Best Tie Rack Reviews 2023

A tie rack is a sure way to keep your tie collection organized and accessible. Choosing one from the many available options is quite tedious. Not for you, though, because we have done the searching and have brought you five of the best tie racks from five trusted brands. As you read our review, keep in mind that these brands have other products in this category if you need more options.
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Our Top Choice
InterDesign Organizer Rack for Ties
InterDesign began in 1974 with the vision of being a top houseware designer and innovator.
Comes with 16 hooks, allowing you to hang ties and even belts. The rack is vertical, making it easy to see and pick your preferred tie.
You can’t hang it on a wall. It would work best in a closet.
Vertical tie rack
16 ties
0.8” x 5.3” x 12.7”
Best Value
ClosetMaid Tie & Belt Rack
ClosetMaid strives to improve storage in the homes of its customers. It’s a household name when it comes to houseware.
The hooks are made to hold belts, ties and other accessories you might have. Features lightweight construction with rubber-coated tips for more functionality.
Sadly, the hooks are not strong enough for heavy accessories, but they can hold any tie.
Vertical double tie rack
26 ties
Epoxy-coated steel
24” x 15” x 3.5”
Honey-Can-Do Powered Tie Rack
Honey-Can-Do provides simple, effective home organization products while working under a strictly ethical code of integrity.
The rack is illuminated to give you a better view when choosing your tie. It’s convenient as well, since it revolves both backward and forward.
You can’t operate the rack if the batteries die. It is dependent on battery power.
Battery-powered tie rack
72 ties, 8 belts
18” x 7.99” x 4.06”
IPOW 2 Pack Rotating Tie Rack
IPOW is a trusted manufacturer of home storage equipment.
The rack features 20 hooks that are designed to hold both belts and ties, as well as other accessories. It’s compact and space-saving, helping you tidy up your closet.
The tie rack could break if you don’t balance your ties. More weight on one side might cause it to break apart.
360-degree rotating tie rack
20 ties
4.4” x 4/4” x 4.3”
Organize It All The Tie Rack
Organize It All has been in the industry since 1997 when it began as a custom closet system installer.
Its design is simple and sleek, complementing other items in your house. It extends up to 2.7” from the wall, allowing you to place or remove a tie hassle-free.
The hangers could be hard to remove.
Wall-mounted tie rack
30 ties
Metal tubing, plastic hangers
22” x 7” x 4”

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What is the Best Tie Rack?

You have decided how you want to use a tie rack, and what purpose you want it to serve. Go ahead and read our review on individual products to choose the best tie rack for you.
Our Top Choice
The InterDesign Classico Vertical Closet Organizer features a simple, elegant design with durable steel construction and a chrome finish. Want a vertical rack that you can place over the door? The InterDesign Classico Over the Door Closet Organizer might be a good model for you!

InterDesign Classico Chrome Organizer Hook – Available as a Vertical Rack, Scarf Holder, Quad Hook & More!

InterDesign has been in business for over four decades. Its products have captured the industry's attention with a variety of prices that customers find reasonable. Its line of products includes home storage equipment that can be useful for bathrooms and kitchens.

The InterDesign Classico Vertical Closet Organizer is a 16-hook storage rack that conveniently stores your fashion accessories in one location. Its durable steel frame can help you save valuable space, while looking stylish and neat thanks to its chrome finish. It’s a vertical organizer that fits into your closet to hold your ties, clothing accessories and belts.

For $11.01, you can either get this tie rack or choose other good options by InterDesign. Here are a couple that we came by:
  • InterDesign Axis Tie/Belt Rack, Chrome
  • InterDesign Axis Scarf Hanger, No Snag Storage for Scarves, Ties, Belts, Shawls, Pashminas, Accessories - 18 Loops, Chrome
  • InterDesign Classico Closet Organizer Rack for Ties, Belts - 14 Hooks, Satin
Best Value
The ClosetMaid Tie & Belt Rack is designed with epoxy-coated steel for durability, and can be installed on a door or wall for organized storage. Want a different design with more hooks? Check out the ClosetMaid 14-Hook Tie & Belt Rack, and it might be just what you are looking for!

ClosetMaid White & Black Tie and Belt Rack

ClosetMaid has been in business since 1965, starting off as a manufacturer of quality closet shelving. Today, it’s a leading home storage product manufacturer with millions of customers. Among its range of products are innovative wire, wood and laminate storage systems that are common in many homes and offices.

The ClosetMaid Tie & Belt Rack offers you the versatility of using it for a variety of accessories, including belts and ties. You can easily mount it against your door or wall to get a strategic position that is easy to reach whenever you want to grab your ties or belt in a hurry. With its lightweight epoxy-coated steel material, you can count on it to be sturdy enough to hold all your accessories. It currently retails at around $10.

This is certainly a worthy rack to get. If you need a different rack, the ClosetMaid Versatile Tie & Belt Rack is another great option.
The Honey-Can-Do Powered Tie Rack allows you to effortlessly cycle through your belts and ties with just a press of a button. Want a vertical model that’s not battery-powered? We bet you will love the Honey-Can-Do Non-Slip Tie\/Belt Organizer.

Honey-Can-Do Battery Powered Rotating Tie and Belt Closet Organizer, Holds Up to 72 Ties/8 Belts

Honey-Can-Do believes in giving customers what they want at an acceptable price. Its products satisfy the need for quality and stylish home storage alternatives.

The Honey-Can-Do Powered Tie Rack is an illuminated organizer for your belts and ties. It’s a unique model, as it is motorized to rotate backward and forward for great convenience. It is battery-powered, making your tie choosing routine a breeze. You can comfortably cycle through over 72 belts or ties with a simple press of a button. It has a price tag of $44.99 and comes with clasps that hold tightly to closet rods of standard quality.
The IPOW 2 Pack Rotating Tie Rack has a 360-degree rotation to allow you to choose your preferred tie hassle-free. Want a different model with cross X hangers? Try the IPOW Black Tie Belt Rack Organizer.

IPOW 2 Pack 360 Degree Adjustable Tie Belt Holder Hook for Closet Organizer Storage – Available in 2 Colors

IPOW’s range of products offers inventive solutions for home owners in the US and overseas. With its competitive market prices and high-quality goods, it is evident that we had to feature this brand on our list.

The IPOW 2 Pack Rotating Tie Rack is a one-of-a-kind 20-hook organizer. It comes with a 3600 spinning feature to make it easy to choose your accessory. It can fit in your closet with its one-step installation that is easy to put together over the closet rod. At its retail price of $9.94, this rack is ideal for keeping your space more organized. It's available in black or white.
Organize It All's The Tie Rack is designed with metal tubing and plastic hooks that can hold up to 30 ties at once. It mounts easily under a shelf or on the closet wall. Want a different model with a vertical design? See if the Organize It All Tie Belt Valet Hanger is what you need!

Organize It All Chrome Wall Mounted Tie Rack – Holds 30 Ties – Set of 2

Organize It All opened its doors in 1997, venturing into making storage and organizational products. Its dedication to quality customer service has helped it convince people that it is a to-go-to brand.

If you need an improved and organized tie display at home, Organize It All's The Tie Rack should be the right one for you. It helps keep your ties fresh, ready and well-pressed, making it easy to get dressed in the morning. It has a capacity of up to 30 ties and is easy to install with four mollies and screws. It also holds ties safely, while at the same time allowing them to slide off easily thanks to the smooth edges.

This lifetime tie rack retails at $8.99, which is a convenient and affordable price, considering that you can also use it as a scarf organizer for thin scarves.

Check out other Organize It All tie racks that can give you an alternative to the featured tie rack:
  • Organize It All Tie/Belt Hanger
  • Organize It All 1338-6 Tie Belt Valet Hanger (2pack)

How Do I Choose the Best Tie Rack?

It feels good to look good; it’s as simple as that. It may be your new leather briefcase that’s giving you that confident swagger or perhaps it’s your dapper coat and dress shoes. One other staple piece of clothing that can make or break your look, is a tie. You’ve probably got tons of ties already, in every color and for every occasion. Some days you’d love to rock a cool color combination, but the particular tie you need is nowhere to be found. There are just too many of them bundled up, and it seems like too much work to access the particular one you need, so you settle for the most reachable. But you should look exactly how you want without being deterred by anything, certainly not your tie.

A tie rack is a great way to have your ties arranged, and have easy access to all your ties. Anyone that has used a tie rack will attest to this uncomplicated solution of arranging ties. A rack also keeps your ties in straight unrumpled shape. You can choose to have all your ties ironed out and hung on the rack, and they’ll stay that way till you’re ready to use them.

These racks come in different capacities. Some can hold up to 75 ties at the same time. Whatever number of ties you have, you can rest assured you will find a tie rack that’ll house them. Tie racks are of different types and designs that can be mounted in your preferred spot. Some are standing racks, while others can be mounted on the wall or in your closet – your choice.

Tie racks may come with holders for other accessories, such as your belts. Some are even designed to revolve, giving you a 360-degree view of your collection. Others take it a notch higher with lighting, so you can see your ties even when the room is not well lit. Continue reading as we provide more information to guide you towards choosing the best tie rack for your needs.
As with other products, the price of a tie rack is influenced by a number of factors, including material, capacity, design, and how many extra features it has. A tie rack with plain design and a low hanging capacity will cost close to $10, while one with larger capacity, sleek design, and lighting can cost over $30. We are sure you’d like to get your money’s worth; if that is so, steer clear of cheap tie racks. They may look like good ones, but they won’t serve you for long, as they are made with inferior materials.
Choosing a perfect rack for your collection of ties is only possible if you know what to look for. Here are some important features to consider when buying a good tie rack:
  • Type
  • Capacity
  • Material
  • Color
  • Size
  • Extras
Go ahead and read our detailed explanations on these features.
Construction and Design
We’re sure you have good reasons for wanting a tie rack, and that you know how you want to use it. These are the prerequisites of finding the type of tie rack that will be suitable for your needs. There are two main types of tie rack you can choose from: standing tie racks or wall-mounted racks. Your preference depends on the amount of space available.

The capacity of a tie rack is worth paying attention to. You are getting a rack to have your ties well organized and easily accessible, so get one that can accommodate the number of ties you have. There are racks with a 16-tie capacity, which is ideal for those with a modest collection. There are also some that can hold up to 75 ties.

Pay attention to the material your tie rack is made with. Be sure it has a good finish, is durable, and won't rust. Some racks are made of metal tubing, plastic, or coated steel, with different finish designs. You might also want to pay attention to the color the rack comes in, especially if you want your tie rack to blend with the interior décor.

Another thing to consider is the spaces between the tie holders and the dimension of each holder. There should be spaces between the tie holders for easy access. The holder’s dimension shouldn’t be too wide or too small. This helps keep your ties from being squeezed, roughed up, or sliding off the rack.
Performance and Ease of Use
Some tie racks offer extra features which are worth keeping an eye out for. Apart from having holders for your ties, some have additional holders for your belts and other accessories. There are racks with lights to help you access your ties in the dark. For both wall-mounted and standing tie racks, setup is usually easy. You can also look up instructions in the manufacturer’s guide.

Avoid hanging wet ties on the rack, to help prevent rust stains on your ties. Caring for a tie rack doesn’t require much work. A dry napkin will clean it nicely enough. You might want to use a damp cloth if it is a plastic rack. Whatever material the rack is made of, be sure it is dry before hanging your ties.

Get the Best Tie Rack of 2023!

Now you’re done with the review. We hope you have all the information you need to choose the best tie rack for you. Go ahead and make that purchase, and free yourself of the hassle of searching for ties.

Our Top Choice
InterDesign Organizer Rack for Ties
Best Value
ClosetMaid Tie & Belt Rack
Honey-Can-Do Powered Tie Rack
IPOW 2 Pack Rotating Tie Rack
Organize It All The Tie Rack