Best Thermal Imager Reviews 2022

Remember that leaking water system on your ceiling that cost you significantly in repairs? Many homeowners are going through the same, and most of them cannot pinpoint the problem source early enough. But you have to be smart to avoid financial setbacks from such misfortunes, so constantly checking your home is inevitable. This is where some of the best thermal imager brands in the market come to play. With an imager on handy, you no longer have to worry about discovering issues when it’s too late for a quick fix.
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Temp. Range
Field of View
Minimum focal distance
Our Top Choice
Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager Kit
Milwaukee has been on the frontline with its professionally made, heavy-duty tools and accessories for their innovative products.
Takes both thermal and standard color image in one shot. Processes images in JPEG. Can hold up to 3,000 images.
Can be slow with the use of manual focus.
14 to 662 degrees F
13.7 x 17.9 x 5.2 inches
25 x 19 degrees
160 x 120
4 inches
Best Value
FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System
FLIR is a designer, developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-end technology. Their thermal imaging systems provide customers with innovative products in everyday life.
Designed with a 45-degree field of view. Has reporting software compatible with Mac and PC. Lightweight and sleek design makes it portable.
Must maintain the battery to enjoy longevity.
14 to 303 degrees F
3.1 x 4.9 x 1 inches
41 x 31 degrees
320 x 240
5.8 inches
Fluke TiS45 Infrared Camera
Fluke has helped define and grow an exclusive technology in the industry, in addition to offering testing and troubleshooting capabilities.
Designed with Bluetooth connectivity. Images are stored on Fluke Cloud Storage or 4GB internal memory. It captures detailed images.
Does not have video feature.
- 4 to 662 degrees F
10.5 x 4.0 x 5.7 inches
35.7 x 26.8 degrees
160 x 120
6 inches
Therm-App Thermal Imaging Device
Therm-App is among the industry leaders in providing high-performance products, with its state-of-the-art thermal and electro-optical tech boosting its success.
Designed with interchangeable lenses. High sensitivity feature detects one-degree temperature changes. Has a high image resolution.
Not as fast but the performance is stunning.
41 to 194 degrees F
6 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches
55 x 41 degrees
384 x 288
7.8 inches
Seek Thermal Reveal Thermal Imager
Seek Thermal products help in detecting and visualizing energy with imaging sensors, devices, and other solutions.
Designed with a 360-degree field of view. Accurately indentifies the problem. It has several controls for one-handed operations.
Battery does not keep charge when not in regular use.
-40 to 626 degrees F
4.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches
36 degrees
320 x 240
6 inches

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What is the Best Thermal Imager?

Before deciding on a thermal imager, you will need to assess your needs to avoid getting a gadget that will not handle your requirements. By now you are aware of the features that most thermal imagers have, so let’s look at the brands that made it to our top five list and, of course, the many options that they offer.
Our Top Choice
The Milwaukee M12 160x120 Thermal Imager takes both a thermal picture and a standard color image, all in one shot. If you are looking for an infrared thermal imager, one that’s budget friendly, check out the Milwaukee Infrared M12 Camera Kit; it has been certified and tested to look and work like new.

Milwaukee M12 160x120 Thermal Imager Kit - 12 Volt, Easy to Use and Handle

Milwaukee is growing at an outstanding rate in the industry, thanks to their concentration on providing opportunities to potential talent, which has added to their ever-growing technological edge.

The Milwaukee M12 160x120 Thermal Imager Report Software can be used on any computer running Windows Vista, XP, or Windows 7. The fascinating thing is the fact that this thermal imager comes with an array of other qualities too.

Here are some more of its exciting features:
  • Its USB reader comes in handy too, helping the use of this thermal imager with almost any computer.
  • If you want to change the color of your thermal images, whether Iron, Rainbow, or Grayscale, you can do so with this camera and get the perfect picture for you.
  • The camera’s Milwaukee M12 lithium-ion battery offers ideal power for convenient use.
  • Besides, the camera is simple by design, making it easy to use for the experienced users and starters alike.
Best Value
The FLIR C2 Pocket Portable Thermal Imager is designed with a generous 45-degree field of view which frames in more of the scene, so you view pictures the way pros do. If you have a few more dollars to spare, check out the FLIR E8 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera, a great thermal imager with IR resolution of 76,800(320x240)-pixels.

FLIR C2 Portable Thermal Imager — Compact Design, Available in Standard or Wi-Fi Enabled

FLIR focuses on improving how people interact with their surroundings, and the safety and well-being of the public. Their focus also includes increasing energy efficiency, enabling healthy and entertained communities. Their visible-light systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems offer the same quality too.

The FLIR C2 Pocket Portable Thermal Imager features a new in-built LED spotlight that can be used as a flashlight and for photo illumination. Besides, this thermal imager comes with a lot more exciting features too.

Here are some of them:
  • It produces radiometric images with 4800 pixels that help in measuring particular points in the image for analysis, especially for images from -10°C to 150°C.
  • It features an auto-orientation, 3” intuitive touch screen for easier viewing.
  • Its high sensitivity detector can capture the faintest thermal patterns and temperature differences that you will need in order to find leaks in your building.
  • It features an MSX-enhanced thermal image processor for better details to help identify problems with ease.
The FLIR C2 Pocket Portable Thermal Imager is available in standard style or wi-fi enabled, depending on your preference.
The Fluke TiS45 Infrared Imaging Camera features Bluetooth connectivity, making use of its Fluke app which is ideal for image transfer. If you are looking for a thermal imager with a rotating lens, then check out the Fluke FLK-TIX500 60HZ Thermal Imager.

Fluke 30Hz Thermal Imager Infrared Camera with IR-Fusion, Voice Annotations, 3.5 Inch LCD — Available in TIS45 or TIS40

Fluke has maintained a reputation for their products’ safety, ruggedness and ease of use. The quality is what has seen this company’s name remain a darling among many in the industry the world over, especially within technicians and engineers.

If you are looking for a thermal imager with the ideal screen size to see your thermal images clearly, the Fluke TiS45 Infrared Imaging Camera is here for you. The camera produces stunning visual images. Even better, this thermal imager has other exciting features too.

These include the following:
  • It features floating hottest and coldest trackers that can be turned either on or off separately.
  • The battery comes with a charge meter push button.
  • The camera is solidly built with its rubber providing a firm grip, not to mention its light design for easy carrying and handling for long use.
  • You can also troubleshoot problems faster with this camera’s 160 x 120-detector resolution along with its easy-to-use tech.
  • Its battery level indicator further helps know your power level, and the batteries are rechargeable for convenient use.
  • The 3.5” LED Screen also offers up to 33% wider viewing area for clear display of your images with 160x120 resolution.
If you feel the TiS45 is on the higher end, not to worry, as there is a budget-friendly style. This is the TiS40, still offering you all the most desirable features.
The Thermal Imager Device with 19mm Lens has interchangeable lenses, which are ideal for different uses thus producing the right images for analysis. If you would like a thermal imager with some professional analysis software, you can get the Therm-App TH TAH68AQ Thermo-graphic Imaging Camera for a few more bucks.

Therm-App Thermal Imaging Camera with 19mm Lens - Good for Night Vision and Thermography, Multiple Imaging Modes

Therm-App has been keen on providing their customers with what they want, and this includes a broad range of easy-to-use innovations. Their innovative trend has been at the core of their exceptional nature.

With the Therm-App Thermal Imager Device with 19mm Lens, you can take pictures from Therm-App and screenshots with thermal point and scale, giving you more image capturing options. There is more to this thermal imager; did we mention that it comes with other interesting qualities too? Well, it does.

Here are some of its other great features we are talking about:
  • You can switch color palettes easily to get the best one that best displays what you are looking at.
  • The best part is that its new feature enables streaming live from the Therm-App to a website, which adds to this imager’s efficiency.
  • It is also sleek in design, ideal for fitting in your pocket so carrying it around will never be a problem.
  • Its super-high resolution mode and thermograph come in handy when capturing day or night images.
The Seek Thermal Reveal Thermal Imager 36-degree field-of-view helps attain faster problem scanning in any room. If you are looking for a thermal imager that is compatible with iOS Apple or Android, then check out the Seek Thermal XR Thermal Imager.

Seek Thermal Reveal All in One Handheld Reveal Thermal Imaging Camera with Flash Light

Seek Thermal is committed to enabling their users to solve everyday problems. This is among their devotion to helping the world understand the benefits of thermal imaging. They seek to make efficient tools for easy, fast, and more profitable thermal imaging.

The Seek Thermal Reveal Thermal Imager offers high-quality imagery and a detection range from 40 degrees Celsius below zero to 330 degrees. Something more you will come to love about this thermal imager is its other features.

These are the features we are talking about:
  • It comes with a robust, 300-lumen LED spotlight to see through the dark when operating by night.
  • The storage, transferring and sharing of your images will not be a challenge, as you can save your images to the SD card and USB cable that comes with this camera.
  • The lasting battery life offers up to ten hours of power during use, so you do not have to charge frequently.
  • You can also capture images in up to seven different color palettes to get the best display for analysis.
  • This device also has a rugged and rubberized casing for a firm grip, preventing shock if it drops.

How Do I Choose the Best Thermal Imager?

Finding out about a leaking air or heating system can be tricky, considering their invisible tracks deep within the walls or at the top of your house. This calls for keeping an eye on what is happening beyond what you can see to prevent energy loss and misuse of resources abound. For example, when you switch on your heating system, it should be for your home, not the whole neighborhood.

So if you don’t want to go all the way with the repairs, an upfront expense on a thermal imaging camera will help you notice problems before matters get out of hand.

These gadgets go a long way in helping survey appliances like your smoke detector, to discern any faulty connections that can cause its failure to signal you in case a fire breaks out. You can also count on them to get a glimpse of what is happening in the air conditioner connection, to rule out the possibility of any defects leaving you without fresh air in the house.

If you are into sleek tools that you can carry with ease, these imagers will offer you just that. However, thermal imaging cameras’ design does not compromise their power. Regardless of how small they may be, they still pack enough power to discover air leaks, thermal bypasses, and insulation gaps before disaster strikes.

In case you doubt the safety of your HVAC motors and generator efficiency, you can also get a glimpse of what is happening to prevent costly energy loss in the long term. Whether you want to discover wasteful heat loss culprits, diagnose electrical repairs, or look for survivors in a collapsed building, these cameras will take you there.

Take a look at some of the desirable features a thermal imager should have.
Thermal imagers come in a wide range of prices; expect to spend anything between $300 and $3,000. You can get a more sophisticated one at a slightly higher price too. But when you check their efficiency and how much they can save you in the long term, these cameras usually come with a fair deal.

You might come across several cheap thermal imagers as well, but you need to avoid going for their low-cost offers. In most cases, these are low-end thermal imagers, and they do not provide essential features like full temperature sensitivity and slight temperature variation detections. And they can offer poor resolution and lack sufficient storage capacity, all which are crucial for this type of camera.
These cameras are useful for pinpointing a problem, but their efficiency depends on the features; this is where you need to keep your eye on to get the best deal for your money.

Here are some of these qualities:
  • Temp Range – The temperature level or the variation that your camera is capable of detecting is one thing you have to consider depending on the use you want for this tool.
  • Size – These cameras come in different dimensions and weight; it’s all about different manufacturers with their distinct innovations. But looking for a sleek and sturdy one goes a long way in enhancing their efficiency.
  • Field of View – This is significant when it comes to the clarity of the image you get. A lower cost camera will offer you a fixed lens, but a high-end one could come with interchangeable lenses. It all depends on where you want to use your camera.
  • Resolution – With a large area resolution camera, you can scan a wide area for more details. But if you want to get information from a close range, then a lower resolution one will do.
  • Focal Length – This is the lens’ ability to gather light. If you want to increase the sensitivity of an IR camera, you will need an appropriate lens for your job.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design, there are a number of factors that you have to consider. Here’s what we are talking about:
  • Rubberized Grip - Most thermal imagers’ designs feature a rubberized grip that makes it easy to hold for extended periods. This also helps to prevent slippage, especially when you are holding the imager along with other items, giving you more control of the device.
  • Interchangeable or Fixed Lenses - An interchangeable lens is a type of lens featured in most thermal imaging cameras that enables the user to set the field of view for a wider focus and clearer images. Thermal imagers are built to deliver the right resolution that can help you pinpoint the exact source of a problem. This component comes with an ideal focal length that makes this necessity easy to achieve by giving you a perfect view. But if you are looking for a simple camera, you can go for one with a fixed lens, which still does a perfect job too.
  • Spotlight - The spotlight is a source of lighting built in many thermal imagers that help illuminate your way to the area you want to inspect, especially if you are working in the dark. This goes a long way if you are using it at night or down in a dim-lit basement. This is where you need a luminous light not only to make your way to the source of the problem but also to be able to spot the exact culprit easier.
  • Sleek Design - This construction is essential for these cameras. Considering the fact it is mostly used in squeezed areas, sometimes handling a large camera can be a challenge. Besides the easy handling, this design also adds an aesthetic appeal to the device as well.
Performance and Ease of Use
Like most cameras, these too are designed to offer a clear background image beside the thermal picture, so that the user can identify the exact area that has issues. This image also goes a long way in helping identify the extent of the damage. For instance, in the ceiling: you can tell if it is already starting to crack or sink. With a broad range of temperature detection and capabilities to measure temperature variation, you will be able to focus down to the very defective point rather than doing costly overall repairs.

Get the Best Thermal Imager of 2022!

We hope our list has given you more insight on the best thermal imager for you. If you are not convinced, don’t worry; there numerous thermal imagers by these reputable brands that will not disappoint. Check them out!

Our Top Choice
Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager Kit
Best Value
FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System
Fluke TiS45 Infrared Camera
Therm-App Thermal Imaging Device
Seek Thermal Reveal Thermal Imager