Best Toddler Rain Jacket Reviews 2023

The rain is here and, while the kids don’t care for jackets and would gladly play in it unprotected, you know better than to leave them to their antics. Choosing a rain jacket can be quite hectic, especially when it’s for a toddler who can be quite picky and emphatic in his or her tastes in fashion. But guess what? We went undercover! And we’ve rounded up five of the best toddler rain jackets from top brands that almost no kid has been able to say no to. And don’t worry if pickiness measures off the charts for your kid, these brands offer many more jackets “notorious” for their cuteness. Ready to bamboozle them with hyper-cuteness?! Then let’s go!
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Our Top Choice
Oakiwear Kid’s Core Rain Jacket
Having spent over a decade perfecting its techniques, Oakiwear is now a top-tier manufacturer of some of the best head-to-toe outdoor clothing for kids at unbeatable prices.
Roomy enough to layer. Elastic cuffs to keep sleeves from sliding over the hands. Extended 1 3/4-inch hood to protect the face. Waterproof zipper. Fleece-lined for warmth.
Size might run a bit on the small side.
2T – 10/11
5 colors
Hand wash; air drying
Elastic cuffs; 2 side pockets
Best Value
Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Rain Jacket
At Skip Hop, it is a general philosophy that if it is a must-have, it must be highly functional, smartly designed, and of course, able to inspire joy in both parents and babies.
Otis Owl design. Snap closure for kids’ independent dressing. Fully lined with soft, lightweight polyester. Colorful and playful hooded visor, and 3D ears. Adjustable sleeves.
Some kids might not want an owl design.
Blue/red (Otis Owl)
Machine wash
Owl; 2 front pockets
Columbia Kids’ Pixel Grabber Wind Jacket
Columbia loves the outdoors and has a strong passion for it, it therefore channels this combined force into making the most innovative apparel for its fellow outdoor lovers.
Comes with zipper closure. Fleece-lined for warmth. Made of water-resistant fabric. Attractive sea ice print; five other colors. Lightweight and usable in a car seat. For baby boys.
Runs a bit too small.
0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months
6 colors
Machine wash
Fleece lined; 2 side pockets
Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat
Western Chief has proudly provided families worldwide with quality, functional and affordable footwear options, custom made for work and fun in the outdoors, since 1891!
Waterproof, nylon outer shell. Jersey/cotton lining for warmth. Comes with snap-on closure. Hooded rain jacket. Also with flap-patch pockets. Thomas Blue Engine design and nine others.
Runs a bit on the big side.
2T - 8
10 colors
Hand wash
Snap closure; 1 front pocket
Arshiner Girl Raincoat Hoodie
Focusing on mommy-and-baby products, Arshiner creates an avenue for mother and child to bond more closely and make beautiful memories through its safe and fun products.
For babies, toddlers, and big girls. Comes with snap-on closure. Lightweight and thin. Soft lining for warmth. Extended hood to protect head and hair. Waterproof polyester material keeps child dry.
Isolated complaint of snaps breaking off, but can be fixed.
1 – 6 years
8 colors
Hand wash
No pockets; snap closure

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What is the Best Toddler Rain Jacket?

Now that you know a lot more about toddler jackets than you did before, you should be ready to pick a fitting one for your little munchkin. If you’re ready, then let’s get down to the reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Oakiwear Kids’ Core Rain Jacket is one rain jacket that stands out. It’s got enough room to fit over any clothing whatsoever, with a fleece lining to increase warmth, and yet it doesn’t fall short in the cute department. Or, you could get this other raincoat that comes with easy-on snaps and an attached hood, and is even machine washable: the Oakiwear Children’s Rain Jacket with Easy On Snaps. It comes in seven colors and prints, including one with owls and one with dinosaurs!

Oakiwear Kids’ Core Zip-Front Rain Jacket with Extended Hood – Available in 5 Colors

Oakiwear believes strongly in the outdoors and all the amazing adventures, discoveries, and magic it holds for kids. It has, therefore, spent over a decade researching, creating, developing and reinventing in a bid to produce the most fitting apparel that would encourage kids to explore the outdoors even more. In doing this, this brand has risen to the fore in its industry, producing various lines of head-to-toe outdoor clothing that are durable and affordable. All products here come in amazing designs and patterns that kids all over love. Oakiwear hopes to inspire in kids an uncontainable sense of wonder in nature, and on that score, it seems to be doing a fantastic job, and customers confirm that.

The Oakiwear Kids’ Core Rain Jacket is really lovely and offers so many awesome features you can’t afford to pass up. It’s unisex in the first place, so whether you have a boy or girl, this jacket will do. And of course, let’s not forget the “hand-me-down” tradition that must be kept; this just makes things a lot more convenient and cash-saving.

It’s also quite roomy. Whatever your kid wears underneath – sweater, dress, shirt, whatever – they won’t look stuffed. And they’ll still have enough room to run around and play with abandon just the way they like it.

Its elastic wrist cuffs ensure that the sleeve doesn’t slip over their hands, making them look and feel awkward. Also, it keeps the warmth generated from the fleece lining from seeping out, eliminating the chances of your child catching a chill.

With its extended hood, your child’s face and hair are well protected from the elements, but it’s not so large as to intrude on his vision either.

There’s a waterproof zipper down the center so, no, the rain stands no chance there either. Every part of this raincoat is anti-rain in every way.

Finally, we’ve got side pockets, covered with extra jacket material, which helps them on their many adventures. Now, all the evidence of their adventures won’t be washed away by rain. It’ll be safe and sound in their pockets, until you decide that it’s rubbish and insist that they throw it away.

To satisfy your kid’s taste, this rain jacket comes in five beautiful colors, including valley green, lava orange, and galaxy purple. It also comes in six sizes total, including 2T, 3T and 4/5, so your toddler can get a perfect fit (the other sizes are for bigger kids, so you can get a matching jacket for big sister).

Now you know, the Oakiwear Kids’ Core Rain Jacket is a fantastic way to go when it comes to toddler raincoats. Hurry up and place that order!
Best Value
Who loves to play owl? We know kids do, and that’s why we know the Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Rain Jacket with its Otis Owl design is definitely going to be a hit! It even comes with a hooded visor and 3D ears for more fun! Need a different design? Then check out this one with a Marshall Monkey design, also with colorful hooded visor and 3D ears: the Skip Hop Marshall Monkey Rain Jacket.

Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Rain Jacket – Otis Owl Design with Hooded Visor and 3D Ears; Unisex

Skip Hop is a popular brand, known especially to parents and their little ones for its high-quality products targeted at babies, toddlers, and their parents. Because of the long-standing culture of infusing joy into all its products, this brand constantly seeks ways to re-think and re-engineer all its diverse products to give them better designs and better shapes, and consequently increase their functionality and appeal. From diaper bags to cakes, there’s hardly any baby or parent product that Skip Hop does not add a touch of creativity and savvy to. It takes challenges head-on and will do anything to keep customers happy and more efficient by using its products.

Why do we love the Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Rain Jacket? Are you kidding?! It’s Otis Owl, and it’s got all these really cool details that kids would squeal for.

First off, there’s a hooded visor with 3D ears that just add that element of fun that kids seek in almost anything they own. And these features aren’t just great because of their whimsy; they are great because they also add to the dryness of your little munchkin.

Fully lined with soft, lightweight polyester, this rain jacket will feel soft and comfortable on your baby, while the polyurethane shell keeps him totally dry.

Its snap closures enable your child to dress herself without your supervision and also boost their confidence in trying out other things (like tying their shoe laces) independently.

Finally, this jacket comes with adjustable sleeves, which makes it versatile for different seasons of the year.

You definitely can’t go wrong with this rain jacket. If nothing else, it’s made after an owl, and only a handful of kids can say no to an animal. Order it!
Check out the cute Columbia Kids’ Pixel Grabber Wind Jacket. It is super lightweight and made of a thin fabric that allows your child to wear it in the car seat. Plus, have you seen its sea ice print? Color us mind-blown! Too pricey? Check out this lovely raincoat for little boys, toddlers, and big boys. It comes with a zipper closure, waterproof fabric, and elastic cuffs: the Columbia Boys’ Glennaker Rain Jacket.

Columbia Kids’ Pixel Grabber Wind Jacket for Boys with Zip-front – Available in 6 Colors

Columbia is an industry leader in the outdoor apparel business, making some of the best outdoor clothing around. Because employees here are outdoor lovers themselves, they know what an average outdoor lover desires in his gear and, combining this knowledge with technical know-how and cutting-edge technology, they produce high-quality, unique gear that customers always love, every single time. In fact, to make sure that customers enjoy the outdoors for longer, all apparel (pants, boots, shoes, fleece, jackets) are tested under the toughest conditions to ensure their durability. You can definitely shop here with full confidence, knowing that you’ll be getting value for money.

The Columbia Kids’ Pixel Grabber Wind Jacket comes with almost everything you and your kid would love in a rain jacket.

First of all, it’s machine washable. Hallelujah! We hardly have enough time to juggle work and the kids in the 24 hours of the day; a break from any avoidable chore is heartily welcomed. So, this jacket already scores one for that.

Next, it is water-resistant, so you’re positive that your baby will remain dry in this raincoat – and warm too, cos it comes fleece-lined. It’s one thing to keep dry, and it’s quite another to keep warm. This jacket does both, so score another for the jacket.

It’s extremely lightweight and made of thin fabric, which makes it convenient for use on a car seat. So, you don’t have to dress him up in the house, only to get to the car and take it off for him to fit into his car seat, and then dress him up again before you guys get out of the car. We’re developing a headache with you, just thinking of the inconvenience. Thank goodness, that’s only happening in our dreaded imagination.

And, to wrap it up beautifully, this jacket comes in a lovely sea ice print that just makes it look so adorable. If your baby prefers more rugged colors and patterns, this jacket comes in five others. There are also three sizes available for babies. Why not go on and order? We can’t wait to see how adorable your little cherub looks in this.
You won’t always have the time to dress him, and he too desires some independence sometimes, ergo the Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat with its snap-on closure. Trust us, he will be only too happy to put this on himself. Also need something for the little princess? This comes in a Hello Kitty design, with a pretty pink color and a snap closure. See the Western Chief Hello Kitty Polka Dot Rain Coat.

Western Chief Boys’ Rain Coat – Available in 10 Designs

Over a century, and Western Chief has not let up one bit. It still ranks highly as one of the foremost brands in its industry in the manufacture of quality footwear for the entire family. It all began in 1891 during the Alaska Gold Rush – the severe weather conditions called for real tough work boots so people could continue going about their business. Western Chief responded to that call and, from then til now, it has not stopped answering the footwear call. From kids to women to men, there is something for everyone over here, whether work boots or whimsical boots or even something with the kids’ favorite characters, Western Chief carries them all, of course at top quality and competitive prices.

This season, get your son looking totally adorable in the Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat. It’s got his favorite Thomas Blue Engine design and flap-patch pockets to store all his favorite things where the rain won’t stand a chance to ruin them. And if he prefers Batman or Darth Vader, this rain jacket comes in 10 designs.

With its nylon outer shell, your boy will keep dry in spite of the downpour. As you already know, it’s nylon, so there’s no chance of water seeping through it and causing chills and shivers.

Also, it’s a snap-front raincoat, meaning that he will now be able to do what he has always been telling you that he can do: dress himself. This time, he’ll be correct, cos the snaps fasten and unfasten super easy.

This raincoat comes with an extended hood for added coverage from the elements. His hair and face will also be protected, just like the rest of his body. You don’t want to take any chances with the rain, and this raincoat isn’t built to take chances either.

Of course, it is lined with a soft cotton lining for your child’s warmth throughout the outing in the cold. So he stays dry, warm, and happy to go about collecting all the slugs that only come out to play during the rain. Might be disgusting to you, but it’s science to him. With seven sizes, you’re sure to find something to fit him.

He keeps coming back to this particular one, doesn’t he? Then you already know what to do. Order!
Here’s a little something we found for your pretty princess: the Arshiner Girl Raincoat Hoodie. Its extended hood gives her face and hair some cover from the elements, and did we mention that it comes in eight colors? Or, you could get this raincoat that’s more affordable, and comes with a detachable hood, soft lining, and hand pockets: the Arshiner Girl Flower Waterproof Hooded Raincoat.

Arshiner Girl Baby Kid Waterproof Hooded Coat Jacket Outwear Raincoat Hoodies – Available in 8 Colors

One of the best online brands catering to mommy and baby right now is definitely Arshiner. From baby apparel, to toys and games, to women’s clothing, to educational products, it is committed to one thing: creating an avenue for mother and child to bond more closely and make many wonderful memories. Believing that every child deserves a childhood that’s fun and safe too, Arshiner takes quality assurance seriously, bearing in mind that kids are adventurous. All products are passed through the strictest tests possible to ensure their safety before they are distributed. Of course, customer support is amazing; this brand cherishes your trust. With all these positives, it’s obvious that Arshiner is surely a smart way to go.

Everyone knows that your daughter is a princess, and princesses wear pink and other vibrant colors (it’s actually a law in “Princessville!” Don’t argue momma). The Arshiner Girl Raincoat Hoodie is, therefore, a fitting raincoat for your princess. It’s pink and ranks high on the cute scale. If she prefers yellow, green, or even black, this raincoat comes in eight colors.

Its snap-on closure makes for easy dressing. She can even dress up herself! You know she’s a princess that will be ruling her own kingdom pretty soon, and she has to start learning to do some things herself.

This raincoat is lightweight, so even when you layer, it won’t be adding unnecessary bulk that could weigh her down, wear her out, or tamper with her prim posture (it’s all about the ‘princess’ rules *winks*). It comes in five sizes, for kids from one to six years old.

It’s got a soft lining to keep the princess warm in the cold. Also, this water-proof raincoat comes with an extended hood that protects her face and lovely hair from the rain. When she steps out of this raincoat, it will be hard to believe that it even rained at all.

Finally, with all its amazing features, this cutie still goes for such an affordable price, it’s practically a give-away! Don’t miss out on this deal. Order it now!

How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Rain Jacket?

When it comes to raincoats for toddlers, parents and their munchkins are usually on two entirely different tracks in their trains of thought.

A typical parent is asking: “Is it waterproof? Will water seep through? Will it keep her warm? How long will he be able to wear it? What’s my budget like? …” Blah blah blah…

A child, on the other hand, is thinking: “Is it pretty? How many colors does it have? Oh, I hope it has seven colors. The rainbow has seven. I wish it would match my umbrella. Oh please mommy, let it look like my frog so we can play dress-up together…” Blah blah blah

These entirely different trains of thought do not make one wrong and the other right. It just goes to show priorities, and the wise parent has to find a nexus between these two thoughts in order to arrive at the best choice of a toddler jacket for his or her kid.

Picking out a toddler rain jacket is quite different from picking out a raincoat for an adult. Aside from the obvious difference in size, most kids will not even touch a boring raincoat with a 10-foot pole, while adults are a bit more practical and just want to be shielded from the rain, period.

But aside from color and design (your baby’s top priorities), we adults know that there are much more important things to look out for that are a bit weightier than batman ears and floral patterns. We have to think of his warmth, and protection from the elements, chiefly.

A good rain jacket must be roomy enough to layer clothing underneath without your kid looking like a stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. And it should also be long enough to end no more than an inch above where the rain boots begin, so that no part of the body is exposed to rain. Kids are delicate and can chill quite quickly compared to adults.

There is still lots more to know about toddler rain jackets than we can exhaust here. As for those questions you mentioned at the beginning of our discussion, we will treat them individually. But you’ll have to stay on this page to get the full gist.
Who says that a toddler raincoat must cost a fortune? Boy, are they wrong! Some of the best toddler rain jackets we came across actually went for as low as $10, we kid you not! Of course, there are the more high-end ones that can exceed $50 by a bit. These prices vary mostly by design. For instance, if it’s a special edition jacket of a particular cartoon character, you can expect prices to go up. Aside from that, prices also vary generally from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Now, a serious warning: there are all sorts of rascals parading themselves as legit all over the internet with offers of cheap toddler rain jackets. Please pay them no mind. We also came across them, and here’s the dirt on them: those raincoats look cheap and many are hardly waterproof. Your kids will still be in the rain even while wearing this, no protection at all. In fact, some are little more than PVC stretched into thin fabric and passed off as raincoats. They have a horrible smell and are hardly good for your child.
Check out some basic features you need to make sure of before ordering any toddler raincoat:
  • Material
  • Color and Design
  • Sizing
  • Snap-on or Zip-front?
  • Care
Construction and Design
There are three common materials used to make toddler rain jackets as we commonly see them, and these materials are: cotton, nylon, and polyester. We will be taking a brief look into some of these materials and their import on your baby’s rain jacket.

First up, let’s see cotton: Normally, cotton isn’t water-resistant, as seen in our normal clothes, but rain jackets made of cotton usually come with a special water-resistant finish that helps the jacket stay dry in the rain. For warmth, these rain jackets are usually lined with cotton also.

Next up, we look at nylon: Nylon raincoats come in lots of styles and designs, giving you and your kid the advantage of options. But aside from looks, they are also lined with cotton to keep the wearer warm in the cold.

Finally, we look at polyester: Like nylon, polyester rain jackets come in various colors and designs. They are, perhaps, the most ideal of the materials available for a few reasons. They are breathable, lightweight, and when zip-front, they come with a Velcro flap to keep the zip protected from the rain. And, because they feature vents on their outer shell that release pent-up heat, your child is safe from developing hypothermia.

Now, to the colors and design.

Dear mom and dad, we know you’re quite concerned about the health of your child, and we appreciate that, but bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how many life-saving features your rain jacket has – if it doesn’t attract the big boss herself, she won’t wear it, and you know that better than us.

There are various kinds of raincoats these days, available in different colors and designs. Some even feature favorite cartoon characters. So, there are now many ways to please the kids. If cost is a challenge though, you can always get them something in their favorite color; they’ll love it too. Kids are quite easy to please… sometimes.

When it comes to sizing, it is usually advised that you order a size up, so that your kid can wear the jacket for a while. Besides the obvious advantage of saving money, there’s also the part where your child falls in love too much with the raincoat and never wants to let it go, even when it’s several sizes smaller than him.

Save yourself the tug of war and order something slightly larger, especially for a little one. This way, he only tires of it by the time it’s time to get a new one… hopefully…

PS: Don’t go further than one size up, please, if you don’t want your kid looking awkward and tripping all over himself, not over a crush but over the size of raincoat that you bought him.
Performance and Ease of Use
So which is best, zip-front or snap-on?

Consider the level of your child’s aptitude with zippers before getting her a zip-front jacket. Most toddlers might not be able to work a zipper just yet, so it’s usually more advisable to go for a snap-on, as it will mean that they can easily dress themselves when you’re too busy to do that.

That’s about the only advantage of snap-ons over zippers though. So, if that isn’t a biggie for you, then any style of closure is fine.

Most parents are really busy and do not have the time (nor the inclination) to wash by hand, so it’s a mercy that many of these rain jackets can be washed in the machine. But please, before choosing to wash in a machine, be sure that you’re clear on the manufacturers’ instructions on that. You wouldn’t want to damage your baby’s favorite jacket in one hasty moment of “convenience.” We don’t see her forgiving you anytime soon, if you do.

Get the Best Toddler Rain Jacket of 2023!

We’re sure you and your baby have found the one. Go ahead and order!

Our Top Choice
Oakiwear Kid’s Core Rain Jacket
Best Value
Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Rain Jacket
Columbia Kids’ Pixel Grabber Wind Jacket
Western Chief Kids’ Rain Coat
Arshiner Girl Raincoat Hoodie