Best Threshold Ramp Reviews 2022

If someone you care about uses a wheelchair or a walker, you know how taxing it can be for both of you when moving around, even within the house from room to room. One easy way to conveniently help them maneuver through doorways is by using a ramp. We have researched many brands and have come up with a top five of the best threshold ramp brands, highlighting one product from each as well as the most important features in the manufacturing of ramps. Please do note that these brands make other types of threshold ramps in addition to those we have highlighted that you may want to check out as well.
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Our Top Choice
Silver Spring Wheelchair Threshold Ramp
Silver Spring is a manufacturer of high-quality and functional ramps of different varieties and versatile use.
Its all-weather traction makes it safe to use. It is made of high-quality aluminum. Its light weight makes it easy to move around.
It won’t work with a full step.
10 x 32 x 0.2 inches ; 5lbs
600 lbs 
Designed for superior grip
Best Value
Prairie View Industries Threshold Ramp
Since 1991, Prairie View has been making ramps to help mobility-challenged individuals get around more easily so they can lead a more active and productive life.
This ramp is very sturdy. It is well made and durable. It is easy to install and also comes with the installation hardware.
Not very effective for very heavy stuff.
12 x 32 x 0.5 inches; 5 lbs
durable aluminum
600 lbs
Anti-slip traction tape
Ez-Access Rubber Threshold Ramp
For 30 years EZ-Access has been making durable and dependable ramps and vertical lifts that solve most mobility and access challenges.
It has beveled edges and a slip-resistant surface. It is very high-quality and looks just like a doormat. It is very sturdy and easy to install.
It is only applicable for small rises.
14 x 36 x 1.5 inches; 0.5lbs
Recycled tires
Slip resistant ramp
Rage Powersports Wheel Chair Threshold Ramp
Rage has been manufacturing superior-quality and dependable aluminum loading ramps with several patents on its products for 26 years.
The ramp is very sturdy. It is easy to use and install, and comes with installation hardware. It has a ridged surface for grip that won’t slip.
It might be too steep for a power chair.
16.6 x 34 x 3 inches; 10.8lbs
600 lbs
Non-slip high traction surface
Titan Ramps Wide Wheelchair Ramp
Titan Ramps is focused on making durable and superior-quality products with the aim of impressing you so you can tell others about it.
The ramp is water and rust-resistant. It is of high quality and durable. It has a non-slip surface and it is easy to install.
It isn’t high enough to go up a curb or sidewalk.
8x32 inches; 3lbs
Anti-slip surface

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What is the Best Threshold Ramp?

People choose most items based on certain personal requirements and considerations and we’re sure you have needs that you expect your chosen ramp to meet. Now that you have gone through our guide, keep those aspects in mind as you read our review to help identify the ramp that will cater to your exact specifications.
Our Top Choice
The Silver Spring Wheelchair Threshold Ramp is made from lightweight aluminum and is double-ribbed for maximum grip in all weather conditions and fits standard doorways. If you would prefer a ramp made with rubber, then give the Silver Spring 1" Solid Rubber Threshold Ramp a try.

Silver Spring Wheelchair Threshold Ramp Aluminum – Available in 7 Sizes

Silver Spring is a very popular brand that manufactures several products of high quality and top performance, and meets high standards which makes it surpass customer expectations. Trusted brands like this one are under constant pressure to out-perform their previous product, and Silver Spring has been able to continually do that.

The Wheelchair Threshold Ramp (Suggested Retail Price: $49.99) is made from lightweight aluminum and is double-ribbed for maximum grip in all weather conditions providing access for wheelchairs and scooters. It fits standard home doorways and is light to carry. This ramp provides short raises for doors and has holes on it in case you choose to position it permanently.

This durable aluminum construction can support a maximum of 600lbs and measures 10”x 32” and weighs in at just 4lbs. It is made in USA which guarantees its high quality and durability. It is a good doorway ramp for wheelchairs and scooters.

The following are other functional threshold ramps that might interest you from Silver Spring:
  • Silver Spring Adjustable Aluminum Threshold Ramp – Rust-proof construction, and adjustable from 3” to 6”
  • Silver Spring Mobility Threshold Ramp Solid – High-density solid foam interior with 1500lb capacity
  • Silver Spring 3” Rubber Threshold Ramp – Durable rubber construction, non-slip textured surface
  • Portable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp – High-traction slip-resistant surface with 800lb maximum capacity
Best Value
The PVI TH1232 Threshold Ramp has an anti-slip and high-traction surface, and is made with lightweight aluminum with a nice design that accentuates your doorway. Check out the PVI WCR630 Multi-fold Ramp if you require a bigger ramp that you can easily fold away for storage.

Prairie View Industries Aluminum Black Threshold Ramp – 600lb Weight Capacity – Available in 5 Sizes

Prairie View Industries aims to always improve the design of its ramps for better adaptability in everyday use. It encourages customer feedback and is always willing to adapt to specific needs. It strives for high-quality stainless steel and aluminum equipment and also focuses on providing great customer service. These and more are the reasons PVI is so loved.

The PVI TH1232 Threshold Ramp (Suggested Retail Price: $36.99) has an anti-slip and high-traction surface and is made with lightweight aluminum with a nice design that accentuates your doorway. Holes are punched in top corners for easy installation with the provided hardware.

This ramp, specifically designed for doorways, has a smooth transition from door to threshold. It has a maximum of 0.75 to 1.5 inch rise for an occupied wheelchair or scooter. A maximum weight capacity of 600lbs can be used on this ramp and the ramp itself weighs in at a mere 5lbs. The limited lifetime warranty that comes with this product is a genuine show of the confidence the manufacturer has on the quality. This is a great ramp for heavy-duty household purposes.

Here are some other quality ramps from this same brand:
  • PVI TH2432 Threshold Ramp – Anti-slip high-traction surface, great for transitioning doorways and low stairs
  • PVI ATH2436 Adjustable Threshold Ramp – Adjustable from 2” to 3.5”. Durable welded construction and slip-resistant grooved aluminum
The EZ-Access Ramp is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be easily moved around if needed. It does not interfere with door tracks making it ideal for use with sliding doors. If you like an aluminum-built and self-supporting adjustable ramp, then check out the Ez-Access Self Supporting Thresh Ramp Adjustable. It works well on uneven surfaces.

Ez-Access Rubber Threshold Ramp Beveled, 1.5 Inch, 14 Pound – Also Available as a 2 Pack

EZ-Access was founded in 1984 as a family-owned business and has since been expanding share of the ramp market. This brand operates out of 2 locations: the headquarters and west coast manufacturing in Algona, Washington and the east coast manufacturing in Morganfield, Kentucky. These locations are strategic, making it easy for the brand to quickly and easily make deliveries across the country to all its customers. The superior quality and dependability of its products is what makes it a highly sought-after brand in the mobility access market.

The Beveled Rubber Threshold Ramp (Suggested Retail Price: $106) is great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily moved around if needed. This ramp is especially practical as it does not interfere with door tracks making it ideal for use with sliding doors and several other doorway types. It is wide enough to snugly fit most single doorways.

This ramp is made entirely out of recycled tires which make it environmentally friendly. It has a maximum weigh capacity of 850lbs while the ramp itself weighs 14lbs, with a rise of 1.5 inches allowing for a smooth ground-to-sill transition. It is recommended for wheelchairs or for moving heavy things that don’t exceed the weight capacity. This ramp has beveled edges and a slip-resistant surface. This awesome ramp looks to reinvent access mobility.

Following are a few of the dependable ramps from EZ-Access:
  • EZ-Access Transition Modular Entry Ramp – Aluminum construct 4-inch ramp for higher rises
  • EZ-Access TAER 24Transitions Angled Entry Ramp – Adjustable legs with swivel feet. Free standing portable design
  • EZ-Access Trifold Ramp Advantage Series – Heavy-duty built for loading into vehicles and foldable for compactness
The Rage Threshold Ramp is a modular ramp available in different sizes that work with a variety of doorways, raised landings, or single steps. It has a non-slip surface and pre-drilled holes. If you want a rubber ramp that is ideal for outdoor and weather-resistant, check out the Rage 3-Channel Doorway Threshold Ramp.

Rage Powersports Aluminum Wheelchair Threshold Ramp – Available in 7 Sizes

Rage Powersports, formerly Lite Products, is an aluminum loading ramp manufacturer with several patents on its ramps and other products. As time went by and the business grew, its aim became to offer the most innovative and highest-quality loading, hauling, and transporting cargo products available. Today Rage has a diverse line of products that are available in the US and Canada. It seeks to continue diversifying its products line with high-quality and dependable products.

The Aluminum Threshold Ramp (Suggested Retail Price: $67.99) is a modular ramp available in different sizes that works with a variety of doorways, raised landings, or single steps. You just need to know the height of what you need the ramp for to determine the size you need. It has a 600lb capacity and the ramp itself weighs 10lbs.

This ramp is made with lightweight aluminum with a non-slip surface and pre-drilled holes if you decide to permanently mount it. The mounting hardware is included with this ramp. It is very easy to install and use; just put it against the elevation and that’s it. If you want a permanent fix, follow the instructions and use the predrilled holes on the ramp. Following are some of its other features:
  • Seven heights available for various thresholds, doorways, and landings
  • Optional adjustable top flap
  • Predrilled holes for optional permanent mounting
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Free-standing modular design
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Provides easy access for those on wheelchairs and walkers
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty
A versatile ramp available in different sizes.
The Titan Plate Ramp is a portable wheelchair ramp for doorways and raised landings. This ramp makes moving around in wheelchair or walker a lot easier, and it is very sturdy. For a larger multi-fold mobility ramp, we recommend the 6ft Aluminum Multifold Mobility Ramp which can be folded into roughly the size of a travel suitcase.

Titan Ramps 8" x 32" Aluminum Threshold Wheelchair Walker Casters Entry Plate Ramp

For years, Titan Ramps has been committed to manufacturing ramps of all types. You name the application and it will make it. Titan has a long line of products including ramps for ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, wheelchairs, carriers, etc. If you need it in ramps, Titan Ramps has got it. It adopts a culture of taking care of its customers; a long standing tradition that it still practices today, which is to make you so thrilled with your purchase you can’t wait to tell your friends and family. And the way it achieves that is by offering great value with its products, wrapped in outstanding customer service.

The Titan Threshold Plate Ramp (Suggested Retail Price: $25.99) is a portable wheelchair ramp designed for doorways and raised landings. This ramp makes moving around in wheelchair or walker a lot easier. It is made from non-rust, slip-proof, and water-resistant aluminum making it great for use both indoors and outdoors.

This ramp is also suitable for moving furniture or other heavy items that have wheels or casters without having to carry them over raised landings. The aluminum construction makes it very sturdy, can hold a load capacity of 600lbs and is ideal for ½-inch to ¾-inch rises. The ramp itself weighs in at 3lbs, with a length of 8 inches and a width of 32 inches which makes it suitable for most doorways.

Some other great ramps made by Titan are as follow:
  • Titan 1.5” Modular Threshold Ramp – Easy to move furniture with wheels and casters. High-traction anti-slip surface
  • Titan 4” Modular Threshold Ramp – Suitable for sliding doors and higher rises

How Do I Choose the Best Threshold Ramp?

The constant need to be in motion is fundamental to every human – from our minds whilst day-dreaming or fantasizing to our spirits during meditation or prayer, and in our physical bodies through day-to-day activities, humans are always in transit in one way or another. The desire to want to leave one place for another is a common feeling we all share and reserve the right to act on at anytime we wish regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, or physical condition.

We are grateful to the invention of such things as the wheelchair, which have come a long way to make to life easier for the people who make use of them. Increasing strides within science and technology have made for the continuous improvement of the wheelchair allowing users to access movement more comfortably than ever before, such as through the advancement of the electric wheelchair.

One complaint still remains, however passing through doorways and thresholds can be an uphill task, to say the least. For those of you who use a wheelchair or a scooter, or care for someone who does, a threshold ramp helps for a smoother transit from room to room, outdoor to indoor or indoor to outdoor, etc. There are different ramps for indoor and outdoor purposes, made of different materials to ensure durability. Some also work both indoors and outdoors and most of these are transportable, eliminating worry if you need to move them.

Installing a ramp would mean that the person in question wouldn’t need your help moving around all the time, unless absolutely necessary. Perhaps even more important than the ease of mobility a ramp affords is the added boost it can provide to a person’s self esteem and independence.

Having to be waited on hand and foot can be terribly frustrating and depressing for any individual, wheelchair bound or not, lending to lack of motivation and acceptance of merely existing instead. A simple ramp can make a huge difference in such aspects of someone’s life, giving them the freedom to tend to themselves in ways that others may view as minor, but are huge to those that are not given such privileges. Join us now, as we delve into the features to consider before buying a threshold ramp.
Threshold ramps come in an array of prices that accommodate everyone; from those on a budget to those who can afford to spare a little extra. A good ramp can cost you between a little over $20 to $100 and up. The more unique features included, such as easy installation, specified width, height, length, and the material used, the pricier the ramp. We have spared you the agony of going through the gaudy images of cheap threshold ramps, as they are a dangerous waste of money.
Seeing as you are searching for a great threshold ramp, you need to look at some features before you make a purchase. Of course, some manufacturers may add one or two features to attract customers but the following are the key features any good threshold ramp should have.
  • Material
  • Ease of Installation
  • Durability
  • Type
  • Dimensions
  • Warranty
Let’s roll into the details!
Construction and Design
The material from which a threshold ramp is made is vital as this affects the functionality of that ramp such as portability and capacity, as well as overall safety. A general rule of thumb is that the ramp must be strong enough for the task it is to undertake, with that said; the materials also play a major role in pricing.
  • Timber - Timber is probably the most inexpensive of all the types, which may be in part due to its easy assembly, which can be accomplished by anyone with an average skill level in using hammers. Although timber ramps can look fine, can be modified to suit personal needs (e.g. tapered ends), and tend to have a good grip on their surfaces, they are not always as strong as desired. They also have to be properly treated to protect them from the adverse effects of the elements and possible termites.
  • Aluminum - Aluminum ramps are a wee bit more expensive, but you will be getting a ramp that won’t rust, is light, foldable, extendable, and portable. There is the possible challenge of being a little lacking in strength and slippery when wet, but there are thicker and more textured aluminum options available.
  • Rubber or Plastic - If you buy a rubber or plastic ramp, it must be rock-solid, as neither has the inherent strength to support the weight associated with an occupied wheelchair. As such, rubber and plastic ramps are not very feasible for those in need of a ramp that must be moved about, as a solid wedge of either material can be rather heavy, however, they are very durable and easy to install with no on-going maintenance and the added bonus of being eco-friendly due to use of recycled materials.
Basically, there are two main types of threshold ramps including permanent, which are fixed to the ground, and temporary, which can be moved around. Sometimes, the material a ramp is made of determines whether or not the ramp will be permanent or temporary and other times it is entirely up to you to decide how to install the ramp. For instance, a ramp made of timber or aluminum can either be permanent or temporary, dependent on whether or not you chose to secure it directly to the ground, whereas plastic and rubber ramps will most certainly have to be permanent due to their weight.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to how easy a ramp is to use and how well it performs, there are several factors to consider. These include:
  • Installation - Most threshold ramps are easy to install as compared to normal wheelchair ramps (yes, they are different from threshold ramps). For some, you need only to place it in the desired location, for others, you may need to enlist the help of a carpenter or a handyman. No matter the installation type, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. If it appears excessively complicated, it may be simply too unnecessarily complicated to bother with in the first place.
  • Durability and Weight - The most durable and worthwhile ramps on the market are the aluminum ramps, as although they can be noisy and reflect light into your house, they are rust-resistant and can hold up under any pressure with the option for more heavy-duty models as well, if need be. No matter the type of ramp you purchase, be sure to check for the weight limitations. This is to prevent reducing the longevity of your ramp by burdening it with a weight that’s beyond its capacity, as not all ramps can support the same weight range—even ramps of the same material.
  • Safety Precautions - Skidding off a ramp could be a safety hazard, especially if the ramp is wet, so you should consider ramps that come with slip-free, non-skid surfaces (for your timber ramp, painting with a slip-free paint ought to do the trick). You should also get something that allows water to pass through rather than pool atop to help make your ramp last longer and evade minor accidents.
  • Warranty - Finally, as with any equipment you intend to purchase, there is the possibility that, due to sincere errors on the part of the manufacturers, products may fail to deliver on the brand promise on one or two points, hence, you need to know the company’s policy on warranty issues in order to address such a situation appropriately.
Another important thing to consider are the size and dimensions of the ramp. In regard to dimensions, there are three main factors: rise, width, and length. When determining the rise of the threshold, measure from the ground to the highest point that the ramp needs to reach, then decide which material you would prefer as rubber ramps come in variations of 1.5, 2.5, and 4.5 inches, while aluminum ramps can go as high as 9 inches.

Following standard scale, a main doorway should be about 36 inches wide, while a secondary doorway could be closer to 32 inches. Therefore, your width choices are 32 or 36 depending on your space, although some brands offer ramps up to 48 inches if you need a wider option. Note that some rubber ramps can also be trimmed to fit your space.

The length of your ramp is the distance from your doorframe to the end of your ramp, typically ranging from 24, 36, and 42 inches, but if you’re looking for something smaller, there are ramps that are available in lengths of 8, 10, 12, 16, and 18 inches, as well.

Get the Best Threshold Ramp of 2022!

Now that you have read our review, we hope you have the information you need to decide which threshold ramp to invest in, allowing you to make that purchase with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Silver Spring Wheelchair Threshold Ramp
Best Value
Prairie View Industries Threshold Ramp
Ez-Access Rubber Threshold Ramp
Rage Powersports Wheel Chair Threshold Ramp
Titan Ramps Wide Wheelchair Ramp