Best Tile Saw — Get the Best Dry Masonry or Wet Tile Saw for the Money

It is almost impossible to work on masonry without the use of tile saws, unless you want to return to the Stone Age and chisel them against a stone. We have researched many tile saws to come up with the best tile saws from five top brands. These are only a sample of the numerous tile saws we saw under the reviewed brands. If your desired tile saw is not on our list, feel free to check out other tile saws from these brands.

For our featured products, we chose to focus on tabletop and bench style wet cutting tile saws. However, there are times when a handheld wet tile saw or dry cut masonry saw is the better option. For those of you who are looking for a portable tile saw, we did some research to get you started. You can see our top picks below.

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Water Tank
Our Top Choice
MK Diamond Wet Cutting Tile Saw
Mk Diamond has a proven record of excellence in the production of precision power cutting tools and exceptional customer experience.
The saw has a simple maintenance system that increases efficiency, and its blades are permanently lubricated.
The blade may need to be replaced for better cutting power.
42 x 22 x 23 inches; 130 lbs
1.5 horsepower
Permanently lubricated, 10 inches
Water reservoir included
Best Value
Rubi Tools 110-Volt Wet Tile Saw
Rubi Tools manufactures cutting and tiling tools that are easily maintained. It has built a reputation that makes its tools demanded by professionals around the globe.
This saw is versatile and can be used for cutting different types of tile. It's easy to maintain, and has an aluminum rip guide.
No problems were reported at the time of the review.
18 x 22 x 8.5 inches; 40 lbs
1 horsepower
Diamond cutting blade, 7 inches
Water reservoir included
Husqvarna TS70 32 Inch Tile Saw
Husqvarna is a world leader in the manufacture of construction solutions, including machines, diamond tools, and all equipment needed for cutting, sawing and drilling.
It has a jet stream water containment system and water recycling system, and can do both plunge and miter cuts.
No cons were recorded as at the time of the review.
44 x 27 x 23 inches; 127 lbs
1.5 horsepower
10-inch blade
Water reservoir included
Dewalt 10 Inch Wet Tile Saw
Dewalt designs durable solutions for its customers’ convenience, such as its wet tile saw, which is suitable for the harshest work environments.
It has a rubber top to prevent sliding and slipping, and it is portable and easy to transport.
No problems were reported at the time of the review.
36 x 29.2 x 20.4 inches; 69 lbs
1.5 horsepower
Diamond cutting blade, 10 inches
Water reservoir included
SKIL HydroLock System Wet Tile Saw
SKIL ensures that research and customer feedback forms the launching pad on which it releases its new product lines.
The SKIL HydroLock System Wet Tile Saw has a sliding side extension that provides support. It's very easy to clean and has a rust-resistant aluminum table top.
Its guides may not be effective for larger projects.
22 x 18 x 8.5 inches; 24 lbs
1 horsepower
Diamond cutting blade, 7 inches
Water reservoir included

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What is the Best Wet Tile Saw for the Money?

Excited about the information you got by reading our buying guide below? You should be. Now that you know what exactly to look for in your tile saw, let us get on to looking at the amazing selection of tile saws that we have picked out for you. We hope you find one or two that will catch your attention. If not, there were two more product that definitely deserve our honorable mention — the Delta Cruzer Wet Tile Saw and the Grizzly Industrial Tile Saw — we simply didn’t have enough room to fit them!

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Our Top Choice
The MK Diamond Wet Cutting Tile Saw comes with cast aluminum guards and high torque. It has a fan-cooled new 1-1/2 horsepower Baldor motor and a variable height cutting head. If you are interested in something more affordable with almost the same features, the MK-370EXP 1-1\/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw is a suitable alternative.

MK Diamond 10-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw with 1.5 Horsepower Baldor Motor


With over a century of business operation, MK Diamond has an exceptional selection of tools for cutting, coring and polishing tile or stone products. It provides high-quality tools and exceptional service to customers at all times.

The MK Diamond Wet Cutting Tile Saw ($999 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) works with a high-torque, fan-cooled new 1-1/2 horsepower Baldor motor that is fully enclosed and thermally protected. The two sides of the blade are supplied with water from a water distribution system, and it has cast aluminum guards and a variable height cutting head. Added to its unique features is the assurance of optimal performance with permanently lubricated, dual-sealed, heavy-duty blade shaft bearings for maintenance-free operation all year round.

Here are other wet cutting tile saws from MK Diamond you just might want to see:

  • MK Diamond 151991-SP 1.5 HP 10 In. Wet Cutting Tile Saw: One-piece unitized steel frame, fully enclosed and fan-cooled motor, fast cutting speed and long life
  • MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw: Has a built-in adjustable 45-degree cutting head and 7-inch wet cutting diamond blade. It is lightweight and portable but performs almost as well as bigger and heavier saws
  • MK Diamond 153243 MK-101 Pro24 with Stand: Has a 1.5 HP Baldor motor, permanently lubricated blade shaft, 10-inch wet cut diamond blade, water pump, cutting kit, side extension table and folding saw stand with casters
Best Value
The seven-inch Rubi Tools Wet Tile Saw is a battery-powered saw with a removable water nozzle for easy maintenance, a large cutting capacity and a detachable cutting table for easy cleaning. Looking for a high-end, corded electric wet saw? Check out the Rubi Tools DC250-850 Wet Tile Saw.

Rubi Tools 110-Volt Wet Tile Saw with 7-Inch Blade Capacity


As a brand that has concentrated on the manufacture and distribution of tile cutting and laying equipment since 1951, Rubi Tools has gathered a wealth of expertise to make it an authority in the industry. Rubi has not stopped at manufacturing these equipment but has also built a reputable work culture that is recognized among professionals all over the world. The strength and quality it offers also comes with reliable international customer service.

Rubi Tools produces the seven-inch Rubi Tools Wet Tile Saw ($350 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) to serve customers who need an easily cleaned, battery-powered saw that provides precision cutting any time. Maintenance and cleaning are easy with the removable water nozzles and detachable cutting table. Here are other features that make this wet tile saw a great buy:

  • Seven-inch diamond cutting blade
  • It has a wrench, pump and operator’s manual
  • Large cutting capacity: 24-inch rip cut, 18-inch diagonal
  • 9 Amp (1 hp) motor
  • Versatile tile saw
  • Aluminum rip guide
The Husqvarna Tile Saw is designed to rip cut 32 inches of material, with a well-designed water management system that has a quick and easy setup process. If you are looking for more horsepower, the Husqvarna TS 90 Tile Saw could be your pick at just a slightly higher price.

Husqvarna Tile Saw with Stand Available for Purchase Separately


Husqvarna is a world leader in the manufacture of construction products. Its products selection includes machines, diamond tools, and all the equipment that you need for cutting, sawing and drilling, as well as for polishing floors. The company started out in the year 1689 by creating some of the finest muskets in Sweden. This laid the foundation for the engineering expertise that has made it possible to produce durable tools for various construction operations. Husqvarna has a reputation for using environmentally compatible processes and tools for production.

The Husqvarna Tile Saw ($1,975.00 at Amazon) is designed to rip cut 32 inches of material. The saw is easily set up within a short time, which gives you more time for cutting. The water management system minimizes the water use for a clean work area. This includes a separate water tank that supplies all the water in the system.

Other tile saws from Husqvarna include the following:

  • Husqvarna Construction Products Tilematic TS 250 X3 Tile Saw: Includes a large 18-inch x 16 1/2-inch conveyor cart, 1 1/2 horsepower Baldor single voltage continuous duty motor and blade shaft lock
  • Husqvarna 966 61 07-01 TS60 10" Construction Tile Saw: Features jet stream water containment system and water recycling system, and can do both plunge and miter cuts
The Dewalt Wet Tile Saw comes with a cantilevering rail/cart system for 24-inch ripping capacity. It has adjustable dual water nozzles and cuts through hard materials, including stone and porcelain. Do you need a wet tile saw that comes with more accessories and a stand? Check out the DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw.

Dewalt 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw with 1.5 Horsepower – Available in 3 Styles


Since 1922, Dewalt has had an unbroken track record of designing and optimizing highly durable tools. Raymond DeWalt perfected the first woodworking machine with the purpose of increasing productivity and versatile technology. Since then, this company has produced several tools designed to integrate comfort and compact design with the power and industry-leading features customers need on their stone or tile cutting jobs.

The Dewalt Wet Tile Saw ($799.00 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has an integrated cantilevering rail/cart system that allows for 24-inch ripping capacity. This saw runs on a powerful 1.5-horsepower motor, which allows the 10-inch diamond blade to make neat cuts and accurately cut through hard materials like porcelain and stone. It comes with some other great features, including:

  • 45/22.5-degree miter for quick angled cuts
  • Adjustable dual water nozzles, rear and side water attachment
  • Removable cutting cart for easy cleaning
  • 5-gallon water pan
  • Edge guide with 2-position, 45/90-degree guide
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Stainless steel rail system
The SKIL HydroLock System Wet Tile Saw is electricity-powered. Its HydroLock System includes innovative upper and lower guards designed to keep water contained. Would you rather have a more affordable wet tile saw with similar features and a blade cooling water reservoir? The SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw could be what you want.

SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock System – Available with or without Super Grout Mixer


SKIL’s core value has always been innovation. Since 1924, when it created the Model E circular saw, the company has maintained a consistent drive towards exceptional solutions. The Model E was the first SKIL portable circular saw, and has been the launch pad for the standard set in the production of other construction tools. The company's subsequent products have been a result of extensive research and consumer feedback.

The SKIL HydroLock System Wet Tile Saw ($154.99 – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a HydroLock System. This includes innovative upper and lower guards designed to keep water contained near the blade, thereby reducing clean-up time. It has a sliding side extension that provides support for tiles up to 18-inch x 18-inch. It has an adjustable rip fence, a miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts, and a bevel that cuts tile at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees. It works with a seven-inch continuous rim diamond blade that includes a blade guard and blade wrench. It has a rust-resistant aluminum table top, and it is corded, meaning that electricity powers it.

Here are other tile saws from Skil you might want to check out:

  • Factory-Reconditioned Skil 3540-01-RT 7-Inch 4.2 Amp Wet Tile: Has a blade-cooling water reservoir to keep the blade cool and minimize dust and debris
  • SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System: Has a sliding side extension that provides support for tiles up to 18 x 18 inches

Best Tile Saw Buying Guide — How to Choose a Dry or Wet Tile Saw to Meet Your Cutting Needs

When you are faced with a tiling job, you will have to make cuts on tiles so they fit snugly around a corner or against a wall. What other tool would you need to do this except a tile saw? Just as with any tool, be it a circular saw, jigsaw or table saw, you need to understand the type of job you have at hand because this will determine what type of tile saw you need. There are four types of tile saws:

  • Snap cutter or rail cutter – These are for the simplest tile cutting jobs for ceramic and composite tiles. They cannot cut stone or marble. It is best to use them for jobs where the tiles may be hidden away under a table or trimmings, since you may not get the desired clean cut
  • Handheld tile saw – These are used for specialty cuts which may be rounded or beveled. They can be wet or dry depending on the volume of the job before you and the frequency of the cutting
  • Tabletop tile saw – These are used when large volumes of tiles are involved and consistency is needed in the tile cutting process. Once the fence is in place, you can align the tile against the fence and make the same cut again and again with as many tiles as possible
  • Overhead motor tile saw – Professional tilers use these types of tile saw for precise cutting jobs. They are usually large, and assembly is required. Overhead motor tile saws usually require the use of cooling water while in operation, which can be delivered through a garden hose running to the pump from any water source available

The nature of your tiling job determines the type of tile saw to get. It is better to purchase your tile saw when you have clear requirements in mind. Most tile cutting jobs are done with blades that need to be cooled while the job is going on, so your working environment is also an important factor. Do you have access to water for cooling? You know that you may need to purchase extra blades as backup, right?

The following sections deal with features of the tile saw in detail, to help you decide on the specific requirements to look out for before purchasing your tile saw.


Video: 5 Ways To Cut Tile - Everything You Need To Know For Your First Tile Project

Five common ways to cut tile using five different tools. | Courtesy of Handyman Startup

Choosing a product because of how affordable or expensive it is may be a huge mistake, because there are many factors that determine what the price of any product should be.

For a tile saw, factors such as brand and size of the saw go a long way in affecting the monetary value attached to these products. A handheld tile saw will not be the same price as a tabletop tile saw or an overhead motor tile saw. Would it not be funny to choose a handheld tile saw for a job meant for a tabletop tile saw just because it is cheaper? But that said; you can get a good tile saw for as low as $90 and as high as $2,500 (but you should understand the reason for the wide range – There are varieties of tiles saws for different tiling tasks).

There is a wide range of prices for tile saws, and just as there are cheap tile saws (which we ignored), there are also expensive ones. After considering the necessary features required for a functional tile saw, we decided to review highly functional ones that will appeal to you, and we picked them regardless of their prices.


With the way we have talked about how the type of job you wish to do determines the type of tile saw to use, it is obvious that this is an important area to study. We have researched diverse tile cutting jobs and what their requirements should be, and we have come up with these features that you need to consider before choosing your tile saw, including:

  • Water source
  • Blade type
  • Blade capacity
  • Blade adjustment
  • Blade power
  • Overload protection
  • Portability and mobility
  • Corded or cordless
  • Water hose
  • Attachments

When you have selected the most important features for your work, your job is halfway done. You only need to make a note of the tile saws with those features and make your choice with ease.

Construction and Design

The blade type of your tile saw is something you cannot compromise on. Dry blades are usually smaller and are to be used for dry handheld tile saws, while wet diamond blades are designed to operate while being cooled. These wet blades are not to be used for dry tile cutting, or you will end up damaging them.

Your blade size determines the diameter of the cut of your tile saw and the depth of the tiles it can cut. The ideal straight cutting diameter is usually 27 inches, and an angled cutting diameter is 18 or 19 inches. Thick tiles also require a larger blade for deeper cuts. Most blades come in 4.5-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch sizes. These are the common ones. The depth capacity of most tile saws ranges from 1 inch to 3.75 inches.

The cutting head of your tile saw should be able to adjust to hold blades of different sizes. This is known as blade capacity. Consider purchasing a tile saw with this feature so that it can accommodate different kinds of projects.

When your work station is away from a water source, it will be more beneficial to buy a tile saw that has a pump to recirculate the water supply. This means that you do not need a direct water source to keep supplying water to the saw. It just keeps recirculating the water you have in the saw already.


Video: How To Use A Wet Tile Saw

Simple Steps on How to use a Wet Tile Saw. | Courtesy of HouseImprovements
Performance and Ease of Use

In working with a tile saw, portability and mobility should be considered carefully. You do not want to inconvenience yourself by moving around an overhead motor tile saw that was not laid on casters. If your work keeps you in one spot, then it is okay to have the immobile tile saw, but if the reverse is the case, you need to go for a portable tile saw.

Know what your blade power is. This is where your project really comes into play. If you are working on smaller projects with thinner tiles, blades with power as low as 0.5 horsepower can do your job conveniently. This also means that for bigger projects and thicker tiles, you need higher blade power. The power drives the speed at which the blade rotates, which, in turn, determines the cutting power of the blade. Saws have rotational speeds between 3,400 to 5,500 revolutions per minute. The average power you need for most home jobs is 3,600 revolutions per minute.

Thermal overload protection protects your tile saw’s motor from overheating and possibly burning out. Most models that come with direct-drive motors can be vulnerable to overheating. This means that you have to ensure that any model you buy has this feature.

Look for tile saws that have drain plugs. These plugs help you drain your saw without tipping or bending it to remove the water after use.

Get the Best Tile Saw of 2023!

You made it to this point showing that a tile saw is of high importance to you and you need to make the right choice. You have the information you need to make your purchase. The next logical step is to go ahead and buy. If you did not find the tile saw you need, check for other options through any of the links we have provided on this page.

Our Top Choice
MK Diamond Wet Cutting Tile Saw
Best Value
Rubi Tools 110-Volt Wet Tile Saw
Husqvarna TS70 32 Inch Tile Saw
Dewalt 10 Inch Wet Tile Saw
SKIL HydroLock System Wet Tile Saw

Tile Saw FAQs

What is the best tile saw on the market?
The best tile saw on the market is one that meets all your needs. It could be a snap cutter, a handheld saw, a tabletop saw, or one with an overhead motor. The most important thing is that it can help you cut tiles to the shapes and sizes you desire. Also, the blade type needs to be suited to your needs.Check our buying guide on tile saws.
Who makes the best tile saw?
Several manufacturers make the best tile saws. They include SKIL, Dewalt, Husqvarna, Rubi Tools, and MK Diamond. All of these manufacturers may have several models of tile saws, meaning you should check for specific features before buying one.
How to take advantage of the best tile saw?
You can take advantage of the best tile saw is your work in the construction industry. Tile saws are versatile, lightweight, and can cut tiles of variable thickness. They are also safe and of the highest quality, especially if you buy the latest models. Depending on your needs, you can buy a handheld or tabletop tile saw. When buying a tile saw, pay attention to the source of water, blade type, blade capacity, power requirement, and blade adjustment. If you are looking for a tile saw to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.