Best Toddler Flatware Set Reviews 2023

Toddlers are messy creatures, and self-feeding is certainly a messy business. But self-feeding is an important part of a child’s development, and you want to see him/her succeed. To help you get the best tools for the job, we’ve assembled a list of five quality brands for toddler flatware and have chosen a set of toddler utensils to feature from each.
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Age Range
Total Pieces
Our Top Choice
Nambé Baby Nambé Feeding Set
Nambé’s craftmanship are works of art, and are exhibited in art galleries globally. That artistic perspective gives them unique qualifications when it comes to how they design each piece of flatware.
Lasting quality and stylish design make these a great keepsake after they’ve been outgrown. Loop handles are easy for toddlers to grasp.
Pricier than some other options (but can be saved as a keepsake).
Infant to Toddler
Feeding Spoon, Loop Spoon & Fork
18/10 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Best Value
The First Years Disney Easy Grasp Flatware
The First Years makes learning to self-feed fun with this colorful and inexpensive flatware set featuring Disney characters on the easy-to-grasp handles.
Toddlers will love the colorful design and characters. Plastic is BPA, lead, and phthalate free.
Fork tines are blunted for safety, but may make picking up food more challenging.
9 months and up
2 (1 Fork, 1 Spoon)
Stainless Steel, BPA-free Plastic
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
Akcook Natural Wooden Toddler Flatware Set
For those wanting toddler utensils made from natural materials, AKcook makes this flatware set from hand-polished natural hardwood, so you can rest assured they’re safe.
Wood is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Fork tines are not too sharp and spoon bowls are deep enough to hold a toddler-sized bite of food.
Not dishwasher safe – must be hand-washed and dried immediately after use to preserve the wood.
1 to 4 years
8 (4 Spoons, 4 Forks)
Hand Wash Only
OXO Tot Toddler Flatware Set
OXO focuses around the idea of a “Universal Design,” which caters to as many individuals as possible. Their Tot’s training fork and spoon have grippy handles for self-feeding.
Spoon is deep enough to hold a good amount of food, and fork is pretty good at picking up food, despite not having sharp points. Both are BPA, phthalate, PVC, and lead free.
Some parents feel that they are too big/wide for younger toddlers.
12 months and up
2 (1 Fork, 1 Spoon)
Stainless Steel, Silicone
Dishwasher Safe
Kidsme Toddler Training Flatware Set
This toddler training flatware set from Kidsme has soft-grip loop handles to help little ones as young as 9 months old develop the ability to feed themselves.
Unique, ergonomic full-loop handle is easy to hold. Affordable. Available in your choice of 3 bright colors.
Might be an awkward fit for the silverware drawer
9 months and up
2 (1 Fork, 1 Spoon)
BPA and Phthalate Free PU
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

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What is the Best Toddler Flatware Set?

Self-feeding is one of the first big steps toward independence. For most toddlers, it starts before potty training. For some, it begins even before they’ve mastered walking. To help your little one get the hang of moving food from plate to mouth, you’ll want to choose flatware that’s designed with beginning self-feeders in mind. To make your choice simple, we scoured the available brands and selected five popular manufacturers for toddler flatware. While we’ve chosen to feature one set from each brand here, most have other great options available as well.
Our Top Choice
Nambé pieces are made with an eye for both beauty and function. The baby Nambé feeding set has smooth, flowing lines and is designed in the ideal size and shape for baby feeding and toddler self-feeding. Once your child outgrows this set, he or she can use Nambé’s Kibo Toddler Flatware set.

Nambé Baby Feeding Set – 3-piece Stainless Steel Set with Loop Spoon and Fork and Feeding Spoon

Nambé is a brand that cares as much about form as function – their home décor items, severware, barware, and more are created to be works of art, and to enjoy long-lasting use. That’s why Nambé’s designs have been winning awards for 60 years, and have even been exhibited in major galleries.

The baby Nambé feeding set is a wonderful choice to get you through the baby and toddler years. The feeding spoon can be used from the very first bite of solid food, and the loop handles of the training spoon and fork can help your child learn to get the food into his or her mouth without your help. Of course, most of it will probably end up on the floor, but you’ll be proud to see that baby trying. All 3 pieces are made of 18/10 stainless steel and are suitable to save as a reminder of those first bites, on top of being durable for those moments the food and the utensils both go flying.

Looking for adult-sized flatware for when those kids get too old? You may like to invest in one of these sets:
  • Nambé Anna 43-piece flatware set – Designed by Lou Henry
  • Nambé Aura 45-piece flatware set – includes 3-piece serving set, butter knife, and sugar spoon
  • Nambé Frond 5-piece stainless steel place setting – smooth, rounded handles with beveled ends
Both the toddler and the full-sized flatware sets are made with extreme attention to detail. The toddler line also includes cups and keepsake items like a piggy bank and a first tooth box.
Best Value
The First Years knows that nothing brings smiles to little faces like bright colors and loved characters. Disney characters, like the ones found on the easy grasp flatware, are always a big hit. For utensils that are ideal on-the-go, The First Years offers the Take & Toss toddler flatware set.

The First Years Disney Minnie Mouse Easy Grasp Flatware – 2 Piece Training Set Featuring Favorite Characters

The First Years is a brand dedicated to selling products that make the first several years of parenthood easier, safer, and more fun. Offerings include baby bottles, pacifiers, potty seats, infant toys, and more. Many The First Years products entice little ones with pictures of popular characters to help them have fun while they eat.

We think the 2-piece easy grasp flatware set will make toddlers excited about feeding themselves. We’re featuring the Minnie Mouse set, but it’s also available with Disney princesses or Cars characters. These utensils are made out of stainless steel so kids can get the feel of eating with real silverware without the risk of damage that comes with sharpened times. The handles are sized and shaped just right for little hands.

This feeding set is just a small part of a much bigger Disney toddler and baby feeding collection from The First Years. You may also be interested in:
  • Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 4-piece feeding set – with plate, bowl fork and spoon
  • Disney Toy Story Take & Toss sippy cup – available in a set of 3
  • Disney/Pixar Cars spill-proof snack bowl – soft flaps keep snacks in place and prevent spills
The Disney line is one of First Years’ most popular collections.
AKcook makes flatware and cooking utensils from natural wood for a nice alternative to plastic or stainless steel. The 8-piece toddler set comes with 4 forks and 4 spoons in the perfect size and shape for kids aged 1 to 4. Want to furnish the grownups with wooden utensils as well? Then you may like AKcook’s 12-piece adult set with forks, spoons, and knives.

AKcook Natural Wooden Toddler Flatware Set – 4 Spoons and 4 Forks for Toddler Self-feeding, Natural Wood

AKcook is a brand that specializes in hardwood alternatives to some common eating and cooking items. Their offers include regular and kids’ flatware sets, as well as cooking tool sets. We think the idea of wooden flatware is intriguing.

We decided to feature the 8-piece kid’s flatware set because the pieces are sturdy, durable, natural, and attractive.

The wooden utensils in this set are made of natural, hand-polished hardwood and are free of lead and chemical treatments. The handles are chubby – perfect for toddlers learning to self-feed – and there are no sharp edges. The only real downside is that you aren’t supposed to put these into the dishwasher, although some parents report machine washing without any negative effects. For best results, however, the company recommends hand washing and drying immediately after use.

AKcook also offers a set of cooking gadgets and a 12-inch wicker basket, available in a set of 4.
OXO’s line of baby and toddler feeding products is sturdy and stylish. The training fork and spoon set is available in 3 striking accent colors – aqua, green, and pink. If you haven’t hit the self-feeding stage yet, you might need OXO Tot’s feeding spoons, which come in a set of two and are made of stainless steel covered in soft silicone.

OXO Tot Toddler Flatware Set – Training Fork and Spoon with Curved, No-slip Handles

In addition to all their other home and kitchen items, OXO offers a pretty nice range of infant and toddler products for feeding, clean-up, travel, and more. Their items for little ones incorporate the same sleek, modern look found in other OXO products.

We’re impressed by OXO’s toddler training fork and spoon because they have a very sturdy look and feel. They should hold up to a lot of use, and they’re also very functional. The spoon is deep enough to actually hold food and get it to a kiddo’s mouth, and the fork picks up most foods pretty well, although the tines are not sharp. The grippy handles are constructed of silicone and hard plastic, and are free of potentially dangerous chemicals such as BPA and phthalates.

If you’re in the market for other toddler products, here are a few you may be interested in:
  • OXO Tot twist lid straw cup – spill resistant for at home or on-the-go
  • OXO Tot bowls with snap-on lids – available in a set of 2, with small and large sizes
  • OXO Tot divided plate – comes with removable training ring and a center section just for dipping sauces
The pieces in the OXO Tot feeding line all have matching color/design schemes – they’re white or clear with bright green, aqua, or pink accents.
Kidsme makes baby products with an emphasis on feeding and teething. Our featured choice is the toddler fork and spoon set, which has looped handles that should help your baby get the hang of holding utensils on his or her own. For an alternative minus the handle loops, the Kidsme My First Spoon and Fork set is another good choice.

Kidsme Toddler Training Flatware Set – Safe Plastic Fork and Spoon with Ergonomic Handles

Kidsme is 100 percent focused on babies and toddlers. Their lineup includes baby food feeders, training toothbrushes, and teething toys. The products are created with the needs of both babies and parents in mind.

The Kidsme toddler fork and spoon set made our list because it has an innovative design that will help many babies and young toddlers with learning to eat on their own. They come available in lavender, lime green, and aquamarine, and they’re free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and latex. The loop handles aren’t appreciated by all babies – some do better with regular spoons and forks – but they’re reasonably priced and certainly worth a try.

Other feeding products from Kidsme include:
  • Kidsme Feeder Essentials Set – comes with small and large feeder + extra replacement sacks
  • Kidsme food chopper – simple design for cutting food on-the-go
Kidsme’s selection isn’t massive, but the products they do offer are well-loved and come highly recommended by users.

How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Flatware Set?

Did you know that your toddler can begin eating like the big boys with his/her own set of flatware? Toddlers can not only sit upright in their very own Disney theme chair but can also confidently steer a loaded spoon to their mouth. Allowing your little one to self-feed is a great way to encourage and improve motor skills similar to what they gain from moving pieces around in a toy barn or doll house. Just like anything you would buy for your toddler, it is crucial that you choose a toddler set that is 100 percent safe to use. Basically, you want something that is made from non-toxic materials and has no sharp edges. You should also pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommended age as some pieces of cutlery may offer more support than others, making them more age appropriate.
Cutlery for toddlers is inexpensive for the most part. Some cost much less than a pack of Luvs. And, just like everything else out there, there are cheap toddler flatware sets available. But the use of low-quality materials and poor craftsmanship are the biggest reasons why they are priced so low. There are several factors that contribute to the price of toddler cutlery, most notably the materials used in the construction and the number of pieces that come along with the set. For example, stainless steel made toddler forks and spoons are going to cost a few dollars more than ones made from BPA plastic. Both, however, are safe to use for your little one as long as they are of high quality and come from a trusted brand. To give you a rough idea of prices you can expect to see on the shopping trail, they range anywhere from $5 all the way up to $30.
Before heading out shopping for the best toddler flatware, it is important that you consider the type of items your little one will be comfortable with using.

Apart from that, here are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best toddler cutlery:
  • Material –Toddler flatware can be made from several different materials: stainless steel, plastic, and wood
  • Number of Items –Some sets come with one fork and spoon, while others may come with two, three, or more
  • Types of Cutlery –This can include forks, spoons, and knives
  • Recommended Age –It is important to check if the respective flatware is suitable for your toddler
  • Maintenance –Most toddler flatware items are dishwasher-safe, while others are to be washed by hand only
  • Design and Theme –Since this type of flatware is geared towards encouraging your child to eat, you should ideally buy a set that appeals to them such as one with Disney characters, etc.
Construction and Design
Toddler flatware can be made from several different materials, but what’s most important here is that the items are safe to use. The type of plastic that is used is generally BPA (bisphenol) free. BPA is an industrial chemical that is used in the manufacturing process of storage items such as water bottles. The use of BPA is fine for the most part, until, of course, it seeps into the food and causes problems. BPA can affect the brain, and it can also affect the prostate gland of infants. This is why it is best to avoid it from the get go. Often, you may also come across some plastic toddler flatware labeled as being Phthalate Free PU, which is basically an ester that could cause a reaction with other materials. Hardwood is biodegradable, so, if you’re environmentally conscious, this type is a great choice. Stainless steel is available in several different grades; the most popular grade being 18/10. The first number refers to the amount of chromium and the second number the amount of nickel.

It is important to assess the safety of the material the flatware is made of, but then the second thing is to make sure your child will enjoy eating off of that specific material. If it’s safe but not conducive to your child’s likes, chances are it won’t be effective.
Performance and Ease of Use
Toddler flatware sets should not only be comfortable for your little one to use, but they should be comfortable for you as well. If your child could use the extra support, look for cutlery items that feature ergonomic handles or comfort grips. If they are good eaters, check out spoons that have deep spoon bowls in order to grasp a good amount of food. With regards to ease of use, one of the biggest benefits of buying plastic or stainless steel flatware is that they are dishwasher compatible, so they can be washed along with your other dishes. Some wood options are dishwasher-safe as well, but hardwood is not. If you choose hardwood, you will have to wash by hand and dry immediately in order to preserve the wood.

Get the Best Toddler Flatware Set of 2023!

Now that you have a good idea what sort of flatware is available for early self-feeders, you’re well on your way to furnishing your tot with the right tools for the job. Our featured products are just a sampling of the feeding products that these brands have for babies, kids, and toddlers. Check out all their offerings to outfit your mini-me with the flatware you know your toddler will enjoy.

Our Top Choice
Nambé Baby Nambé Feeding Set
Best Value
The First Years Disney Easy Grasp Flatware
Akcook Natural Wooden Toddler Flatware Set
OXO Tot Toddler Flatware Set
Kidsme Toddler Training Flatware Set