Best Toddler Puzzle Reviews 2021

Toddler puzzles are of different varieties which makes buying one for your kid a bit of a bother. We have therefore decided to carry out research on the different puzzles available for kids and toddlers to simplify the process of purchasing one. Our research led us to five of the best brands that offer some of the best toddler puzzles. We highlighted one puzzle from each of these brands, but note that these brands have other puzzles that might be ideal for your kid; so feel free to check them out. If you want even more options, we also have reviews on kids puzzles and Disney puzzles.
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Our Top Choice
Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles Set
Melissa & Doug is dedicated to creating and distributing puzzles that encourage open-minded thinking and inspire kids to widen their horizons via infinite possibilities.
Color-coded pieces for easy sorting. Solid wooden box for easy storage and movement. Attractive finished product. Stays interesting.
Has pieces which don’t stick together well after extended use.
Automobiles; 4-in-1
36 months – 5 years
8 x 6 inches
Best Value
The Learning Journey Puzzle Sets
The Learning Journey uses findings from the latest detailed educational research in the creation of its products, giving your kids fun products that also help them learn.
Progressive difficulty. Lightweight material. Vividly-detailed scenes keep kids engrossed, interested, and engaged. Large- and chunky-sized pieces kids can grasp easily.
Some pieces don’t fit correctly.
Animals; 4-in-1
Ocean characters
2 and up
2; 4; 6; 8
12.5 x 8.5 inches
Baby Kids Bargains Name Puzzle
Baby Kids Bargains is committed to giving you the best products with quality craftsmanship, which are also basic fundamental items needed by young children and their mothers.
Name-personalized. Raised letters. Letters printed on with non-toxic paint to ensure kids’ safety. Vibrant and eye-catching colors designed to hold your kid’s interest.
Names with accents cannot be personalized with this product.
12 months to 8 years
Up to 9
Varies according to name
Bits and Pieces Alphabet Giraffe
Bits and Pieces aims to provide young children with creative, functional, innovative brain teasers and unique toddler puzzles designed to give you the best possible performance.
Attractive design. Highly educative. Made from durable, treated wood designed to last a long time. Easy game play.
May be difficult to arrange this puzzle in its box after use.
Alphabets in Giraffe shape
3 and up
16 x 6 inches
GYBBER&MUMU Shape Puzzle
GYBBER&MUMU designs safe and high-quality products intended to enhance your kids’ developmental skills and reasoning abilities while ensuring that they have fun.
Layered surface protects from wear and tear. Large-sized pieces. Resilient pieces. Non-toxic, water-based paints.
Has pieces which are small enough to be considered choking hazards.
; Shapes
Preschool shapes
3 and up
7 x 7 inches

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What is the Best Toddler Puzzle?

Toddler puzzles come with a myriad of features which you should put into consideration before buying one. Having read our buying guide, you are now reasonably informed on the subject of toddler puzzles and can pick one for your kid's use. To further ensure you select the best product, go through our list of reviewed products and pick the one best suited to your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Melissa & Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Set: Vehicles and Construction has eight different puzzle boards so your kids are never bored. With the shape and color codes on each puzzle piece, you can easily sort them. If you would prefer a puzzle with a nature-oriented design, then check out the Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Set : Vehicles and Construction

Melissa & Doug is a leading brand dedicated to the creation and distribution of puzzles and toys which encourage an open-minded train of thought in kids while inspiring them to see endless possibilities. It encourages imagination, creativity, and learning in kids; therefore, its puzzles are crafted to give your kids countless ways to play while helping them realize their full potential. It was founded by a couple with creativity and imagination who still find time to hand-make their prototypes, ensuring that they’re just right before handing them over to the production department. In Melissa & Doug, you have a brand whose attention to detail is unmatched and gives you high-quality, functional products.

The Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles Set has eight different puzzle boards combined into one set. With this, your kids can play extensively without even getting bored. Its puzzles are intricately designed to be engaging and challenging enough to develop your kids’ reasoning abilities, coordination, and analysis skills while having fun at the same time. It also comes packaged in a sturdy, wooden box which retains its quality even after extended use. You don’t have to worry about where to store eight different puzzle boards, as the manufacturer has already taken care of that for you.

The Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles Set has its pieces made from high-quality materials that won’t break or damage easily. Its pieces are tailor-made to still hold up after extreme rough handling. This unique toddler puzzle set also has its pieces shape- and color-coded so as to allow you to sort them effortlessly after use. Lastly, its storage box comes with compartments which allow for easy organization and sorting of each board and its pieces.

But there’s more; check out other amazing toddler puzzles by Melissa & Doug:
  • Melissa & Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle with talk back features which provide your kid with a fun way to master the alphabet
  • Melissa & Doug Sing-Along Nursery Rhymes Sand Puzzles for a fun and engaging tutelage of nursery rhymes
Best Value
The Learning Journey My First Puzzle Set has four different puzzle boards designed to give your child progressive degrees of difficulty. With their chunky size, your child’s fingers can grasp its pieces without any difficulty. In the event that you prefer a puzzle that has a finished product that glows in the dark, then check out the Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles.

The Learning Journey My First Puzzle Sets – Available in Several Themes

The Learning Journey opened in 1995 and ever since has consistently churned out products that are educative, interactive, and fun at the same time. It always inputs findings from the latest detailed educational research into its products, giving you fun products that also help your kids learn and develop. Its offerings have won countless awards in the past; therefore, you know that you’re getting the absolute best with this brand. The Learning Journey also designs, produces, and distributes its products by itself. Therefore, there is no third party involved which reduces the issue of integrity of its products; each and every product has the Learning Journey stamp of approval.

The Learning Journey Puzzle Set includes four different puzzles, each with varying degrees of difficulty. This gives your kids the opportunity to develop as their abilities increase progressively with the same puzzle set. This puzzle set has vivid, detailed, and animated scenes which will always keep your child’s attention for long periods of time without an element of boredom. It also has its puzzle pieces chunky and large-sized. This means that your child can easily grasp the pieces without any difficulty.

The Learning Journey Puzzle Set is made from high-quality, resilient cardboard material which is as durable as possible. This material is also lightweight, ensuring that your kid can easily carry the whole puzzle set without any adult supervision. Each puzzle piece is number-coded, as well; this makes for easy organization and sorting after use.

Other products by Learning Journey you might want to check out include:
  • The Learning Journey Sing-Along Puzzle - Itsy Bitsy Spider gives a classic puzzle experience while teaching a much-loved nursery rhyme
  • The Learning Journey Jumbo Floor Puzzle – Animals of the World for an ultra-large puzzle experience with animated illustrations
The Baby Kids Bargains Child’s Personalized Name Puzzle is name-personalized to increase the love and interest that your kid will have for this product. It also has raised letters for easy removal and replacement of its pieces. If you would prefer your kid’s name incorporated into a step stool, then check out the Baby Kids Bargains Personalized Pastel Puzzle Step Stool.

Baby Kids Bargains Child’s Personalized Name Puzzle

Baby Kids Bargains, like the name suggests, is a brand created to cater to the needs of young children and their mothers. Its primary aim is to supply young children with the basic necessities for convenience and comfort, along with solutions for their ideal growth and development. Its products have a superb level of quality and craftsmanship so you can be sure they won’t fail you when you need them to perform. This brand values simplicity and functionality, and ensures its products are devoid of unnecessary features which can hamper their efficiency and usefulness.

The Baby Kids Bargains Name Puzzle is elegant in its simplicity. This puzzle is uncomplicated; your kid can handle and use it with relative ease. It’s also name-personalized, meaning that each puzzle is named after your kid, increasing that feeling of being special (this alone makes it a favorite among kids).

This puzzle teaches your kids to spell their names while having fun. Furthermore, its letters are extra-sized. This makes it easy for your child’s little fingers to grasp them while increasing coordination. The letters are painted in vibrant, eye-catching colors which are guaranteed to hold your kid’s attention. These paints are laboratory-tested, non-toxic paints.

Other innovative toddler puzzles by Baby Kids Bargains include the following for your consideration:
  • Baby Kids Bargains Champion Primary Puzzles made primarily to teach your little boy to spell the word “Champion” while having fun
  • Baby Kids Bargains Big Girl Pastel Puzzle which is perfect for teaching letter recognition to a young girl
The Bits and Pieces Wooden Alphabet Giraffe teaches your kid mastery of uppercase letters, numbers, and colors at the same time. With its attractive giraffe design, your child will always be interested in playing with this toy. If your kid needs a puzzle focused on the mastery of numbers only, then check out the Bits and Pieces - Wooden Owl Number Puzzle.

Bits and Pieces Wooden Alphabet Giraffe

Bits and Pieces was founded in 1983. It is a brand which aims to provide both young children and adults alike with creative, functional, and innovative brain teasers and unique puzzles. Its products are always designed to ensure that the user gains valuable analysis and problem-solving skills while having fun. It has an extensive product catalog which means that no matter your preference or taste, you will always find a product suitable for your needs with this brand.

The Bits and Pieces Alphabet Giraffe is unique in that it combines mastery of uppercase letters, colors, and numbers all at once. The puzzle cannot be completed unless letters, colors, and numbers are blended in a specific way, ensuring that after extended use the user will be adept in the knowledge of each. This amazing puzzle looks easy, but can be engaging; therefore, it is not a product that your child will lose interest in after a short period of time. It also has a cute and attractive giraffe image designed to hold your child’s interest.

The Bits and Pieces Alphabet Giraffe comes in a treated durable wooden box which ensures its longevity. The colors on the puzzle are also painted on with a non-toxic paint which won’t peel off easily and is totally safe for your kid.

Other amazing puzzles by Bits and Pieces include the following:
  • Bits and Pieces Alphabet Train Shaped Floor Puzzle which has its pieces in a size ideal for tiny hands
  • Bits and Pieces Alphabet Butterfly Puzzle with vibrant colors for a fun and engaging experience
The GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Shape Puzzle has a layered surface designed to protect your puzzle pieces from wear and tear. This unique toddler puzzle also has large pieces which are specifically designed for kids. If you would prefer a more-advanced puzzle experience, then check out the GYBBER&MUMU Colorful Wooden Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle.

GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Shape Puzzle

GYBBER&MUMU is an Asian brand and one for the future; its products are designed to be safe and of high quality. With a passion for the education and growth of young children, it releases products that are designed to enhance the user’s developmental skills and abilities while ensuring fun. Therefore, satisfaction and fun are a guarantee with this brand.

The GYBBER&MUMU Shape Puzzle is designed to increase the mastery of colors, shapes, and numbers while having a wholesome and fun experience. Its layered surface is designed to protect its pieces from unnecessary wear and tear, giving you unparalleled durability. Furthermore, its pieces are large and chunky to enable little kids to grasp and play with them easily.

This unique set has a puzzle board which is made from a solid and durable wooden material. This wooden material is treated to ensure that it can withstand the test of time without giving out. Lastly, every bit of paint on this toddler puzzle is water-based and non-toxic. There is no chemical hazard involved with this puzzle, and the safety of your kids is guaranteed.

Other amazing toddler puzzles by GYBBER&MUMU you might want to check out include:
  • GYBBER&MUMU Alphabet Letters Wooden Puzzle which is perfect for teaching kids the use of uppercase letters
  • GYBBER&MUMU Little Star Wooden Animal Puzzle which has various colorful shapes that will keep your kid playing for a long period of time

How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Puzzle?

Do you think your kids have outgrown their motorized vehicles? Perhaps you are tired of having to clean them up constantly after a day spent playing with their water tables? Do you want your kids to play with a toy that won't make as much noise as a drum set? Then look no further than a toddler puzzle.

Toddler puzzles are played on a flat surface and involve arranging pieces in the right order and manner to get a predefined image. Toddler puzzles are a great way for your kids to learn while having fun. This product is usually designed to increase the mastery of alphabets, colors, and shapes while simultaneously developing your kid’s much-needed motor skills, problem-solving skills, and analytical thinking.

Toddler puzzles have a variety of features such as the theme, number of pieces, and subject matter. Some toddler puzzles are designed to increase mastery of the alphabet, others dwell on colors, while some unique ones even incorporate elements of the two. Toddler puzzles may also have nature-based themes, everyday objects themes, or even fairytale themes. It all depends on the preference of your kid.

Solving toddler puzzles will definitely increase your kid’s ability to think objectively and analytically. The difficulty of a toddler puzzle depends on the number of pieces it possesses; it follows that the more pieces there are, the more difficult a toddler puzzle will be.

Knowing the importance of a toddler puzzle to your kid's development is not all there is to getting one. You should also be well-informed on certain features. Keep reading as we discuss these features.
Toddler puzzles may seem uncomplicated, but they vary widely according to factors such as size, material, and number of pieces. Prices of toddler puzzles also vary according to the above-mentioned features. Therefore, your best bet is to pick a product that is within your budget range and has the necessary features to keep your kid educated and entertained.

The toddler puzzles featured on our list vary in price from $9 to $35. You should rest assured that no matter the product you pick from our list, you will be getting value in terms of your kid's entertainment and education. It is worth mentioning that in the course of our research, we came across some cheap toddler puzzles but we have left them out of this list as they are not quite up to the requisite standard.
Buying the perfect toddler puzzle becomes relatively easy when you know what features exactly to look out for. Here are some:
  • Type
  • Theme
  • Age
  • Pieces
  • Size/Weight
Construction and Design
Two important aspects to consider when choosing a toddler puzzler are the pieces (including what they’re made of and how many there are), and the size/weight of the set. Here’s more info:


When selecting a toddler puzzle, one important feature to look out for is the puzzle piece. Puzzle pieces are usually made from different materials such as wood and cardboard. It is important to know that a puzzle with wooden pieces will serve you for a long period of time, but also have the added downside of sometimes being heavy. Cardboard pieces are not so resilient, but they are lightweight and easy for your child to carry around.

The number of puzzle pieces also determines the difficulty level. The higher the number of pieces, the more difficult the puzzle will be, so you should definitely watch out for that.


Generally, most parents prefer a puzzle which has a size that can be easily stored and moved around, while giving their kid easy mobility and access. The weight of your toddler puzzle depends on the material that it’s made of, whether wooden or cardboard material. Therefore, when selecting a toddler puzzle, be on the lookout for the size and weight while comparing it to your child's physical capabilities.
Performance and Ease of Use
For your little one to get the best and most entertaining use of their new toddler puzzle, there are a few things you should consider. These include the type of puzzle, the theme it portrays, and the recommended age group—you don’t want your older kids bored to death, do you?


The performance of your toddler puzzle will depend on the type it is. Some are alphabet-based, some use numbers, while a good number are even color-based. All of these should be put into consideration depending on the sort of fun and learning experience you desire for your kid.

Remember that puzzles incorporate elements of learning; therefore, the type of puzzle will determine if your kid will be proficient in the use of the alphabet, numbers, or colors. Some unique puzzles also have a design that incorporates elements from the three types of puzzles, so you can check those out too.


The theme of your puzzle should also be put into consideration before getting one for your kid. Popular themes include nature themes, everyday objects, fairytales, and others. Depending on your kid’s preference, a puzzle with a suitable theme should be chosen.

The theme of a toddler puzzle will determine the amount of interest your kid will have playing with it, and should be considered carefully before choosing one. It will be pointless for you to select a toddler puzzle with a theme that doesn't hold any interest for your kid, as invariably he/she won't play with the puzzle as intended.


The age group of the user of a toddler puzzle should not be left out of the list of factors to consider. As mentioned earlier, puzzles come in varying degrees of difficulty, each of them appropriate for different age groups. A puzzle with less than thirty pieces will not be suitable for children older than six, as they will quickly master it and discard it. You need to select one that will be engaging and challenging enough for the targeted age group, without being too difficult for them to put together.

Get the Best Toddler Puzzle of 2021!

We appreciate your taking out time and effort to read through our buying guide and reviews. You should be safe knowing that you’re now well-equipped to deal with the pressure of picking the perfect puzzle for your kid's enjoyment and satisfaction. Go ahead and place that order today. In the event that you want to view other products from our listed brands, we have included navigation links for you to follow.

Our Top Choice
Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles Set
Best Value
The Learning Journey Puzzle Sets
Baby Kids Bargains Name Puzzle
Bits and Pieces Alphabet Giraffe
GYBBER&MUMU Shape Puzzle