Best Toilet Brush Reviews 2023

No matter how good a toilet brush is, you shouldn't use it until all the bristles have fallen off. This would scratch your toilet bowl and provide more breeding spaces for germs and bacteria. We know that shopping for products can be time and energy consuming, so we are here to save you that time and energy. We have done our research on some of the best toilet brush brands and it yielded a list of five products that we liked. These brands have more than one product in this category, but for the purpose of this review, we are featuring one product per brand.
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Brush style
Our Top Choice
OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush & Canister
OXO is a maker of innovative, award winning yet affordable products. These products give you tools that help you carry out your daily activities easily and without stress.
Brush with long lasting bristles. Canister with in-built plop tray. Comfortable and flexible handle and neck. Canister that opens automatically.
Big company sticker on the product doesn’t come off and it defaces it.
Compact; closed canister
Tapered shape
17 x 4.3 x 4 inches
Best Value
Mr. Clean Bowl Brush & Plunger Set
With Mr. Clean products, you are sure of cleaning tools that make your daily chores easy and effective. These products are stylish yet highly functional and affordable.
Bristle of brush is strong and durable. Comfortable and easy to hold handle. Base that’s slip resistant.
Handle of the brush is short.
Brush and plunger
Large round brush
10.9 x 7 x 19 inches
Not removable
Simplehuman Toilet Brush
Simplehuman seeks to make everyday life simple, less stressful and highly efficient. It provides products that are uncomplicated and tested for durability.
Long lasting stainless steel handle. One-of-a-kind magnetic collar on the cover. Stores easily. Detachable brush head. Comes with five years manufacturer’s warranty.
Brush is too big for some toilet bowls.
Dome-shaped canister; drip-free
Crescent shaped brush
7.3 x 3.7 x 18.6 inches
Stainless steel
InterDesign Toilet Bowl Brush
InterDesign deals in housewares. It started with a goal of providing ingenious home storage products at fair prices and, forty years on, it’s still true to this vision.
Detachable brush head. Transparent rubber insert. Bottom that doesn’t absorb liquid or moisture. Protective plastic liner. Powder coated finish.
The price is too high for the quality of the brush
Cylindrical canister
Concealing bath storage
4.2 x 18 x 4.2 inches
Home Basics Free Standing Toilet Brush
Home Basic offers great designs and functionality, with a focus on value and quality. With products that meet regulated standards, it gives you top quality at affordable prices.
Made of top quality stainless steel. Anti corrosive materials. Includes brush holder. Lightweight yet strong and durable.
Handle is not long enough
Compact; cylindrical
Metal handle; plastic brush
15 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Not removable
Matte steel

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What is the Best Toilet Brush?

There’s no brand that can be said to offer the best toilet brush, but there are many brands that offer top quality toilet brushes. We have taken time to enumerate the features of a good toilet brush and hope you’ll notice them. This would help you to pick a product that has the said features and get what’s best for you.
Our Top Choice
The OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush is an easy to use and convenient sanitary tool. It comes in a canister that opens automatically when you pull out the brush and also holds the brush firm when you replace it. A plunger is an essential tool to have in your bathroom so if you don’t have one, or if the one you have is not effective, check out the OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger and Canister.

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush - Available in 5 Colors

OXO is committed to making innovative household appliances and wares that make daily live easier. With its products, you get tools that help you carry out your daily activities easily and without much stress. Because it always endeavors to make products that anybody can use, you are don’t need lessons to set up or use whatever appliance or product you buy from it. Although most of the company's products are award winners, they still remain uncomplicated, highly functional and affordable. It also has friendly and competent customer service personnel who are trained to answer your questions and sort out any issues with your orders as quickly as possible.

The OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush is a convenient tool. It’s stored in a canister that automatically bounces open when you want to use the brush and also holds the brush firm when you replace it. This saves you stress and also allows you to keep the toilet brush out of sight in your bathroom and still have it easily accessible. This product has more great features, some of them are …
  • Brush with Long Lasting Bristles - These durable bristles are strong and is designed in such a way that enables you to reach those hard to clean places in the toilet bowl. You can be confident that your toilet bowl is thoroughly clean; no fear of some germs and bacteria hiding away in some crevices.
  • Canister Comes with an In-Built Plop Tray – This helps to catch the water that drips from the brush after use and allow it to dry up.
  • Comfortable Handle and Neck that’s Flexible – This allows you to hold the brush without pain, have a firm grip and be able to clean out whatever angles you want to reach.
  • Compactly Designed - The shape and size allows you to store it in your bathroom without it taking up much space. It can fit into small spaces. You don’t have to store it in the cleaning supply closet.
If you don’t like the white color, don’t worry because this toilet brush is also available in 4 other colors. Go ahead and explore them!
Best Value
The Mr. Clean Toilet brush comes in a stylish case that’s meant to hold the plunger and toilet brush. This makes storage easier and saves you space. It also makes your cleaning tools easily accessible. With this great toilet brush, you need an add on product that would enhance your cleaning experience. We recommend the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Candy Set

Mr. Clean is a brand of Butler Home Products and is dedicated to the cleaning products category of the company. It is a product of constant innovation and research. The parent company insists on being abreast with market trends and ensuring that customers get products that meet the prevailing need of the day. It also offers excellent customer service with personnel that are patient, courteous and ready to answer questions and resolve any issues that customers may have. With Mr. Clean products, you are sure of tools and appliances that make your cleaning chores easy and effective. These products are stylish yet highly functional and do not cost so much.

Who says a toilet brush has to be an unsightly item? You can have a brush that does the job and still look nice. The Mr. Clean Toilet brush is a good example; it comes in a stylish case that’s meant to hold the plunger and toilet brush. This makes storage easier and saves you space. It also makes your cleaning tools easily accessible. The case that holds the items has a base that is slip resistant which keeps it firm on the floor. The bristles on the brush are tough and designed to reach around the bowl, you are sure of getting rid of water marks and any other stain in your toilet bowl without much stress. This durable brush has a rubberized handle that allows for a firm grip and comfortable cleaning.

Mr. Clean has other highly functional and effective toilet brushes and cleaning kit. Here are a few of them...
  • Mr. Clean 440428 Round Bowl Brush - - This is a useful addition to any bathroom. It has a comfortable handle and strong and long-lasting bristles that make cleaning your toilet easier.
  • Mr. Clean 440432 Enclosed Bowl Brush and Caddy Set-- This useful tool is necessary for easy and thorough cleaning. It has big round brush with strong bristles. The rubberized handle makes it comfortable to grip and it comes in an enclosed case that’s decorative; this case has a slip resistant bottom which keeps it firmly on the floor.
  • Mr. Clean 240279 Magic Eraser Toilet Scrubber Kit -- This wonderful kit comes with one cache and refills case, one toilet scrubber and six refill discs and a Magic Eraser with Febreze freshness. It makes cleaning the toilet easy.
  • Mr. Clean 440426 Under the Rim Bowl Brush -- The twisted wire scrubber helps you to reach around the bowl and hard to reach places and the wires are rust resistant and doesn’t scratch. It has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to grip.
The Simplehuman Toilet Brush is an innovative design that aims to make your cleaning easier. The bow shaped brush and strong bristles enable it to reach and clean areas of the toilet bowl that are difficult to clean. No need to get a whole new set when you need a replacement just get the Simplehuman Toilet Brush Replacement Brush Head.

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Holder - Available in Black or White

Simplehuman is a manufacturer that has a mission to design tools we use every day in such a way that they help to enhance efficiency. The company believes that you can improve on life every day that is why it is constantly looking at problems that people might term minor and work to proffer solutions to them. It endeavors to create products that it is passionate about and that the creators would like to use themselves. Through constant research and innovation, Simplehuman makes products that are uncomplicated yet functional. These products are rigorously tested to ensure that they would last for long and still maintain high performance. As its name implies, Simplehuman is all about making its customers’ life simple, less stressful, and highly efficient.

Available in two colors, the Simplehuman Toilet Brush is designed in a bow shape which enables it to reach areas of the toilet bowl that are difficult to clean. This is an innovative design that aims to make your cleaning easier. The bristles of the brush are stiff and just right for getting rid of those water marks and stubborn stains that deface your toilet bowl. This combination of strength and design gives you a highly functional and effective cleaning tool. It has more great features, some of which are listed below:
  • One-of-a-Kind Magnetic Collar – This helps to attach the stainless-steel handle to the cover making it possible for you to carry the brush with the cover. This ensures that you don’t drip water all over your floor.
  • Designed to Store Easily – The slim arch shaped cover helps to store the brush conveniently and hygienically. It keeps it out of sight but easily accessible when needed.
  • Detachable Brush Head- The head of the brush can be screwed on and off. This makes it easy to replace, which means that you don’t need to buy a whole set if the head is damaged or old.
  • Stainless Steel Handle that’s Strong and Durable – This handle is designed to withstand vigorous and constant use.
  • Comes with Five Years Manufacturer’s Warranty – This is to assure you that the manufacturer is confident of the quality of its product and ready to stand by it. You are also protected in case of any production defects.
The InterDesign Toilet Brush has a stainless steel handle that’s designed to match the base and comes in a holder that neatly stores the brush out of sight and makes it easily accessible. You might want to add a toilet plunger to your purchase. If so, we recommend the InterDesign Kent Bathware, Toilet Plunger and Holder

InterDesign Olivia Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder for Bathroom Storage

InterDesign is a company that designs and manufactures house wares. It started with a foundational goal of providing revolutionary home storage products at fair prices. Forty years down the line and counting, it continues to make products that proffer the solution needed for keeping things organized in your daily living area. It appreciates the challenges that come with daily live and consistently seeks to give you products that proffer solution, improve your home and offer some extras for effect.

InterDesign puts an attractive spin on a product that’s otherwise drab or unappealing. Its cameo toilet brush (the Olivia Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder) is part of the Olivia collection, with powder coated bronze finish. It has a stainless-steel handle that’s designed to match the base and comes in a holder that neatly stores the brush out of sight when it’s not being used. It also keeps it easily accessible for whenever it’s needed. It has more wonderful features that include the following:
  • Detachable Brush Head – This makes it easy for you to replace the head; you no longer have to buy a whole new set. That’s a money saving feature.
  • Transparent Rubber Insert - This is what houses the brush in the holder. It can be removed and cleaned; this ensures that both the toilet brush and the holder remain sanitary and do not harbor germs or bacteria.
  • Bottom that Doesn’t Absorb Liquid or Moisture – This ensures that the base remains non-slip and prevents it from slipping around in wet environment.
  • Protective Plastic Liner – This keeps water from spoiling the outer casing of the steel further preventing rust.
The Home Basic Toilet Brush is compactly designed to fit into small spaces and discreetly stored. It has strong bristles for thorough cleaning; just what you need for a clean bathroom and stress-free cleaning experience! If you need a toilet plunger, the Home Basics Vented Toilet Plunger and Holder is highly recommended.

Home Basics Toilet Brush with Holder - Available in Bronze, Matte Steel and Stainless Steel Finishes

Home Basic is a brand of HDS Trading Corporation, a prominent marketer of house care products. It is dedicated to offering a combination of design and functionality, with a focus on value and quality. All its products are made overseas by qualified craftsmen in certified manufacturing plants and these products are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that they meet regulated standards. With products from HDS, you get the traditional functionality that you’re used to with contemporary designs that add value and enhance your experience. It has a team that’s always sourcing for current trends and revolutionary products and in conjunction with its offices overseas, it is able to meet the demands of its customers for a constant supply of trending products

The bathroom is one part of the home that must be kept clean and sanitary at all times. Improper care and storage of cleaning tools can contribute to the spread of germs and bacteria. You need tools that can get the job done and at the same time are stored conveniently and hygienically. The Home Basic Toilet Brush is just what you need. It is compactly designed to fit into small spaces and be kept out of sight when it’s not in use. It’s made from top quality durable stainless steel that’s anti corrosive and comes with a holder that helps to keep it hygienic. With its strong and thick bristles, you can reach around the toilet bowl for thorough cleaning. It is lightweight yet strong and durable. This simple yet functional cleaning tool makes cleaning your toilet easier and stress free.

Home Basic has other great products that would enhance your cleaning experience. Some of them include:
  • The Paris Collection by Home Basics Toilet Brush, White -- This toilet brush comes with a holder which keeps the brush out of sight giving it a discreet, refined look. It’s lightweight and sturdily constructed. This set also has a wastebasket that has a foot pedal. This combination helps you to have a clean and sanitary bathroom.
  • Home Basics Polished Stainless Steel Toilet Brush with Holder and Canister Stand--This set is ideal for small bathrooms. Its compact and modern design allows you to store it away neatly and hygienically. It’s made of durable stainless steel and has thick bristles that makes for thorough cleaning of the bowl.
  • Home Basics Toilet Brush Tapered - This brush is designed to fit into small bathroom spaces and be kept out of sight yet easily accessible. It’s made of brushed stainless steel and has strong and durable bristles.

How Do I Choose the Best Toilet Brush?

While you may love your home appliances and use them a lot, cleaning tools and supplies can arguably be the most used (for homes that stay clean); for this reason, they need constant replacement. Although we don’t have any concrete authentication for this claim, experts say that the longest you should use a toilet brush is three months. If this is true, you should look for a brand or model that you can easily replace without breaking the bank.

That said, we know that there are people that are germ phobic and have OCD issues when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. They are stressed out by the mere sight of an uncovered or overflowing bathroom trash can or one that’s not properly placed or looks unsightly. The bathroom or shower safety mat must always be spick and span with no residue of soap or water marks and the tiles must have a reflective shine to it. The toilet seat itself has to remain spotless at all times. These people may be inclined to changing their toilet brush every month, but that’s not really necessary. All you need to do to maintain a clean and germ-free toilet brush is to wash it out with disinfectant and hot water after every use and place it on the toilet bowl, (using the lid to hold it down) and allowing it to dry out before replacing it in the holder.

We bet you are beginning to see that a toilet brush is actually more important and relevant than the thought you have previously given to it. The next time you think of a toilet brush, think of how difficult or near impossible it would be for you to clean your toilet without one.
A toilet brush is one of those household items that we replace frequently so it doesn’t make any economic sense for you to buy one that would put a dent on your finances. We know that many factors affect the price of a product; the materials, brand, and features are just a few of these factors.

A toilet brand that’s made of stainless steel with some form of polish or finish would be more expensive than a plain plastic model. There are some with some form of ergonomics in their brushes or handles. These would also make it costlier than other plain ones. Brushes made by high profile brands would also be more expensive than the ones by unrecognized brands. This is because you are buying not only a product, but the reputation of the brand and the guarantee that comes with it. Some brands have celebrity endorsements, this automatically increases the price of its products.

Our research shows that a good toilet brush can be bought within the range of $10 and $25. There are also some cheap toilet brushes out there but we didn’t feature any of them. Our aim is to always bring you products from brands that are tested and proven. Therefore, any product you choose based on this review would give you good value for your money.
You may wonder what’s so important about a toilet brush or what differences there are between one toilet brush and the other. There are many products in the market and each of them has differing features. These features determine the overall performance and durability.

Listed below are some of the features that you must look out for in a toilet brush:
  • Design- This would determine how convenient it would be to store it and also how efficient the brush would be in cleaning the toilet.
  • Size – This refers to the dimension and weight of the brush.
  • Style – This includes the shape of the brush.
  • Material – The material it’s made of would affect its effectiveness, durability and even aesthetics.
  • Bristles – The strength and flexibility of the bristles are also factors that would affect its performance.
We would now go ahead to examine these features in greater detail.
Construction and Design
The most common materials that toilet brushes are made of are stainless steel and plastic. When shopping for a brush, look out for one that’s made of top quality materials. We all know that low quality stainless steel is susceptible to rust while low grade plastic would retain odor and can be easily broken with vigorous use.

It is essential that a toilet brush be compact enough to fit small spaces. The average bathroom as we all know is not big enough to store all the things that you would like to have in your bathroom so you move some things to a cleaning closet or some storage space. With a toilet brush that comes in a compact holder or case, you can store your toilet brush under a bathroom sink or washbasin. This saves you the hassle of looking for storage space and also makes the brush easily accessible.

In considering the design of toilet brush to buy, you have to look out for a brush that has a handle that’s long enough for you to maneuver when cleaning without getting your hand into the cistern. You also have to look out for the shape that would fit your toilet bowl and enable you to clean those hard to reach places
Performance and Ease of Use
The part of the brush that does the cleaning is the brush and you need to look out for one with bristle that’s strong but flexible enough to thoroughly clean your toilet bowl without scratching it or splashing water on you.

Although a number of people might not be concerned about the aesthetics of a toilet brush, others want all their household appliances and wares to blend with every other décor. So, if you are in the latter group, don’t forget that a fine toilet brush that doesn’t clean properly is nothing but a waste of money.

Unless the toilet for which a brush is bought is not used on a regular basis, a toilet brush would most likely be in use on a daily basis or at worst every weekend. No one would use a toilet brush as if they were polishing a delicate pair of glasses or chinaware. You use it vigorously to scrub off stains and splatter on the toilet bowl so whatever design or style you choose must be sturdily constructed to be able to withstand constant vigorous use.

If you are buying a brush that has a replaceable head, you should ensure that the replacement is easily available and that it’s not so expensive that you’ll have to think twice before replacing your toilet brush.

Get the Best Toilet Brush of 2023!

It’s great to see that you’ve come to the end of this review. We believe that we have furnished you with enough information that would enable you to make a good choice. Now go ahead and pick one of these products to enhance your cleaning experience.

Our Top Choice
OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush & Canister
Best Value
Mr. Clean Bowl Brush & Plunger Set
Simplehuman Toilet Brush
InterDesign Toilet Bowl Brush
Home Basics Free Standing Toilet Brush