Best Toddler Rain Boots Reviews 2022

With rain and cold comes the need to keep your child as warm as possible. One of the obvious methods is to encase your kid’s feet in boots that will keep them warm and yet allow them to do what they would usually do. We’ve selected five brands we believe have the best toddler rain boots there are to save you the confusion of surfing through the entire market for the right boots on your own. Check the brands’ other options if you must, since we’ve reviewed just one product from each. Enjoy!
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Shaft Info
Sole Info
Our Top Choice
Muck Boots Kids’ Pull-on Boots
With over sixty styles of footwear (rubber and leather) in the market, Muck Boots promises you a wide variety of footwear that’s tough and all-weather-worthy.
Firm and solid grip on slippery ground. Rubber exterior gives additional waterproofing ability and toughness. Interior PM mesh lining makes for cool and dry feet. Retain heat.
The boots might be a bit difficult to pull on or off.
Toddler; Little Kid; Big Kid
Breathable mesh; 7 colors
Best Value
Western Chief Kids Rain Boots
With a brand like Western Chief that has been in the market for over a hundred years, one can only expect something awesome and lasting to come from all that experience.
Come with pull handles that help kids pull them on or off without assistance. Boots are comfortable with the cushioned foot bed. Easy to clean. Several characters/colors.
New boots have a chemical smell that accompanies them.
Rain/snow boots
1 - 13
2 handles; 29 colors
7 inches; rubber
Bogs Classic Camo Waterproof Boots
Bogs is one brand that has confidence in its ability to create boots and footwear of high quality, seeing as it boasts of a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Contoured EVA foot bed processed with DuraFresh bio-technology fights against bad odor. Removable sock liner also combats odor. Outsoles provide traction for any weather.
After some time, the boots might get a little too warm.
Rain/snow boots
7 Toddler – 6 Big Kid
2 carved-out handles; 2 colors
10 inches; neoprene/rubber
Rubber; non-marking
Crocs Bump It Finding Dory™ Rain Boots
Crocs Inc., produces so many different kinds of footwear for men, women, and kids and each one carries the uniqueness, fun, and quality that can only be Crocs’.
Rubber bumpers inside the boots keep toes and ankles from bruising. Comes with a licensed Finding Dory character on the front. Boots do not retain marks. Comfortable.
The height of the boots might be irregular.
1 - 13
Dory and Nemo; ocean
5 inches; synthetic
Kidorable Lotus Flower Rain Boots
Kidorable is interested in turning your kid’s everyday boring stuff into something fun and creative with its awesome range of rainwear, towels, backpacks, and even knitwear.
Rubber soles that provide good traction and prevent accidental slips. The insides of the boots are lined with cotton for comfort and warmth. 3D lotus flower applique.
The boots could have been lighter.
; Female; rain/snow boots
Children 5-13; Youths 1-2
Lotus flower; pink/yellow
8 inches; rubber

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What is the Best Toddler Rain Boots?

Shopping for rain boots for your child shouldn’t be a chore that you would rather do without. In fact, with the right information, it should be fun. Now thanks to us, you do have the right information; it’s time to look at the individual products to pick which ones are the best toddler rain boots for you.
Our Top Choice
The Muck Boots Kids’ Hale Pull-on Boots are made with an insulation material called CR Flex-Foam neoprene. This material makes the boots waterproof, quite flexible, and able to retain heat and absorb shock. If you want something with a little more insulation capacity, you should check out the Muck Boots Rover II Kids’ Boot. It has a higher comfort rate of up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Muck Boots Kids’ Hale Pull-on Boots – Available in Multiple Sizes & Color Options

In the 90s, there arose a need for boots that could withstand any weather and ground condition and yet remain as comfortable as possible. This led to the birth of The Original Muck Boot Company in the year 1999. With high-performance boots that are also comfortable, this company entered the market with a bang. It produces its boots with XpressCool fabric lining that removes moisture from the skin and moves it to other areas of the boots, creating a cool and dry effect. Comfort and quality are two things that The Original Muck Boot Company has refused to compromise on.

The first thing that stands out for us in the Muck Boots Kid’s Hale Pull-on Boots are the CR-Flex Foam neoprene of which it is made. If this was all there was to these boots, it would have been enough and here is why: the CR-Flex Foam neoprene material is soft and flexible, allowing the boots to wrap snugly and fit comfortably around your kid’s feet like a second skin. Also, this material gives the boots a heat-retaining capacity, keeping your kid’s feet safe from the harsh, cold weather.

Still on this material, it makes the boots waterproof. So, allow your child to wade around in puddles and mud knowing that whatever is outside cannot get inside. Finally, it gives the boots a shock-absorbing capacity that protects your kid’s feet as he/she jumps and hops along.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend so much time washing and getting them clean. The rubber exterior is self-cleaning and will not stress you much. Also, the outsoles give the boots a firm grip and make them stable. So, when your kid is treading along a sidewalk you think is slippery, fear not; the boots will keep him/her grounded.

The Muck Boots Kids Hale Pull-on Boots were created to make kids’ feet comfortable whatever the weather. Whether the weather is at a subfreezing point or is as high as 65 degrees Fahrenheit, your kid’s feet will be comfy. Quite important is that these boots will go with whatever your child wears. They are not discriminatory, but embrace clothes of any style and color—in fact, they’re available in a range of sizes and colors. Muck Boots promises that these boots will last for all of three seasons, so you could say that they are quite affordable.

Other Muck Boots include:
  • Muck Boots Rover II Kids’ Boot: with a higher comfort rate of up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
Best Value
Wearing The Western Chief Kids Rain Boots promises to be a whole lot of fun for your children seeing as the boots come with so many different and exciting characters that are special and personal to each child. If you want boots that look like sneakers, what you want is the Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boots.

Western Chief Kids Printed Rain Boots – Available in Multiple Colors

One of the oldest manufacturers, Western Chief was created in 1891. Its existence is a result of the need for solid, brutal, weather-withstanding boots that arose during the Alaska Gold Rush and the tough weather that came with it. Now, Western Chief sees to all your boot needs whether man, woman, or child; for play, gardening, or just walking the streets. As a form of service to humanity, Western Chief provides free boots to kids, women, and men in need through the Wear A Big Smile Foundation. Affordability and functionality are the values that Western Chief is guided by.

One thing that calls to you when you see a pair of Western Chief Kids Rain Boots is the variety of lovely colors, patterns, and characters on the boots. What kid wouldn’t want to wear a pair of boots designed with some of his favorite things? Bugs, monsters, trucks, and camouflage are just a few of the things featured on these boots. All these just make the boots more special and unique to each child.

These boots might be your kid’s first step towards independence. We say this because the boots have pull-on handles that make it easy for your kids to do without you; well, maybe not exactly do without, but they do make it easy for your kids to pull their boots on and off without assistance. Watch your babies grow up before your very eyes.

Every Western Chief Kids Rain Boot is handcrafted, giving each one that touch of love, personality, and of course quality. Your kids will wear these boots for years, and if it seems like the boots are a little too snug, just remove the insoles (don’t worry, you won’t damage the boots; the insoles are removable) and voila! More room.

On the exterior, you have the 100% rubber body that’s waterproof and allows no moisture (or anything, for that matter) into the boots. They’re also quite easy to clean so that your kid can always have clean boots on the ready.

On the interior, the textile lining keeps the boots, and invariably your kid’s feet, dry all day long. It does this by absorbing the moisture, in the form of sweat, from the feet. Also, the foot bed is cushiony, making the boots quite comfortable. Don’t be alarmed if your kid insists on wearing them every day and everywhere.
The Bogs Classic Camo Waterproof Insulated Boot is awesome because it has a contoured EVA foot bed that has been processed with DuraFresh bio-technology to fight bad odor so your kids can wear them for as long as they want. Not interested in the camo design? Check out the Bogs Kids Classic High Mossy Oak Winter Snow Boots with its lovely oak design.

Bogs Classic Camo Waterproof Insulated Boots – Available in Multiple Sizes & 2 Colors

Bogs is one of the leading producers of boots. Founded in 2002, it has seen to the provision of a wide range of waterproof rain boots for workers and players alike. The trio of comfort, durability, and waterproof features are what you should expect when you get a Bogs. It started out with just boots for farmers and ranchers, but the fame of its success was soon noised abroad, forcing it to branch out. It can only be confidence that sparked Bogs’ boast in its products and the promise of a 100% guarantee on its entire boot line.

With a brilliant technology called the DuraFresh biotechnology, your Bogs Classic Camo Boot will not smell. The EVA foot bed features this DuraFresh and it eliminates bad odor that might arise from wearing the boots for way too long—or just the simple fact that guys’ feet stink naturally. Buy these boots for your son and no matter how much he wears them, they will remain fresh-smelling and won’t engulf the whole house in the unmistakable smell of feet.

The insides of the boots are lined with a special material called the Bogs Max-Wick that keeps the feet and boots warm and dry. Bothered about your kid falling on slippery ground? Put that fear out of your mind. The outsoles are specially designed to provide traction and give your kids the freedom to wander in any weather and yet remain safe.

The sock liner (that is removable, just so you know) is also treated to kill foot odor. It has a comfort rating for weather as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that even if the weather is as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, your kid’s feet will feel like they’re in another climate because of how warm the boots will remain.

As a plus, the boots barely weigh a thing, allowing your kids to tramp around, light as air, without feeling like they’re dragging along dead weight.

Bogs has some other awesome toddler rain boots for your consideration:
  • Bogs Kids Classic No Handles High Mossy Oak Winter Snow Boots, 6m US Big Kid: with its beautiful oak tree design
  • Bogs Sketch Dots Rain Boots: that celebrates the artist in your kid
With its camo design, these boots would be perfect for a kid who’s an aspiring military person—a great way to show your support.
Using a material called CrosliteTM, the Crocs Bump It Finding Dory™ Rain Boots have been made to be soft and comfortable. They also repel odor and are so lightweight your kids will feel like they’re walking on air. If your kid isn’t interested in Finding Dory, check out this favorite hero on the Crocs Bump It Batman Rain Boots.

Crocs Bump It FindingDory™ Rain Boots – Available in Multiple Sizes

Crocs Inc., has been producing shoes for 13 years and is currently within the range of 300 million pairs sold. It has to its credit, a wide range of all-season footwear for everyone and anyone. The Niwot, Colorado-based company has not limited itself to just the United States; it currently does business in over 90 countries of the world. So, wherever you go, you’re just one shop away from a pair of Crocs boots. Added to the obvious quality that comes with every pair of Crocs, Crocs encourages you to “Find Your Fun” in every pair you buy.

The Crocs Bump It Finding Dory Rain Boots is one exciting pair of boots that your kid will love. It has a vintage theme to it—and come on, who doesn’t love vintage? Vintage is just an absolute treasure. Added to the vintage inspiration, or perhaps even more prominent than it, is the Finding Dory licensed icon feature on the boots that actually lends its name to the boots. The icon on the boots is enough to draw any child’s attention.

The boots are made with a special material called Coslite that is unique to Crocs. This material gives the insides of the boots a cushiony feel and makes your kid feel like he is walking on air. It provides a soft landing for your kid’s feet as well.

Coslite also makes the boots odor-resistant, which is a good thing because judging by the design, your kid will probably want to wear these boots for days on end. It’s quite forgivable if you won’t be forced to live with the smell of feet. The boots are also lightweight, allowing your kid to jump, hop, dance, and do absolutely anything without being pulled down to reality.

The Crocs Bump It Finding Dory Boots feature a rubber bumper and bottom band that protect the toes and ankles. No matter how long your kid leaves the boots on or the amount of impact their feet encounter as they jump and play, their toes and ankles remain protected. There is no use fearing swelling, bruising, or abrasion; Crocs has got you protected.

Other toddler rain boots by Crocs include:
  • Crocs Bump It Batman Rain Boots: for the Batman fans and even the Batman wannabes
  • Crocs Bump It Cars K Rain Boot: for the love of Cars
The Crocs Bump It Finding Dory Boots are also non-marking.
With the 3-dimensional lotus flower applique and the scalloped opening at the toe, the Kidorable Rubber Lotus Flower Rain Boots are sure to get your baby girl all the attention she wants no matter how dour the weather is. If your girl is more into fairies, you can try the Kidorable Green Fairy Rain Boots.

Kidorable Rubber Lotus Flower Rain Boots – Available in Multiple Sizes

Kidorable is a kid’s brand. It provides basically everything your child needs to catch fun in the great outdoors, ranging from rain boots and umbrellas to knitwear and towels. The aim here is to get the kid’s creative juices flowing by pushing them out of the indoors with its TV, video games, and all what not. It strives to make them as comfortable as possible in the outdoors so that they can explore and create while remaining safe and dry. Turning everyday boring kids’ stuff into something fun and exciting is what Kidorable promises to do with all its products.

The very first thing you notice about these Kidorable rain boots is the Lotus flower applique at the toe. It’s in all its three-dimensional glory practically calling on little girls to grab the boots. This unique style of using a three-dimensional applique makes the boots a must-have for your girl. If you doubt us, take your daughter shopping and when she sets sight on these boots, you will see the truth for yourself—not just because we said it. To make these boots all that more alluring, they have been designed with a scalloped opening so that your daughter learns to want and appreciate style from a very young age.

It’s not all beauty though; these boots also have practical uses. For example, the insides are lined with printed cotton that makes for comfortable and cozy boots irrespective of the weather, and yet gives you boots that are beautiful both inside and out. Also, the soles are made of rubber and provide traction so that your daughter walks the walk with pride and doesn’t fall. The soles have a no-slipping agreement with any surface whatsoever; wet, damp, or dry, so rest easy.

Kidorable has so many other awesome rain boots that your daughter can pick from. Some of them are:
  • Kidorable Green Fairy Natural Rubber Rain Boots w/Fun Flower Pull On Heel Tab: for that little girl that still believes in fairies
  • Kidorable Blue Mermaid Natural Rubber Rain Boots w/Fun Fish Tail Pull On Heel Tab: for your mermaid-crazy daughter
  • Kidorable Blue Space Hero Natural Rubber Rain Boots: so that your boys will not be left out of all the Kidorable fun
Fun, excitement, and the exploration of kids’ boundless imagination are what Kidorable hopes to spark with its rain boots.

How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Rain Boots?

Rain or cold shouldn’t be reasons for your child to stay indoors, bundled in layers of clothing and sitting in front of your smart TV. It should be a time for exploration and fun in the great outdoors. Truth be told, kids are always bursting with excitement and want to be let out; the indoors is just not enough space. Sure, as parents many things that could happen to them as they play outside run through our minds. The fact that it’s rainy and cold possibly more than triples your concern; there’s the fact that they could catch a cold, get their feet messy, or even slip and fall. However, a good pair of rain boots will save you a whole lot of concerns.

A good pair of rain boots will make your kid’s feet as comfortable as possible by keeping them warm and dry, taking care of your “catching a cold” concern. Most rain boots are waterproof (those are the ones you should be out for anyway) so you’re sure that water or mud won’t get in. Just complete your kid’s get-up with a raincoat or an umbrella and your “messy feet” and “wet clothes” concerns are taken care of as well. To tackle your “slip and fall” concern is the good news that a standard pair of rain boots (which, again, you should be out for) has good traction, meaning they prevent the wearer from slipping.

Now that we’ve addressed your concerns, you have no other reason for not allowing your kid out. So, go ahead and allow them out to play, learn, and explore. Let them wade in puddles and climb trees. There are small kids’ cameras you could give them as well, so that they keep the evidence of their fun day out. Just be assured that they are warm and comfortable.

There are a few other things you need to know before you’re completely ready to get those rain boots. Stay with us.
The price of toddler rain boots varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even from product to product (of same manufacturer). On the average, a pair of rain boots for your kids should cost you between $30 and $80. There are some really cheap toddler rain boots that do not fall within this price range though, but we’ve not included them in this review. Our reason is simple: we want to make absolutely sure that we bring you the best of what’s in the market now, and we’re not so sure of those.
Here are some features for you to bear in mind while making your choice of toddler rain boots:
  • Type
  • Size(s)
  • Traction
  • Insulation quality
  • Colors and designs
Construction and Design

Before purchasing a pair of rain boots for your son or daughter (or nephew or niece), you have to be sure of what you or the kid wants. The reason is that there are many different types of rain boots—by many, we mean many. So, what exactly are you looking for? Plain old rain boots or the sneaker kind? Would you mind boots that you have to clean regularly or would you prefer the kind that’s self-cleaning? What’s your take on shoes and odor; can you leave with boots that smell like regular shoes or must they have an odor-resistance capability? Because at the end of the day, whatever works for you is what’s fine.


You should go for boots that have a variety of sizes available because it gives you more options. Also, if per adventure, the size you thought would fit your kid didn’t, you wouldn’t have trouble exchanging them for a different size. Also, it makes sense to want to buy the same brand for all the kids; that will, obviously, only be possible if there are many sizes available.

Insulation Quality

Very important is the boots’ insulation capacity. Make sure that the boots can keep your kid’s feet warm to a degree that’s okay with you. The boots should also keep out cold to a degree that you’re comfortable with. Aside from the material the boots are made of, this factor will depend largely on where you reside. There are different boots with different insulation capacities; some can keep warm even in subfreezing conditions. Just make sure you take your environment and the insulation capability of the boots into consideration when you buy rain boots for your kids.
Performance and Ease of Use
Colors and Designs

Because you’re getting these boots for kids, you should get boots that are attractive and colorful. Don’t get boring old boots just because they perform their original function; go wild and do fun. A lot of rain boots have beautiful designs and colors that are just right for kids. They’re young and their minds are fresh, so, push them to embrace beauty and colors with things as common-place as rain boots. You could equally get the kind that has their favorite characters. Allow them to believe—in fairies, super heroes, and silly talking cars. Life is way too serious and complicated already; allow them to enjoy the simplicity and fun of it as much as they can.


Traction is another important thing to consider. If you don’t want your kid to break something in the name of play, make absolutely sure that the boots you get have good traction. Remember, these are rain boots, which means they will be wearing them in the rain where there will be a lot of wet and invariably slippery ground. That a pair of boots has good traction means that as your kid moves along they remain grounded. Some manufacturers will call it a non-slip quality, but whatever name it goes by just make sure that the boots are good for any kind of surface.

Get the Best Toddler Rain Boots of 2022!

Making it to the end of this review makes you qualified to buy your very own (or your kid’s very own) toddler rain boots in our books. So, congratulations are in order.

Our Top Choice
Muck Boots Kids’ Pull-on Boots
Best Value
Western Chief Kids Rain Boots
Bogs Classic Camo Waterproof Boots
Crocs Bump It Finding Dory™ Rain Boots
Kidorable Lotus Flower Rain Boots