Best Toddler Backpack Reviews 2023

A backpack is more than just a bag for your little one. It’s where all their favorite toys are when they are on vacation away from home; it’s the safest place for their Halloween candies; and most importantly, it’s what stays with them each day on their way to school and back home. Kids pick the backpacks that they love to look at. But, as parents, you need to make sure that it’s perfect for all their needs. That’s why we’ve decided to ease some weight off your shoulders and find the best backpacks for your adorable munchkins. After much extensive research, here are five products from some of the best toddler backpack brands that will make your angel beam with joy!
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Our Top Choice
MadPax Bubble Half Pack Kids’ Backpack
MadPax aims at creating dynamic backpacks that make a statement. No wonder their Bubble Half Pack is so vibrant, funky, and certainly convenient for your little ones.
Unique bubble design. Bright color. Adjustable padded straps. Padded back. iPad holder. Also available in a full pack design for bigger kids, with more colors.
No pockets outside
13.8x11.8x5.9 inches, 1.2 pounds
Interior pockets with zippers
Pink and Red
iPad Holder
Best Value
Dabbawalla Race Car Backpack – Kids’ Backpack
Known for some of the most versatile backpacks and lunch bags, Dabbawalla now brings you the cool Race Car preschool bag with a smart race track design for your little speed racer.
Non-toxic fabric. Sturdy top handle. Flexible shoulder straps. Fun race car design. 4 pockets
No zipper for exterior pocket
6x11x12 inches, 1 ounce
TPE, Nylon, SBR
3 interior mesh, 1 outside pocket
Grey, red, blue/race cars
More pockets for ample storage
Nickelodeon’s Dora The Explorer Backpack - Plush Toddler Bag
Continuing its streak of practical, Nicktoon-centric products, Nickelodeon is here with its adorable Dora the Explorer Toddler Backpack.
Soft exterior. Double side pockets. Adjustable straps. If Dora is not your child’s favorite, Nickelodeon has many other themed backpacks to choose from on Amazon.
No interior pockets
11.9x10.5x4 inches, 8 ounces
2 side pockets
Purple/ Dora the Explorer
Closure with zipper
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Toddler Backpacks
Skip Hop creates quality products for new parents, kids, and babies. Standing true to this name, the trusted brand brings you the sweet and smart Little Kid Butterfly Backpack.
Durable. Front pouch with zipper. Mesh side pocket. Nametag included. Large variety of animal designs. Coordinated accessories such as thermoses and lunch bags.
Not suitable for large items
11x5x12 inches, 11 ounces
1 inner and 1 outer mesh pockets
Blue, pink/ Butterfly
Insulated front pouch
The Everest Junior Backpack – Kid’s Backpack
Everest Bags is among the top names in premium convenience gear, from sleek backpacks to great fanny packs and duffle bags. Its Junior Backpack is a smart option for preschoolers.
Compact in size and shape. Minimalist design. Perfect for air travel. Durable
May not be ideal for large books. No inner pockets
10.2x3.5x13.4 inches, 6.4 ounces
600D polyester
1 front pocket
8 color options
Can work well as a lunch bag

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What is the Best Toddler Backpack?

The right toddler backpack needs to be spacious enough to fit all your kid’s stuff. At the same time, it also needs to be light enough for your little one to carry around. Here are some more tips on what to look for in a backpack for your little munchkin.
Our Top Choice
The Bubble Half Pack from MadPax is perfect for kids under 4. Its eye-catchy bubbly exterior and bold color are sure to make your little powerhouse stand out from the rest. Not a big fan of bubbles? Then, this fabulous block design backpack from MadPax is sure to please the mini boss.

MadPax Bubble Half Backpack with Padded Straps – Fun 3D Design

Kids take their first step into the outside world when they start going to preschool. They play, learn, and make new friends. And boy does that wish list keep getting longer. When being surrounded by so many little ones, it’s important for your child to have a unique personality and a very important reflection of this personality is their backpack. In addition to being durable and convenient, your kid’s bag must be distinctive and appealing.

Standing true to its brand persona of creating something special for every child, MadPax brings you the awesome Bubble Half Pack. With a never seen before 3D bubble design and enhanced comfort, this bag is perfect for your little rebel. Here’s some more good news. Our latest research suggests that this wonder pack is available for just $48.00!

If the parent in you still needs a little more assurance, here are some more great features offered by the MadPax Bubble Half Pack:
  • Hand washable
  • D-rings for easy and safe clipping
  • Air mesh padding for extra comfort
  • Transparent window for ID
  • Perfect for carrying change of clothes
We know your princess would love this lovely pink bubble bag. But, what if your little prince does not like pink? No worries, this super cool bag is also available in a feisty red color.
Best Value
Get ready to watch your little Schumachers jump with joy when they see their very own race track on the Race Car Backpack from Dabbawalla. This preschool bag is spacious enough for clothes or toys when out on trips. If your kid’s a true blue American hero-in-the-making, this military backpack from Dabbawalla could be perfect!

Dabbawalla Preschool and Toddler Backpack with a Colorful Race Car Fast Track Design

Tiny cars all over the floor; day-long sounds of ‘vroom vroom’ and the frequent crashing of homespun race tracks – sounds familiar? Well, you’ve got a tiny car enthusiast alright. Make way for the Race Car Backpack from Dabbawalla – the brand that’s made its mark in the world of smart and efficient bags for kids. With a beautiful grey track and some cool red and blue cars, this bag is not just graphically wonderful but also, 100% safe and surprisingly spacious, without being heavy on those delicate shoulders. Based on our latest report, this great backpack is priced at only $42!

Let’s take a look some other features that make this Race Car Backpack a real smart buy-
  • Insulating material for keeping food warm
  • Machine washable
  • 5% SBR, 75% TPE, and 5% Nylon for better durability
  • 3 interior mesh pockets for locating desired items faster
  • Strong embroidery
Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer themed backpack is perfect for toddlers aged 3 and above. With a soothing purple color, 2 side pockets and a central storage space, this backpack is ideal for your little adventurer. Got some Marshall, Everest, and Skye fans in the house? Then, this Paw Patrol Backpack from Nickelodeon would be just great!

Nickelodeon Dora The Explorer Rescue Backpack with a Plush, Purple Exterior

If you are no stranger to the “Swiper no swiping” chants, you must have certainly met the spirited little explorer from Nickelodeon, Dora. When it comes to this smart and brave character, we know how awestruck kids can get. Right from counting with her to making sure she takes the right route, Dora is well-guided by her young fans.

If your kids have followed Dora on her fun journeys, the Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Backpack is perfect for them. It looks just like Dora’s loyal backpack and has sufficient space for everything that your toddlers would need on their adventure. Priced at just $14, basis our latest research, we’d say this one’s a terrific purchase!

This charming Nickelodeon bag has something more to offer:
  • Includes ‘Map’ from Dora the Explorer with an adventure story
  • Velcro patch to secure the main compartment
  • 100% polyester makes the backpack light and durable
With this bag, the only thing you will have to worry about is how many times your child will sing, “backback, backpack…”
Kids are sure to love the adorable butterfly themed Little Kid Backpack from Skip Hop. This bag is a great blend of colorful fun and optimum utility. Looking for something exclusively for your baby boy? This jazzy backpack and lunch bag set from Skip Hop could do the trick.

Skip Hop Zoo Little Preschool Backpack with Front Pouch and Top Loop – 21 Animal Designs

Kids love their occasional visits to the zoo. Needless to say, animals make them happy. That’s why we are confident that the Little Kid Butterfly Backpack from Skip Hop’s Zoo Pack will get them all jumpy. Thanks to Skip Hop’s expertise and aesthetic taste that’s manifested in all its products, this petite backpack has a lovely bubblegum colored butterfly exterior and some great storage space for everything from your toddler’s juice and snack boxes to pencils, crayons, and books. All this is available at just $20, as per our latest research. We think that’s quite a small price to watch your bundle of joy go all giggly.

You’re right; a backpack cannot be just about the looks. Here’s what makes this Skip Hop Butterfly Bag a practical buy as well:
  • 100% polyester for enhanced durability
  • Front pouch with insulation prevents snacks from going cold
  • Special Inner mesh pocket for crayons
  • Easy to maintain, spacious main compartment
  • Blue and pink colors make it perfect for both girls and boys
Wait, that’s not all. There’s a reason why Skip Hop calls this a part of their ‘Zoo Pack’. You can choose from 21 different animals for your toddler’s backpack. You read it right; puppies, kittens, cows, ducks, monkeys…you name it and the range has it. Is that great or what!
The Everest Junior Backpack is small enough to conveniently carry around and large enough to fit everything that a preschooler would need. It also makes for a superb travel bag for your little one. If you are looking for something just as compact but with more storage space, check out this Everest Posh Backpack with extra pockets.

Everest Junior Kids’ Bag with a Compact Shape and Ample Space – Multiple Colors

When it comes to preschoolers, it is important to ensure that their little backs and shoulders are not burdened by large, bulky bags. You wouldn’t want your little one lugging around a heavy bag that he needs to drag on the ground every now and then. Everest Bags understands this requirement of your child. That’s why it has stepped forward and created the Junior Backpack – a compact, smart and sturdy bag. Don’t be fooled by its size. Just like your mini monster, this is a powerful bag in a tiny package. It has loads of storage space. Priced at under $15 (based on our latest study), the Everest Junior Backpack packs quite a punch.

Looking for more? You got it! Read on to discover some more amazing features offered by this toddler bag-
  • Spacious front pouch with zipper
  • Uniform material extending from the base to the entire backpack so no chances of parts loosening or coming off
  • Protects inner contents even when damp
  • Strong and safe zippers
If aqua blue is not the color for your toddler, this super cool bag is also available in red, turquoise, navy, dark purple, hot pink, rustic orange, and of course, classic black. Phew! Talk about being spoilt for choice!

How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Backpack?

Vroom Vroom! Those are the endless chants from your little munchkin as he drives his toddler car down the hallway. Welcome to the busy world of a toddler, where a potty can easily be used as a ladder to the cookie jar or a trip to the grocery store turns to an ice cream buying spree! At this stage, your toddler’s mind is on overdrive, and soon you may need to enroll your little one in daycare. This will call for a cute, but functional, toddler backpack.

Toddler backpacks are useful when carrying your angel’s toys, coloring books, or even a face painting kit as they go to daycare or even on a trip to grandma’s. Since toddlers get excited by the smallest of things, a toddler backpack should be colorful and full of patterns to excite your little one. The best toddler pack should have adequate space inside, but should not be too big for your kid’s tiny back.

Toddlers are constantly snacking, which is why their backpack should have insulation to keep their precious snacks warm. The backpack should be made of waterproof material to keep the contents safe in case it comes into contact with water. A toddler backpack gives your little angel an identity. So, let your toddler enjoy their world – trust us, they won’t be adorable little buddies for long!
Usually, when we think of buying a backpack for ourselves the price tag is always daunting, however, as your little one only needs a little backpack, you don’t need to have this fear. With as little as $10, you can spoil your little angel with their own backpack complete with cartoon characters and an inner mesh pocket to carry their items. The high-end ones will cost you around $70, owing to the fact they will have more bells and whistles and may even have a clear pocket for your kid’s identity card. Toddler backpacks within this reasonable price range also have adequate space inside for toys, a lunch box, and even a change of clothes.

Isn’t your toddler a precious little being? So why buy them a cheap toddler backpack that is made of flimsy material that can’t withstand your little one’s adventures? Some of those backpacks come in plain, boring colors which will make your toddler sulk in dismay!
So what key features should a backpack for your little buddy have? Well, here’s what you should look out for:
  • Size - A toddler backpack should have adequate space inside without being too big for your little one’s shoulders and back.
  • Material - Strong material, such as polyester, is ideal since it’s durable and can withstand your kid’s endless adventures.
  • Pockets - A front pouch and mesh pockets give your toddler’s backpack extra storage space.
  • Color/Theme– Since toddlers are little visual beings, ensure that the backpack is colorful and attractive enough for your kid. Images of cartoon characters and superheroes entice kids a lot.
  • Closure - Most of the backpacks are closed using a zipper, but you may find some that use strings or buttons to lock in the contents.
Construction and Design
The most common design of toddler backpacks is a theme or of cartoon characters. Since toddlers like identifying with the characters they watch on TV, manufacturers have picked up on this, and transferred it to the backpacks. You will find that the toddler bags are colorful and enticing to little kids.

The inside of the backpack should have adequate space to carry your kid’s toys and other small items. You may find that some include an inner mesh pocket to store crayons and pencils. The front may have a pouch with an extra zipper for added storage. The backpack may have insulation, which keeps snacks warm. Having a back panel that’s padded is an extra advantage since it helps cushion your little buddy’s back. It wouldn’t hurt to have a transparent pocket to put your kid’s ID card inside.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a toddler’s backpack is as easy as A, B, C since there’s no installation required. Just open the backpack, place your items inside, and help your angel put it on his/her back. Since most of the backpacks are waterproof, you can use a damp, soft cloth to clean the dirt away. In case the bag looks like it went for a swim in a mud puddle (with toddlers there’s a high chance of that happening) you may machine wash it, if that’s allowed.

In case the bag has a zipper, you may require to constant monitor whether the zip is still working alright; kids tend to tamper with the zip a lot. You also need to ensure that the backpack has strong embroidery since running stitches don’t look good on the backpack and the toddler may pull on them causing further damage.

Get the Best Toddler Backpack of 2023!

You’ve saved quite some time with this handy list. Kudos to you! All you need to do now is pick the one that’s perfect for your little buddy. If the best toddler backpack for your angel is not in this list, these credible brands have many other backpacks that your little buddy will love!

Our Top Choice
MadPax Bubble Half Pack Kids’ Backpack
Best Value
Dabbawalla Race Car Backpack – Kids’ Backpack
Nickelodeon’s Dora The Explorer Backpack - Plush Toddler Bag
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Toddler Backpacks
The Everest Junior Backpack – Kid’s Backpack