Best Toddler Scooter Reviews 2023

We know how much your child’s motor skill development means to you. Hence, we have searched for the best toddler scooters in the market and brought the top 5 brands to you, picking one scooter from each brand. There are more toddler scooters from these already featured brands, so you can always look further if your tastes aren’t matched yet.
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Our Top Choice
Razor Jr. Lil Kick Toddler Scooter
Razor Jr. is a leading brand in the manufacture of children’s toys and accessories. Its toddler scooters are classic pieces that flatter and improve the lifestyle of its users.
This toddler scooter comes with firm steering that keeps it from wobbling and the rider from toppling. Its wheels are large and durable, wonderful for smooth rides.
The rear tires sometimes get in the way of the feet of small riders, preventing them from making a good push.
3 wheeled
3-9 months
45 lbs
19.3x9.1x5.2 inches; 6.2 lbs
Best Value
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter
Fisher-Price is an innovative producer of childcare products and electronic toys. It offers a collection of charming and colorful toddler scooters that hold up well during use.
It is great for early role play with a backseat for the child’s imaginary ‘baby’. It has sturdy wide wheels for improved mounting and balance.
Handlebars are somewhat stiff. Toddler may have to change directions by pushing with their legs.
Ride-on to
1-3 years
45 lbs
22.5x10.1x13 inches; 5.5 lbs
Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Toddlers Scooter
Little Tykes is a designer and marketer of top quality children’s items. The company creates strong, improved toddler scooters that are a pure delight to the children who use them.
This toddler scooter shows an extra wide base for control and coordination. It has easy-to-use brakes for slowing down and outright halting.
Tires have limited rotation.
Ride-on to
3-4 years
44 lbs
23.2x7x11 inches; 5 lbs
Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter
Micro Kickboard is a renowned maker and distributor of original products for urban mobility, including toddler scooters that are well-constructed for outdoor and indoor fun.
It has three non-marking wheels for smooth indoor rides. It is lightweight and comes with a steady brake system.
The brake system is affected by nudging the rear end of the scooter, which could take some time to master.
3 wheeled
2-5 years
44 lbs
10.6x2x26 inches; 3.3 lbs
Radio Flyer My 1st Toddler Scooter
Radio Flyer is passionate about creating children’ items and novel playthings. Its toddler scooters are of superior quality and can be personalized to suit the client’s needs.
Its rear wheels are covered for added safety. It comes with an ergonomic handle, providing a comfortable, firm grip.
This toddler scooter might prove difficult to use, owing to its not-so-great turning radius.
3 wheeled
2-4 years
50 lbs
7.9x12.3x24 inches; 4.8 lbs

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What is the Best Toddler Scooter?

Making up your mind on the best toddler scooter will be dependent on your child’s specific needs and the places they will likely be used. The information gleaned from our buying guide will help you decide as we take a look at the products in review.
Our Top Choice
The Razor Jr. Lil Kick Toddler Scooter is made of tough plastic and has a welded steel frame and padded handlebars. It comes with polymer grips and non-slip low deck for easy scooting. If you are in search of an electric scooter, check out the Razor Jr. Mini Mod Electric Scooter.

Razor Jr. Lil Kick Toddler Scooter - Available in 2 Colors

Razor Jr. was founded in 2000 and has fast become a standard in the production of stylish, innovative children’s toys and accessories. The company has its focus on the provision of the best riding experience for its customers, making use of advanced technology and quality materials. It makes available modern designs that flatter and improve the ever evolving lifestyle of its riders. Razor Jr. scooters are award-winning products that inspire its users; they are exciting pieces and a source of unrestrained freedom and fun.

The Razor Jr. Lil Kick Toddler Scooter is made of durable plastic, a welded steel frame and padded steel handlebars. It features polymer grips and an extra wide, non-slip polypropylene low deck that makes scooting easy on its wheels made of extra-large polymer, designed for optimal strength and smooth rides. This scooter is geared towards first time riders, meaning it is suitable for children 3 years old and above, helping them to build coordination. It is a durable piece that can be handed down from one child to the next and comes in two beautiful colors, pink and blue, both requiring adult assembly.

Other toddler scooters are available in the Razor Jr. brand:
  • Razor Jr. Kuties Unicorn Scooter: This is a 2-in-1 package scooter featuring a toy scooter and beautiful decorative hobby unicorn horse for little girls
  • Razor Jr. Robo Kix Scooter: A toddler scooter with large foam robotic handles and three wheels for improved stability
  • Razor Jr. Twisti Lil’ Buzz Scooter: This is a steel scooter has the Twisti bug character in front with eyes that turn as the handles move. It has a non-impact frame and foam grips
  • Razor Jr. Kitten Kix Scooter: This is a three-wheeled toddler scooter with giant monster foam handles and ‘tilt to turn’ steering
  • Razor Jr. Kixi Kix Scooter: This toddler scooter has a sturdy aluminum construction with foam grips and a slip-resistant deck
  • Razor Jr. Kixi Mixi Scooter: It is made of 100% aircraft aluminum and lightweight steel and can be converted easily from three to two-wheel design
  • Razor Jr. Kuties Cowboy Scooter: A three-wheeled, 2-in-1 toy scooter with hobby cowboy horse for little boys
  • Razor Jr. Zombie Kix Scooter: This is a patented ‘tilt to turn’ scooter with giant foam monster and fun spooky details
  • Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter: A tri-wheel, high quality steel, aluminum and plastic scooter with folding system for compact storage
  • Razor Jr. Lil’ Crazy Ride On Red: This is a crazy cart designed for young children with simplified controls
  • Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter: A toddler scooter with the Twisti turtle character with moving eyes and handle bars for easy propelling
Best Value
The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter is interactive and comes with a motion switch for songs, tunes and sounds. It has a horn and buttons to push for shapes and numbers. If you prefer a skate board for toddlers, then check out Fisher Price Grow-with-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter- Motion Switch-Activated

Fisher-Price is a creative manufacturer of childcare products and electronic toys for toddlers and preschoolers. It was founded in 1930 by four individuals, two of whom whose names—Herman Fisher and Irvin Price—were combined to form the brand name. The company centers its toy making on a number of principles: sturdy construction, innovation, affordability and action. The toys are heavy duty and hold up well to use, and they are also charming and colorful. It has created thousands of children’s toys since inception, including their popular plastic-molded scooters with unique features.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter is recommended for children between 2 and 3 years old and is built with Smart Stage Technology that ensures the child grows with it. It comes with more than 50 incorporated phrases, sound effects, tunes and sing-along songs, all powered by three AA batteries that are included in the package. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter is a continuously fun piece, having three levels of play: the explorative, encouraging and pretend stages—different phases of the baby’s growth at any point in time. There are 2 volume settings that do not produce unpleasantly loud sounds. With the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter, parents can select their baby’s growth stage just by the slide of a switch.

Fisher-Price has a collection of other toddler scooters:
  • Fisher-Price Kawasaki Tough Trike: It is a kid friendly, Kawasaki-styled scooter with wide stable wheels, easy grip handles and large foot pedals/li>
  • Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Roll Ride Trike: This toddler scooter is complete with three ‘grow-with-me’ stages. It is easy to convert, requiring no tools
  • Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lil Squad: It is a toddler-friendly scooter with in-built footrests, push control buttons and is safe to drive on hard surfaces
  • Fisher-Price Grow with Me Sit to Stand Scooter: This is a two stage scooter for toddlers to sit and scoot or bigger kids to stand to ride
  • Fisher-Price Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Squad: This toddler scooter is toddler-friendly, with footrests and push button for simple start and go commands
  • Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Adventure Toy: This is a toddler toy set, comprising of a Dora doll with soft hair, a fold and go scooter and other accessories
  • Fisher-Price Team Umizoomi Milli and Scooter: A roll-along toy vehicle for adventure; comes with a seat for Milli
  • Fisher-Price Little People Sarah Lynn Scooter: This is a party time scooter with Sarah Lynn and her dog friend. This toddler scooter is complete with helmet and goggles
  • Fisher-Price Lil’ People Lil’ Movers Airplane: This is a toddler’s toy plane with simple handles for pretend ‘flights’. It features three pilot figures and has a press-down mechanism on the pilot’s seat for light, sound and song
The Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Toddlers Scooter is an innovative scooter, with two sturdy front wheels for stability. It is weather-resistant and well suited for beginners. If you prefer a scooter with a ‘lean to turn’ mechanism, check out the Little Tykes Lean to Turn Scooter.

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Ride On Toddlers Scooter- Red

Little Tykes is a multinational company established in 1970 with its headquarters in Hudson, Ohio. It is a designer and marketer of ingenious, top quality children’s items, having introduced the revolutionary rotational molding technique. The company is focused on providing long lasting, safe and creative pieces for kids to have fun with, including playhouses, sports items, sandboxes, climbers, ride-ons and scooters. Its range of products also cover baby, infant, toddler, pre-school and juvenile furniture. Little Tykes toddler scooters are well thought-out, imaginative pieces that are borne of a huge sense of customer service and continuous improvement.

The Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Toddlers Scooter is the perfect primary scooter for beginners and is well suited for kids 2 to 4 years in age. It has an attractive design, featuring a total of three wheels with two in front to make it sturdy. It has an extra wide base for coordination and control, putting your toddler in charge with easy-to-use brakes that ensure on-ride safety. The Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Toddlers Scooter is sturdy, weather-resistant and a symbol of individual fun at playtime. It helps toddlers and kids to exercise their bodies and imagination, while riding to the next fun place in grand style. This scooter requires adult assembly.

Little Tykes has other toddler scooters in its collection:
  • Little Tykes Go and Grow Lil’ Rolling Giraffe Ride-on: This is a toddler-friendly giraffe scoot toy with adjustable seats and oversized back wheels for added stability
  • Little Tykes Learn to Pedal 3-in-1 Trike Ride-On: This is a 3 growth-stages ride-on featuring removable push handle, quiet-ride tires and 4-position seat adjustment
  • Little Tykes 6V Power Cycle: This is a power cycle with rechargeable battery, slip-resistant tires and a modern design
  • Little Tykes Easy Rider Truck: This toy has three modes of play, a soft molded handle and buttons to trigger theme songs
The Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter is a high-grade scooter with wheels, safe steering, and a ground-low fiberglass deck for heightened safety and strength. If you would like an improved 3-in-1 toddler scooter, check out the Micro Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Kick Scooter. It is suitable for toddlers and young kids.

Micro Kickboard Mini Original Kick Scooter- Available in Several Colors

Micro Kickboard is a well-known maker and official distributor of original products, invaluable for urban movement. It is an award-winning enterprise, known for its prestigious creations and modern technology. Its products are not just for kids, but cut across the entire community. The young and old, individuals and families, locals and urbanites all enjoy the immeasurable pleasures of the Micro Kickboard brand. The company sells its products in stores and online, directly to consumers. It makes available a wide range of best-rated kickboards and toddler scooters for outdoor and indoor fun.

The Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter is best for those within the ages of 2 and 5 years and is an award-winning 5.38-pound toddler scooter that provides smooth, quiet rides for children. This is due to its top-grade wheels and fortified fiberglass deck, which together absorb the shock of any bumps along the way. It has a steady braking system that is by no means jerky or disjointed, requiring just a minor nudge at the rear end of the scooter to stop it. It features three strong, non-marking, smooth wheels that are great for scooting indoors and out. The center of gravity is very stable, designed such that the scooter does not totter or get the rider thrown off. This toddler scooter is recommended for kids with up to a 44-pound weight and comes in a variety of striking colors. The Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter is one of the best gifts a parent can give to a child.

Other toddler products are available from Micro Kickboard:
  • Micro Kickboard Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter: This is a top-rated ride-on scooter that grows with kids, converting to a stand-up scooter. It has a distinctive deck with raised silicone grip
  • Micro Kickboard Micro Mini 2-Go Kick Scooter: This is a ride-on toddler scooter with a detachable seat and drawer; converts to a three-wheeled scooter
  • Micro Kickboard Micro Balance G-Bike: This is a perfect riding bike for pre-school kids. It features flexible handlebars and saddle, and a protective rubber knob
  • Micro Kickboard Micro Elephant Small Helmet: Stylish toddler helmet with elephant designs all over with fully adjustable straps and quick release buttons
The Radio Flyer My 1st Toddler Scooter features an extra wide dependable base and strong wheels for steady steering. It has a foot brake for coordinated control. In case you want a 2-in-1 scooter and ride-on combo, check out Radio Flyer’s Ride 2 Glide Ride On.

Radio Flyer My 1st Toddler Sport Scooter- Available in 2 Colors

Radio Flyer was founded by Antonio Pasin in 1917. He left a heritage of toys that has continued to arouse the interest of their users. The company has, for over 100 years, launched a series of children’s toys that have imparted laughter and joy to the lives of their clients. Radio Flyer encourages its customers to create their own personalized toys and even put their desired logos and name plates on them.

The Radio Flyer My 1st Toddler Scooter is the perfect scooter for beginner riders, as it helps to develop coordination and balance. It is a lasting plastic children’s plaything, with a 50-pound capacity. This toddler scooter is recommended for kids from 2-4 years old and features an extra wide base that ensures solidity with two front wheels that make for steady steering. It comes with a foot brake for extra control, and a covered rear wheel for heightened safety. This scooter is uniquely designed with a turning radius that is safe without hindering mobility.

Radio Flyer has in stock a number of other toddler scooters:
  • Radio Flyer Scoot About: This toddler’s scooter features wide-set front wheels that enhance stability and steering, with chrome handle bars and an adjustable seat that grows with the child
  • Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle: This is a toddler scooter featuring real rubber tires, with a controlled turning radius for maximum strength and detachable push handles
  • Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Flying Horse: It is a realistic-looking decorated horse with electronic sounds triggered by riding. It includes carrot ‘feeding’ accessories and a brush
  • Radio Flyer Ready to Ride Folding Tricycle: This is a flyer tricycle with adjustable seat, self-adjusting Minnie Mouse helmet and an extended rear finishing for added protection
  • Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony: This is a 2-way ride rocking pony with motion-activated sounds and bouncing action
  • Radio Flyer Classic 10 Inch Tricycle: This is a sturdy tricycle with real rubber tires, spoked wheels, chrome handle bars and a fender. Its controlled radius makes for stability
  • Radio Flyer Classic Sturdy Steel Trike: It is a toddler trike with adjustable handles for regulating speed and direction. It features a sturdy steel design, controlled turning radius and rubber tires

How Do I Choose the Best Toddler Scooter?

Your child deserves not just the best scooter, but, most importantly, the scooter that is most suitable for him. Think about the weight or physical size of your child. This is often more critical than the age, because while the age for a child to use a scooter may be universal, the weight determines to a larger extent the kind of scooter to purchase. The perfect one for your child should have the ability to support his weight comfortably and not give way or slack.

The physical ability of your child is also something to assess. A child who is not predisposed to tough physical activity may prefer a three-wheeled scooter as this will give him a sense of more balance than a two-wheeled scooter. If your child already knows how to ride a bicycle or has tried out a scooter previously, wearing his sport shoes and running off in just about any scooter is easier than a child who is just being introduced.

Going on a trip? In addition to your sleeping bags, you can indulge your child by bringing his favorite foldable scooter along to add more excitement. Do not forget that kids love to show off their skills sometimes, and a helmet and knee protector will give adequate safety. These days it is not uncommon to see children who go about with knee braces because of falls that affect their knees adversely.

Playing with their new scooter will be both fulfilling and exhausting for your child, so remember to always have baby oil to give them a massage and send them to a cozy sleep.
The price range for these toddler scooters is around $29-$170. The major differences from product to product will be brand, size, number of wheels and the material used in construction. A scooter made with aluminum will usually cost more than one made with plastic. Kick scooters are generally pricey.

If the scooter comes with extra accessories or if it is stunt-enabled, this might translate to a higher cost. Sophisticated products will definitely not stand alongside simpler ones on the price table. Remember that you need a product that will be durable enough to withstand the exuberance of your active toddler, so you may not want to compromise that by getting a cheap scooter.
When you’re finally ready to let your child begin to explore and have adventures, you need to be armed with the right information on how to pick the best toddler scooter. You’ll be able to relax and smile each time your little one pushes off with his scooter because you’re sure that he not only has the right scooter, but he is also safe while having fun. Here are some features to pay close attention to:
  • Size: this could be small, medium or large wheels.
  • Number of wheels: conventional scooters have two wheels, but three wheels are becoming popular.
  • Type of steering: you can have a lean-to-turn steering or a bicycle-type steering.
  • Height of the handlebar: this should ideally reach your child’s hip/waist so they don’t have to hunch while riding.
  • Deck: is it wide enough? Is it slip-resistant, and what material is it made of?
  • Grip: what material is it made of and how comfortable will it feel for your child?
  • Electric: if you’re choosing this, then note that while this feature makes it fast, it is powered by batteries which need charging.
  • Brakes: Toddler scooter models with brakes above the rear wheel are considered safer than those with front brakes.
Construction and Design
Toddler scooters come in a number of styles and sizes. These various sizes suit different ages and heights. The styles are also adapted to the needs of children of varying weights. Scooters are compact in size and have a light weight, which makes it convenient for the kids to ride on them just by pushing them. The wheels are made to glide smoothly on the sidewalks to reduce possibility of riding hitches.

Now, the number of wheels a scooter has will affect how it is ridden, especially the ease of turning at certain angles. Expectedly, three or four-wheeled scooters will not turn as easily as a two-wheeled scooter but the balance that they offer your toddler compensates adequately.

Scooters that come with “O” bar are great for a firmer grip and give confidence to toddlers who may be averse to holding their arms apart on a “T” bar. A steel plate reinforced deck will give more support to the kids especially if the kid is on the heavy side. Clamps and a sturdier frame are part of what distinguishes a scooter that is stunt-enabled. The construction of a foldable scooter makes it less ideal for stunts.

As with almost every product targeted at children, toddler scooters come in exciting colors too. This means that you can get your child’s favorite color and have him motivated to use it. When you’ve added durability to this, the kids can enjoy using them for a long time.
Performance and Ease of Use
Nothing should take the place of safety and balance while out on a scooter, so it is important to buy the scooter that comes easiest to your toddler. A three-wheeled scooter is more suitable for a toddler who is shy and not yet very fit.

The presence of adjustable handlebars is a plus to a scooter, especially if your child shows signs of growing really fast. These handlebars can be adjusted to suit their height. Quite a number of them come with grips that can be changed or customized, so while you may not need to buy a completely new scooter, you can have a new grip.

For scooters that will be used more at the beach or parks than within the residential area, folding scooters will work better for you. Simply fold the scooter, carry it or place it in the car trunk. The presence of a mudguard on the rear wheels help to keep the kids from dust.

An ideal scooter should be easy to clean and lubricated. If you wish to upgrade the wheels, ensure that they are the right size and fit in properly. This is necessary in order to maintain ease of use and ensure efficiency for as long as possible.

Get the Best Toddler Scooter of 2023!

There you have it! Make your purchase and watch your precious little one ride away in his/her guided independence.

Our Top Choice
Razor Jr. Lil Kick Toddler Scooter
Best Value
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter
Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Toddlers Scooter
Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter
Radio Flyer My 1st Toddler Scooter