Best Texting Glove Reviews 2022

When it comes to texting your friends in the harsh winter months, this can often be a real pain in the butt (and hands), especially if you’re wearing mittens or gloves. This is where investing in a great-quality pair of texting gloves can come in super handy…if you pardon the pun. To help you select the best texting gloves for you and your delicate little fingers, we have put together the best texting glove brands on the market, along with a product to feature from each to give you a better feel for the different styles of glove available to you as well as what different brands have to offer.
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Our Top Choice
Timberland Men’s Softshell Texting Glove
An American brand, Timberland is one of the largest manufacturers of stylish outdoor wear in the world, including specialty footwear, apparel, sunglasses and more.
Soft-shell body for a great feel. Double-row elastic wrist for a secure fit that traps heat inside. Printed palm touch screen technology for improved compatibility.
Hand wash only.
Medium, Large, XL
Printed Palm Technology
Hand Wash Only
Best Value
Emke Vihena Women’s Touch Screen Gloves
Specializing in fashionable and quality gloves for all kinds of women, Emke, a fashion-forward brand, is definitely a frontrunner in its niche in the fashion industry.
Stylish and sophisticated. Comes lined with polyester fleece for freezing conditions. Fit over rings. Compatible with iPhone and Android. Touch screen tip is heart-shaped.
Only available in women’s sizing.
Android & iPhone Compatible
Polyester Fleece, Wool
Machine Washable
Isotoner Leather SmarTouch Gloves
Since 1910, Isotoner, a European brand, has been manufacturing high-quality gloves and knitted accessories usable by different individuals of different tastes and styles.
100% leather, spandex for style and flexibility. Also lined with stretchy fleece for warmth. SmarTouch technology gives superior touch screen compatibility. With palm patch detail.
Strictly dry clean only.
X-Small to XL
SmarTouch Technology
100% Leather
Dry Clean Only
180s Unisex Torch LED Gloves
The American brand 180s creates stylish, wearable technology that is comfortable, effective, and suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, and at great prices too.
ALLTouch technology for improved touch screen experience. Elastic wrist cinch for a secure fit. LED flashlight on knuckles for visibility in bad weather. Water and wind resistant.
Glove sizes run slightly small.
Small to XL
ALLTouch Technology
Polyester and Spandex
Hand Wash Only
HEAD Kids’ Touchscreen Gloves
Founded in 2001, HEAD has gained increasing popularity in the manufacture of both premium sports equipment and apparel for a variety of sporting activities.
Made with touch screen-compatible fabric. Improved grip for holding on to devices. Lined with stretchy fleece for a soft, warm feel on the fingers. Also ideal for running.
Hand wash only.
Small to Large
Stay Connected Fabric
Polyester, Nylon, Spandex
Hand Wash Only

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What is the Best Texting Glove?

We are hoping that after reading through our buying guide, you now have a better understanding about what texting gloves are, how they can benefit you and the specific features and design you want in your new gloves too. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to browsing through our top picks and narrowing down your options. So, if you’re ready, let’s get browsing through our top five picks of texting gloves.
Our Top Choice
Here’s a great way to keep warm and still get things done this winter: the Timberland Men’s Softshell Texting Glove. Made with printed palm touch screen technology, these gloves are compatible with most any device. If, however, you are after a slightly higher-end product or something in a different design, then don’t forget to take a look at the Timberland Casual Commuter Poly-Knit Glove instead.

Timberland Men's Softshell Glove Logo Palm with Touch screen - Available in 3 Sizes

Timberland is an American brand that specializes in the manufacture of stylish outdoor wear with a large focus on footwear. The products of this brand are mainly used by those who work outdoors, as well as those who simply enjoy an adventure! Timberland also sells a wide range of apparel, such as clothing, watches, sunglasses, and leather goods. And each of these goods has been acclaimed by many happy customers to be trendy and of superior quality. Made to last, all products offered by this brand are unique, comfortable and trend setting. Even you know you can’t go wrong with the Timberland brand.

When it comes to texting gloves for men, you can hardly go wrong with the Timberland Men’s Softshell Texting Glove. It’s an ideal pair for any texting need you might have during the winter.

They come with a softshell body, which gives you a really great feel when you wear them. And made with printed palm technology, it makes it a whole lot easier to work with almost any device you could have, including android and iPhone.

In addition to these qualities, these gloves are lined with polyester for that warmth that you need, keeping your fingers feeling nice and toasty so you can get work done in spite of the weather. To further keep you warm, each glove comes with an adjustable, elastic closure and these closures do two things:

One, they improve the fit, giving you the freedom to adjust them to make them as snug as you want. Plus, these elastic cuffs trap heat inside the gloves, making them warm and comfy for the wearer.

As an assurance of quality, these gloves come with the Timberland logo. The only problem you might encounter with this pair is that it requires hand washing. If this is a big deal for you, then too bad; otherwise, this is a bang-up pair you totally have to get!
Best Value
Ladies, you asked for classy, sophisticated texting gloves and now you’ve got them. Check out the Emke Vihena Women’s Touch Screen Gloves! They are really attractive and super warm, and can even be machine washed too! If, however, you are after slightly smaller gloves, then take a peek at the Emke Cefalu Small Black Touch Screen Gloves instead.

Emke Vihena Women's Touch Screen Gloves for iPhone – Available in 2 Colors

Emke is a brand that specializes solely in the manufacture of stylish, easy-to-wear gloves that make everyday living a breeze! All of its products allow you to access your smartphone, tablet, and many other devices with ease. These gloves are especially great because they are suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. So, are you a busy, fashion-forward girl on the go? Then you absolutely have to check out the offerings by this brand. Even more importantly, customer service isn’t trifled with over here. All customers are treated with friendliness and utmost professionalism. A trip to Emke will definitely bring you back for more.

Why do we love the Emke Vihena Women’s Touch Screen Gloves? Well, they look really classy and sophisticated, so you’ll look good while you work on your device even in unfavorable conditions. Like, the actual texting tips are in the shape of a heart! Aww… isn’t that just cute?

A lot of people complain about their gloves not being able to fit over rings; well, you won’t be having any problem with this one. It fits over rings easily.

Made of 80% wool, these gloves are really warm and soft, plus they are lined with fleece on the inside to give your fingers a treat and to keep them warm regardless of how deathly cold it is outdoors. You don’t need to worry if your hands are a little large either, cos the material is stretchy so it fits. And guess what? It’s machine washable! Hallelujah!

Another great thing about these gloves is that you can never go wrong in them. Whatever occasion it is, whether it’s as formal as an evening ball or as casual as a Sunday stroll, these gloves work!

Every lady should own a pair of these. Order yours now!
When style meets advanced technology, you get Isotoner Women’s Leather SmarTouch Gloves. Their SmarTouch technology gives superior compatibility with touch screens, therefore, increasing performance. If, however, you are specifically after a men’s glove, then take a look at the Isotoner Men's Stretch Leather smarTouch Gloves instead!

Isotoner Women’s Stretch Leather SmarTouch Gloves with Belt - Available in 3 Sizes

Founded in 1910, Isotoner is a European brand that manufactures a wide range of gloves, slippers and knit accessories in a variety of styles and colors. It makes products with both stretching and massaging properties to ensure all of them fit you like a glove. And it isn’t just about a great fit, all products are made with quality materials which ensure that they last and ultimately give you value for money. Ensuring that all its products are laced with style, Isotoner makes it a point to only work with the best designers and to pay attention to feedback from customers, which has helped the brand stay ahead of its competition. Shopping with the Isotoner brand is definitely an experience you want to have.

The Isotoner Women’s Leather SmarTouch Gloves are for those women who love to show off style, yet keep things highly functional with pretty advanced features. The SmarTouch technology these gloves come with is definitely a significant improvement over other, more basic, kinds of gloves. This technology improves the touch screen experience as it, by far, outperforms other kinds of gloves when it comes to touch screen compatibility.

Of course, advanced features cannot suffice without comfort, and Isotoner didn’t lose sight of that. These gloves are made of leather, for that chic look, and spandex to accommodate whatever size of hands, and soft, stretchy fleece for increased warmth, and of course, comfort.

To improve the grip between your palm and the gloves, the manufacturers have done a bit of a palm detailing inside the gloves, so everything just fits sweetly. And thanks to how it’s designed, it comes with a chic, stylish look that makes it wearable for most any occasion.

The only issue we can’t seem to get over with these gloves is why the manufacturers decided to make them dry clean only. Well, some shoppers might not see this as a big deal though, and if you’re one of them, then you should totally pick up this really hot item now.
Hey guys, here’s something as rugged as you: the 180s Unisex Torch LED Glove. Featuring an ALLTouch Technology that improves touch screen compatibility, these gloves are great for your texting needs. If, however, you are specifically after a pair of women’s gloves, then don’t forget to check out the 180s Women's Keystone Gloves instead!

180s Unisex Torch LED Gloves - Available in 4 Colors and 5 Sizes

180s is an American brand that focuses on creating stylish, wearable technology that is both comfortable and effective. The brand’s outdoor products and accessories are created using high-end technology that will keep you connected, wherever in the world you may be. 180s’ award-winning designs are ideal for a variety of sports too, whether that’s skiing, snowboarding, or mountain hiking, and many customers who have had to work wearing its gear have testified to their style, durability, and comfort. Maintaining a cost-effective manufacturing process and working with only the most unique designs, 180s affords its customers so much for less, with amazing quality at low prices.

The 180s Unisex Torch LED Gloves are amazing gloves with spectacular qualities that will sure help them wiggle their way onto your palms. They look as rugged as you would love them to, and that’s not even the first of their many outstanding qualities.

The ALLTouch technology of these gloves heightens your touch screen experience, ensuring that for every time you have to work with your phone, you enjoy great feedback and interaction with your device without ever pulling them off.

They are super warm too, and because we all need the extra help, these gloves come with LED flashlight at the knuckles; now, while texting on the road in bad weather, you won’t get bumped into, as the lights give you away. Do be careful, though.

Still on the construction of the gloves, they are super soft to the touch and come with an elastic wrist cinch. This not only gives a secure fit, but it also helps to trap the heat, so your fingers can get even more warmth. Plus, the gloves themselves are resistant to both wind and water.

Just a quick pointer, though: you might want to order a size up, cos we heard sizes tend to run a little small over here. And, if you hate chores, then this might be an issue for you, as these gloves can only be hand washed. But then again, you machine wash everything else, and these are just a pair of gloves for texting, how dirty can they really get?

Run along and grab a pair of these while you still can. You’ll love them!
Of course, there’s something for the kids who practically live on their phones: the HEAD Kids’ Touch screen Gloves. Made of touch screen-compatible fabric, kids will love how they can stay a-texting even in brutal weather. If, however, you are after an adult pair of texting gloves, then check out the HEAD Digital Sport Running Gloves instead!

HEAD Kids’ Touchscreen Gloves – Available in 2 Colors

Founded in 2001, HEAD is a global manufacturer of both premium sports equipment and apparel. Whether you are into winter sports, diving, squash, or tennis, HEAD has tons of products suitable for a wide variety of sports and styles that are favored by many professional athletes, especially when convenience and quality are an absolute must. The items made by this brand are made with various individuals in all categories in mind: men, women, kids, and athletes, as we mentioned earlier. What’s even more commendable is how HEAD manages to still make its superb products super affordable. Well, however it does it, the customers are super grateful for it and, gradually, the customer base of this unique company is swelling beyond borders. Don’t be the last to get aboard!

Do we love the HEAD Kids’ Touchscreen Gloves? Yes, we do! Will your kids love them? Of course they will! Even more than we do! Check out what it offers:

They are made of touch screen-compatible fabric which helps them remain in touch with their phones in spite of wearing gloves. These gloves help the kids to stay safe in cold conditions, since we all know that they aren’t about to break that addiction to their phones anytime soon.

To further improve their texting experience, these gloves come with an improved grip to allow their devices to stay in their palms without slipping out by being too sleek.

Lined with stretchy fleece, these gloves are ideal even for running, as they keep fingers warm. So, whether they are in one place or on the go, these gloves will keep them from the harshness of the cold.

Finally, “cool” is so important in the “Kiddy Kingdom,” so HEAD didn’t forget to make these gloves look cool enough for them.

Get these for your kids and see how you’ll become their hero in a heartbeat!

How Do I Choose the Best Texting Glove?

With the winter months fast approaching, it’s time to start wrapping up warm. You may have already purchased your wooly hat, knitted scarf, and winter coat, but before you rush off and purchase a pair of gloves, you should first consider the idea of texting gloves. I’m sure we have all experienced the pain of attempting to send a text using standard gloves, with auto-text sending a bunch of randomly, strung-together words to your dear ma and pa. What makes texting gloves so ‘handy’ is that they use special technology, sensors, and fabrics that allow you to text and call your family and friends without having to expose your fingers to the bitter cold air. What a genius idea, eh?

So, first things first, before you go off and make your purchase, you’re going to want to have a quick think about the size of glove you are going to need. As texting gloves have become so popular it is pretty common to get texting gloves in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from X-Small to X-Large. This is also going to depend on your gender too as not all texting gloves are unisex.

Another thing to consider is the type of material you want your new gloves to be made from, too. This is most likely going to come down to your own personal preferences as well as the style of your current outerwear. These days, texting gloves come in a huge range of materials and styles with the most popular usually being those made from polyester or wool. Products made using nylon and spandex are also popular, however, as they allow for more movement, especially in gloves for kids. If you want to be super fancy, however, then leather varieties of texting gloves are also available.

Different brands also use different technologies in their texting gloves too. This is where it is important to know what kind of device you are going to be using the gloves for as some technologies aren’t compatible with certain smartphones, tablets or MP3 players.
When it comes to the cost of your new texting gloves, this is going to depend on a variety of factors. The majority of texting gloves will set you back between $15 and $60, depending on what the product is made from, who the gloves are for, and the features the product contains. Products at the higher end of this scale will usually be made from higher-end materials such as leather, and will, therefore, be much more durable. Adult’s gloves will also be a lot pricier than kid’s gloves as well as gloves with useful features such as elasticated wrists and LED lights. Cheaper texting gloves are available on the market ($10 or less), but be aware that these products won’t work as well or be as cozy either!
The features you will want included in your new knitting gloves will depend entirely on who is using the product, what they will be used for and, of course, your own personal preferences too. There are a few features we recommend keeping an eye out for, however, to ensure you select a product that is perfect for you!

Here are some great features to look for in your new gloves…
  • Suitable for a variety of devices
  • Elasticated Wrists
  • Gripped Palms
  • Fleece Lining
Construction and Design
When looking for your ideal pair of texting gloves, we recommend looking for products that are suitable for a variety of devices such as Android and iPhone products. This will allow you to use more of your beloved gadgets outside during the winter months and get more out of the product overall.

Another useful feature to look out for are gloves with elasticated wrists. These kinds of gloves not only seal in the heat, but they also prevent the wind from blowing into the gloves too, keeping your fingers toasty and warm!

Gripped palms are another useful feature to look for in your texting gloves, especially if you are buying the gloves for your child. This feature will give you more control of your smartphone or device and prevent you from dropping and cracking the product on the floor.

Finally, although it may be an obvious one, we recommend looking for products with a fleeced inner lining. There is no other reason for this recommendation than you getting the most warmth out of the product as possible. Your hands are important little tools and frostbite isn’t fun for anyone.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to looking after your new texting gloves, this is going to depend entirely on the specific product you have chosen. If you have opted for leather gloves then, chances are they will be dry clean only. Some products are suitable for machine washing although most will be hand wash only. Ensure when washing your new gloves that you use only warm water with a small amount of cleaning gel or liquid. Once cleaned, allow the gloves to dry naturally in a warm space such as an airing cupboard.

Get the Best Texting Glove of 2022!

If you have been browsing through our brands and not found anything that tickles your fancy then don’t panic, we have you covered! We have purposefully selected brands with a wide variety of products to choose from. This means all you have to do if browse through our brands other products to find a pair of gloves that are more suited to your needs. Easy!

Our Top Choice
Timberland Men’s Softshell Texting Glove
Best Value
Emke Vihena Women’s Touch Screen Gloves
Isotoner Leather SmarTouch Gloves
180s Unisex Torch LED Gloves
HEAD Kids’ Touchscreen Gloves