Best Toaster Reviews — 2 Slice and 4 Slice Toasters for Regular Bread, Artisanal Breads and Bagels

For some people, a toaster is a kitchen appliance that gets stored in the cabinet, only to be taken out for special Sunday breakfasts or when it’s time to make a big batch of BLT’s. For others, it’s as essential to daily living as that first cup of coffee in the morning. And then there’s those who take toasters to a whole new level and get themselves hot dog toasters that cook the bun and the dog a the same time!

We understand that people have different preferences, so we have chosen to showcase a mixture of the best toasters with both different price points and features – all from great brands that you can trust. We’ve also included links so you can look at other models the brands offer, if the featured one is not perfect for you.
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Our Top Choice
Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Toaster
One of the best toasters on the market. Quality construction and great results
Large slots can accommodate any kind of bread. Very high quality. Modern sleek design.
Expensive but bread and toast lovers think it's worth the investment.
Best Value
Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster
Great value for the money. Variety of toasting and cooking options for bread products.
Stylish, modern looking stainless steel. LED countdown. Independent functioning for the two sides.
Nice features - not as many as Breville, but costs less.
KRUPS Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster
While there are some design flaws, many users love it. Industrial quality construction.
Solid construction - commercial quality.Can program the two sides independently. 6 shade settings.
Denser breads take longer to cook/toast. Exterior gets hot.
Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster
Available in other colors, this is a budget friendly, functional toaster.
Retro look. 7 browning settings plus defrost.
Occasional product defects reported. Height not good for all types of bread.
T-fal Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster
A bit pricey, mostly because it's a bit hard to get - manufacture not making any more.
Cool touch exterior. Stylish modern look. Handle for easy carrying.
Toast slots not as wide as many models. Few reports of product defects.

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What Is the Best Toaster on the Market Today? Here's Our Top Picks!

Now that we have a better understanding of what to look for in terms of price, construction, design and performance, let’s take a look as some great toasters and see what they have to offer. While we were doing our research, it was difficult to narrow things down to just 5 top rated toasters. So we want to give a shout out to KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach and Black and Decker who also have some great options on Amazon. We'd like to specifically mention the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster which is an oven, broiler and toaster all in one — a great space saver indeed.

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Best Value
The Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster by Cuisinart has controls to toast, defrost before toasting, reheating without browning as well as a bagel setting that will apply more “toastiness” to the top than the bottom – with 7 browning settings. There’s even an LCD countdown so you can see exactly how much time is left – kids love. Not a lot of room on your counters? The Cuisinart CPT-320P1 Compact Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster comes in your choice of black or red accents and just might be the perfect fit.

Cuisinart Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster w/ LED Lights

When it comes to popularity and customer satisfaction, the Cuisinart is an owner favorite. This toaster has a defrost function, as well as a lifting level for removal, built-in cord storage, two crumb trays for all slots, and a reheat function. It does not have a cool exterior when cooking, however.
Construction and Design
The Cuisinart CPT-435 has is a temperature adjustment setting to ensure that your slices will not have any burned bits. However, you may need to have the toaster cool down on a high setting before you remove the slice. The price is definitely affordable for average families.
Performance and Ease of Use
Currently the price is set at $80, which is a great price for a toaster of this quality, considering the small discrepancies and all of the common, great features. Plenty of owners have recommended it to friends, which is one of the most compelling reasons why it stands out. The hot exterior has been an issue for some, but not when compared to the price.

When we looked, the Cuisinart CPT-435 4 Slice Toaster had almost 700 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. Here's what people had to say about this value priced toaster.
This toaster has seven browning options, two independent heat zones for extra flexibility, and a separate setting for bagels. It also has over 5 inches for slot space, which is something that the majority of toasters do not have. Although, a few have said that their toast has not been evenly toasted on both sides.
The Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster by Krups has four functions – toasting, defrost, reheat and bagels – plus a cancel button and 6 browning settings. The two sides can be programmed separately which is great for people with different darkness preferences. Need something smaller? The KRUPS KH732D50 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster has 5 Functions and is wide enough to fit bagels.

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster

The KRUPS KH734D has a unique design of brushed and chrome stainless steel with blue LED indicators. One of the best features for this toaster, is that is has an LED countdown visual so you will know when your toast is going to be ready, plus the typical high-lift mechanism, crumb tray, cord storage, and defrost/reheat function. Some have claimed that the exterior gets too hot, but this is not always the case.

The KRUPS KH734D is an older model, with great features and reduced price - get it while you still can!
Construction and Design
Over baking is impossible with this toaster, as the 'convenient lift lever' and 'cancel function' make canceling easy. There is a slight "swallowing" noise when the toast goes in, but that should not be an issue. With all the functions that come with a decent toaster, this product comes at a "steal" price.
Performance and Ease of Use
This toaster costs around $80, and is a brand that people will love and consider it to be quite the steal. The stainless, two-tone exterior is professional and attractive, with two zones/four slots for all of the control you will need, at a great price. Although, denser breads; such as English muffins, can take a couple of minutes to toast.
When we did our research, the Krups Breakfast Set 4 Slice Toaster had an Amazon rating of 4 out of 5.

This toaster has a separate bagel function and six browning settings, as well as a cancel button for the prevention of burning. You can also program the right and left slots independently, which means that you could be toasting both bread and bagels on separate sides at the same time. However, with the slots at a depth of close to 5 inches deep, large slices of bread may be an issue, and some customers have complained about denser bread, such as English muffins, taking awhile to toast.
The Oster TSSTTRJBP1 features 7 shade settings and has controls for toast, bagels, frozen breads and warming. It has a toast lift with an anti-jam automatic shut off which is great in case one of your breads is a bit on the wide side – at least you know it won’t get stuck and burnt! This one a tad to chic for you? Oster has a Black Steel Stainless Toaster that comes in your choice of 2 slices or 4 that may be better suited for your design taste.

Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster with Anti-Jam Toast Lift

This affordable toaster by Oster has wide slots which are great for bagels, toasting rolls and artisanal breads. It is available in stylish purple or grey. In addition to the reheat and warming function, this toaster includes a setting for bread that is completely frozen. You can also use the lifting mechanism to for the toast clots; it has a removable crumb tray, an anti-jam feature, and does not heat up on the outside. You can even use an automatic shut-off if the toast does not eject properly at the end of the toasting sequence.
Construction and Design
The largest benefits for this toaster would be the anti-jam and auto-shut off functions. Sometimes the smell of plastic can arise when toasting, but not a huge issue. This toaster is best for those who regularly make toast, want a good result, and do not want to break the bank in the process.
Performance and Ease of Use
Don't let the price tag fool you, this $30 toaster is actually pretty great, even if the purple does not suit your taste. There is a gray alternative, however. As with the majority of budget toasters, there can be the occasional defect with manufacturing, but the complaints are low and few. Overall, this toaster has a high rating as being a good toaster for its price.The Oster TSSTTRJBP1 has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon.

This toaster offers a bagel option and seven browning settings. It's a larger model when compared to others, but there have been complaints when it comes to the length requirement. For example, a few owners have complained that their bread is too tall for this toaster, and that they're had to toast half of it, flip it upside-down, and put it back in again, which can be quite the nuisance.
The Classic Avante Toaster by T-fal comes in 2 and 4 slice versions, both of which feature 1200 W of power for high speed toasting – cutting wait times up to 30%. If you’re looking for a toaster with a retro look, the T-fal Apureshia 2 slice pop up toaster in sugar pink is worth taking a look at.

T-fal Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function

The T-fal 8746002 has useful features to the extreme. It’s an affordable 2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting. With a slide-out drawer for crumbs, cleaning this appliance is easy. Storage with an under-body cord placement has also made this product worthwhile, and it even comes with a handle for carrying. This toaster also comes with a reheat function, an interior mechanism designed to prevent jamming from occurring, a high-lift lever to ensure you don't burn your fingers, and a cool-touch exterior.
Construction and Design
The slots on T-fal Avante Toaster are incredibly wide, and help to keep the toast warm when they are ready. The walls of the toaster are stainless steel, and it even comes with a bagel function. The cord can coil around the bottom of the toaster for storage that is compact, and has a boost feature to help with removal. The bell sounding when a slice is put it and removed can be kind of annoying, depending upon your preferences – some people love being able to hear that their toast is done from the other room. The outside of the unit does not get hot while toasting, so it's safe to use around kids.
Performance and Ease of Use
This toaster has the cancel function, six browning settings, and the bagel function. However, the sloping front of this toaster may suggest that the top corners of your bread will not receive adequate heating, and some have said that the slots for the bread are a tad short when it comes to front to back.

Best Toaster Buying Guide: How to Choose a Toaster You Will Love to Use All the Time

When trying to figure out what the best toaster for you is, there are several factors that should be considered. Believe it or not, the first thing you need to decide is whether what you want is actually a toaster or a toaster oven? Part of this decision will be related to the amount of space you have, the other will be based upon whether you want a kitchen appliance that does more than just cook bread products.

If you aren’t sure, or just want to check out some of the affordable options, take a look at our review of the top 5 toaster ovens. There's some on our list that cost about the same as a high end toaster!

With that being said, here are five things that you need to look at before you buy a toaster.

Video: Finding the Perfect Toaster

What to look for when shopping for a new toaster. | Courtesy of Consumer Reports

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Toasters are one of those products where people differ greatly on how much they are willing to spend. If you’re one of those people who only makes toast once in a while, or doesn’t care much about how it turns out, you can get a good quality, basic toaster for around $30.

We know there are cheap toasters for about half that, but that’s not something we would recommend. Not only will you be sacrificing on the quality of your toast, but also on the construction, which could potentially cause a safety risk. On the opposite side of the spectrum are commercial grade toasters that make 8 to 12 slices at once but we don’t think you want to be spending $400 dollars for a toaster.

For this review, we looked at toasters that have real bread lovers in mind, as well as those who just want a slice of toast with breakfast once in a while. And yes, we did find a great toaster for only $30!
Today’s modern toasters do much more than just toast bread. Many toasters now offer different functions such as defrost, bagel settings (with different temperatures for front and bottom), reheating and warming. Some 4 slice toasters take flexibility even further by offering different programming settings for each side

Construction and Design
As much as how the outside of your toaster looks is definitely important, especially since it may be taking up a space up front and center, how it’s constructed on the inside is just as important, if not more so. Toasters make a lot of heat in a very short time period – you need to know that you have a quality constructed model that doesn’t pose a risk of shorting out. This is why we don’t recommend the super cheap toasters. The extra $15 to $20 if you all you want is a basic toaster is well worth it.

Another part of a toaster’s design that can impact safety is the width of the slots and how it handles “jams” when the bread is done cooking. Let’s fact it, we have all at least once in our time had a piece of bread – usually a bagel or roll – that we had to “make fit” and then got stuck when it was time to pop up. A low quality toaster may not shut off right away. The result: minimally burnt bread or worse, a lot of smoke and potentially a fire.

For people who want to toast all different types of bread in their toaster, including bagels and artisanal breads, you are going to want one that is designed with wider and longer slots.

Video: How to Clean Your Toaster Inside and Out

Organizational whiz Peter Walsh shares an easy way to clean your toaster in seconds. | Courtesy of Rachel Ray Show
Performance and Ease of Use
Ahh…. The age old question – how do you like your toast? A good quality toaster will not only offer you a variety of shade options but it will also make great toast the way that you want it. Speed is another factor to consider with regards to the performance of a toaster. No one wants to wait forever for a piece of toast, especially if you’re a busy mom trying to get those kids off to school (or dad who’s late for work).

Another factor related to performance is the flexibility that the appliance offers. Does the design allow you to make more than simple square slices of bread in it?

Ease of cleaning is also important. Is there a removable crumb tray or will you be shaking the toaster upside down over the trash can. Some even have a storage spot for the cord so it’s not piled up on the counter when not in use.

Some people like their toast lightly browned. Others like it crispy, almost to the point of being burnt. Flexibility and speed (no one wants to wait all day for a piece of toast) are two important performance features in a toaster.

Video: How to Use Your Toaster Tips & Tricks

You've Been Using Your Toaster All Wrong! | Courtesy of Mashed

Get the Best Toaster of 2023!

When it comes to choosing the best toaster for you, it will come down to your personal preferences, and budget. These brands have a lot to offer, whether toasting bread is part of your every day ritual, or just something you do on holidays and for special meals.

Our Top Choice
Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Toaster
Best Value
Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster
KRUPS Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster
Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster
T-fal Classic Avante 2-Slice Toaster

Toaster FAQs

When was the toaster invented?
The toaster was invented by a Scottish man, Alan MacMasters, who came up with the electric toaster in 1893. The first toaster was so rudimentary; it could only toast one side of a slice of bread. It was improved in 1905 by Albert Marsh, who had developed a better heating element.
What is the best toaster on the market?
With so many toaster brands and models to pick from, it is hard to tell the best toaster on the market. However, there are a few things you can consider, including the construction quality and ability to deliver exceptional results. Indeed, the best toaster should have the ability to take any bread size. And, it should be appealing to your eyes. The price of the device shouldn’t matter. Take a look at our reviews if you need help choosing a toaster.
How to clean a toaster
To get rid of bread crumbs, you need to clean your toaster regularly. Unplug the toaster and place it onto a newspaper laid on a flat surface. Slide the crumb tray from the toaster and shake it to remove loose crumbs, debris, dust, and dirt. Use warm, soapy water to clean the plate, just like any other dishes. If the toaster doesn’t have a crumb tray, use a toothbrush to scrub inside. Wipe the device’s exterior a wiping cloth or a non-scratch sponge. If you want to see this in action, we have videos in our toaster buying guide that you can check out.
Where to get rid of an old toaster
The best way to get rid of an old toaster is to recycle it. If it is still working, you can drop it off at a thrift store, donate it directly to a charity. If it is broken, send it to a recycling center. In case you want to get rid of it because it’s broken, the best option would be to try and repair first.