to store a smaller cow, the Wilson Tour V tennis bag is truly an asset worth having around! (If your performances have been going down, you may even hide in it.) If you need a smaller model, how about this Hope Tennis Racquet Bag? It's in pink!

Wilson Tour V Tennis Bag with 3 Large Main Compartments & Soft Outer Shell – Available in 3 Colors

Having maintained the stable supply of sports-related products to the world market for over 100 years, the Wilson company is one of the longest-standing sport gear-producing businesses today. The secret to their longevity, as they like to claim themselves, is the fact that they're always in search for young and talented folks willing to put their ideas together in order to make our world a better place (ideally infested with Wilson tennis bags)! The prerequisite for getting hired by the Wilson gang is to have a burning passion for sports, and also an eye for the ongoing fashion trends followed by the professional athletes and those who aspire to become them in the future.

Since Wilson is run by quite a dynamic bunch of folks, you can expect a number of new products, updates and even new technologies coming your way from their production lines. If you're interested in processes and new marketing moves by Wilson, you can check out their official website, where you can learn about everything from stock golf clubs to their brand new tennis shoes!

Now, the new Wilson Tour V Tennis Bag may look like an oversized accordion case, but rest assured, this bulky elegant bag is all about packing racquets, tennis balls, water, and most importantly - bananas! There’s a compartment for pretty much any items you might need on the court stitched up somewhere on it, so you surely won't need an extra pouch if you've got one of these Wilson models on your side.

Here’s the list of features for the Wilson Tour V Tennis Bag:
  • Three large compartments
  • Inbuilt ThermoGuard 2.0
  • MoistureGuard Technology
  • Molded outer shell
  • Small accessory pockets
  • Shoe compartment
  • Comes in black/grey, blue, and red
  • Interior pocket for a laptop or tablet
All things considered, with so many different compartments, this Wilson bag may as well serve as a camping backpack! Even though it does seem a bit bulky, it can still be a perfect solution for a cozy tennis camper who likes to put all of their eggs in one basket! Get it in red to infuriate your opponents and confuse the umpire!
Best Value
Coming from one of the most trustworthy sports brands in the business, the Nike Tennis Duffel Bag can become your next sporting companion! If you want a Nike backpack instead, you may want to check out the brand’s Court Tech Midnight Backpack!

Nike Men's Court Tech Tennis Duffel Bag with Dual Racquet Carry System & Padded Interior Pocket – Available in 2 Colors

As the owner of possibly the best known slogan in the world of marketing, the Nike corporation is a business that's been on top of its game for a long period of time now. Fun fact: the 'Just do it' motto was a paraphrase of an assassin's last words, after which he was executed by a firing squad. The more you know. Unlike the infamous origin of their slogan, though, the production and marketing efforts of the Nike folks have notably been significantly less violent, and more sporty. Thanks to their hard work and the adventurous necessity to try out new things, the Nike squad, thousands of people strong, have managed to create one of the most prominent sports equipment-producing companies in the world, and introduced a number of technical and stylistic innovations along the way.

One of their most recent design revelations comes in the shape of the flyknit technology, which works on the 'less is more' principle. The new shoes made in this way are lightweight, comfortable, and cost less to produce than some of their standard models. What's more, these shoes score rather highly on the looks scale, and they've become quite popular with the athletes across various sports as of recently.

Another piece of sporting ware sporting an unusual cheeky appearance would be the Nike Blue Tennis Duffel Bag, which can comfortably be worn as an everyday luggage bag, judging by its looks. It's completely made of textile and it comes with a dual racquet carry system secured by a zip closure. The color schemes for this model come in two variations: 1) black with a white Nike logo, and 2) blue with a ghost-green Nike logo.

Read on for a few more features:
  • Two handles
  • Nike logo on the front
  • Interior and exterior zip pockets
  • Padded interior
  • Streamlined storage
All in all, this is a sturdy tennis bag from Nike featuring some handy characteristics ensuring a long life of carrying your equipment around! The padded interior combined with the secure dual racquet padding system set this particular model from Nike aside from the rest of the pack. A great option if you like a blue and green color scheme, too!
Coming from a company that's all about style AND substance, the Cinda b tennis tote II is an attractive bag that you'd want to carry around even if you don't play tennis! If you're not a huge fan of the tote style, perhaps this Cinda b Tennis Backpack may be a good idea.

Cinda B Water and Stain Resistant Machine Washable Tennis Tote II – Available in 6 Colors

In the glorious year of designing innovations and also tennis bags by the looks of things, a certain woman with an entrepreneurial worm called Cinda Boomershine decided it was time she opened up a brand new company called Cinda b, for obvious nomenclatural reasons. Using her vast knowledge of fashion trends and branding, she went on to produce a number of high-quality handbags that would take the market by surprise thanks to their amazing looks and functionality. Long story short, since Cinda's initial enthusiasm was closely followed by some hard work, the business took off like greased lightning and soon made a name for itself in the almost impenetrable world fashion market! And it's no wonder, really, if you look at her team of designers, comprised of the most talented men and women she could find.

Another thing that makes Cinda especially proud is the fact that the production processes of the company, from designing tasks all the way to the finishing touches and the ceremonial attachment of price tags on the bags, is in its entirety performed in the US, where the company first originated! You can learn more about the inspirational inception story of this company on their official webpage, where everything is laid out before your eyes in a grandiose fashion!

As for the Cinda b Tennis Tote the Second, it's more of a fashion statement than a sports accessory. Make no mistake, however, as this pretty boy among the tennis bags is perfectly capable of housing your entire arsenal for this white sport that we all love so much. There's plenty of useful pockets to store your equipment, and they're all made in America, too! What's not to love?

The list of features for the Cinda b Tennis Tote II:
  • Adjustable strap
  • One large zip pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Front zip pocket
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Quilted polly
  • Lightweight fabric
Stylish and waterproof, this little bag from Cinda B can be a perfect solution for an avid tennis player who also doesn't mind looking good off court!
Tough and durable, this mighty tennis bag from Adidas may be a perfect solution for an enthusiastic player who likes to make sure their iPhone is ok while they're playing. If you like the design of this one, but don't need as much space, perhaps this Barricade Tour 3 model may suit you better.

Adidas Barricade IV Tour 6 Racquet Thermal Lined Tennis Bag – Available in 3 Colors

Fueled by the passion to create the best pair of shoes the world has ever seen, (and also to preserve oceans apparently) the world-renowned Adidas Corporation has managed to expand their influence across the world even more in the year behind us (though they didn't need to bother with Russia and Eastern Europe, as they’re sufficiently popular there as it is). Other than constantly seeking to make their shoes in new and perhaps counter-intuitive ways, the folks behind this massive organization have also engaged in a number of initiatives regarding healthy lifestyle promotion and also the preservation of natural resources. Most notably, their efforts in the field of ocean research and cleaning up empty bottles has been gaining speed in recent years, as their sustainability reports have repeatedly affirmed.

Other than cleaning up the garbage around the world that would have otherwise ended up stuck in whales' blowholes possibly killing them or grossly angering them, the Adidas development team has been working on producing a new kind of material capable of surviving intense heat and cooling down the temperature of your body as well! This might be great news for competitive runners, and other sportspeople as well, so if you'd like to learn more, visit their webpage and see for yourself! Impressive high-tech stuff galore!

Swinging over to the matters of tennis bags, the Adidas tennis clique have not been sitting pretty, either. One of their most recent models- the Adidas Barricade IV is a solid player's tennis equipment-carrying utensils that’s greatly enhanced with some of the most advanced technologies they've been capable of utilizing. The entire thing is thoroughly vented and there are many pockets and secret passages to explore in there!

See the list of features below to learn more:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Can hold up to 6 racquets
  • Top pocket meant for media devices
  • A temperature-controlled pocket
  • Lifetime warranty
Boasting a tough appearance that may as well make you look like a hitman, this Adidas Barricade IV model is a hefty tennis bag that can survive anything, even Australian Open! The high-tech stuff such as cooled-down compartments, and specialized media pockets can all be a great addition to your sports arsenal of tomorrow!
Coming from one of the fastest-growing sports companies in the market, this Head Tour Backpack can be the perfect choice for anyone in need of a simple and good-looking tennis bag. To save a bit of money, and to get a more conventional tennis bag from Head, you can check out the Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag.

Head Tour Team Backpack with One Main Compartment, One Front Pocket & Two Side Pockets

The Head company is a sportswear business that's been slowly gaining its momentum in the last couple of years. This growth is the result of a number of innovations it has ventured to implement so that it could compete with some of the biggest corporations in the world. For example, their 'less shock- more wow' graphene-based tennis racquet technology represents an important step forward in the world of the white sport, as many athletes including Serbia's Novak Djokovic are slowly but surely abandoning the older models in favor of these newly-developed ultra-lightweight contraptions. Other than sports requisites, the designers at Head have also been known to produce a new kind of shoe every now and then, with the most recent theme being the trade-off between power and agility. Ultimately, their goal would be to somehow reconcile the two and come up with a model that can offer a player the best of the both worlds.

These were just some of their trailblazing efforts, and if you'd like to learn more about what these guys are all about, we’d recommend you visit their official webpage where the company’s got everything explained in detail, and also presented to you visually through a number of semi-interactive animations! It’s spared no expense on their webpage, no doubt.

The Head Djokovic backpack we've decided to feature on this list is the most 'tennisy' piece of equipment carrying ware we've ever seen on TopProducts. It's so sleek and white that anyone could tell that it was a tennis backpack even it didn't have a tennis racquet sticking out of it conspicuously!

The list of features for the Head Djokovic Tour Team BackPack include:
  • Padded shoulders
  • Can fit two racquets
  • Integrated shoe compartment
  • Two side pockets
  • Front zipper pocket
  • One main compartment
Compact and good-looking, this Head tennis bag can be a great way to complete your look of a true future champion. Whether you need to stuff just one, or two and even three racquets, this little backpack will be able to house them all, and still have enough space for your sneakers, too!

How Do I Choose the Best Tennis Bag?

A tennis bag can assume a variety of fun shapes of forms, from the big monstrous-looking models with a heavy-duty 7-racquet strong capacity, to the itsy-bitsy minute ones that can pack one or two like champs, though with their grips sticking out. Furthermore, various well-known tennis players such as Novak Djokovic have been known to actually sponsor some of the well-known brands, or the other way around rather. So, the next time you go out to a shop to get yourself a brand new tennis bag, you may encounter such profanely attractive pieces of design as the Head Djokovic Tour Bag! Or, if you're more into browsing the sporty if sometimes explicit waters of the World Wide Web, you can find even more wacky solutions, like we did! In an effort to present to you only the best, most impressive and most durable models we managed to dig up, we've filtered out what was unnecessary from our list so that the only thing left is the sheer quality! Now, without further ado, let's jump right into the heart of the matter! We'll start with some of the features you'd need to pay your attention to when buying these magnificent pieces of design.

First off, the size of the bag is an important parameter worth taking into consideration early on, before you've realized you bought a behemoth of a bag that can house not only your tennis equipment, but your partner's equipment as well! As far as size is concerned, the most prevalent mistake that people tend to make is to just assume it's good to go big. Carefully planning ahead how much space you're going to need can not only shave quite a lot of dough off your bill, but a smaller bag may also make you look like a light packer. Of course, there's nothing bad about carrying your entire tennis arsenal in a big 'n' bulky bag, especially if you're about to do some heavy training. The next thing to look out for would be the number of compartments your bag comes with, as this is going to determine how many racquets and more importantly how many bananas you will be able to pack when you head out for your practice. Typically, middle-sized bags feature up to three large compartments for racquets (though this varies), and then they leave some space for smaller pockets where you can store your media devices, auxiliary equipment and other items. Weirdly, no manufacturers have yet produced a separate banana compartment for their bags, which is a shame, but what do we know right.

Another important thing regarding these bags would be the presence of any kind of new technology onboard. Since new materials and upgraded versions of the old ones are constantly being pumped into the market, it's no wonder really that tennis bags, as well as some other products, are getting mass produced with brave new niceties such as ventilated cloths and temperature-controlled compartments. These new things can prove to be of massive help for a busy player, as knowing that you can hold your wet shirts and shoes in a compartment that won't make them even more sweaty than they already are, can save your time and clothes in the long run. Speaking of your wardrobe, it might be a good idea to opt for a model with a specialized shoe compartment. They can spare you the misery of having to wear two bags, or being forced to walk or drive back home with your shoes full of gravel still on! So, that would be it for this section, read on to find more about the pricing, construction and maintenance of these tennis bags. If you happen to be into another great outdoorsy activity where you don't even have to yell at the umpire- gardening, we have reviewed the following products: garden trellis, faux ivy privacy fence, and last but not least garden scooters! Read on and maybe you find something you like!
Tennis bags aren't exactly the cheapest sports accessories out there, let's get that out of the way. As you can imagine, temperature-controlled environments and high-tech anti shoe-stench nuclear reactors that some models feature can add quite a few bucks on top of your end price. Therefore, you might want to choose carefully when buying one of these, lest you end up spending a fortune on a model that you didn't really even need in the first place. For example, if you're a casual player, a small to medium type bag may be sufficient for your needs, so getting one of those rather than a large tennis bag with plethora of compartments may be a better idea at the end of the day. Also, if your bag of choice comes from a well-known company, it will probably be more expensive than a less known brand, but it may pay off setting aside a couple of extra bucks for this purpose, as you're sure to get a high-quality product. All in all, a bit of careful deliberation can save you a ton of money in the long run, so take your time and weigh out your options first!
Buying a tennis bag is not a small investment, but with a bit of careful planning, you can get yourself a brilliant model for quite a reasonable price! We at TopProducts have done some research in this department, and we're delivering a list of features to look out for. Read on and see what we came up with!
  • Size of the bag
  • The number of large compartments
  • The number of small compartments
  • Whether the bag is zippered
  • Color and visuals of the bag
  • Whether it features some sort of thermal-control
  • Shoe compartment
  • Adjustable strap
  • Material of the bag
  • Whether it’s machine washable
  • Warranty
A tennis bag that you can just chuck in your washing machine and take care of its maintenance in that way can save you some time and effort down the road, so our advice would be to look out for that feature!
Construction and Design
As far as construction of tennis bags is concerned, the number of compartments would be the value that dictates a bag's size and shape. The more there are, the wider the bag is going to be, though some manufacturers have grown quite adept at creating some models that manage to look small while still being able to store a bunch of racquets. In the looks department, tennis bags in general tend to fare pretty well as they’re not too big so that their aesthetic appeal is ruined, and not too small to feel insignificant.

There are different kinds of tennis bags, too. The duffel bag, for example, is what you’ll need if you plan to carry a lot of equipment at once, as these are generally the most spacious. The tote bag, on the other hand, while it may provide less room and is harder to carry if it’s heavily loaded, is the better option if you only have your racquet and a few odds and ends, as it’s lighter, smaller and looks smarter! Finally there’s the backpack, which will give the wearer a more comfortable time as there’s not much work to carrying a few racquets on your back.

Also, most models are made to be quite sturdy, so don't worry about rips and that kind of stuff as it probably won't affect you. Some manufacturers are even so confident in their bags that they issue lifetime warranties, which goes to show how rugged these otherwise pretty-lookin' bags can be!
Performance and Ease of Use
All things considered, tennis bags are a breeze to take care of. About the only thing you need to do is wash them regularly and make sure not to put anything potentially 'spillable' in them outside of an appropriate container. If you hold your shirts and tennis shoes in your bag, you'll probably have to do a bit of a more thorough job, though. Also, some companies like Cinda b. make bags that are completely machine-washable, so if you're extra lazy, and who isn’t from time to time, this feature can be a lifesaver!

Get the Best Tennis Bag of 2023!

In the world of tennis, the prettiest carrying bag dictates how good of a performance you're going to give! Well, not really, but still, we at TopProducts have realized after long and hard deliberation that it's better to have a good-looking bag than a bag-looking one! After going through our reviews, we hope you’ve come to the same conclusion and picked out any one of these snazzy tennis bags. In case you haven’t yet found one, however, there’s always more from these great brands to search through!

Our Top Choice
Wilson Tour V Soft Shell Tennis Bag
Best Value
Nike Court Tech Tennis Duffel Bag
Cinda B Women's Tennis Tote II
Adidas Barricade IV Tour 6 Tennis Bag
Head Tour Team Backpack